Liposomal Vitamin C now permits oral AA to produce high blood AA levels needed for the Klenner broad-spectrum antiviral IV Ascorbate treatments

Oral Liposomal Ascorbic Acid (L-AA) can now provide an effective treatment for West Nile Disease critical and chronically ill patients. 

Dare we say “Cure”? 

Dr Thomas Levy says so in his book: Curing the Incurable.


2012 Texas Epidemic

West Nile Disease (WND) and Virus

WND Symptoms Not Well Treated

WND Detailed Symptomology from Wikipedia

WND Treatments and Antiviral Nutrition

AA Exhaustion Symptoms (Scorbic-state aka Scurvy)

Extrapolated Healthy-Population Estimated AA Intake Statistics

Successful ascorbic acid (AA) based alternative treatments for viral diseases

Dr Thomas Levy’s WND anti virus cures

Klenner and Cathcart: Their methods and legacy

To quote Dr Cathcart

Comments by KFP

Oral Liposomal AA a revolutionary new treatment mode

Liposomal AA dosage



2012 WND Texas Epidemic

August 2012 Dallas, TX and other parts of the USA are having a West Nile Disease virus epidemic, by 2012-8-21 over 1,120 confirmed cases with about 4% reported mortality. Experience has shown high blood levels of Ascorbic Acid (AA) can destroy West Nile Disease and associated toxins. Normal AA intake, has 20% effective gut-to-blood efficiency. Thus  5 grams each hour would deliver about 1 gram per hour to the blood. This is not enough to be therapeutic.  One might need more than 5 grams per hour into the blood.  However, oral intake of Liposomal (lecithin coated) AA can produce virucidal blood levels of AA. AA overview on Vitamin C Foundation website.


West Nile Virus and Disease

The WN Virus is classified in the Flaviviridae family which includes viruses causing: Dengue fever, Japanese encephalitis, Kyasanur Forest disease, Murray Valley encephalitis, St. Louis encephalitis, Tick-borne encephalitis, West Nile encephalitis, Yellow fever, and Hepatitis C.   It is harbored over-winter in wild birds, pigs, farm animals, and wildlife. It is a round virus with a lipid membrane encapsulating the virus body. Mosquitoes spread it. It infects birds and many other animals. If the virus does not kill them it stays in the infected host with persistence, making them carriers, so they can infect a new generation of mosquitoes the next season.  With infected humans the persistent virus is the cause of a chronic malaise which disables and saps energy and initiative.


WND Symptoms Not Well Treated

WND starts with few symptoms and then a mild fever, progressing to encephalitis and meningitis, which can be fatal.  Only a few percent of those infected die, but sometimes even the best hospital care is inadequate.  It is typical not to provide any AA supplementation at all or to deny families permission to provide AA to their hospitalized family members. We are personally familiar with this in a case in New York.  The doctor acts as if vitamin C is a dangerous drug and limits its intake.  It may take a lawsuit to provide supportive nutrition, like the case of the farmer in New Zealand that nearly died.  This ignorance and prejudice among medical professionals too often leads to tragic results.  It certainly denies those infected with a chance for permanent suppression of the virus, as will be seen later. 


The FDA’s recommended daily allowance for nutrition sets a bogus 2 grams per day upper limit for intake, as if levels above this are toxic. Ascorbic acid is not toxic.  Tens of thousands of IV infusions have been given where the daily ascorbate input is over 100 grams, with no adverse high-dose related problems. Ascorbate is an antioxidant that protects healthy cells, but in high level kills cancer and infected cells.


WND Detailed Symptomology from Wikipedia:

“The West Nile virus produces one of three different outcomes in humans. The first is an asymptomatic infection; the second is a mild febrile syndrome termed West Nile fever;[4] the third is a neuroinvasive disease termed West Nile meningitis or encephalitis.[5] The population proportion of these three states is roughly 110:30:1.[6]  [AA treatment and Antiviral oils Coconut and Palmitic acid may help]--KP

“The second, febrile stage has an incubation period of two to eight days followed by fever, headache, chills, diaphoresis (excessive sweating), weakness, lymphadenopathy (swollen lymph nodes), drowsiness, pain in the joints and symptoms like those of influenza. Occasionally, some patients experience a short-lived truncal rash or gastrointestinal symptoms, including nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, or diarrhea. Symptoms are generally resolved within seven to 10 days, although fatigue can persist for some weeks and lymphadenopathy up to two months.

