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After researching Autoimmune syndromes for over 17 years we have found repeated medical and nutritional themes that make sense to us and have scientific validity.  Sometimes promotional information is incorrect and only a few voices have the correct medical or nutritional story.


Our list of Rogue Doctors includes persons who successfully challenged mistakes in the medical consensus.


Some of these Rogue Doctors and other smart scientifically trained medical scholars are listed below, where they have spoken out and have been recorded. These lectures contain medical gems, useful health recipes, preserved wisdom and valuable “second opinions.”  Their lectures are found on with opinions that may be better than conventional first opinions of unscholarly doctors who are not aware of natural, functional medicine and of nutritional therapies.  Medical consensus has proven over hundreds of years to be mistaken in parts, ignoring significant nutritional health factors.


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o   Aging & Longevity:  Kaku, Deming, Kurtzweil, Rabinovich Rando

o   Antiviral Foods and Nutrition

o   Antiretroviral medicines for ME/CFS, Prostate cancer Study

o   Arthritis Rheumatoid Antibiotic       Arthritis Nutrition

o   Autism vs. Gut Health, Nutrition

o   Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Neural Inflammation      Articles and Papers     Statins = Dementogens

·    Dr Thomas Lewis, PhD, et al  Eye symptoms of Brain diseases.

·    MPI-Cognition Website  

·    Nasal Microbiome Probiotics   

·    Dementia Orthomolecular Factors   

·     Bredesen (MPI) Protocol      Overview     

·    Brain Spirochete-Biofilm Causes Alzheimer’s Disease.     

         Pub Med Paper Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, AB Protocol, --Herbert Allen, MD. 

o   ADHD/Autism, Inflammation, Scurvy, Vitamins     Dr Bergman’s Overview

o   Arthritis Treatments Minocycline vs. Rheumatoid Arthritis, Mycoplasma

o   Anti Oxidants Inflammation Vitamin C & Glutathione

o   Biofilms Lyme Disease  Dr Eva Sapi

o   Brain Health and TBI recovery   Cavin Balaster   Nutritional healing of Gut Brain axis.

o   Cancer & Nutrition     Cancer vs. Alkaline Diet Protocols

o   Chronic Subclinical Scurvy  How to Recognize and Treat

o   COPD Chronic Respiratory Infections Inflammation

o   Detoxification Videos   Ascorbate   Detoxification --Mercola   Primal Panacea

o   Diabetes and Hyperglycemia     AA Ketonic Protocols      Scams

o   Earthing:   Grounding, electrons, antioxidants, mitochondria, vital biochemical pathways, toxins & inflammation  Mercola interviews Dr Steven Sinatra

o   Essential Vitamin Dependencies and Deficiencies

o   Essential Minerals Deficiencies

o   Eye Problems Glaucoma, Cataracts   Nose, Ear, Sinus  Herbal Eye drops.

o   Fasting: Diabetes     Dementia     Diseases      Inflammation     Longevity.    Sugars promote pathogenic microbes.  Dr John Bergman      Ketonic Protocols with Vitamin C

o   Fats Nutrition

o   Fatigue, Mitochondria, Inflammation

o   FDA Corruption Videos     CDC Corruption   Videos

o   FLU and Colds  How to avoid  Dr Joe Mercola.  Dr  Bergman: Flu vs Vaccine danger

o   Glutathione Nutrition Restores Antioxidant Molecules and Vitamins

o   Glyphosate Danger to the Human Genome    Mercola: Glyphosate Papers    FDA Corruption

o   Gut Brain Inflammation ME/CFS   Gut Brain Meta Genetics Lecture  Sauerkraut Recipe

o   Heart Disease Pauling Angina Protocol coconut oil   Essential Nutrition for Health, tissue rebuilding.

o   Heart Disease Rath Levy  Videos

o   HIV AIDS Retrovirus vinegar coconut oil  In addition to Antiretroviral Med Table 

o   HIV Origin from Vaccines?  

o   Immune system, Vitamin D, Cytokine, Inflammation, B Cell, T cell, mast, macrophage

o   Leaky Gut Therapies 

o   Lupus, SLE, Antibiotic, Tetracycline    Lupus Nutritional Therapy

o   Ketosis and Carbohydrate Restriction  Improves other therapies

o   Kidney Disease, Vaccines, Vitamin C  Are problems too little vitamin C?

