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Dr. Thomas Levy’s older website contains chapter 3 Vitamin C as a universal antidote for a multiplicity of toxins.  Dr Levy books have the latest and best collection of global knowledge about vitamin C and its benefits in human nutritional treatment of pathologies that we have found.


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Dr. Thomas Levy of Denver has been remarkably successful in curing viral infected patients with IV sodium ascorbate and other formulations of vitamin C.  He is the author of  well-researched, carefully written nutritional and functional medicine health books.  Highly recommended nutritional vade mecums.

Death by Calcium             2017               Too Much Calcium is Toxic

The Toxic Tooth                2014               Root Canals Role in Inflammation

Primal Panacea                2011               Vitamin C Nutrition Update

Curing the Incurable         2002               Vitamin C Nutrition Comprehensive

Stop America’s #1 Killer    2006               Reversible Vitamin Deficiency

Optimal Nutrition….         2001               Orthomolecular Nutrition … for Optimal Health


Dr Levy has used IV vitamin C to cure acute SARS infections and chronic viral infections like west Nile disease. He has also used Liposomal vitamin C in place of IV vitamin C in his practice, writing about it in the blogs at vitamin C foundation’s website.

A considerable amount of his knowledge is shared on his website as indexed below for your convenience.

Dr Levy’s Health eBytes Archived Issues Index  (2001 through 2005)

 October, 2001        Bioterrorism: Beyond Vaccinations and Antibiotics 
 November, 2001     Bioterrorism: Beyond Anthrax and Smallpox 
 January, 2002         Artificial Water Fluoridation: More Than Just Fluoride 
 May, 2002             Some Observations on "Enriched" Food Products 
 October, 2002        Electrons, Toxins and Disease 
 July, 2003              Pulsed Intravenous Vitamin C (PIVC) Therapy 
 December, 2003     Vitamin C and Severe Influenza: a case report 
 December, 2004     Vitamin C, Pumonary Embolism, and Cali, Colombia 
 June, 2005             The Many Faces of Vitamin C

Dr Levy’s Website Contributions  (2013-14)  ~Every 2 Weeks.

June 22, 2013             Liposome-Encapsulated Glutathione 
July 9, 2013                Root canals are a primary cause of chronic disease 
June 27, 2013             Calcium, the Toxic Supplement 
July 28, 2013              Vitamin C With Vaccinations 
August 3, 2013            Avoiding Digestive Toxicity 
August 10, 2013         The disease causing dangers of high iron levels 
August 19, 2013         Vitamin C better than chemotherapy 
September 2, 2013     The marketing myth of ’vitamin C complex’ 
September 18, 2013   Cardiologist speaks truth about cholesterol and statins 
October 2, 2013         Reverse shingles with vitamin C 
October 14, 2013       The effective prevention and treatment of radiation exposure 
October 29, 2013       Undiagnosed scurvy causes widespread disease 
November 19, 2013   Eliminate lead toxicity by consuming vitamin C 
November 29, 2013   New study says high fat diet is healthy 
January 1, 2014           Osteoporosis is much more than calcium deficiency 
February 21, 2014      Vitamin C is the 'muscle' of the immune system 
March 11, 2014          Reversing disease with the 'multi-C' protocol 
April 6, 2014               The dangers of magnesium deficiency 
April 11, 2014            Exposing the truth about liposomal nutrients
July 13, 2014              Best nutrients to have in your ‘one a day’ supplement
August 3, 2014            Surprising solution for Ebola virus

August 3, 2014            Surprising solution for Ebola virus
October 19, 2014       Can natural protocols be an effective treatment for Ebola?
November 16, 2014   Medical warning: Gluten allergies affect everyone
December 5, 2014      Holistic dentistry pioneer Dr. Hal Huggins dies at 77 but his legacy will live forever
December 23, 2014   Can a dental infection cause a massive heart attack?
January 29, 2015        Most cardiologists shocked to discover the true cause of heart attacks
September 2, 2015     The number one cause for 90% of all heart attacks
February 15, 2016      The most popular vitamin C myths exposed
February 27, 2016      How to effectively treat viral infections, including Ebola and Zika
March 14, 2016          The never-ending war against vitamin C

Dr. Levy’s website contributions

11/11/2010                 Vitamin C And The Law
02/14/2012                 Vitamin C Prevents Vaccination Side Effects; Increases Effectiveness
08/27/2013                 Vitamin C, Shingles, and Vaccination

Dr. Levy’s White Papers

09/27/2013 Alpha Lipoic Acid  (LA) in sufficient amounts improves many pathological conditions. LA is an antioxidant, like vitamin C, which also has selective pro-oxidant, and metal/toxin chelating properties.

Other Important Medical News Related to Dr Levy’s Work


25- Hydroxyvitamin C levels and the risk of mortality in the general population  By Harding, AH., Et al. Download PDF Large amounts of Oxidized vitamin C (DHA) and the AA/DHA ratio is a critical measure of patient health.

The Real Story of Vitamin C and Cancer  By Steve Hickey PhD and Hilary Roberts PhD. That vitamin C is a selective anticancer agent has been known for decades. However, ignorance of this fact and belief that nutritional supplements are useless seems to be leading to restrictive legislation, reduced health, and limited approaches to the treatment of disease. | Download PDF

Plasma vitamin C level, fruit and vegetable consumption...  By Harding AH., et al. Epidemiological studies suggest that greater consumption of fruit and vegetables significantly decrease the risk of diabetes mellitus. Download PDF