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Sudden Deaths or Autism Soon After Vaccine(s) Administration?

In his book “Every Second Child”  (1974)  Archie Kalokerinos documents the incident where mass vaccinations in Australia led to mass deaths a few days after the vaccine administration.  Vaccine induced scurvy was the cause.  The above hotlink points to additional description of the relationship between vaccine induced or infection caused scurvy leads to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and to the misdiagnosis of the scurvy as Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS).


Somewhat at variance with the medical history, and US Vaccine Court records, CDC propaganda cites statistics that show vaccines are safe.  Vaccine-caused harm does happen. Especially with live virus vaccines. CDC:  Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and Vaccines Sudden infant death syndrome: no increased risk after immunization.  Consider the funds and official reputations at stake. 


The US Court of claims records show relative numbers of claims and deaths for each of the vaccines where claims have been filed.  Court test cases for ASD MMR claims were all denied, saving something like $4.8 to $6.8 billions of dollars of government expenses.  Instead of the money going to the victim families, legislation has already reallocated the stolen funds to cover other government activities. The funds are stolen by the practice of using too high a burden of proof in some cases of harm, especially if the claimant uses the word “Autism”. The game is fixed.


The most problematical vaccines have been: [In order of # claims, highest first, for years 1989 to 2011]

1.        MMR (measles-mumps-rubella)                                                 [>6000 claims; >62 deaths in claims)

2.        DTP (diphtheria-tetanus-whole cell pertussis)                  [>3500 claims; >780 deaths in claims]

3.        Influenza (Trivalent)                                                                             [638 claims;  39 deaths]

4.        Hepatitis B (Hep B)                                                                             [565 claims; 49 deaths]


Some of the claims rules are unfairly restrictive, disallowing valid symptoms as a basis of a claim.  Thus claim success ratios variance indicates the system sometimes is unfair. Also, actual cases of harm are larger than cases filed or found legally harmful.


CDC says “no relation between ASD and vaccination” but web search easily finds many expert reports of co-incidents relating Vaccination & Harm.  Just Google [Vaccine Court Autism Statistics]


Here is how the inflammation process proceeds:

Vaccine & low AA --> Scurvy -->Inflammation-cascade --> Death.    Proof: See this Case History

Dr.Kalokerinos: BabyYurkos Postmortem:


A case of  AICP government approvals process not working as it should:

A statistician sat in on a public meeting to approve the HIB vaccine.  He reports on government  Statistical Incidents Gross Under-Reporting, Negligence, and AICP Approval of  the HIB vaccine with NO Evidence of Safety.  Michael Belkin, Statistician on HIB Vaccine


Cases of SIDS in Japan stopped when DPT vaccine was delayed:

From a survey of stats showing great improvement in infant death statistics when DPT vaccination is delayed:  Scheibner: Comments on JAPANESE SIDS REBUTTAL

·           It is clearly evident that the CDC presentation has stacked the deck and eliminated or failed to include citations that prove a functional and statistical link between all specific vaccines (Pertussis, DPT, MMR, etc) and adverse reports of harm. 

·           Significant vaccination harm co-factors include: gestation age since conception, vaccination age & number, co-vaccines & adjuvant overload, amount and types of adjuvants, acute, chronic, and latent infections, patient fever, patient/sibling/parent adverse event & health history & genetics, patient genetic factors, vitamin malnutrition, especially scurvy.  Many of these factors have been ignored in practice, as critical analysis of catastrophic post mortems have shown.

It is clear that official vaccine safety pronouncements show suppression of adverse facts that disprove their false statements.  There is enough common knowledge evidence to indict many national/UN health authorities in a class action and to prove massive conspiratorial malpractice.


The law protects the US government and the manufacturers from such a lawsuit.  Mandatory vaccination is an outrage, especially with a dysfunctional US Vaccine Court.   The vaccine medical lobby is out of control.  More conservative minds need to be in the approval process.