“The more dangerous encephalitis is characterized by similar early symptoms, but also a decreased level of consciousness, sometimes approaching near-coma. Deep tendon reflexes are hyperactive at first, later diminished. There are also extrapyramidal symptoms. Recovery is marked by a long convalescence with fatigue.

[Statins are contraindicated; nerve support nutrition is indicated, See Klenner Myasthenia Gravis]--KP

More recent outbreaks have resulted in a deeper study of the disease and other, rarer outcomes have been identified. The spinal cord may be infected, marked by anterior myelitis with or without encephalitis.[7] WNV-associated Guillain-Barré syndrome has been identified[8] and other rare effects include multifocal chorioretinitis (which has 100% specificity for identifying WNV infection in patients with possible WNV encephalitis),[9] hepatitis, myocarditis, nephritis, pancreatitis, and splenomegaly.[10][11][12]


WND Treatments and Antiviral Nutrition

Conventional treatments are supportive, but are too often lacking of the scurvy defeating AA nutrition that is called for. Thomas Levy, below, has used AA to defeat the residual virus infection of WND survivors.

A WND vaccine for horses is available, but not for humans.  Farm animals (pigs and chickens) and pets (not cats) are somewhat at risk.   Official countermeasures include anti-mosquito  “education” and mosquito eradication. Conventional medical treatments are inadequate to insure all infected will survive.  Better treatments could be used as described below.  One antiviral molecule may be especially effective but it is not being used in clinical practice, yet.

Since Flaviviridae viruses have an encapsulating lipid membrane they are vulnerable to lipid components of food that have a dissolving effect.  These fatty solvents are the saturated 2N carbon fatty acids that are found in olive, coconut and palm oils. These include: Lauric, Capric, Myristic, Oleic, Butyric, and Palmitic acids. Diets low in such fats predispose persons to vulnerability to lipid encapsulated viruses.  Thus the bogus Heart Disease risk-factor campaign against saturated fats leads to human-herd viral vulnerability. Saturated fatty acids like Lauric acid are known to provide systemic protection against HIV another encapsulated virus.

Viruses and their pathogenic effects cause cascading inflammation and oxidation of all of the body’s available antioxidant form of vitamin C, Aka ascorbic acid (AA).  When the active (reducing) AA meets an oxide molecule or a toxin, it instantly converts to dehydroxy AA (DHA), an oxide.  DHA is (like sugar) sucked into microbes and into virus-invaded cells, killing the microbes and the invaded cells and stopping the viral replication.

Sugar, HFCS, diabetes are associated with hyperglycemia. High blood sugar competes-with and blocks the protective actions of AA and DHA.  More than 7 grams per day of intake AA may be needed with hyperglycemia, just to overcome the sugar blocking of AA/DHA effectiveness. Higher AA blood levels are needed, but are hard to achieve with standard AA oral intake. So when such high levels of AA in the blood are needed it is administered as sodium ascorbate either by IV or by injection. 

With a viral infection the need for amounts of AA can become incredibly huge, to the point of needing up to 100s of grams per day per 100Kg body weight. (~ .15% of body weight per day)  In such case the AA acts as a rapidly metabolized food, not as a vitamin, and it will need to be eaten every few minutes to every two hours to replace the AA instantly oxidized by the disease caused ROS, NOS, and toxins. 

Even in cases of active infections the amount of AA that can be absorbed through the gut is limited to a few grams per hour, so injections or IV sodium ascorbate is used to get the higher blood AA levels needed to handle all the toxins and oxides continuously produced by the disease. This can be provided in a hospital situation for critical patients, but is rarely used. But when it is used it is almost always very successful.

 Now, a new form of AA, Liposomal AA (L-AA = AA + Lecithin), has been developed to improve the gut uptake of AA and delivery of AA to the viruses where the DHA can also act more effectively against the lipid capsule of the viruses.  More data below.