o   Liposomal Vitamin C and Glutathione  How to increase effectiveness of antioxidant vitamins

o   Lyme Disease Borrelia Burrascano  Vector borne chronic persistent inflammatory syndromes   LLMD Lyme Doctors  Southern California  Lyme Wars NBC Video Series

o   Lyme Disease MacDonald  Alzheimer’s Worms   Papers

o   Obesity and Diabetes  Diet, Nutrition and Gut Microbiome

o   Opioid Addiction Cure by Vitamin C and B Vitamins  Kalokerinos & Dettman  KFP Notes      Utube Videos High Dose Vitamin C

o   Orthomolecular Nutrition Vitamins, Minerals, help many neural inflammation & mental disorders

o   ME/CFS Autism Suramin  Alternative low cost antiretroviral therapies for ME/CFS and neural inflammation  XMRV link?

o   Mitochondria Biochemistry Dysfunction Fatigue Krebs

o   Measles Vaccine Gut Inflammation, Autism ASD   Is ASD-MMR link an IQ test for Dr’s?  Ferritin and Fenton Reaction

o   Microbiome   Trevor Marshall   Diet and Microbiome Health

o   Mycoplasma and Chlamydia Pneumonia Walking pneumonia, many different “–itises” & tropisms

o   Nutritional Herbs      Therapies      Toxic Fruit

o   Paleo Keto Diet vs. Hyperglycemia      Ascorbic Keto Multi-Factor Protocol Notes

o   Prostate Prostatitus Inflammation may be precursor to prostate cancer.

o   Retroviruses XMRV  Recombinant  ME/CFS, Prostate Cancer, Autism, Vaccine Adverse reactions; XMRV is ~6% of US Population  How retroviruses infect genomes:

o   Recombinant retrovirus genome

o   Roundup Gut Disruption

o   Scleroderma Antibiotics Franco    Scleroderma Tetracyclines Protocol Franco

o   Statins  Block Mevalonate Pathway Making cholesterol, CoQ10, HEME, etc.  Google

o   Strokes caused by Vaccines   Dr Andrew Mouldin, Canadian Neurologist, possibly murdered.

o   Sweeteners Gut Disruption    Sugar Vs. Memory Loss

o   Thyroid Dysfunction, Inflammation, Fatigue

o   Toxic Food/Cosmetic Videos      Toxic Food Overview --Mercola

o   Universal Toxin and Poison Antidote  Dr Tom Levy  Text Summary

o   Vitamin C, Ascorbate, Scurvy, Inflammation, Stress    References   Vita C Revisited, Sepsis Cure?   Dr.Levyindex

o   Vitamin C, Ascorbate, Liposomal  

o   Vaccine Tragedies     MMR Vs. Inflammation, Autism      Deadly Vaccines -Nicolson    Frauds   Dr Rebecca Carley

o   Vaccine Toxins  & Adjuvants Stimulate Autoimmunity, Chronic Inflammation

o   Mercola: Bill Gates’ Colossal Vaccine and GMO Food Mistakes



Centers of Excellence, Foundations, Institutes and Clinics



Useful Medical References 

o   Reviewed Books With Purchase Lookup  Short reviews and links to AddAll for low cost book buying web lookup.

o   Health References   Many links to authoritative sources and papers

o   Honored Rogue Doctors  Recent and historical challengers of the medical consensus mistakes.

o   NaturalNews Website   Medical Politics: Good, Bad, & Ugly; False news exposed.  Read stories starting with doubts.



Lectures by Respected Professors and Doctors

o   Dr John Bergman:   Chiropractor,   Nutrition,  Toxic Foods,   Vaccines,   Pain,   Detox from Addictions    Stress & Oxides cause Brain Inflammation,  Alzheimer’s, Autism & ADHD.    Dementia    Endotoxins in Animal Flesh

o   Dr Herbert Allen  Supporting Lectures: Alzheimers, Spirochete brain infection biofilm.    Dr Allen’s Paper

o   Cavin Ballaster  TBI Nutrition for Recovery

o   Dr Dale Bredesen  Website     Alzheimer’s dementia, and the Nose-microbiome Diet: How to successfully reverse?   Kim Chi juice?

o   Dr Joseph Burrascano   Lyme Disease Therapies

o   Dr Andrew Campbell   Toxins and Inflammation

o   Dr Simon Carding  Gut Brain Research Functional Health Factors

o   Dr Rebecca Carley   Adverse Vaccine Reactions are more common than you think.