The US government has admitted that mitochondrial dysfunction together with vaccination can lead to ASD persistent neural atrophy. The CDC has a chart for the approved vaccines that lists those who should not have vaccines.  Two categories are those with T-cell dysfunctions and B-cell dysfunctions of the immune system.  What is known is that many (most?) persistent microbes (bacterial, fungal, and viral) invade immune cells:  T-cells, B-cells and macrophages.  This causes dysfunctions and saps energy.  Practitioners are supposed to follow the chart and not vaccinate when the child is sick.  It is hard to tell if the child is well. Often the history of persistent sickness is disregarded, and the vaccine induced harm results.


Now that the CDC and the FDA have recognized that the combination of mitochondrial dysfunction and some vaccines (HiB, DPT, MMR, HPV) with existing ROS/NOS can lead to Autism and ASD neural atrophy. 


They still do not understand and credit the scurvy (depleted AA component), which is well documented elsewhere on the web.  See Kalokerinos, Klenner, and Cathcart, Stone.


The US public health officials said they are reviewing the child vaccination schedules and frequencies.  They also need to realize the dangers of adjuvant overload and account for persistent cumulative adjuvant toxicity. ASD rates are now about 1/100, sometimes worse. Either the Vaccine court is corrupt and/or it is bankrupt.  Shame on it for denying almost all ASD vaccine claims. A great amount of injustice is being done.  The social cost of ignoring the scurvy link to mitochondrial dysfunction and coincident vaccine harm is immense. Medical scientists can and must do better than this.




References:  How Vaccines  Cause Harm:

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Scurvy: Vitamin-C Deficiency Factors: Acute diseases, alcoholism, allergies, anorexia, bulimia, burns, bland diet, breastfeeding, cancer, colds, diarrhea/food poisoning, heat or cold stress, gastrointestinal disorders, histamine poisoning, hyperthyroidism, infections, influenza, inflammatory diseases, intoxication, lack of sleep, pregnancy, stomach irritation, stress, sunburn, surgery, toxins (insect, plant, snake, jellyfish), trauma, tuberculosis, chronic viral disease/infections: CMV, RSV, COPD, EBV, HSVs.

DrKalokarinos: BabyYurkos Detail Postmortem Review  Showing vaccine induced scurvy leading to Inflammation cascade then death.  The father was tried & convicted of murder when it was scurvy, a natural condition, complicated by medical malpractice and prosecutorial malpractice.  Conviction overthrown on appeal based on worldwide support seeking the truth.

Journal American Physicians & Surgeons: Clemetson.pdf Is it Shaken Baby,or Barlow's Disease Variant? Scurvy is often overlooked.

Vaccine as trigger of unending immune hyper-response Vaccinations, Allergies, Autism, And Inflammation By Maribeth Gieseke, RN, MS and Lynn Thesing, BA

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Google[SBS SIDS scurvy Kalokerinos Cathcart]

The Answer to SIDS: Scurvy is cured by Vitamin C

SBS or Vaccine-Induced Encephalomyelitis?     Shaken Baby Syndrome and Mistaken Diagnosis...The Falsely Accused

Do we live in a blame the parent culture? Vaccines vs. SBS. Christina England May 24, 2009

Shaking Baby Syndrome by Susan Macafee





Scheibner extracts and KFP notes:

Japanese Government first stopped DPT vaccination for 2 months in 1975, then vaccination age was lifted from at-3-months to  after-24-months of age. SIDS  death reports stopped.  Compensation claim-rate for vaccines decreased from 37 to 2.  Drop is from 37=100% to 2= 5%. Japan zoomed from 17th to first place (lowest) in infant mortality in the world.


Like the whole cell pertussis vaccine, the acellular one causes whooping cough.  US mandated DPT vaccinations in 1978.  It resulted in a sustained three-fold increase in the incidence of whooping cough, particularly in the well-vaccinated age group between 2 and 6 months (Hutchins et al. 1988).


The pertussis (whooping cough) vaccine in DPT is the most likely cause of the adverse reactions.  Reactions and immune system disturbances can occur as late as 6 weeks after the vaccination. Indeed, when DPT booster shots are given and a prior mild reaction occurred, sometimes a catastrophically severe later reaction results.  Like toxic shock or anaphylactic shock. When immune reactivity is trained, the reaction to natural infection strains is not always gentle. 