AA Exhaustion Symptoms (Scorbic state aka Scurvy)

Rapid Onset Scurvy: Toxin shock, lethargy, hemorrhaging, inflammation, rash, anaphylactic shock, loss of consciousness, snakebite, mushroom poisoning, spider bite reactions, box jellyfish reactions, severe asthma attack, carbon monoxide toxemia, sunburn and sun-sensitive shock, frostbite, radiation caused toxemia, diphtheria toxemia, food poisoning toxemia, Marburg infection toxemia, hemorrhagic fevers, vaccination shock, SIDS, SBS.  All these conditions can cause, to varying degrees, a rapid depletion of the body’s stored AA, leading to a persistent feeling of illness, inflammation, rash, pain, itching and/or allergy.

Dietary scurvy: Sore joints, bleeding gums, gum infections. See Hotlinked document subsection “Cases of Scurvy” descriptions:

“Although overt scurvy is fairly rare it does occur especially in certain high-risk groups. The medical literature contains actual cases of scurvy and their rapid improvement upon recognition and treatment with vitamin C.”

“We report a case of scurvy occurring in a 5-year-old boy who had regular access to medical care. His presentation with rheumatic complaints and skin lesions resulted in confusion with possible immunologic or neoplastic disease. … A previously healthy 5-year-old white boy with and unremarkable medical history developed a limp. … On the day before his referral he developed gingival bleeding. … in the most recent 5 months, his diet consisted of biscuits, Pop-Tarts® (Kellogg’s C, Battle Creek, Mich), cheese pizza, and water. He refused fruits, vegetables, and juices, and his mother had been unsuccessful in administering chewable vitamin supplements. … These laboratory findings were diagnostic of scurvy. After administration of ascorbic acid, his pain improved rapidly, and he again began to walk.”

“A 6-year-old white boy was referred to the Children’s Hospital in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, in December, 1996, for evaluation of hip pain and a limp for 6 weeks. … A further history from his parents revealed that his diet had consisted of cookies, yogurt, whole milk, biscuits, and water for the past 12 months. He did not eat any fruit, vegetables, meat, or fish. … Scurvy is still found intermittently in developed countries, especially among food faddists, alcoholics, the elderly, and men who live alone. Infants fed exclusively on cows’ milk formula, and children with neurodevelopment disabilities and psychomotor retardation are at additional risk. … Scurvy can mimic many other medical diseases such as vasculitis, blood dyscrasias, deep vein thrombosis, and rheumatic disorders. … The present case clearly shows that despite advances in medicine, living conditions, and nutrition, scurvy still can occur and highlights the need for continued medical awareness of this potentially life-threatening disease by all health professionals.”

“The patient was a 12-year-old white girl whose main complaint was pain in the proximal part of the lower limbs as well as functional impotence during the past 2 months. The pain had worsened progressively and 2 days before consultation she was almost unable to walk. Four to six months before the diagnosis the patient intake consisted of whole milk, yogurt, custard pudding, cookies, and pasta soup. She did not eat any fruits, legumes, vegetables, meat, or fish. This diet was considered normal by the mother. … The patient was treated with 3,360 μmol/24h (600 mg/day) of vitamin C orally and an assorted diet with fruits and vegetables. She recovered very quickly, with disappearance of the functional impotence and reduction of the gingivitis and perifollicular hemorrhages.”

“A 23-year old man was admitted to the hematology clinic for evaluation of perifollicular hemorrhages, arthralgias, myalgias, fatigue, and sudden difficulty to stand and walk, all of 3-weeks duration. On questioning about his dietary habits, we found that for the past 10 months the patient had consumed sandwiches, tea, chocolate, beer, or eaten fast foods and had eaten fruits or vegetables rarely. … Within 72 hours after beginning therapy with parenteral ascorbic acid (250 mg per day) the patient showed dramatic clinical improvement. The purpuric skin lesions began to fade and the gingival erosions began to heal.”


These descriptions are for dietary scurvy.  High levels of toxins and chronic bacterial infections can induce rapid Onset Scurvy.  In such a case the available oxidizing form of ascorbic acid is rapidly converted to dehydroxy AA and in the presence of surplus oxides does not convert back to the oxidizing form.  Vital chemical reactions depending on AA stop.


