Do Vaccines cause Autism and Autism Spectrum Disabilities (ASD)? The short answer is yes.

Dennis Prager Radio Show 1/3/2013 contains an interview of book authors of  Science Left Behind  by Hank Campbell and Alex Berezow


The interview touched on the topic of vaccines causing autism and other adverse reactions: an area of controversy, iatrogenic harm, clinical medicine’s missed therapeutic opportunities, certain failures to insure vaccine safety, government health administrators’ mistakes in the US and the UK, disinformation and denials by UK politicians, and by medically trained “scientists” who should know better and act like politicians.


Policy discussions and meta-study papers are sometimes replete with lack of scholarship, omissions of critical facts and research, even stacked-deck overemphasis of carefully selected papers designed to prove the desired conclusions.  “No evidence” claims are suspect: because our studies have sometimes found ignorance, lack of scholarship or even prejudicial bias to exist.  “Absence of Evidence” is not “Evidence of Absence”. Medical dogma and policies are strongly influenced by the vaccine lobby which guides a government plus drug company cooperative effort.


Dr Mercola’s article: HPV caused sudden death of  one Wisconsin girl and another girl’s near fatal drug reaction.


Science Requires Discipline

Understanding of ASD causal issues requires study across many scientific disciplines, the application of careful definitions, wide-topic critical reading, identification of mistakes in consensus medical dogma, the application of scientific methods, of mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology and of logical reasoning.  Fixing the systemic mistakes of our medical delivery system is a difficult scientific and political problem; doing the right thing is so very costly that unsafe and negligent practices abound.  The cost of the negligence is also large. Statistically, the ASD victims are found in the improbable long-tail of incidences; it would be easy to dismiss them; but individual-victim lifetime ASD disability and medical costs are so devastating that the total societal costs are still huge.


Science Is Ignored in Politics and Politicians Rule Our Medical System.

Most of the effective hard-science techniques are missing from the field of political “science” which enshrines rhetoric, debate, argumentation, disinformation, propaganda and creative speechwriting about imagined contexts.  Successful politics today is not based on truth; it is the science of appeal-to-emotion in order to obtain consumer (voter) consent, too-often based on deceitful mental arguments, obfuscation, cognitive distraction, misdirection of thought, redefining words, and avoiding disclosure of important truths. Rhetorical politics is bankrupt of truth and filled by faulty reasoning. Demagogues who appeal to popular, oversimplified misconceptions dominate our political practice. Politics and health policy advocates have rejected scientific methods and thought, but they still pretend to be scientific. This is the theme of the book, Science Left Behind.


Medical Establishment’s Lack of Historical Scholarship Regarding Scurvy and Vitamin C. 

All except a few have been taught several centuries-old knowledge about scurvy. The concept of anascorbemia, rapid-onset systemic scurvy, is not widely understood, because it is not explained to medical students in enough depth and detail. Scurvy when it appears is not recognized.  If it is recognized it can be treated easily.


The hemorrhagic fever viruses generate toxins of such power and at such a rate as to consume all of the antioxidant form of ascorbic acid in the body. They are feared because they cause systemic bleeding at a frightening rate.  This is rapid onset scurvy at its worst. The use of IV ascorbic acid in hundreds of grams per day rates will greatly increase survival, but this tactic is largely ignored. Because doctors are not trained to recognize scurvy, anascorbemia, and to treat it aggressively with ascorbic acid, the outcome of such incidents is much worse than it needs to be.


Vaccines in the presence of systemic (gut) endotoxin, latent chronic infections, reactive oxygen species/stress (ROS) and low blood ascorbic acid will induce rapid onset scurvy that can lead to extreme depletion of ascorbic acid systemically.  This is less severe a condition than that of the hemorrhagic fever viruses, but it can lead to anaphylaxis, COPD exacerbations, heart attacks, sudden (infant) death (SIDS) and shaken baby syndrome (SBS), where the scurvy bleeding is mistaken by the ignorant as trauma injuries.


In less severe cases, Vaccines can induce a severe depletion of ascorbic acid that destroys the body’s defense against toxins, allergies and inflammation., Persistent (latent) chronic infections generate  toxins with not enough ascorbic acid to neutralize them.  A long-term state of toxemia, low blood AA and inflammation results.  If ascorbic acid (AA) is input in therapeutic levels (much higher than the RDA vitamin amounts) then the AA will neutralize the toxemia.  Still higher therapeutic levels of AA can eliminate the chronic infections. See Table 2 below.


Where vaccination induces anascorbemia, the failure to treat it with therapeutic levels of AA leads to costly outcomes.


In treating medical crises, AA’s pharmacokinetics, it’s pharmacodynamics, and it’s essential role in a multiplicity of vital chemical pathways are frequently ignored.  AA blood levels are not measured. The ratio of AA to DHA is a critical indicator of vitality.  Rapid onset scurvy leads to anaphylaxis and sudden deaths in many bewildering toxin induced medical crises.


The rate of antioxidant AA depletion can be astoundingly high when induced by certain toxins, poisons, allergens and venoms.  The AA converts instantly to dehydroxyascorbic acid (DHA); the AA molecule less two electrons quickly assumes a new shape that does not participate in the many vital reactions needed to sustain life.  The solution to the crisis should include intake of enough AA to overcome the toxins and the oxides.  Recovery is rapid with a surplus of AA and other antioxidants.  But the AA therapeutic dosages needed are extreme compared with the RDA amounts needed by healthy persons.  In the absence of enough AA, recovery can be slowed, extremely.  AA in therapeutic levels is also a toxin neutralizer.  See Table 2 below.


