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Dr Mercola's Opiod Overview defines the scope and impacts of the tragedy.

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Around 1978, two successful drug addiction relief protocols (Ref 1) were developed in US and in Australia that used vitamin C to ease drug withdrawal.


They work because vitamin C and the opioid drugs use the same nerve cell attachment sites.  Vitamin C drives out the attached opioids. Vitamin C also relieves pain.  The drug addict literally feels his own malnutrition and scurvy. Substituting opioids for nutrition has a systemically destructive effect.  Substituting vitamin C and other B complex nutrition for opioids restores health and reduces drug dependency and cravings. Vitamin C also counteracts anesthetics that use the same nerve cell attach points.


Opioid Addiction Protocols that ease or eliminate withdrawal symptoms.


Ascorbate depletion, also known as chronic subclinical scurvy (CSS) makes us able to feel better when we take opioids. Ascorbate plus aspirin is an effective pain killer, much safer than the many toxic pain-relief alternatives.  Ascorbate and opioids both share nerve cell attach points. High dosage ascorbate makes us feel well and minimizes the pleasure from narcotics.  Vitamin C will rapidly revive an anesthetized patient if given IV in doses up to 12 grams as sodium ascorbate.


It is time to add a nutrition based, vitamin C based, drug addiction relief protocol  to drug treatment programs in place of methadone.  It is also time to update the teaching of our doctors to include the real action of ascorbate in facilitating thousands of different biochemical reactions as a recyclable electron donor. Much of the science is documented, but ignored. More research is unnecessary, analysis and synthesis of existing knowledge can connect enough dots to see the vital benefit of saturating tissues with high levels of ascorbate by facilitating recycling and by much higher daily intake than is now oficially recommended.


If this were done, the difficulties of making addicts, drug free and nutritionally healthy would significantly reduce demands on the medical delivery system, drastically, by reducing the severity of many chronic autoimmune diseases. Gigantic cost savings would result and billions of blockbuster drug dollars would become unnecessary.  We will also need fewer doctors, because patient demands would decrease.


Addictions, Autoimmune diseases and ADHD/Autism/ASD mental dysfunctions, HD, kidney disease, dementia, etc. continue to increase as a result of  the government promotion of vaccines (and toxic GMO food, glyphosate contamination, toxic food additives, iron, toxic fats, toxic cosmetics, statins) GRAS chemicals with CSS, can and do increase brain ROS oxides that oxidize ascorbate and this depresses production of dopamine.  This leads to mental disabilities of many kinds. 


Instead of ascorbate, a plethora of nerve toxic drugs are prescribed to control objectionable behavior while uneducateable, vaccine poisoned, damaged children must attend classes and teaching effectiveness is destroyed. Vaccine adjuvant poisoning is cumulative, making the CSS worse.


The FDA and its precursor chemical product regulation agencies have a history of over 100 years of collusion/cooperation with the chemical industry to approve products as GRAS without any testing or critical reviews. Laws drafted by lobbyists are protective of companies products that remain permitted without testing and critical reviews.  Many cases of failure to consult known science on toxicity are in the regulatory history. 


This is especially the case for vaccines where a culture of idealism based on mistaken hypotheses permeates the world like a religious cult.  Vaccines contain persistent toxins, called adjuvants that stimulate long-term allergic responses. They are a significant factor in all autoimmune diseases, if not the primary cause, which may be an ascorbate depleting chronic infection or a toxic metal localized tissue concentration.


First vitamin standards were being developed in early 1900s, revised around 1941 during WW-2 and revised again around 1969 and again in 1995.  Vitamin C RDA has not been updated to account for therapeutic range of high dose AA or a modern understanding of ascorbic acid’s dynamic, nonlinear pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics. It whigh dose effectiveness, was reported by Klenner, Cathcart, Kalokerinos, Pauling, Ely, Stone, Saul, and Levy.  Sodium ascorbate has been reported to be therapeutically effective against a multitude of viruses for daily IV doses of over 6 grams and up to 200 grams per 100 kg body weight per day.  See Ref A. Also see Dr Tom Levin’s books Primal Panacea and Curing the Incurable.