Extrapolated Healthy-Population Estimated AA Intake Statistics:

“The Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) for vitamin C is 60 mg/day, an amount associated with plasma vitamin C concentrations ranging from 28 to 34 μmol/L. Plasma vitamin C concentrations ranging from 11 μmol/L to less than 28 μmol/L represent marginal vitamin C status, which Jacob defines as a moderate risk of developing vitamin C deficiency due to low tissue stores. Plasma vitamin C concentrations less than 11 μmol/L are indicative of vitamin C deficiency. The average daily intake of vitamin C in men in the United States is about twice the RDA, yet the prevalence of vitamin C deficiency and marginal vitamin C status in men is 13% and 24% respectively. Women consume an average of 90 mg vitamin C daily, and the prevalence of vitamin C deficiency and marginal vitamin C status in women is 9% and 18%, respectively. These data indicate that although the average vitamin C intake in adult men and women is adequate, vitamin C deficiency and marginal vitamin C status are strikingly prevalent in these populations.”  -- Roman Bystrianyk


Rapid Onset Scurvy induced by Reactive Oxide Stress, as indicated in the conditions above almost instantly converts AA into the inactive oxidized form and in cases where there is little or no AA stored in tissues, this can result in grave complications to infections such as pneumonia, toxic shock, vaccine shock, and systemic infections.



Successful ascorbic acid (AA) based alternative treatments for viral diseases

(Polio, Mumps, Measles) from medical history:

Browsing the web reveals orthomolecular medicine practitioners who have successfully treated viruses like WND with vitamin C.

AA is used as an antibiotic in pharmacologically effective dosages that produce high AA blood levels. 


Liposomal-AA is a new formulation of AA that enhances bioavailability. L-AA provides 93-98% oral intake efficiency and enables higher blood AA levels than conventional AA IV. Repeated every hour or so intake of L-AA can maintain the IV equivalent high blood AA levels.  About 95% of the L-AA passes into the bloodstream from the gut compared with  <20% for large dose oral AA in capsule or powder form. This means that when 10 grams of ascorbate is eaten, only about 1.5 grams of water-soluble AA will make it to the blood.

Cathcart adapted the Klenner polio antiviral protocols and used AA intravenously. He used IV at more than 120 grams per day for the most serious (Polio and other virus) cases. These same blood AA levels can be achieved with about 1/7th the normal oral AA intake if L-AA is used instead. Klenner reports rapid reversal of toxic shock lethargy by sodium ascorbate shots of 3-5 grams AA, repeated about every 4-8 hours, as necessary.

In 1935 Poliovirus was defeated by in-vitro AA.  Jungeblut, C. W. Inactivation of poliomyelitis virus by crystallin vitamin C  (1935); Journal of Experimental Medicine; (62:517-521.)  High enough AA blood levels also kill cancer cells and microbe-invaded cells. AA also blocks the hyaluronidase enzyme (bacterial spreading factor) that facilitates invasion of host cells by microbes. AA has universal antitoxin ability to overcome the toxins produced by bacteria, yeasts, and viruses.


Dr Thomas Levy’s West Nile Disease anti virus cures

A recent book by Dr Thomas Levy,  Curing the Incurable covers much of the vitamin C orthomolecular lore that is contained elsewhere on our website. Dr Cathcart has us left his website at the Vitamin C Foundation which describes How to Treat WND with sodium ascorbate.

Dr Levy has cured two chronic WND cases in Denver using sodium ascorbate IV methods that achieve high AA blood levels to kill the West Nile virus.

“Rather than accept the conventional approach that addresses the illness symptomatically, chasing the illness around the body with localized treatment, Butler came across information on the effectiveness of mega-doses of vitamin C, administered intravenously, in treating a variety of viral infections. He and other West Nile patients underwent the treatment with Denver-based medical researcher and IV-C-proponent Dr. Thomas E. Levy, and today both claim having no symptoms of the virus. In Butler's case, one mega-dose of IV-C knocked out the virus in 30 hours.

“The other patient, Boulder resident John Howard, 55, had chronic, prolonged effects six months after contracting the virus last July. After undergoing three consecutive sessions of IV-C, Howard claims to have no remaining symptoms. "It's almost like a miracle," he says.

“A conventionally trained doctor, Dr. Levy has spent the last decade researching and conducting clinical trials using mega-doses-50 to 150 grams at a time-of vitamin C to treat infectious diseases such as viral hepatitis, viral pneumonia, influenza and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. His most recent book, Vitamin C, Infectious Diseases and Toxins, documents his findings and details the larger history of IV-C treatment over the past 80 years.

