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Garth Nicolson (, South Laguna Beach, CA) has been working for many years with leading rheumatology doctors, immune & biochemical scientists around the world and especially in the U.S. to diagnose persistent chronic infections related to arthritis, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, gulf war illness, Lyme disease, Mycoplasma, Chlamydia, Babesia, Ehrlichia,  multiple persistent viruses (especially HHVs), etc.  The persistent microbes that are involved are pleomorphic, with multiple stages/forms, multiple strains.  They invade multiple-tissue-types and cell-types. (blood, immune, epithelial, etc)


We last met Dr Nicolson at the Institute for Functional Medicine International Symposium in Seattle (April, 2011) where he was the Plenary Keynote Speaker.  The Challenge of Emerging Infections in the 21st Century: Terrain, Tolerance, and Susceptibility, The themes were explaining the biochemical mechanisms causing susceptibility to infections and systemic pathological dysfunctions.


Dr Nicolson has detailed practical treatments that are multi-antibiotic, multi factored, and multi-staged, with nutritional supplements, antimicrobial foods, and mitochondria-energy-enhancing supplements. See the references below. Included are papers by Dr. J.J. Burrascano on Lyme Disease “Advanced Diagnosis and Treatment Topics” and Dr Gabe Mirkin on why he uses antibiotics to treat rheumatic illnesses.


Dr Nicolson, Dr. Aristo Vojdani ( , Los Angeles) and Dr. A. Robert Franco (Arthritis Center of Riverside have together co-authored a significant number of important papers relating immune and antibody testing, nutritional assays, and chronic disease symptoms and treatment.


A list of Dr. Garth Nicolson’s and his collaborators’  most useful chronic-illness and treatment-related papers is found on his website, here : with the following disclaimer:

There are a number of considerations when undergoing therapy for chronic illnesses, including traditional medical approaches as well as integrative medicine approaches that utilize oxygen therapy, herbal therapy, and heat therapy, among others. The Institute for Molecular Medicine is a nonprofit institution and does not make specific recommendations for individual patients, nor does the Institute endorse commercial products. The types of products and procedures listed in this section are potentially useful; however, they are only examples of the types of approaches and substances that could be beneficial to patients with chronic illnesses. Consult your personal physician for advice on exact dosing and schedules, which can vary among individuals.


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