Dr John Bergman  on:


The following references outline a short course of how to fix the Opiate Addiction social problem.
Solutions to the Opiate Epidemic are known, but not to many, and are not practiced widely.
This is a shame, because Dr Archie Kalokerinos and Dettman in Australia  outlined a solution many years ago.  About the same time Libby and Stone had similar results with a similar nutritional protocol.

·        Dr Cathcart on Ascorbate Primed Cellular Nutrition suppressing Allergies and Tissue Scurvy.

Much material and historical papers are found at the  Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine Archives which can be searched.

Drill down to search Journal of Ortho Molecular Medicine http://www.isom.ca/jom/

This paper by John Ely should put ascorbate deficiencies in perspective. Ascorbate and Denial of Germ Theory of Diseases

It appears that ME/FMS and Fibromyalgia may be caused by an unknown murine (mouse) virus, originally created and spread by an experimental polio vaccine in the 1930’s.   Dr Judy Mikovitz  Interview with author of the book Plague.   In her case, when her research was able to prove the link between FMS  and an unknown murine virus, her lab was shut down, materials and papers destroyed and she was jailed.  The infectious cause of ME/CFS remains an official mystery, probably because it implicates live vaccines with another viral contaminant that has caused antibodies in about 6% of the U.S. population, about 20 million persons.  Public funded research in this area is being gatekeepered, but in other nations some research is ongoing.  Her book is available on Amazon, an example of the official war against excellence in science, typified by past efforts to deny efficacy of vitamin C and by keeping the ascorbate RDA too low.


Mental illness, Alcohol addiction, Opiate addictions, and other drug induced mental chemical imbalances have a common link, not enough vitamin C in the diet. Oxidative stress ROS in the absence of enough dietary ascorbate to charge the tissues with the antioxidant leaves the ROS still active, and other antioxidant vitamins in an oxidized state. The Potential Relationship of Mental Illness, Oxidative Stress and ...


You do not need doctors, to achieve more optimal levels of ascorbate, except for the IV. Nutritional high and frequent oral intake of vitamin C enables everyone to manage his own problems.  Natural sources of vitamin C should be used, not synthetic vitamins.  Vitamin C is the L-isomer shape which is the active form of ascorbic acid.  Ascorbic acid (AA) oxidizes to form Dehydroxy AA, (DHAA)

Humans have a genetic defect in sugar metabolism that makes intake of vitamin C essential to good health.

The gene for converting glucose to ascorbic acid is missing or inoperative in primates.

Scurvy, (rapid onset scurvy), anascorbemia, and lack of enough antioxidant ascorbic acid are causes of alcoholism, drug withdrawal symptoms, and hangovers.  Ascorbic] Acid [AA] easily oxidizes to form [DHAA]. an oxide. The ratio of the concentrations of [AA]/[DHA] is very dynamic and if [AA]/[DHA] is below 1, then you feel sick, like drug withdrawal or a hangover.  The cure is to eat several grams of AA. vitamin  C.  A small amount every 1 to 3 hours.  This works for allergies, colds, flu, and other illnesses, higher doses and more frequently when you feel sicker.

MRD amounts of daily vitamin C are insufficient to meet needs for resistance to oxides produced by illnesses, toxins (like opioids) and chronic infections.  Vaccinations can trigger localized scurvy in tissues and organs due to microbial infections that created chronic hot spots of high ROS in the tissues. 