Vitamin C is Ascorbic Acid (AA)  Vitamin C is much more than a vitamin.

When used in accord with known pharmacokinetics, in effective ascorbate formulations, and with the correct methods of application, ascorbic acid is a wide spectrum antiviral, a universal antitoxin, a versatile antibacterial, an intracellular agent-of-death for infected cells, and an essential electron donor in many very vital biochemical pathways for both plants and animals. See Table 2 below.


Its near-universal, therapeutic, high-dosage benefits have been ignored and underused for hundreds of years. AA therapeutics remains one of medicine’s most significant overlooked opportunities.



Vaccine Safety Is An Oxymoron.

Vaccine safety should not be a liberal versus conservative issue. Many serious and well-meaning scientists remain ignorant of the dynamics of the biochemistry, the pharmacokinetics of ascorbate vs. inflammation and the complexities of the ASD causal mechanisms. It is clear that medical theory and practice include a few critical assumptions that are not true. (Like the “vitamin C needed-amounts have a wide variability” vs. the “tiny RDA” mistake)


There is also ample evidence of systemic public health regulatory stupor, negligence, neglect of duty to insure safety of vaccines, neglect of due diligence that should lead to disapprovals, cover-ups, disinformation and character assassination. When fuzzy political prejudices are injected into the public-policy medical discourse, the fogs of ideological rhetoric and oversimplification obscure chances of enlightened, focused improvement.


But is it really the overly dangerous vaccine’s fault if a condition of chronic infection and AA malnutrition plus the vaccine kills or disables the child?

Should the vaccination be mandatory?  Can the parents give informed consent if the administering doctors are ignorant of the dangers and mistakenly advise the parents?


ASD Statistics and Costs

The Autism Spectrum Disorders’ (ASDs’) epidemiological statistics have changed over recent years from ~1/10,000 then, to  > 1/100 now. This is true for the consumers of modern medicine and modern refined-food diets. The family and lifetime societal costs are now >$1.5 Million for many ASD victims. It is now clear that we need to correct the mistaken medical practices that lead to the many tragedies. 


It appears that our gene pool may be at risk if the causes of the epidemic are degraded genetics. See Prenatal Ultrasound, below.


Vaccines + Infections Lead to Scurvy and Sudden Death  (SIDS, SBS & Disabilities)

Web links to Vaccines Adverse Case Histories and analysis

US Vaccine Court Relative Vaccine Statistics (PDF)

US Vaccine Court Claims Summary  (PDF)


Autism-ASD Vaccine Court Cases:

The most problematical vaccines can be determined using US Vaccine Court of Claims public records.

The top 4 in claims are:  

MMR, DPT (whole cell pertussis and acellular pertussis), Influenza (Trivalent), Hepatitis B

MMR is most associated with ASD.  Details are provided at the following links

Vaccines cause persistent hyper-allergy, in a few cases.

Vaccines Vs. Scurvy Notes  Plus Kalokerinos related URLs.

Vaccines plus Mitochondrial Dysfunction


The Vaccine Court Bankruptcy

The vaccine court’s decision process is broken, justice is denied, and the vaccine insurance program is bankrupt. 


The Autism claims were combined into two classes and one trial of each class was staged. The thousands of claimants in a class had to abide by the decision of its single trial. The defendants, the vaccine promoters won each of the two trial cases. The claimants, the injured families, lost.  All similar class claimants lost. An analysis of the rules for the decisions and the state of knowledge of the functional medicine, indicated critical mistakes in the process and a lack of proper consideration of important details.  The (fixed?) outcome solved the bankruptcy by denying all the claimants based on ignorance of the functional factors causing the injuries.  Billions of dollars of liabilities were erased.  The vaccine insurance funds (unspent) were then made available by legislation to be spent on other bureaucratic activities, not paid to claimants.


The result is that it is a legal precedent that vaccines do not cause ASD as a class. However, vaccines have been proven to cause the disabilities themselves.  So if you go to trial and use the words Autism,  or ASD in your case, you lose.  If you do the trial on the separate disabilities, you can succeed to win an award.


Medical politicians have been complicit in promoting disinformation about vaccine safety and about ASD and vaccines’ causal roles. The court records show some tricky tactics and witnesses changing their testimony. 


Statisticians of the health agencies are now seeking to redefine ASDs to exclude part of the cases so as to make the statistics look better. The severity of the harm remains, however, and so do the costs of trying to remedy them.


Many ASD causes have been identified; some are vaccine related; a few treatments have shown selective success; but no overall reversal of the epidemic’s statistics and trends has resulted.  The causes of ASD, like the causes of Arthritis remain “unknown” or “unproven” because the consensus considers the real answers “controversial”.  That is to say it is politic to pretend ignorance or to remain “officially” ignorant of obvious knowledge.


This is a doctrine of official stupor that lets everyone off the hook for failing to use techniques that a few leading doctors find most successful.  In such a way Drs Frederick Klenner, Robert Cathcart, Archie Kalokerinos, and Thomas M Brown’s teachings have been successful but whose methods are too controversial to remember, to study or to teach.