“According to Levy, vitamin C in large doses has cured virtually every acute virus that he has treated. His research, however, makes a distinction between IV-C's success in treating "acute" versus "chronic" illness. "We've cured acute hepatitis with IV-C, for instance, but we haven't cured chronic hepatitis," says Levy. He says the evidence suggests that the effectiveness of IV-C treatment is predicated on whether or not you can get a high-enough dosage of the vitamin within the direct proximity of the virus.

“While I will not announce this is a cure for West Nile, I can say that the two cases I treated with IV-C have been successful," says Levy. He and Butler have collaborated to fund a study on a handful IV-C and West Nile patients this season and are currently looking for viable subjects.”

Klenner and Cathcart: Their methods

Dr Levy’s AA treatments are based on the successful treatments of Dr Frederick Klenner  (North Carolina,  many papers) and Dr Cathcart (California >20,000 cases)

For polio, Klenner would push by IV:  >120 grams of AA/day in sodium form each day spaced round the clock with oral AA supplements between IV sessions, until the fever breaks and the unoxidized ascorbate shows up in the urine. If no progress, push significantly higher AA IV intake rates.  This is the same IV treatment that Dr Frederick Klenner used to cure polio in the worst cases.  Often toxic shock was reversed by several spaced sodium ascorbate injection; within a few minutes of the first injection or IV, a dramatic reversal of near fatal conditions resulted.

Klenner and Cathcart tested urine for active AA and they found no active AA in urine as long as the infection was still active, because the continuously produced disease oxides and toxins instantly oxidized the antioxide AA.

For measles virus in children, Klenner used 2-3 grams of oral AA every 2 hours round the clock. Cure in about 2-4 days.  This persistent 2-hour rate of normal oral AA dosage stopped inflammation caused pain overnight in several of our recent family cases.  Plantar fasciitis

AA acts as a metabolized food, not as a catalytic vitamin in the presence of ROS/NOS caused by infections. So there is nothing wrong with eating a lot of it; think of it as an essential food, like a special healing carbohydrate that is quickly burned in the body.  L-AA is available as a packetized product and is more expensive, but you need about 1/7th the normal AA dosage amount because of the enhanced 98% intake efficiency.


To quote Dr Cathcart:

“While it is true that we do not want to run out of vitamin C, vitamin E, and the other [oxide] free radical scavengers, it is thought [wrongly] by most that small amounts of vitamins usually prevent that. Unfortunately, the frequently overlooked fact is that some of these free radical scavengers (notably vitamin C) are destroyed at a rapid rate [instantly] in tissues overwhelmed by free radicals. [caused by the infection]

“An obvious example of this would be the acute systemic scurvy [aka Rapid Onset Scurvy] that occurs with the hemorrhagic fevers. [Dengue fever and Marburg] That this occurs is skillfully kept secret by the fact that no one will order to be tested the blood levels of vitamin C in these acutely ill, hemorrhaging patients.

“One can speculate as to the reasons why in patients hemorrhaging that blood levels of vitamin C are not ordered since the most well known symptom of scurvy is hemorrhaging. Is it an unbelievable level of stupidity or are there some financial reasons for not ordering the test and correcting the obvious acute induced scurvy? [By providing unlimited AA intake]

“The key issue here and the issue missed by even most nutritionally oriented thinkers is that with most antioxidant, free radical scavengers the electrons ingested in the usual [60 mg/day healthy person dose] and even large doses are minimal. …[M]ost of the [life sustaining antioxidant] electrons are provided by metabolic processes within the patient. These processes are, unfortunately, rate limited.

[Gut AA transport to blood is limited to about  20% of  2-4 grams per hour with declining efficiency, the higher the AA dose]-KFP

“Whenever inflammatory symptoms occur, [ROS and NOS levels soar] the rate at which the body can provide these [needed antioxidant] electrons has been exceeded. Ascorbate is the only free radical scavenger that we can ingest in the huge amounts necessary to provide the number of electrons to neutralize the massive amounts of free radicals generated by most diseases.

