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Selection-bias in so called Science: Purposeful IGNORE-ance of evidence is worse than ignorance of evidence; Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. Evidence-based-science with selection-bias is not science; it is false political rhetoric; it is everywhere. How  EBM fails from bias  ---Abram Hoffer.   Omitting  sciences’ nutrition and toxicity knowledge leads to treatment failures and to increased morbidity, to increased medical and social costs, and to avoidable mortality. This is especially so in the overlaps between chronic sub clinical scurvy and the rest of science.  Cognitive Biases    Codex   Intellectual Idiots: Scientism    Sugar Lobby NonScience   Sugar Addiction   


We attempt, herein: To link to important science that has been forgotten, is not taught, or remains left-out-of conventional medical doctrines; To correct the balance of the scales of evidence that are tipped to the wrong side, tipped to the side that increases medical treatment failures. Half of medical reporting may be false; journalists cannot detect science from frauds.  Fake “peer review” rings are reported in recent Washington Post articles. Hormesis: Extrapolation from limited to general: Linear proportionality rules often fail, leading to catastrophe.  Psychological study of bias formation.  CFS Study Falsified.    New Scientific Error Checking Methods    Some of Most Published Medical Science is False


Zika Virus Overstated Threat?  By Dr Mercola. Zika Update: Other Factors Predominate.   Zika and West Nile anti-virus  countermeasures: Liposomal Vitamin C [L-AA] (or IV sodium ascorbate) For extreme cases (12 year chronic Lyme disease) IV-AA, 100 grams/80 Lb body weight sodium ascorbate per day, 5 or 6 days per week, for 4 weeks or until sudden remission of Lyme disease symptoms, followed by one additional week of treatment.  One gram of L-AA may equal 6 grams of IV ascorbate in sodium form solution. See Cathcart and Levy  12,000 pregnant Colombian women infected with Zika virus, No cases of microcephaly were reported in their babies as of May 2016. Unintended Consequences of Official Incompetence and Illegal Pesticide Spraying.    Surprising History of HIV/AIDS.


Here you will find both historical and new complementary, functional medical information about: 

Rheumatoid Arthritis, Rheumatic illness, Autoimmune diseases, Microbial infections, Inflammation, Toxins, Allergies, Immune dysfunctions, and Nutritional factors in healing.  Below, under “Latest Findings”, are many links to Vitamin C’s therapeutic-range pharmacokinetics and related biochemical global knowledge on ascorbate, which can be used to moderate chronic and acute inflammation and allergic flares and which in therapeutic level dosages has been found to act as an antimicrobial and antiviral antibiotic.   Dr Tom Levy, IV-C, Dr Trevor Marshall, Making Liposomal Vita-C,  CWD bacteria,    SV-40,    Medical Conference Videos   Blood is infected by pleomorphic (shape changing) microbial infections: Proof.  Lyme Disease Persistence,    LD Microbiology,  LD Overview,  Brain Biofilm Causes Alzheimer’s Disease.    LD Caused Autoimmune Gene Shift,    Herbal Treatments for Urinary Tract Inflammation and Prostatitis.    ALS Neural Sheath Gene-Molecule Miss-regulation.  EpiPen Functional Alternative.   ER Cures Toxic Sepsis Blood Infections.   Ebola cure blocked by medical bureaucrats.


WARNING, Bad science amounts to fraud:  GMO foods cause genetic changes in animals fed the foods  The effects are cumulative, caused by promoter virus components which cascade to destabilize fed-animals’ cellular gene sequences. GMO foods containing insecticides or herbicides also alter the gut microbiome in newly-discovered, adverse ways. GMO as generally regarded as safe (GRAS) has been falsified, yet FDA has not revised its policy.  This new disaster is hundreds of times worse than the  thalidomide tragedy.   Dr. Mercola’s scientific GMO links.  Alarming increases in genetically-caused diseases and nutritional malfunctions are poorly understood by “scientists” who are purposefully changing our food molecules’ structures in known ways that have unknown (“forgotten”) consequences.  Aircraft cabin air contaminated by toxic organophosphates from engine lubricating oil.