The ASD medical costs are now being assumed by the new socialized medical insurance (Obamacare) and threaten to further bankrupt that already bankrupt medical insurance as well, under the guise of including preexisting conditions. The tragedy is that we continue to use dangerous vaccines. We should know better.


Vitamin C vs. Vaccination Paradox:

Vitamin C protects against vaccine and antibiotic-induced toxemia flares.  But vitamin C (and antibiotics) also protect against the same diseases, making the vaccines less necessary, perhaps unnecessary.  Therapeutic use of vitamin C is cheaper than the vaccines and much safer, but has much higher labor-costs to hospitalize and to administer.  Vaccines are not safe for everyone, they kill some and they disable others, just like the diseases do. 


Where sustained good (AA) nutrition is impossible for a society to deliver, the single shot vaccine is an appealing remedy for certain diseases.  Low labor cost and (usually but not always) negligible harm statistics.


Vaccine Disasters in Recent Times

Some vaccines (like influenza) are rushed to market with minimal safety testing. Some vaccines are government mandates and were ill advised. (military vaccination case histories, mycoplasmas’ trial vaccines with high life-threatening allergic sensitivities) Other government programs dispensed HIV contaminated HIB vaccines, before the HIV antibody blood tests were devised. Live Polio vaccines were contaminated with SV40 virus, leading to widespread SV40 related delayed pathogenic conditions. Other live virus vaccines were contaminated with mycoplasmas.  It is unknown what new mistakes are being made with today’s vaccines.  It is clear that the world’s best/smartest immunologists are not being used in the vaccine safety programs.  Compulsory (new laws) re-vaccinations of health professionals in cases where adverse reactions and antibodies do not appear have led to blindness (med student) and other adult permanent total disablements (a Doctor’s life destroyed).


For some diseases certain (MMR) vaccines (strains) are unsafe, causing hyper-allergic sensitivities in a small percentage of those vaccinated.  Genetics or unknown physiology factors make certain people vulnerable.  Kalokerinos reports on a vaccine that did not work to protect.  Flu vaccine caused heart attack for mobster.  Our family recently had a case history of Flu vaccine with COPD and a chronic urinary infection. Infection-related toxemias caused by antibiotics were followed by multiple incidents of rapid onset scurvy, more and more serious, leading up to a heart attack. Ascorbic acid in doses of 1-3 grams every 1-3 hours stopped the related inflammation and suppressed the respiratory exacerbations. However, they flared up when the AA intake was interrupted for more than 8 hours, in two separate instances.


How Long Are Vaccine Adverse Reactions  Delayed?

Adverse vaccination reactions leading to pathologies and even deaths can be delayed as long as 3-6 weeks after the vaccination. It can also take this long for immunity to develop.  Adverse-event vaccine reporting statistics rules may try to reduce the incident-counting time-window to ~3 days, excluding all longer time-to-develop pathologies. This invalidates the adverse event statistics and makes it impossible to prove causality in the vaccine court.  Harmful vaccines are not tagged as bad, and remain on the market. A study in France of aluminum adjuvant persistence in injection site muscle showed significant retention over a period of several years.  The vaccine immune training  in such a case might be unending, leading to persistent hyper allergic immune responses to all sort of food and normally non-allergenic molecules.



The Functional Medicine: Vaccine Related Causes of ASD

Inflammation and neurotoxins are primary causes of neural dysfunctions including cognitive regression and failure to grow mentally and develop neurologically.  Selective, programmed, sequential gene-activation(s) and cell differentiation(s) are necessary for growth and maturation as stem cells change to become target cells. This requires vitamin C.


Inflammation and immune system hyperactivity interferes with this developmental sequence. This depletes vitamin C.  Treatments controlling inflammation, including vitamin A in large amounts and vitamin C in large, frequent therapeutic amounts can, in part, neutralize the inflammation and neurotoxins.  ASD-linked vitamin C dependencies exist, which are unrecognized by many medical clinicians.


Other ASD nutritional vitamin dependencies: A-complex, niacin, B1, B6, B12, E-complex, D, bioflavonoids, tropical saturated fats, omega3 oils, and CoQ10 have been identified as helpful or critical in reducing inflammation. See Klenner Myasthenia Gravis nutrition


MMR Vaccine Live Measles Strain vs. ASD

A major scandal in England occurred when gut dysbiosis became epidemic as a result of live measles strain in the MMR vaccine colonizing the gut and producing persistent inflammation. ASD symptoms resulted.  It turns out that some families have genetics more susceptible to such infections, which make their children vulnerable to more inflammation than normal. 


It also was the case that a dangerous vaccine (rejected elsewhere) was approved for UK use and the government had, by a blunder in policy,  assumed claims liability.  To reduce mounting adverse publicity discrediting vaccinations in general, they sought to kill the messenger, and discredit a paper linking gut inflammation, live measles vaccination, and ASD disabilities including cognitive regression. The premise of the paper has been proven many times to be valid, but the disinformation mongers continue to claim it is junk science.


UK public health authorities unleashed a cascade of obfuscation and disinformation.  Dr Andrew Wakefield became at once a whistleblower and a scapegoat. His character was assassinated, but the hit team was identified and brought up on charges. Despite the many prior and subsequent scientific confirmations of his work, Dr Wakefield remains “officially discredited”, as a rogue and a scoundrel with bogus conflicts of interest. 