·        http://www.ra-infection-connection.com/howmuchvitcrevsd.htm

Google [Site:Mercola.com alcohol] Ethyl alcohol's metabolite, acetaldehyde, is highly toxic.  It depletes ascorbate in tissues of the body causing the hangover.  Vitamin C taken in multi gram amounts can quickly neutralize the toxin and relieve the hangover.  Smoking also creates an ascorbate deficit.  So does drinking alcohol, taking drugs, and many drugs that are intrinsically toxic. The sum of all these deficits increases the RDA ascorbate need to tens of grams per day for a 100 Kg human.  Normally, vitamin C is recycled, but mitochondrial dysfunction can reduce recycling rates and so does low CoQ10 level and hyperglycemia.

Drug withdrawal distress symptoms are easily reduced to negligible by IV intake of sodium ascorbate and other Vitamins. However, many studies have used less effective oral AA capsules.  Reduction of symptoms was reported.  In the absence of vitamin C IV, taking vitamin C powder in capsules, 3 to 5 grams every 2 to 3 hours, 24/7, will usually have significantly beneficial effects.  Curing the cravings.  Additional nutrition, including supplemental vitamins A, B, D and E, is called for. http://www.whale.to/v/c/stone.html

If vitamin C is too acid take sodium ascorbate orally instead.  When gut starts to feel loose, then back off on the frequency and amount of the vitamin C intake.


Pain due to Plantar Fasciitis eliminated by aspirin and frequent oral vitamin C.

Katherine just had an episode of very painful plantar fasciitis. Shooting pains, like a needle in her foot.

This happened to her mother and we found a non opioid solution.  Overnight "cure". So she started to take ascorbic acid  3 grams every 2 hours, 24/7.


Pain started to decline after about 2 hours. Pain continued to decrease every hour.  Walking became possible.  After a day pain was almost gone.

See  How vitamin C cures pain:


Dr Archie Kalokerinos and Cathcart's Anascorbemia
Google [Site:RA-Infection-Connection.com Kalokerinos]

Google [Site:RA-Infection-Connection.com anascorbemia]

Google [Site:RA-Infection-Connection.com Cathcart]

Book The Healing

Factor by Dr Stone

Stone’s AA/DHAA morbidity index.  morbidity ratio is [AA]/[DHAA]  see table.
Smokers Scurvy AA deficit

Diabetes and Hyperglycemia

Chemical Stresses and Toxins



How Vitamin C detoxifies and cures smoke inhalation:

Clinical Guide to Dr Klenner's use of Vitamin C in his medical practice.


Vitamin C as an Antibiotic  --  Dr Frederick Klenner




John Ely on AA and Germ Theory Rejection.

Libby and Stone  Addiction vs AA Study: Schauss JoM 2012 Update



Heroin addiction is a serious health and social problem that a!icts societies around theworld. Its addicting characteristics have been known for thousands of years. Derived from opium, obtained from the opium poppy (Papaver somniferum), heroin is highly addictive.


Conventional approaches to heroin withdrawal involve the use of synthetic or semi-synthetic opioids, with or without concomitant behavioral therapy.


A study conducted in New York City in the 1960s, demonstrated that by giving increasing doses of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) salts administered orally in water or juice during withdrawal, vitamin C blocked opioid receptors in the brain, and attenuated withdrawal symptoms, encouraging heroin addicts to end their dependence on heroin.


A 1978 field visit to Seattle, Washington, by officials of the National Institute for Drug Abuse and Alcoholism (NIDAA) at the U.S. National Institutes for Health (NIH), confirmed its effectiveness, yet the agency to date has failed to provide funding to support further research on this promising treatment modality.


Despite serious reported side effects, pharmaco therapeutic approaches in the treatment of heroin-dependence prevail with support by NIDAA, while nutrient-based therapies, that could help break the cycle of addiction, are disregarded.

Libby and Stone Paper on ascorbic acid AA as a treatment for Addictive Brain Chemistry.

http://www.whale.to/v/c/stone.html      Summary

Chronic drug addiction produces in the victims severe subclinical scurvy, along with multivitamin and mineral dysfunction and protein deficiencies.


The widely used Methadone Program for “treating” these sick people merely substitutes a legal narcotic for an illicit one, which only continues the severe biochemical stresses contributing to their illness.