These highly reactive allergic reactions induce scurvy and histamine release. If coexisting pre infection of any kind exists, AA is already low to the danger level.  The histamine and oxides (ROS) increase exponentially in a positive feed-back loop, that leads in the worst cases to death and in milder cases to neural damage.  Co-infections with neurotropic viruses (HHVs=Herpes family) or meningitis-bacteria, predispose the allergic/ROS to harm the neural system in the scurvy state. 


The conservative answer to induced scurvy is to preload with AA and provide repeated several grams every few hours after the vaccination for several weeks.  To fail to do this is medical malpractice, but parents need to take responsibility to insure the children have AA every day.


Most temporal-causal reactions occur within 3 weeks. Peaks in reaction frequency at <3 days, ~7 days, ~14 days.  Many cause/effect vaccine studies restrict coincidence criteria to within 48 hours, this excludes 90% of the adverse reactions.  That is done to reduce the number of reportable events by a factor of ten. Or it is done to overstate the safety by ten times, by disregarding a lot of adverse reports.  This is done for political reasons to make the vaccine seem safer than it really is.  Then the same criteria are used in the US Vaccine Court to deny claims of harmed families, because too high a claim success rate would bankrupt the insurance fund and make it evident that vaccines are really dangerous.  The reductio ad absurdum in this matter is the worse-than-1/100 incidence of ASD in some countries that practice modern medicine.  Rethink Japan’s successes.


Japan discontinued MMR (live virus) vaccination in 1993, and shortly afterwards, discontinued compulsory vaccination of any kind.  MMR is known to cause infections, but it is a milder strain that was thought to be safe.  Nonetheless it causes problems with some genetic subpopulations and those with other complicating co-infections.


MMR vaccine is linked to ASD by many reports from parents.  Google [MMR vaccine ASD] gets 1,990,000 hits.


After a long and intensive political attempt to discredit Wakefield’s study, and to reword his conclusions, other scientists and researchers now (2011) confirm vaccine-strain measles chronic-infection in gut, CSF, and lymph nodes of ASD children. The ASD/gut-dysfunction link is well known, it is ludicrous to officially deny it happens.  But the disinformation continues to this day.


Most nations have well financed mandatory vaccine programs.  Official disinformation pretends that vaccines are generally safe and effective. 


Some vaccines are not safe for all, just look at the infant death rates and Autism/ASD diagnostic rates that correlate with mandatory vaccine administration in nations around the world.


MMR and ASD connection disinformation by medical/pharma establishment is starting to unravel.  The truth about the causal mechanisms and connection is becoming more widely known.  Certain genetic predispositions to ASD-harm by the MMR measles virus have been identified. 


Cod liver oil (Vitamin A) is a recognized treatment. See below. This helps a genetic vision malfunction tunnel vision in children of parents with a night blindness inherited predisposition.


Coconut oil’s lauric acid forms monolaurin in the gut and kills viruses: HIV, measles, herpes simplex (HSV-1), vesicular stomatitis virus, visna virus, cytomegalovirus (CMV) Expected dose of coconut oil to equivalent of human mother’s milk is about 3 to 4 tablespoons per day.


 Other antivirals for gut health are cod liver oil (vitamin A) and vinegar: 3T in 6 oz water taken 3x/day, equally-spaced per day, incessantly, do not miss a dose.  HIV blood tests, show HIV becomes undetectable in about a week with persistent oral vinegar.  This should also work for measles infection in the gut.


Dr. Klenner reported treating measles in 1953, during an epidemic, using oral ascorbic acid,  1 gram every 2 hours for 4 days.  AA blood half-life time is ½ hour, so a single [or double ( 2-24), or triple (2-16) or quadruple (2-12) or even  6x (2-8)] daily dose are not effective.  Other researchers trying to confirm AA effectiveness repeatedly dosed too low and not frequently enough.  In 2 hours AA concentration goes to 1/16,  and 1/64 in 3 hours, so one needs more oral AA every 2 hours to maintain systemic AA level in the virus killing concentration.