Meanwhile the governmental health system rulers, with substantial, real financial conflicts of interest, continue to wage the disinformation war. This is because of the huge financial liabilities that the UK public health establishment would incur if the truths Wakefield expressed were allowed to prevail.  Vaccine safety loses and the UK’s public has lost confidence in the integrity of their health system managers.


Gut inflammation does play a major role in many ASD cases, and the MMR vaccine strain (primarily) is linked to it. 


It is the nature of gut biofilms to encapsulate microbes, toxins and toxic metals in the protective gelatinous matrix.  These biofilm microbes are not shed and thus they do not yield positive cultures for the pathogenic microbes. Thus the conventional culture tests have near universal false negatives for the existence of the microbes releasing gut inflammatory toxins.  Live Measles-vaccine strains colonize the guts. Some children develop inflammation like Crohn’s disease. Measles toxins are well known neurotoxins. Thus, an AA dependency is created if inflammation is to be suppressed.  Massive amounts of vitamin A may help the liver to cope with the toxin overload, thus a vitamin A dependency may also exist in addition to the vitamin C dependency.  The vitamin A dependency, in their ASD children, may depend on genetic predisposition of the parents to a form of night blindness.


Coconut oil contains lauric acid, which is converted to monolaurin in the gut.  Monolaurin dissolves the lipid membrane of gut viruses, killing them.  Liposomal vitamin C and water soluble AA should be used together for greater therapeutic effect.  Dr Klenner used oral and IV vitamin C to successfully treat both Polio and Measles. He believed a measles vaccine was unnecessary.


A similar gut infection situation exists with live Polio vaccine strains causing polio in susceptible persons.  When you dig deep enough you find the preponderance of the media stories critical of Dr. Wakefield are disinformation, multiply repeated; however, the science-reporting that refutes the disinformation is compelling, but it is not so widely disseminated.



Allergies are a cause of inflammation:  allergies to gluten, to wheat, to other grains and foods; celiac disease and gut inflammation; toxins from gut biofilms; toxic metals like aluminum from vaccines and mercury from teeth fillings; copper stored in and released by gut biofilms, etc; all can play a role in hyping allergic reactions.  The allergies create reactive oxidizing species (ROS) that succeed in depleting the body’s stored vitamin C.  Vitamin C as a universal toxin neutralizer, allergy symptom reducer, histamine antidote, and toxic metals chelation agent can be therapeutic but only at high AA blood levels (200-4000 times above the RDA) and administration-frequencies of 1-3 hours. This is the therapeutic range of AA use.


Prenatal Ultrasound Can Cause Neural Development and Retardation

Prenatal ultrasound has proven physical mechanisms of producing cavitation, standing waves of excessive amplitude, and pinpoint bubbles of extremely high temperature and pressure. In animal and cellular studies, ultrasound causes cellular and genetic disruptions that in vivo would be likely to disrupt fetal neural development, retard postnatal neural maturation, and scramble the DNA and mitochondria in the mother’s ova and the fetal ova and testicles. A classic monkey study has shown vegetative behavior from prenatal ultrasound exposure. The physical processes of disruption are undeniable, but the significance of the studies is ignored.


Funding for ultrasound safety is as neglected as it is for vaccine safety. Vaccine safety administration is negligent, safety/approval process was assumed to be working, on audit it was proven to be broken, and has not been fixed. 


Recent ultrasound papers report experiments of ultrasound destroying the integrity of the blood brain barrier. Clearly physical cellular destruction was the cause. How this destruction is repaired (if it even was possible) was not explained.   The idea is to destroy the barrier (with hope, temporarily) to permit the passage of drugs. Why this is necessary if Liposomal encapsulation is an alternate packaging method to enhance BBB passage is not clear.

The point is that ultrasound is destructive. My experience with ultrasound teeth cleaning led to deep tooth pain and also may have caused destruction of ear cells responsible for balance sensations.


Ultrasound should be avoided as it is more and more likely to be proven unsafe.


Adjuvants and Vaccines

Unsafe vaccines with persistent toxic adjuvants, administered too early and too frequently, and administered to sub-clinically sick children, in the absence of vitamin C supplementation has been proven, in the presence of latent mitochondrial dysfunctions, to cause predictable medical disasters.


Vaccines are designed to stimulate a permanent immune memory so that the immune system will persistently act against (foreign- not self-) protein molecules encountered during the period of vaccine adjuvant activity.  Adjuvant activity may be greater and last longer than planned, especially if multiple vaccinations are used (too closely) together or if adjuvants stay in injection sites for extended periods (like years as has been proven). 


Adjuvants can stimulate immune system training to produce an inflammation reaction to molecules normally present in nerve pathways, leading to an inflammatory, hyper-allergic, self-immune reaction that is long lasting.  This permanent immune training can be the cause of hyper allergic sensitivities, neural functional regression and of permanent mental and physical disabilities.  This produces persistent reactive oxygen stress (ROS) that is the basis of an acquired dependency on high levels of ascorbic acid. See Flu Vaccine Scurvy.


Flawed Vitamin C Research and a Missed Opportunity:

The time span of the relevant vitamin C (AA) medical history archives goes back over 75 years.  In retrospect, the researchers studying vitamin C have made critical mistakes in perception and experiment design. Early work with vitamin C showed that it was effective neutralizing microbial toxins and killing viral invaders if used at effective blood levels maintained consistently high. However, AA’s pharmacokinetics and experimental administration were almost always guaranteed to provide consistently negligible AA blood levels and thus to produce a guaranteed negligible therapeutic effect.