Ignore-ance of “known knowns” and of  “known unknowns” and ignorance of “unknown unknowns” are passed off as GRAS, generally regarded as safe.  Tip of one (CDCP) intellectual fraud iceberg: A professor confesses. Sloth in assessing dangers and risks crossed with vigor in deploying creative genetic modifications. Budget allocations favor increased risks.  Thoughtless, man-made “ignore-science” is not worthy of godhood nor of political worship.  “To err is human”, so we must make a superhuman effort?  This leads to disasters. The rug of science’s history is bumpy with forgotten-on-purpose mistakes. 


Mexican Vaccine Tragedy Monday, May 11, 2015. by Mike Adams, The Health Ranger  52 children vaccinated with75% morbidity rate. 2 deaths, 37 hospitalized, 1 critical, 14 serious, 22 stable. A repeat of the Australian and Ugandan vaccination tragedies.   HPV Lawsuits in Spain    HPV Lawsuit in Japan     Age of Autism Website  Too early, too frequent, too many vaccinations together cause  Vaccine adjuvant toxic overload.  Vaccine Microvascular Damage,   VAERS underreports … What are the real odds of black swan harms?  Vaccination induces scurvy, SIDS, SBS.  Scorvey the disease of London  by Dr Gideon Harvey, Physician to his Majesty (1675)  . Register and download the book, Every Second Child,  by Dr Archie Kalokerinos, free for personal study.


Eye Degeneration: Beware failures in eye degeneration stem cell treatments:   Shingles Vaccine Causes Dry Eye Blindness,  Corneal Dystropy/Inflammation,  Eye Stem Cell Tutorial, 


VaXXed : Go see the movie.  Dr.Wakefield’s compelling documentary shows that the CDC lied:  MMR vaccine data showing links to ASD were suppressed for policy reasons. This led to lie-based vaccine court wrong decisions (combined MMR-Autism cases) and massive legal injustice against the ~13,000 losing families. Opt-out lawsuits based on MMR-caused brain damage succeeded (~$6 M to ~20 M per claim) for a tiny number of injured families.  Perhaps 20 million lives were destroyed, shortened, or disabled by dangerous-vaccine-caused encephalitis. Claims paid are a tiny fraction of the actual damages to individuals and families.  Open Letter to Carmen Paun on Wakefield in Trump-led government.  Trump Tweets on Vaccines     UK MMR Vaccine Safety Board Frauds


Warning: Significantly increased incidence of Bells Palsy and other neural inflammation reactions after multiple-vaccine administration of Menactra or  Menveo  (Meningitis) vaccines along with other vaccines. (HPV, Gardasil; Influenza, Hepatitis B, DPT, and others) Ten week delay due to overlap of training periods of multiple vaccines. Adjuvants in vaccines can also lead to training autoimmune inflammation  (ASIA, Schoenfeld) to allergfic reactions to chronic infections and to new allergies to food molecules that pass into blood via leaky gut membranes. Meningitis vaccines are now becoming mandatory, making risk of autoimmune reactions harm a more probable adverse outcome. No assumption of liability by the states mandating the harmful vaccinations, has been legislated. VAERS under reporting of incidents is notorious. This is medical and scientific insanity, derived from lack of scholarship and corrupted EBM, a feed back loop of ignorance.


Total damages is, perhaps, 1014 dollars.

Who bears this cost?


 Costly conflict of interest between regulators, government, health insurers  and victims’ families, caused by mistakes and ignored science. ASD incidence is now 1 in 50., and is still increasing.  The MMR and other vaccines harming continues worldwide.  A consensus of denial is massively promoted by the media led by the pro-vaccine conspiracy of health agencies, WHO and vaccine makers. Bill Gates.     Age of Autism Website   


Regulatory changes can reverse this tragic trend: Vaccine maker liability, Fix bad vaccine safety testing, No vaccine clusters,  No early vaccinations, Delay (several years) schedule, Don’t vaccinate sick children, Vitamin C supplements, Real ascorbate Needs, Fix VAERS/VICP.  Dr John Ely on medical delivery problems and fixes.