Vitamin C Antiviral Functions:  Dr Frederick Klenner: (1953) Early Clinical Usage of Vitamin C.


“Our interest with vitamin C against the virus organism began ten years ago in a modest rural home. Here a patient who was receiving symptomatic treatment for virus pneumonia had suddenly developed cyanosis. He refused hospitalization for supportive oxygen therapy. X-Ray had [not] been considered because of its dubious value and because the nearest department equipped to give such treatment was 69 miles distant. Two grams of vitamin C was given intramuscularly with the hope that the anaerobic condition existing in the tissues would be relieved by the catalytic action of vitamin C acting as a gas transport aid in cellular respiration. This was an old idea; the important factor being that it worked.

“Within 30 minutes after giving the drug (which was carried in my medical bag for the treatment of diarrhea in children) the characteristic breathing and slate-like color had cleared. Returning six hours later, at eight in the evening, the patient was found sitting over the edge of his bed enjoying a late dinner. Strangely enough his fever was three degrees less than it was at 2 P.M. that same afternoon. This sudden change in the condition of the patient led us to suspect that vitamin C was playing a role of far greater significance than that of a simple respiratory catalyst. A second injection of one gram of vitamin C was administered, by the same route, on this visit and then subsequently at six hour intervals for the next three days. This patient was clinically well after 36 hours of chemotherapy. From this casual observation we have been able to assemble sufficient clinical evidence that prove unequivocally that vitamin C is the antibiotic of choice in the handling of all types of virus diseases. Furthermore it is a major adjuvant in the treatment of at other infectious diseases.


“This experimental “strike” on vitamin C as an antibiotic opened a new avenue of approach to the problem of dealing with the virus bodies. With a great deal of enthusiasm we decided to try its effectiveness with all of the childhood diseases. Measles was singled out more so than the others because of the knowledge that it was a small virus like the one causing poliomyelitis. It was reasonable to assume that if measles could be controlled then Poliomyelitis, too, would have a drug that could prevent as well as cure the disease. The use of vitamin C in measles proved to be medical curiosity. For the first time a virus infection could be handled as if it were a dog on a leash. In the Spring of 1948 measles was running in epidemic proportions in this section of the country. Our first act, then, was to have our own little daughters play with children known to be in the “contagious phase.” When the syndrome of fever redness of the eyes and throat, catarrh, spasmodic bronchial cough and Koplik spots had developed and the children were obviously sick, vitamin C was started.


“In this experiment it was found that 1000mg every four hours, by mouth, would modify the attack. Smaller doses allowed the disease to progress. When 1000mg was given every two hours, all evidence of the infection cleared in 48 hours. If the drug was then discontinued for a similar period (48 hours) the above syndrome returned. We observed this off and on picture for thirty days at which time the drug (vitamin C) was given 1000 mg every 2 hours around the clock for four days. This time the picture cleared and did not return. These little girls did not develop the measles rash during the above experiment and although exposed many times since still maintain this “immunity.” Late cases were given the vitamin by needle.

The results proved to be even more dramatic. Given by injection the same complete control of the measles syndrome was in evidence a 24 and 36 hour periods, depending entirely on the amount employed and the frequency of the administration. Aborting of these cases before the development of the rash apparently gives no interference to the development of immunity. Recent progress on the rapidity of growth (a development) of the virus bodies by means of the electronic microscope makes intelligent the failure experienced by earlier workers when employing vitamin C on the virus organism (or bodies). Unless the virus is completely destroyed, as demonstrated in the experiments with the virus using measles, the infection will again manifest itself after a short incubation period. Small, single daily doses do not even modify the course of the infection. 



The blood half-life of vitamin C is 30 minutes with no intake. I would double the dose for children, and proportionately higher for larger adults.  A double dose would add ½ hour to the administration interval. Four times would add an hour.  My experience is that it takes about ½ hour for an oral AA intake to start to work, reducing symptoms.  Then the effect starts to diminish in about 2 more hours = 2-4 = 1/16 the peak level. See Cathcart: Titrating to Bowel Tolerance.