Experimenters’ flawed experiments show lack of understanding for the high-speed oxidation of AA to form dehydroxyascorbic acid (DHA), which instantly changes its shape and bioactivity.  Nutritional low dosage vitamin C studies disregarded the blood half lifetime of 30 minutes and the therapeutic high-level, frequent dosage rules and the dynamic pharmacokinetics of antibiotic vitamin C, as we now know the rules. Experiments proving IV administration successes were “duplicated” using infrequent, too-small oral AA dosages with low gut to blood transfer efficiencies, and failed to reach the same results. 


Thus the valid work was “disproven” by the incompetent. The IV  AA practitioners treated tens of thousands of patients successfully. A handful of incompetent failures discredited the thousands of successes.  Meta studies selected the failures and omitted entirely, Klenner’s and Cathcart’s success reporting papers to obliquely discredit the un-cited successful results. Gatekeepers then kept the successful doctors from embarrassing the incompetent by denying funds to do statistical double blind confirmation studies that they said were needed to “prove” the successful methods.


Largely-forgotten, successful medical practitioners (especially Drs Frederick Klenner and Robert Cathcart) published successful therapeutic applications of AA in treating tens of thousands of infections, including viral caused epidemic diseases. The government research gatekeepers turned down Linus Pauling’s confirmatory AA research proposals.  Recently, Liposomal AA (L-AA) formulations are an exciting new formulation with significantly improved therapeutic pharmacokinetics. Five times better gut to blood transfer efficiency, and better transport of AA through the target cells lipid envelopes.  Dr. Thomas Levy says oral L-AA works 7-10 times better on a molecular weight, gram-for-gram equivalent AA basis than IV sodium ascorbate when used against lipid enveloped target cells and viruses.


The medical consensus (regarding vitamin C and ascorbic acid) has been confused, ignorant, forgetful, mislead by drug company competitive biases and National Institutes of Health (NIH) prejudicial agenda preferences. Stonewalling.  Now more than 61 years of the ongoing stonewall.


We found that well-documented functional biochemistry concepts, best-practices of clinicians of excellence, and pathways for improvement in clinical practices have not been taught-to or followed-by most med school clinical practitioners.  The successful independent doctors are honored but are aggressively forgotten.  But not on the web where medical archives and thoughtful papers have been stashed by persons recognizing their value.


We dug out the critical articles, linked to them and summarized their important conclusions and relationships. Serious students now can find the important information vitamin C lore that has been too long ignored. This information is on our website.  Also, see below for a list of the hotlinks under Latest Findings.  In some cases important sites have gone dark. We have located the papers and web pages on the “Wayback-machine” internet archive and linked to the archived pages.


A Complex Bag of ASD Causes

The many causes of ASD disabilities are a complex of factors, unified by the biochemistry of inflammation, toxins and immunology.  Our website and our two books on chronic infections and inflammation are written for the lay reader.  The books contain both introductory and intermediate material on the complex of causes that lead to arthritis, autism, neural dysfunctions, and to other related morbidities and mortalities. Our website contains other material (Ongoing Research) and has links to sources of a more intermediate level. 


Some of the factors (causes of autism) include: inflammation, rapid onset scurvy, vitamin C dynamic biochemistry, antioxidant depletion, allergic reactions, histamine release cascades, immune system complex interactions, toxin-induced anaphylaxis, chronic polymicrobial (toxin producing) infections, biofilms encapsulating bacterial colonies, failed medical tests and diagnostics, microbial endo- and exo- toxins, reactive oxidizing species (ROS), stress of many kinds, immune system hyperactivity induced by injury, infections, allergens or vaccines, endotoxins released by drugs killing microbes (Herxheimer reactions), peroxidation of lipids to form neurotoxins, exceptional vitamin dependencies, condition-related nutritional needs, and poor, inadequate and sporadic antioxidant vitamin and lipids nutrition. Inflammation has many causes and it plays a key role in autism. Control and elimination of inflammation can lead to considerable recovery. Dietary allergies can also be a significant cause of inflammation. Celiac disease and gluten allergy may be very important


Mitochondrial Dysfunction:

One unifying factor with vaccine induced ASD is intracellular mitochondrial dysfunction (MD). MDs can be caused by intracellular microbial infections, by statin drugs, by genetic factors and/or by antioxidant vitamin deficiencies in the presence of dependencies (needs) above the normal accepted RDA range. MDs plus oxides and inflammation can lead to unusually severe systemic damage, especially if there is not enough ascorbic acid and other antioxidants in the diet and in the body.  The required (dependency) amounts can be thousands of times larger than the RDA amounts.


A well-documented Autism vs. vaccine court case proved autistic disabilities were caused by genetic mitochondrial dysfunction and vaccination stress.  The HHS director has said now we have linked latent MD and vaccination with ASD long-term disabilities, we clearly need to reexamine the causal issues scientifically and rethink the vaccination schedules vs. risks. Japan rescheduled the too early vaccinations and the resulting epidemiological statistics showed the vaccine coincident tragedies had vanished. Japan’s health statistics ranking for young children improved markedly when vaccines were delayed.


Mitochondrial dysfunctions cause autism (Autism Spectrum Disorders) triggered by vaccines, when vitamin C nutrition is insufficient, especially in the latent presence of infections and endotoxins.  But more lethal multiple tragedies have also resulted. 


