First News dated Feb 10, 2015.

Clarinex (Desloratradine) in high in-vitro levels kills Borellia.


Desloratradine, Clarinex, disables the Mg transporter mechanism and breaks down the spirochete's cell wall in Vitro tests.

"Amongst the probed compounds, desloratadine exhibited potent borreliacidal activity in vitro at and above 78 µg/mL (250 µM). Borrelia treated with lethal doses of desloratadine exhibited a significant loss of intracellular Mn specifically and a severe structural damage to the bacterial cell wall."

Desloratradine had the strongest effect.  Clarinex not Claritin.


One Blogger commented:

“Alas, looking at the details, one would have to take several hundred times the normal dose of loratadine (or desloratadine which loratadine is metabolized into) to approach the concentrations the researchers were finding bactericidal in vitro (in test tube). The way I read it, they are hoping 2 things: one, that such drugs will work better in vivo (in the body) because of some technical details about how the borrelia bacteria are not dependent on manganese in their culture preparation, and two, that they can find some drug that works like desloratadine, but better.”


No comments yet about combined Lyme therapy with Clarinex at normal doses with anti bB antibiotics.


Repeat or persistent Lyme disease: persistence, recrudescence or reinfection with Borrelia burgdorferi?

This paper found 22 of 17 patients with Lyme resurgence had the new flare with a different genotype of Bb. So it was a new infection, according to the article, not a resurgence.  Maybe AB therapy works.


Bb Asian type, in Russia was  wide-spread sampled, Baltic to Asia. All samples were found with genetic uniformity and matched the miyamotoi reference strain.

“Despite the great genetic distances between B. miyamotoi types, isolates within a type are characterized by an extremely low genetic variability. In particular, strains of B. miyamotoi of Asian type, isolated in Russia from the Baltic sea to the Far East, have been shown to be identical based on the analysis of several conventional genetic markers,…”


So, perhaps one Lyme test can be developed for the Asian type Bb’s miyamotoi strain and other tests for the other Bb (European and Americans) genotype strains. And one combined test can be made to test all the major strains of Bb separately.



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