[Rule: If you need an antihistamine, you are having a rapid onset scurvy attack because histamine blood levels rise exponentially when AA in blood reaches a critical lower limit.]-KFP

However, in the cases of [hemorrhagic] Ebola, Marburg, West Nile, and bird flu the amounts of free radicals generated by the disease processes [are unbelievably huge and] will usually be too great for even massive doses of oral ascorbic acid.

“The amount of electrons in the sodium ascorbate that can be tolerated intravenously is even greater than the amount of electrons in the ascorbic acid that is tolerated orally. Therefore, in these severe cases it is usually necessary to provide enough electrons with the sodium ascorbate intravenously.”   [and supplemented by additional oral AA intake of several grams per hour]

End of Cathcart Quotes.


Comments by KFP:

Too many doctors are not trained to recognize scurvy and do not recognize sudden onset scurvy as an AA treatable condition. Thus, many patients have been and continue to be… made worse due to anti-AA ignorant prejudice, lack of training and no AA based treatment.

See Kalokerinos under Rogue Docs. For the story of AA vs. Vaccines causing sudden infant deaths (SIDS). The good news is that doctors are not a key part of L-AA treatments, you can doctor yourself.

Emergency Room physicians will use an adrenaline shot to revive a patient with near death lethargy or with allergic (anaphylactic) shock.  The action of the adrenaline is to release AA systemically. The released AA does the magic.

  However the ER guys usually will not give AA directly for revival purposes. Klenner did use it alone without the adrenaline and found it worked, miraculously. Many doctors did not believe him.

This works because AA is primarily a powerful universal toxin antidote. It works against CO poisoning, snake toxins, insect toxins, bacteria toxins, plant toxins, alcohol and barbiturate intoxication, etc….universally.  L-AA should be in every first aid kit.  Summary of all AA actions in the body.


Oral Liposomal AA a revolutionary new treatment mode:

Recently, it has been disclosed that Liposomal AA made with a ultrasonic jewelry machine from a blend of water, AA, and  Lecithin has exceptionally large gut uptake (98%)and is more active than the usual AA powder alone and can substitute for IV AA.  Klenner’s Titrating to Bowel Tolerance paper tabulates the amounts and frequencies of intake for AA alone based on sickness condition. Video shows how to make  Liposomal AA that “permits Ascorbic intake greater than IV” via ingestion of the cocktail.  Thus this method of oral AA intake could replace the IV AA that saves lives. 

See AA Pharmacokinetics. L-AA Case Histories.  To provide the equivalent of IV AA 150 grams of  AA per day,  oral L-AA would have to be given at a rate of  at least 6 grams per hour every hour. L-AA should be supplemented with several grams of AA in addition; thus both lipid encapsulated and water soluble AA are provided together.

A supplemental blended fruit-based frozen yogurt based smoothie can provide supplemental antiviral nutritional ingredients, not found in the web described formulation, could include vitamins A, E & E, blended sunflower seeds, butter, coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, krill oil for omega 3/6 components and green tea extract. EGCG.  

See our discussion of AA Ketonic Protocols.


 Liposomal AA dosage.  From user blog at Vitamin C Foundation:

“My only experience to date has been with my daughter who developed cold-like symptoms and 4 packets of Lipospheric Vitamin C within about 2-3 hours promptly resolved the infection in its initial stages.”


“Wow. That is an important observation. (I don't know if Dr. Levy is keeping track as Dr. Cathcart had done since the 1970s when he began to develop his Bowel Tolerance table, but such tables are generated based on clinical experience.)”


“Now we know that an adult can accomplish the same thing with 8,000 mg every 20 minutes (or 24,000 mg/hr) for 2 to 3 hours, so 48,000 to 72,000 mg in 3 hours. Lets calculate that based on body weight..Your daughter would have needed half that dosage, or 24,000 to 36,000 mg and we might estimate that Lypo-C was roughly equivalent to 36,000/4 or 9,000 mg of ordinary vitamin C, which is remarkably close to Dr. Levy's estimate of 1 Lypo gram = 7-10 grams regular (IV ascorbate) vitamin C.


Liposomal-AA Reviews on Amazon  63 Reviews: 5-Star=39, 4-Star-13, 3-1Star=10.  Success/Fail ratio is 52/10.  Amazon case histories contain many remarkable successes.  Be sure to also read the comments to the reviews. 

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