Mass Vaccination Caused Deaths

In several incidents (in Australia and later in Uganda) public health and WHO vaccination programs have caused mass sudden deaths. The native children (and young adults) were chronically infected with endotoxin producing gut microbes, and had an exceptional dependency on vitamin C, but had little vitamin C in their diet. Mortality (<3 weeks) was about 50% of those vaccinated in Australia. –Kalokerinos Every Second Child.


In Australia vitamin C supplementation before vaccination eliminated future mass deaths caused by vaccinations. But related sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) , “cot death” cases and shaken baby syndrome (SBS) cases remained due to inconsistent vitamin C administration associated with vaccinations and latent chronic infections.


How Vitamin C Works

The pharmacokinetics and dynamic actions of ascorbic acid are well known by (some) biochemists, but therapeutic AA pharmacodynamics are not well enough understood by clinical medical practitioners. The systemic AA antitoxin actions are not enough utilized by emergency medicine doctors. 


Misguided Nutritional RDA Ignores AA Therapeutics and  Dependencies.

Official nutritional doctrine characterizes vitamin C as a simple vitamin with a low RDA of ~65 milligrams per day and a possible (rumored, un-proven, and wrong) upper limit of alleged dangerous intake levels (sometimes stated above 2 grams per day). There is no unsafe upper limit to AA intake in sick persons.  However it is unsafe to not supply enough when patient has many kinds of AA depletion crises.

·            Half-Life  (1/2 hour) For Vitamin C  Ignored in many experiments; AA blood level not measured, it is assumed to be long lasting  and it is not.

·            RDA Not same all; Leaves out classes of people with special needs (Smokers, Diabetics, Estrogen users, Aspirin users)  millions RDA should be higher

·            Real Data about blood to tissue transfers falsify assumptions that amounts higher than RDA do not get to tissues; they do.

·            Upper Limit Also Flawed: No upper limit of safety; all amounts are safe; in presence of ROS & anaphylaxis: RDA is too low, unsafe and lethal.


A petition [2004] to rethink and revise the RDA upwards (to accommodate many known dependency conditions) was made by world (vitamin C) expert scientists and doctors; U.S. governmental public health authorities have stonewalled the petition.


AA vs. Toxins AA is a universal toxin neutralizer.

The best recent book on AA vs. toxins is Curing the Incurable by Dr   Thomas Levy. The result of the official stonewalling and medical system wide ignorance is a perpetual cascade of morbidity and patient mortality due to medical delivery-system and educational incompleteness.  Table 2,  below gives the Anti-Toxin characteristics of vitamin C (AA) in therapeutic formulations and dosages. Toxins work by depleting antioxidant AA, the depletion kills the patient with AA/DHA ratio less than 1.


Government Regulation is Restrictive of Nutritional Therapeutics

A new attempt to impose a “tyranny of the bureaucracy”. FDA proposal (2011) to outlaw nutritional supplement formulations imposes a heavy handed, poorly planned, costly documentation nightmare for nutrition supplement industry. A permissive data base excluding “generally regarded as safe” (GRAS) food and nutrition ingredients should be generated based on world wide practices, known to be safe, instead of restrictive rules on documenting everything.


How Much Vitamin C?

Nutrition-conscious persons have asked the question: “How much vitamin C do I need to take (eat) to stay in good health?”

The answer is not a single, simple one.  The amount depends on AA formulation, age, weight, how sick a person is and how often taken.  The therapeutic range of AA is over 15 grams per day and may need to be several hundred grams for extreme toxemia and hemorrhagic fever viruses.


We need to eat vitamin C every day because we lack the genes to make if from glucose. We can store it, but it can be rapidly depleted or oxidized by toxins, allergens and poisons of every kind.


Water Soluble Vitamin C

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid = AA) is an essential food, metabolized (and transported) like sugar.  Sugar blocks its actions.  When we are young, have no chronic infections, and are very healthy we may need only the RDA.  But we need much more when we are sick.  As we age we accumulate chronic infections.  When we are sick we need hundreds of times more (1-4 grams) with frequent (1-3 hour) intake.  Small frequent doses especially between meals are better than one large dose each day.  Diabetics and hyperglycemic persons may need >10 grams water-soluble ascorbic acid per day more than well persons. 


Sugar blocking vitamin C uptake in immune system cells is said to be the reason for diabetics’ reduction in immune system effectiveness.  Put another way sugar and citric acid makes the microbes function better and thrive, you loose.  Each strain of microbe uses a different mix of sugars. Eating more kinds of sugars in High Fructose Corn Sweetener (HFCS) nourishes more diverse microbes and you loose big time.


Liposomal (lecithin encapsulated) Vitamin C

Liposomal form of oral intake vitamin C has superior pharmacokinetics including at least 5x better gut to blood transfer efficiency.  (See Ref 8) Oral intake Liposomal AA (L-AA) is up to 10 times more effective (as an antiviral) gram for gram of AA than IV sodium ascorbate. Its blood lifetime is longer lasting than water soluble AA, but a comparative ratio is not known.  Its lipid (lecithin) encapsulation makes it more absorbable by lipid membrane microbes, bacteria and viruses, delivering its antibiotic payload to vulnerable target-cell uptake sites. L-AA has better blood to brain transfer efficiency than sodium ascorbate, making AA delivery more effective as a supplement for Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s patients. Both Liposomal and water-soluble forms of AA can complement each other and should be used together.


