Chapter 1 Endnotes for Arthritis and Autoimmune Disease: The Infection Connection

Arthritis and Its Treatments

1)      Clark (1997)  pp. 14-15.

2)      The nonprofit Arthroplasty Patient Foundation offers a wealth of resources and support group interaction at

3)      Dr. A. Robert Franco’s Arthritis Center of Riverside, CA has had spectacular success with Scleroderma patients. 

4)      See for a complete list assembled from inputs from several credible medical sources including and and

5) The author has added to this list based on additional sources.

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16)   More detail regarding these illnesses can be found at the Autoimmune Related Diseases Association’s website, Many of these have related infectious co-factors. COPD is a recent addition. Nunez B, Sauleda J, Antó JM, et al. “COPD: an autoimmune disease?” Am J Respir Crit Care Med 2010. Online at Autism has also been added to the list since its characteristics are similar to other complex autoimmune diseases. Vojdani A, et al. “Infections, toxic chemicals and dietary peptides binding to lymphocyte receptors and tissue enzymes are major instigators of autoimmunity in autism.” Int J Immunopathol Pharmacol. 2003 Sep-Dec;16(3):189-99. Online at

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32)   “Arthritis in Dogs” plus advice on small animal health appears on the veterinary website

33) describes the technique and lists Prolotherapy doctors by state.



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43)   Much of the specific drug information in this section comes from the Mayo Clinic’s website:


45)   An overview of risks and benefits of DMARDs is found here:

46)   Plaquenil (hydroxychloroquine sulfate) is considered one of the safest drugs for treating RA and Lupus. One of the antimalarials, it is derived from Peruvian cinchona tree bark. It was used extensively in the 1800s to treat these diseases.

47)   To find detailed drug information (benefits, side effects, interactions) go to Use the search window with the desired drug name. Also see

48)   Arthrtitis drugs are big business. E.g., sales for 2010 were Remicade (Merck/J&J) $7.4 Bil, Enbrel (Pfizer/Amgen) $7.1 Bil, and Humira (Abbott) $6.8 Bil. Source: Reuters.

49) (2011)

50) See related articles at this website.

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52)   Find antibiotic treatments at

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63)   Detailed information, publications, and medical advice can be found at

64) describes treatments and has references.



67)   A good resource is, which conducts clinical trials.

68)   Information in this section obtained personally from Dr. Tsuyoshi Okada, 2010.

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73)   Ullman (1993) presents an excellent and comprehensive overview. Also see, the world’s leading homeopathy information site.

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75)   Cheyanne West, horse training expert, recommends Calcarea Fluorica on many equine blogs, e.g., (2011). The author has personal experience with this remedy.


77)   Find much more on foreign medical treatments  at

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84)   Dr. Jacob’s website is

85) lists 17 of the most popular studies.


87) The transdermal delivery system is called Delivra, available on its own through compounding pharmacies.

88)   Overview at

89) describes a famous California case with several ER fatalities.

90)   The 2002 Physicians List from the International Oxidative Medicine Association (IOMA) is published in Hydrogen Peroxide, Medical Miracle by Dr. William Campbell Douglass, MD (2003 edition)

91)   Excellent overview at

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104)   Clark (1997), p. 88. 

105) (2011)



108)   See

109) (2001)

110)   This section contains general information from several websites, primarily (2011), (2009), (2009), (2010)

111) describes destruction of AIDS, herpes, hepatitis, Epstein Barr, cytomegalovirus, and other lipid-envelope viruses. Even cancer growths contract and disappear when the oxygen saturation attacks anaerobic pathogens.

112)   A list of doctors who administer oxygen treatments can be found at

113)   Fife, WP. “Effects of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy On Lyme Disease.” (1998) at

114) (2005)

115) lists all conditions that may or may not be covered as of 2011, but more success stories may lead to wider acceptance of HBOT.

116) (2011)

117) (2008 presentation)

118) and Anahad O’Connor, “The Claim: Cayenne Peppers Can Cure Headaches.”  October 30, 2007 in the NY Times

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120)   Tavender TJ and Bulleid NJ. “Peroxiredoxin IV protects cells from oxidative stress by removing H2O2 produced during disulphide formation.” Journal of Cell Science 123, 2672-2679 (2010).  Online at

121) gives doctor-to doctor instructions as well as protocol references (citations) and patient advice.




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