Other measures to improve vaccination safety: Eliminate problem adjuvants (like squalene) that cause persistent autoimmune inflammation. Rate-limit aluminum toxicity dosages. Limit total vaccinations (cumulative adjuvant poisoning) per year. Test-for and eliminate chronic (ear/gut/biofilm) infections before vaccination. They generate endotoxins that create ascorbate high-intake dependency, a cause of vaccine adverse reactions.  Test  [AA]/[DHAA] ratio before vaccinations, delay if in danger range.


Require government(s) to pay for lifetime universal major-medical disability/liability insurance [>$25 million per family per child] whenever it makes opt-out for vaccinations illegal.  See: MMR Meningitis links  Vaccine Mass Deaths  Kalokerinos  GWI & ASD: Clustered Vaccines or Not  California SB277 is unwise.  Bad MMR in the Past: Canada, England, Brazil bad MMR recipes all causing Meningitis.   Baby Yurko Trial Vaccines or SBS?


GWI caused by multiple problematic vaccines; Live-virus vaccine mycoplasma contamination,  Hepatitis vaccine with live HIV virus caused AIDS epidemic:

In one case a Gulf War Illness patient X was injected with an experimental oil-adjuvant (squalene adjuvant) placebo vaccine without the vaccine’s payload. He came down with GWI symptoms. The vaccine maker used the adjuvant “placebo” so he could say his vaccine had “comparable” adverse statistics to the placebo. The placebo itself was highly problematic.  Could GWI  be due to routine use of  bad experimental vaccines with dangerous adjuvants? 


Scientific ethics violation?  Intentional mistakes? Safety rules violation?  Where is the testing and investigation? Google [squalene adjuvant side effects].  ASIA Autoimmune Syndrome Induced by Adjuvants: Aluminum adjuvant-induced autoimmunity, a survey article with multiple referenced links. 


Wyeth memo (1979) recommends randomizing DPT vaccine lots’ distribution to minimize the chance of a “bad lot” causing a cluster tragedy with all adverse events in one location. The VAERS reporting system’s intrinsic reporting failures will hide the pattern of harm to the CDC and the public from “hot-lots” of vaccine that cause clusters of adverse reactions.


One of HPV’s lead scientists warns of adverse high-risk/low-benefit ratio for HPV vaccines, 44 reported deaths and 15,000 VAERS reported incidents with anti cancer “benefits” still unproven,  in a paper delivered at the 4th International Conference on Vaccination at Reston, Virginia. HPV warnings.  Google[site: RA-Infection-Connection.com vaccines], Mercola HPV Update.


Vaccine adjuvants (aluminum) are now proven toxic but are still assumed safe.  Dr. Mercola’s article. De Niro’s New Documentary Neural inflammation, gene shifts to permanent inflammatory modes, autism neural inflammation vaccine adjuvant links, MS after vaccinations in Japan.  Improper, toxic placebos used in all vaccine evaluations: corrupt approval methods, bad science, and unscientific regulatory malpractice. 


Many decades of failure to fund tests for safety of unsafe aluminum adjuvants suggest regulatory incompetence or corruption. Regulators fail to distinguish between false assumptions of safety and continued lack of proper testing which would prove adjuvants’ dangers.  Failure to consider related toxicological science’s body of knowledge about injected adjuvants.  Recent animal experiments reconfirm aluminum causes immune hyperactivity and persistent neural dysfunctions. Dr. Mercola’s update on MMR vaccine’s failures.  Live polio vaccines’ dangers.  Our Anti-Vaccine Links, Discussion and References.  Google [Vaccines peripheral neuropathy]