o   Dr Robert Cathcart  Orthomolecular (High Dosage Vitamin C) Nutrition  Anascorbemia Paper

o   Dominic D’Agostino, PhD.  Ketogenic Diet and Therapies for Cancer and Healing 

o   Laura Deming Aging, Longevity   Kaku

o   Dr John Ely  Writings:   Life extension, Chronic Subclinical Scurvy, Pauling Angina Protocol

o   Dr Mary Enig  Weston Price Foundation,  Nutritional Fats, Coconut Oils, Heart disease benefits.

o   Dr Alessio Fasano    Celiac Research  Nutrition and Gut Health

o   Dr. Gary Fettke  Nutritional Therapies

o   Dr Robert Franco Arthritis Center of Riverside   Videos  Rheumatic Diseases,   Antibiotic Protocols, Scleroderma,  Fibromyalgia

o   Dr Jason Fung   Diabetes, Hyperglycemic, Fasting  Ketosis

o   Dr Tim Guilford  Liposomal Glutathione Nutrition Reset Your Antioxidants

o   Dr Steven Gundry   Fasting,    Lectins & Inflammation,    LipoPolySaccharides & LeakyGut,    Mercola Interview

o   Kent Heckenlively   Science Teacher,  Vaccine Perils & Autism linked   Author: Plague

o   Dr Richard Horowitz  Lyme, MCIDS, MSIDS & Chronic Infectious Diseases  Get Better?

o   Dr Russell Jaffe  Nutrition and Biochemistry

o   Dr Archie Kalokerinos  SIDS/SBS, Vaccines, High Dose Ascorbate vs. subclinical scurvy

o   Dr Frederick Klenner  Vitamin C in high doses is a wide spectrum antibiotic, antiviral

o   Dr Abram Hoffer  Orthomolecular Medicine

o   Dr Susan Humphries  Nephrology, Microbiome Long Lecture   Vaccine Fraud

o   Dr Mary Newport  Coconut oil nutrition vs. Alzheimer’s dementia

o   Dr Alan MacDonald  Lyme Disease, Alzheimer’s, Dementia Autopsies

o   Dr John McDougal    Diabetes   Starches   Nutrition   Hyperglycemia   FLU Vaccines

o   Dr Trevor Marshall  Marshall multiple antibiotic protocol, Vitamin D, Benicar, Cytokines, Inflammation

o   Dr Chris Masterjohn, PhD  Glutathione  Master class in Nutritional Therapies

o   Dr Joseph Mercola  Natural Medical Nutrition,  Search his Website  Google [ {search terms}]

o   Dr Judy Mikovits  Virology and Epigenetics,  How our microbes signal each other

o   Dr Robert Morse, ND   Naturopathic,  Eye Health,  Nutrition,  Many Lectures

o   Dr Stan Monteith  Vaccines and Government health malpractices

o   Dr Andrew Mouldin    All Vaccines Cause Harm  Blood Clots, Strokes, Kidney Failures, SBS, SIDS, Brain and Learning Dysfunctions,  Hyper allergic chronic autoimmune syndromes.

o   Dr Sarah Myhill  Fatigue, ME/CFS,   Mitochondria Dysfunction

o   Dr Garth Nicolson  Orthomolecular Medicine, Immunology, Mycoplasmas, Vaccines and the Gulf War Illness   Deadly Vaccines Lecture  Lipid Replacement Mitochondria Therapy     Poly-Microbial Factors in Vaccine Caused Injury.  LRT Document PDFs

o   Dr Mary Newport  Alzheimer’s Nutrition, Coconut oils

o   Dr Linus Pauling  Nobel Prize, High Dosage Vitamin C advocate

o   Dr David Perlmutter     Neurologist, Ketogenic  Therapies for brain health

o   Dr Matthias Rath  Cancer and Heart Disease   Cardiovascular Epidemic

o   Dr Eva Sapi  Biofilms, Lyme, Stevia

o   Dr Andrew Saul, Orthomolecular Nutritional Therapies, IV ascorbate, Cathcart

o   Dr Stephanie Seneff  Vaccines,  Statins,  Glyphosate, Toxins, MMR & Autism links 

o   Dr Yehuda Shoenfeld ASIA, Autoimmune Stimulation Induced by Adjuvants, Vaccine Safety

o   Dr Steven Sinatra  Healing the heart,   Grounding,   Nutrition: Glucose   Spirituality in healing

o   Dr Rudolph Tanzi  Neuroscience, Alzheimer’s Dementia

o   Dr Mike Vandersheld  Nutrition and Life

o   Dr Andrew Wakefield Gut Health vs. Brain Functionality, Inflammation, Vaccines vs. Autism

o   Dr Julian Whitaker  Alternative, Orthomolecular Medicine and Nutrition CV


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