Too Low Anti-oxidant AA Causes Rapid Onset Scurvy:  Allergies, Histamine Release, Anascorbemia or Anaphylaxis

When your AA blood levels fall below a critical amount, your immune cells start producing histamine in exponentially greater amounts and a severe allergic-condition chemical chain-reaction occurs, creating a cascade of inflammation and toxins causing further AA depletion.  Allergens and toxins can cause AA depletion without the infectious cause. In such cases supplying a lot of AA will detoxify the agents and restore balance, if enough AA is supplied by injection of infusion. 


Failure to supply AA in crisis situations can lead to death by toxic shock or anaphylaxis. The effect of IV sodium ascorbate against anaphylactic shock is nearly immediate recovery and is remarkable. Both AA and CoQ10 can work together to combat/reduce stroke and heart attack damage. IV AA can instantly reverse carbon monoxide poisoning and near fatal smoke inhalation toxemia. How vitamin C works.


In some medical crises (hemorrhagic fevers) we may need to ingest several hundred grams per day (tens of grams per hour)  by IV direct blood (sodium ascorbate) infusion. This is a therapeutic intake of  >4000 times the ~50 milligram AA RDA. L-AA is proving to be an inexpensive alternative to IV infusions for non-crisis, systemic eradication of viral infections and for killing cells invaded by microbes.


In one case reported in New Zealand, reported by Dr Tom Levy, a farmer with SARS complicated by leukemia was near dieing.  IV AA and later L-AA restored him to health.  After the SARS was defeated, it was found he no longer had leukemia.


Why You Feel Sick

When you are sick, you feel sick because your blood vitamin C (AA) levels are low and your cellular storage of AA is depleted; you can feel this as sickness. When you take several grams of AA when you are feeling sick, the sick feelings go away, only to return when the AA is used up (oxidized). Then you can feel that you need to take more.


How do we “catch” a cold? 

Cold-stress depletes ascorbate (AA); Low AA in blood re-activates dormant microbes; active microbes trigger allergenic immune defenses, exacerbate respiratory inflammation, and elevate histamine.  The cold resembles an exacerbation of COPD, where a complex of viral and bacterial chronic infections lay dormant, and then the immune system fires up microbes start replicating. 


Cold/ COPD Solutions:



Our Experience and Qualifications (Katherine and Karl Poehlmann)

Inflammation, chronic infections, nutrition and immunity are topics we have researched broadly in our studies of worldwide medical knowledge, documented on the Internet and in the historical archives of medicine.  We have spent over ten calendar years reading about these inter-related subjects, attending postgraduate medical conferences. We have read countless medical texts, abstracts, papers, online in the National Library of Medicine and contained at various authoritative medical, nutritional and biological websites. The mass of the available information worldwide is tremendous. Search engines can reach much of it, so it can be correlated productively.


Table 1 Vitamin C References On  Katherine M Poehlmann, PhD and Karl Poehlmann


1.         Vitamin C Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics

2.         AA Ketonic Protocol Factors   Multi-factors for healing

3.         How Vitamin C Works  AA’s Functional nutrition explained  

4.         A 2nd Vitamin  C Overview   Well written 2nd opinion  

5.         Misdiagnosis: Scurvy as SBS  Shaken Baby Syndrome    

6.         Vitamin C Relieves Pain   Our family’s case history

7.         West Nile Cure?  IV and Liposomal AA: (Dr. Tom Levy)

8.         Liposomal Vitamin C  Therapeutic breakthrough formulation

9.         Health References Most-useful health books and articles

10.     Authoritative Nutrition Related to AA and Inflammation  

11.     Vitamin C Historic Papers  At 

12.     Vaccines and Inflammation Cause Autism

21.     Post-Antibiotic Age: Germ Theory Tim O’Shea



Table 2 Curing the Incurable’s Antitoxin, AntiBacterial, Antiviral actions of IV AA and Liposomal AA. 

In order to achieve therapeutic dosages of AA, oral intake of Liposomal AA or IV direct infusions of sodium ascorbate needs to be administered.  Cathcart, Klenner, Kalokerinos, Riordan, Saul and Levy have documented the methods. See Reference 10., above.


Anti Viral:  Intracellular / Outside cells

Antibacterial: Antibiotic & Antitoxin

Anti-Toxin: Neutralizing

Viral hepatitis


Protects against drug reactions: Alergies and toxemias, Tetracyclines, Cypro, Sulfas, Penicillins, Chemotherapy, etc



Bacterial exotoxins: (All)



Barbiturates and Alcohols detoxification


Tuberculosis, also use Lauric Acid & enzymes. Liposomal AA is better.

Carbon Monoxide and smoke inhalation

Viral Encephalitis


Nuclear Radiation: Protects against damage; increases survival dosage.

Chicken Pox and Shingles

Streptococcal infections

Burns and Sunburn

Herpes: HV 1&2,  CMV, EBV , Caposi’s sarcoma

Rheumatic Fever

Frostbite recovery

Influenza: SARS, all varieties

Scarlet Fever

Endotoxin from gut and Herx release

Rabies:  In high frequent doses



AIDS:  High, Long-Term, With Lauric Acid




Lyme disease: Borreliosis, Helps to control inflammation, very persistent

Tetanus exotoxin

West Nile virus

Chlamydia Pneumonia: Helps, very persistent

Botulinum toxin

Ebola and other Hemorrhagic fevers


Cyanide and cyanosis


Protozoa: Giardia lambda, control antibiotic die-off Herx inflammation.