Incomplete application of discovered Science means our decision making flawed. What is taught and applied is not sufficient for correctness. We fail to understand the many complex mistakes that have already been made.  Microbe-caused horizontal genetic transfer  biochemical mutations are comparable to the nuclear- radiation-caused genetic damage that we justifiably fear. Dr. Mercola on human microbiome.  Our microbiome’s health and genetic balance is destroyed by pesticides and herbicides in GMO foods. This genetic imbalance leads to malnutrition and biochemical dysfunctions in cellular mitochondria.  Dr. Mercola on Fish Nutrition: Both Benefits and Dangers


Gene Expression control by sugars,  starches and hormones  Animal, plant, and microbe gene expression is controlled by our nutrition: Sugars, starches, salicylic acid are notable control factors for our own genes and the genes in our microbiome.   Xylitol can reduce plaque formation in our endothelia’s microbiomes. Stevia potentiates tetracycline effectiveness. There is evidence that high-carb and certain carbs eaten can selectively modulate our biochemistry,  Ketosis (absence of carbs) can have beneficial healing effects.  HFCS is harmful. Mercola on HFCS.  Splenda Label Fraud.  Mercola Update on Sugar Harms and Healthy Fats.  More Aspartame harms.  Mercola: Ketosis vs Cancer.


Treasuries of Medical and Related Sciences


Book Support Extensions: 

Instead of providing a supporting CD in our books, additional health information for serious study is found on this website:

Topical headlines (in blue with underlines) connect to an article with a Table-of-Contents which in turn links down to sub-topics of interest. Chapter end-notes for our second book include many hot URL links to online supporting documents.


Latest Findings:   (below) include: Vitamin-C; Autism; Vaccines; Persistent infections cause inflammation;  Mycoplasma Infections cause fatigue, depress thyroid function and a spectrum of other CFS symptoms; Heart disease; Cancer; COPD; Nutrition websites; Query website links for Herbs, Medicines, Conditions, and Foods; Case Histories; Outstanding “Rogue” Doctors; Tables of useful websites; Descriptive list of Outstanding Health Books with price lookup;  Ongoing Research findings; Links to online “Materia Medica” websites; Infectious Diseases; Albert Szent Gyorgyi Papers; etc. 


Latest Findings » Vitamin C Cures the Scurvy of Ebola  ---The Vitamin C Foundation      

» Miss-Reporting Disease Stats   » WHO Brucellosis PDF             » US Brucellosis Epidemiology    

» Lyme Disease Hard Science      » BHG ILADS 2013 Conf Notes » Desloratradine kills Lyme Bb

» Remedies for Toenail Fungus          »  Memory Pills That Work/Not       » Crohn’s Microbial Trifecta


Vitamin C as a Therapeutic Medicine

» Liposomal Vitamin C              » L-AA Vs. Virus Case History   »  Liposomal @ Vit C Foundation

» Fix Vitamin-C Gene Defect & Double Human Lifespan?  Reduce medical costs and human suffering

» Vitamin C Pharmacokinetics   » AA Ketonic Protocol Factors   » How Much Vitamin C?

» Dr Tom Levy’s Vita-C Archive  » How Vitamin C Works              »  A 2nd Vitamin  C Overview       

» AA Relieves Coughing Fits      » Vitamin C Relieves Pain           » Vita-C Vs Hepatitis C Blog

» Endo/Exo-toxins  Recovery      » Toxins (Antidote) References   » Mushroom Poisoning, 2012

» Kidney Disease vs. Vitamin C    »  Pauling's Kidney Failure        » Misdiagnosis: Scurvy as SBS

» Vitamin C Controls Parkinson's » AA Cures RSD Dystrophy?     » AA Cures Systemic Plaques?         