This pilot study regarded the addicts as suffering from a serious Hypoascorbemia-Kwashiorkor type of syndrome. Our procedure was designed to fully correct both the genetic defect causing the Hypoascorbemia and also the There is a great improvement in well-being and mental alertness. In a few days appetite returns and they eat well, they have restful sleep, and the “methadone-constipation” is relieved.


After about four to six days the dosages are reduced to holding dose levels. In the 30 addicts tested in this pilot study, the results were excellent in all cases, and it would appear that this simple nontoxic procedure should serve as the basis for large-scale testing to develop a new program for freeing drug addicts of their addiction. In drug over dosage, sodium ascorbate can be a lifesaving measure. Unconscious overdosed addicts are given the sodium ascorbate intravenously, 30 to 50 g while those able to swallow can be given the same quantity dissolved in a glass of milk. This antidote is nonspecific and works on all drugs, so no time need be wasted in identifying the drug.


We speculate on ascorbate ’s action as due to the high levels of sodium ascorbate in the brain as competing for and displacing the narcotic from the opiate receptor sites. If this be the case, then multimalnutritional disturbances and protein deficiencies involved in the Kwashiorkor.


The treatment is entirely orthomolecular and inexpensive, is nontoxic, and uses no drugs or narcotics. It is rapidly effective in bringing good health to the addicts. In the initial phases of the procedure, sodium ascorbate is administered at 25 to 85 g per day or more, along with high doses of multivitamins, essential minerals, and protein hydrolysate.


Under this treatment, the heroin or methadone is stopped and no withdrawal symptoms are encountered. Should a “fix” be taken, it is immediately detoxified and no “high” is produced. It is like injecting plain water.

it might be possible to use this phenomenon post operatively on surgical patients to quickly bring them out of anesthesia.


Search JOM for Libby and or Stone Results

Abram Hoffer Memorial Lecture  35-Years-in-the-Orthomolecular-Medicine-Field.

Irwin Stone. •. James Jackson. •. Janice Keller Phelps. •. Joan Priestley. •. Harry Wohlfarth. •. Humphrey Osmond. •. Harold Foster. •. Irwin Stone. •. Janice Keller ...




A humorous presentation on EBM and its Ideological Abuses
.  LJ Hoffer



Celebrating Orthomolecular Medicine

cine even though we continue to be stone- walled for inclusion into PubMed ( NLM) indexing. Hoffer would be proud of this journal and the direction it has taken ...




Our diet has changed. Our diet is continuously drifting further away from what our genes once handled well. The Stone Age Today. Proteins. 34%. 13%.


Genomic Tools for Precision and Personalized Medicine

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min cofactor. Before long, some academician will perceive and proclaim an obvious in- sight: innate weaknesses are stepping-stones to future diseases, so they ...

https://www.isom.ca/.../Genomic-Tools-for-Precision-and-Personalized- Medicine-30.1.pdf



High-Dose Ascorbic Acid and Cancer

–!good functional status. –!adequate kidney function. –!no oxalate urinary tract stone. –!no G6PDH deficiency. –!willing & able to come to CRU 3 times/week.




Bayesian Clinical Trials for Orthomolecular Medicine

Vitamin C increases the risk of kidney stones by a tiny amount (0.147%) in a large popula- tion11—can be seen as unreliable, considering the substantial prior ...


Oral vs. Intravenous Vitamin C

'Spontaneous Remission Induction'. Orthomolecular Oncology Pioneers. • James Lind. • Albert Szent-Gyorgyi. • Irwin Stone. • Abram Hoffer. • Linus Pauling.


Subject: Alcohol and Drug Detox Patent, etc.

Dysglycemia-e Common Factor in Mental Disorders



Our diet has changed ! Our diet is continuously drifting further away from what our genes once handled well. The Stone Age Today !

Orthomolecular Psychiatry: What Would Abram Hoffer Do?