Use of Serrapeptase Enzyme.  (SPE) 200 mg = 20,000 units


SPE enzyme is protein dissolving.

It can assist in dissolving proteins as a part of the inflammation tear-down of infected or injured areas.

·                  Protocol for using it is incomplete or hard to find.

·        It may assist in the attack on gut invaders such as worms and protozoa.  It is likely to help clear out killed epithelial cells.

·        It helps thin the proteins that thicken the fluid in lungs and lymph, making COPD breathing easier.

·        High doses 60K to 120K units per day have been related to intolerable muscle pain and possible muscle deterioration. Therefore use with newly injured muscles and tendons care is recommended, so as to not overdo the tear-down with the enzyme.


SPE dosage per day

·        The SPE dosage per day is variable across several sites.

·        It ranges from 20,000 units, 90,000 units to 120,000 units per day divided in 1x, 3x or 2x/ day depending on pill size.

·                  Dosage amounts should depend on body weight but this is not a factor in dosage recommendations.

·                  Claim: Used in Europe without adverse results. No URLs pointing to sites having studies & no study papers cited.

·                  No dosage levels cited for Europe, body weights, and number of persons, case history URLs etc.

·                  Easy to tell  “no adverse results” are false.

·                  Other sites have Liver and Eye harm side effects listed.

·                  Time duration of intake should be limited and directed at specific targets for its action and then stopped.

·                  Healing should be promoted with vitamin C. During and after taking SPE.


SPE For Sprains:

·        Since the body naturally goes from tear-down to healing, continued serrapeptase, after 3-5 days of taking it for joint sprains injury is not recommended.

·        Instead use pulsed dosages to allow healing of about a week of taking it. 1-2 weeks healing, another cycle if healing is incomplete.  If no benefit is noticed, stop. 

·        For sprains, 3-5 days should be enough time with the enzyme for the joint to clear with the RICE protocol (Rest Ice Compression Elevation)

·        DMSO rubbed in will help remove water from the swollen joint and relieve pain.


Pay attention to nutrition during healing.

·        Eat a balanced diet with natural fresh ingredients and also

·        High levels of  Vitamin C = ascorbic acid (AA) 3-6 grams every meal or 3x per day.



·        SPE will tear down muscles and tissue walls. 

·        Muscle rebuilding rate in old age is limited.

·        So use by elderly, feeble persons is not recommended.

·        Note: Statins, in the absence of CoQ10, is muscle destructive. 

o       Especially if ROS oxidative stress is present and low levels of AA are present. 

·        Continued and high levels of  SPE with scurvy are dangerous,

o       Because AA is needed for healing and rebuilding. 

·        Therefore If taking statins, do not use SPE. 

o       Use AA and CoQ10 instead.


If having atherosclerotic heart disease,

·        Arterial plaques  are like patches over the arterial lesions and weak spots.

·        The lesions are epithelial cells invaded by microbes, suffering from dysfunctions.

·        The atherosclerotic plaques indicate low AA (scurvy) and

o       Weakened epithelial and walls of the passages.

·        CoQ10 increases heart functioning and blood pressure.

o       If taking CoQ10 need to be sure to take high levels of AA.

·        AA in the absence of SPE will remove the plaques in a healing manner, gradually

·        SPE in the absence of high, daily, frequent AA will damage/remove the plaques.

·        SPE will further weaken walls and may cause a stroke.

·        SPE may also weaken the heart muscle, and complicate angina.


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