» Cathcart Titration Lecture       » Cathcart’s Bibliography          » Cathcart’s Anascorbemia Paper

» Pauling's Heart Disease Nutr’n  »  Klenner’s MS Protocol            » Mercola's RA Protocol

» Is Lipo-AA a West Nile Cure? » Liposomal Antioxidant Forms  » COPD Countermeasures

» $83,000 Scorpion Bite



Vitamin D Regulates Inflammation

» How Much Vitamin D?             » Vitamin-D Bio Chemistry        » Marshall Protocol Info        


How Vaccines Sometimes Fail to be Safe

» Anti Vaccine Links                    » Vaccine => Histamine Attack    » Cathcart Titration Lecture       

» HPV, Other Vaccines Can Kill » Flu Vaccines Cause Scurvy?     » DrBrownstein: Measles Vaccine

» Vaccines => Autism & Deaths   » Vaccine+Scurvy = SIDS+SBS   » Vaccine+Scurvy = Autism+ASD

» Vaccines Vs. Nutrition               » Vitamin C Foundation Videos   » Uganda Polio Vaccine Deaths 

» Vaccine Information Center      


Biofilms Protect microbes: How to counteract this protection

» Prostatitis Biofilms                   » Biofilms Tutorial                        » MPKB.ORG Biofilm Bacteria

» LipoPolySaccharide Biofilms  » Biofilm Lysis Herbals                » Dr. Rachel Fresco AntiBiofilm

» AntiBiofilm Herbal Protocols  » AntiBiofilm Enzymes                » Biofilm LPS Bacteria Lyme     


Fixing Medical System Mistakes

» Saturated Fats are Healthful   » Statins Cause Harm                   » Fats and Heart Disease

» Adverse Medical Histories       » Fixes for US Medical System    » Fix Obamacare Mistakes


Nutrition and Antiviral Foods           » Kefir Nutrition & Warning             » Medeterr’ean Diet Vs. Plaques  

» Nutrition Table of  Contents    » Nutrition Analysis: Chocolate  » Anti-Viral Foods, Not Eaten

» Pauling's Heart Disease Nutr’n  »  Klenner’s MS Protocol            » Mercola's RA Protocol   

» Is Lipo-AA a West Nile Cure? » Liposomal Antioxidant Forms » Video Liposomal Vitamin C

» Anti-Parasite Herbs                  » POPG blocks viral replication        »  Neem Tree Anti Everything 

»  Magnesium for Memory          » Life Extension Telomeres Nutrition


Cancer, Nutrition and Vitamin C

» Cancer: Reactivated Metazoa? » Cancer-Linked Microbes         » AA vs. Cancer Update

» Master Gene TurnOff Cancer  » Stem Cell Eye Regeneration     » Controled T-Cells vs. Cancer

» Riordan 30 Yr IV AA Stats      » Matthias Rath Cancer Nutr'n  » Riordan Orthomolecular Archive  


Medical Science News: Failures, and Advances    » Stem Cell ALS Recovery/Reversal » SC Eye Repair

Tables: » Microbes & Diseases    » E.coli endotoxins cause SIDS  » MMR Measles Vaccine Dangers

» Movie: “Forks Over Knives”   » Cathcart Titration Lecture      » Video Liposomal Vitamin C   

» Hantavirus Epidemic ‘12          » Flu Pandemic AA Defense       » HHV6 Causes CFS/CFIDS?      

» Khat Addiction and HIV Risk  » CDC Nixes Better Lyme Test  » Cat Typhus via Flea Bites in LA

» Vaccine Information Center      » Chelation Effectiveness Studies » Alzheimers from Beef/Chicken?

» Stem-Cell Treatment of Burns  » Medical Tourism’s Benefits     » Prenatal Ultrasound Danger     

» Nightshade Toxins Symptoms   » New: Teixobactin Antibiotic    » MedLine Stem Cells Page

» MIRSA Hides AB Resistance    » Metformin Anti-Microbial




Overview of Therapeutic Dosages of Vitamin C: By Robert Cathcart, M.D.

  Massive Doses of Ascorbate: A Paradigm Shift (2000) 15th International Conference on Human Functioning

 How much vitamin C?  The amount you need varies widely, depending on complex your physiology, and your medical condition.