Histamine:  AA blood levels below critical level stimulate histamine release.

Leukemia (viral)

Listeria monocytogenes: Food treatment

Nitrosamines: Depends on Ph, +/- effects

Gut viruses

Amoebic and Bacillary dysentery

Mushroom & Mycotoxins

Viral Pneumonias: RSV

Salmonella: Food treatment

Mold environmental toxins



Plant toxins poison ivy

Klenner maintained all viruses were vulnerable to high levels of IV sodium ascorbate. Cathcart concurred in this opinion, doses ranging to >200 grams per day IV for hemorrhagic fever viruses.

Rocky mountain spotted fever

Insect venoms: Bees, wasps, spiders, scorpions, etc. All if enough IV AA fast enough


Cancer Viruses

Staphylococcus infections.

Snake venoms: All, if enough IV AA fast enough

Marine venoms: Box jellyfish; Fugu


Trypanosoma infections

Heavy metals: Chelates, mercury lead, silver, copper, etc. mobilizes calcium


Legionella pneumophila

Calcium: facilitates bone healing (Boneset herb)



Facilitates stem cell differentiation to target cells



Pesticides: Wide range of protections; DDT adjunct, parathion, malathion See Curing the Incurable



Notes from Kalokerinos’ “Second Thoughts on Disease: A Controversy and Bechamp Revisited

Pasteur’s Germ Theory: [One disease; One bug/microbe; One medicine]  Elegant, seductive of reason, just plain wrong, oversimplified.

PGT Derivative: Koch’s Postulates which are also based on faulty understanding of real world microbes’ complex and cooperative nature.

PGT Contradictions: Biofilms; Colonies; Pleomorphism; Polymicrobial: COPD, Viral + Bacterial pathogenic synergies

PGT Antithesis: Endogenous [inside self] re-activation of dormant infections when nutrition (E.g., ascorbate) is depleted, all-oxidized, or both.

PGT Antithesis: Bechamp’s Theory: Endogenous source of microbes, activation of latent microbes; activation or re-activation

Recommendation: Insure high ascorbate levels prior to vaccination and supplement AA liberally post vaccination.


Kalokerinos’s Conclusions

We would like to believe that we have presented evidence in this paper to raise valid questions concerning Pasteur's "Germ Theory'.


We realize that orthodox science may explain some of the questions we have raised but would it be so outrageous to suggest that we also re-examine Bechamp's hypothesis in the light of today's knowledge of pleomorphic microorganisms, enzymes. RNA-DNA, and assorted unexplainable phenomena observed generally in the world of microorganisms. Clearly, moreover, we have not examined sufficiently the whole matter of nutrition-immunization-quality antibody interactions and a consideration of these factors in light of Bechamp's work would seem long overdue at this time.

Burnet's argument doubting the validity of immunological experiments upon laboratory animals where many of them synthesize their own ascorbate would seem to deserve further attention: for, Adults and children often die when exposed to many of the severe immunological challenges we subject them to without prior orthomolecular evaluation as to their ascorbate levels.

Degenerative diseases have somehow increased since we introduced herd immunization and it is now known that slow viruses may play a role in this increase: do attenuated strains used in vaccines further this risk? [Also: live contaminants, adjuvant toxic persistence, allergenic contaminants all have caused and continue to cause problems; as do hyper-allergic long-term immune system activity]

Finally, we would like to restate Sir Graham Wilson's observations:

1.      The risks attendant on the use of vaccines and sera are not as well recognized as they should be. [Risk disinformation, publicity]

2.      That accidents are still taking place all over the world and have been occurring since the introduction of immunization. [mistakes]

3.             Only a very small proportion of these tragedies have ever been described in the medical literature of the world. [reporting failures]


On the practical side we would like to urge orthomolecular preparation of patients prior to the utilization of any immunization procedure. One method we have used in this regard is the administration of adequate ascorbate supplementation prior to, during and after immunization. We do believe that a better understanding of Bechamp's thesis will give a new dimension to the action of ascorbate; for it is not impossible that ascorbate activation and control of a microzymas-like entity may indeed discourage the birth of endogenous micro-organism infestation. We may find that Bechamp has outlined for us in general terms the mechanism of host resistance and susceptibility so long ignored due to the half-truths of Pasteur's Germ Theory which have stolen the show.

Hopefully there may be others among you who will be motivated to examine these issues and launch serious research into this lost chapter in the history of microbiology. Such an investigation, we feel, will cause one of the biggest medical upsets of the century, and we welcome inquiries from those who decide to contribute to bringing the light of understanding to this important subject.

-- Emphasis added by note taker.



Our Experience and Qualifications (Katherine Poehlmann, PhD and Karl Poehlmann)

Inflammation, chronic infections, nutrition and immunity are topics we have researched broadly in our studies of worldwide medical knowledge, documented on the Internet and in the historical archives of medicine.  We have spent over ten calendar years reading about these inter-related subjects, attending postgraduate medical conferences. We have read countless medical texts, abstracts, papers, online in the National Library of Medicine and contained at various authoritative medical, nutritional and biological websites. The mass of the available information worldwide is tremendous. Search engines can reach much of it, so it can be correlated productively.


 Our books are available on   

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