Links to Health Resources:  

 » Endnotes 1000+ citations       » Our Health Articles     » Ongoing Research       

» Research Websites               » "Rogue" Doctors         » Remarkable Case Histories

» Helpful Affiliated Websites » Good Health Books     » Diagnosis-Checker 

» Herbs & Medicines              » HerbMed Links           » Nutrition Links      

» Online Materia Medica        » Nutrition Analysis Site   » Lookup: Condition & Medicines

» H.W. Clark Memoriam        »  Listed Bacteria in Probiotics

» Howard Hughes Medical Institute 

» Recommended Practitioners & Labs

» GeneMap: Proteins Vs. Diseases à  LookupDisease à Tutorial à Help  à Statistics

» Microbe Genomics Course  à DataBase à NCBI Education Resources


» Online Medical Book: Diagnosis and Management of Infectious Diseases (2010)


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We have viewed an excellent video interview on Borreliosis Pathology by  Dr Alan MacDonald the noted Lyme expert, produced by Richard Longland of the Arthroplasty Patient Foundation. We will add key insights to our other information from Dr MacDonald.


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image002Rheumatoid Arthritis: The Infection Connection

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By Dr. Katherine M. Poehlmann, PhD         About the author     Editorial Reviews    

ISBN 9781469949239  ©Feb 07, 2012;  496 pages, trade paperback, $19.95    

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An updated, revised, expanded 3rd edition of Rheumatoid Arthritis: The Infection Connection

Foreword by Dr. Harold W. Clark, author of Why Arthritis?

Table of Contents                                                            » Index           »  Bibliography     

»  Endnotes  1000+ citations  Click Here for More Details  

This scientifically proven regimen has a 30-40% probability of complete remission and a 70-80% probability of significant reduction of symptoms.  -- Arthritis Center of Riverside

I recommend this book as a practical, well-researched presentation of both conventional and unconventional treatments.  --- Dr. Gabe Mirkin, M.D., Immunologist, Radio talk show host, Author

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Arthritis and Autoimmune Disease: The Infection Connection  

The focus of the updated book has been widened to cover more topics including more types of chronic rheumatic illness, autoimmune conditions and fighting inflammation. Endnotes have been moved to our website where there are more active linkages to other websites for your further medical research.  The book contains the definitions, subject overviews and introduction to the topics. Our website provides more details, more topics and links to relevant source material.

Appendices by Dr. Joseph Mercola and Dr. Garth Nicolson, Institute for Molecular Medicine


differences between the two books:

Rheumatoid Arthritis: The Infection Connection, 440 pages, was published in 2001, was revised in 2003 and is still relevant and accurate.  Tables 6 and 7 have been updated (2011 & 12) and were also put on this website as PDFs (now numbered 7 & 8) with Hot Links to the  target website homepages.  This book is written for the general reader.  A glossary of medical terms is in the front.

Arthritis and Autoimmune Disease: The Infection Connection, 496 pages, is updated with newer citations and is expanded. To make room, for the added material, the 1000+ revised and updated endnotes and expanded bibliography were moved to the website to provide hotlinks for the serious student. Resources and Research website tables were updated and are found both in the book and on the website as PDF tables 7 and 8.  The medical terms glossary is updated and expanded. An eBook (kindle) edition being planned will have and use more web hotlinks. 

Specific differences between the two books:

Rheumatoid Arthritis:  The Infection Connection

Arthritis and Autoimmune Disease: The Infection Connection

Contains glossary of medical terms

Expanded, updated glossary is in the book

Contains Extensive References Citations

1000+ updated citations are on website with URL links, if available, grouped by chapter.

Contains updated Best-Website-Tables and on Website with hot-URL links: Tables 6,7

Contains updated Best-Website-Tables and on Website with hot-URL links: Tables 7,8

Tetracycline Protocol by Dr Mercola

Same Protocol, but endnotes are updated with links to other similar Multi-antibiotic protocols

Dietary Rules for Polymicrobial Infections by Dr Garth Nicolson

Dietary Rules for Polymicrobial Infections by Dr Garth Nicolson is updated.

Extensive detailed Vitamin C  information is on website; book has minimal information

New Appendix V, Vitamin C overview is in book; more detailed information is at website.

No discussion of vaccine,  statins, medical system failures and other issues in book; Details on Website: Ongoing Research

Overview of vaccine iatrogenic problems and issues in book and details on website: See Ongoing Research.

Tropical Oils and Nutrition:  Not covered in text but see Ongoing Research on website

Reference to Oils nutrition and microbicidal properties of natural saturated fats.  Pointers to website details and to confirming references.

Covers Rheumatic Diseases like RA

Expanded to other microbe caused conditions

Covers Lyme Disease

Expanded and updated LD information with updated citations to more useful websites

Chlamydia Pneumonia

Expanded and updated

COPD  not covered

Points to extensive website data

Heart Disease not covered

Linked to Infection, Scurvy, Diet, Chlamydia Pneumonia and Borrelia caused Lyme Disease

Gut Health summary; Website expands it

More emphasis; Points to recipes on website

Polymicrobial data;

See lecture notes on website

Expanded overview of polymicrobial aspects Same extensions on Website

No Case Histories in book; See New Arthritis Breakthrough and The Road Back

Notable antimicrobial and dietary web-resident Case Histories added to website for both books

Written for general reader with high school education, and motivation to learn.

Same audience plus added material in hot linked citations and on website for natural medicine, biology, diets for nutritional dependencies, and nursing/medical students

Nutritional Dependencies of Chronic Illnesses are extensively covered in Appendix III; also see  Atkins: The Vita Nutrient Solution

Added discussions of important nutritional factors and more data on nutritional dependencies (extreme needs) are on website.

Ketosis Protocol: Not covered in book; see website for full discussion

Mentioned but see details on website. Ketosis or low carbohydrate diet is very important because it potentates the other treatment plans.

Medical policy issues are not discussed.  Medical delivery system failures and causes are not discussed very much.

Iatrogenic issues and medical delivery methods and systemic failures are introduced, but are more fully discussed on our website under a number of separate problem area topics.


Health Lectures by Dr poehlmann  

Dr Poehlmann has given countless health and nutrition lectures to health conferences, support groups, civic clubs, and health ministries in the U.S., Canada, and New Zealand, during the past 13 years. Her more extensive world travels include UK and Ireland, Russia, Iceland, Scandinavia, Greece, Turkey, Crete, Santorini, France, Germany, Czechoslovakia, France, Italy, Malta, Mexico, Portugal, Switzerland, The Middle East (including Israel and Egypt); Hawaiian islands; Chile: Atacama, Torres del Paine, and Easter Island; Peru, Ecuador, Belize, Europe, South America, Indonesia & Malaya (7 weeks), China (7 weeks), Tibet, etc. 

She is available in the Los Angeles, CA area. Her talks are both entertaining and informative. The topics include Functional/Complementary medicine, including conventional as well as little known, effective alternative and historical medical/nutritional recipes for health improvement and chronic pain relief.  Her future travel plans may include South America (Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Peru), San Francisco, Utah, New England, Mexico, Costa Rica, Israel, Australia, South Africa, Washington state, Ireland, and both Eastern and Western Europe.  If you have a proposed lecture booking, contact the author by email to kpoehlmann@RA-Infection-Connection.com  


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        Replay audio in RL Archives for March 26, 2007 and April 10, 2007

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Dr. Poehlmann does not do personal counseling but will answer concise questions relating to her research.  Please address all comments and correspondence, including requests for quantity discounts for doctors, libraries and support-groups, by email to kpoehlmann@RA-Infection-Connection.com or write to:  K. Poehlmann, Satori Press, P.O. Box 7009, Torrance, CA 90504.


Dr Poehlmann is also available for Lectures on health, nutrition, chronic-infection-caused arthritis and inflammation countermeasures.



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