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Dr Poehlmann has given countless health and nutrition lectures to support groups, civic clubs, and health ministries in the US, Canada, and New Zealand, during the past 12 years.  She is available in the Los Angeles, CA area.  Her talks are both entertaining and informative. The topics include Functional and Complementary medicine, including conventional plus little-known but effective alternative and historical medical/nutritional recipes for health improvement and chronic pain relief.

Dr. Poehlmann was a speaker at the Nutritional Therapy Association 2013 conference in Vancouver, WA on March 17, 2013.

The theme of the conference was  Inflammation: the Fire Within  Dr. Poehlmann’s presentation entitled Inflammation and Chronic Fatigue: Twin Hallmarks of Autoimmune Disease . 


For speaking arrangements, Contact the Author.  A sample of the level of details and degree of scholarship of her research follows:

Vitamin C Relieves Pain

Pain Relief Case Histories

Medical History Case Histories




Vitamin C is ascorbic acid (AA). Its blood half-life is about 30 minutes. In the presence of high oxide ROS/NOS levels, after 2 hours it would be reduced to less than 1/16th  of the original level.

Humans and other primates cannot make this molecule, we lack an essential gene, so we must eat it. AA from the blood is rapidly metabolized at sites of inflammation, unless it is stored, as it is in many parts of the body, including the lenses of the eyes and the adrenal glands. It is a key electron donor that facilitates many biochemical pathways and processes vital to our life itself.

Our cells and tissues are protected by AA’s presence. If blood AA levels fall, it is replaced from stores throughout the body. Depleted tissues lose their integrity and start to dissolve, leading to localized bleeding. Systemic oxidation of  antioxidant AA leads to the massive hemorrhaging  typical of scurvy and the hemorrhagic fevers.

In the presence of free radicals and oxides AA is instantly oxidized to a single and then a double oxide form. This is a gradual process over the whole body that ends up blocking many vital chemical pathways in life-critical organs and glands.  Long-term lack of vitamin C [or the failure to rapidly recycle (reduce) oxidized AA] causes scurvy. Glutathione intake converts (reduces) AA’s oxide form back to the antioxidant AA form.

Scurvy is usually a slow depletion process taking months to degrade health. There are much faster forms of active-AA depletion: the rapid conversion (oxidation) of all the antioxidant form of the AA molecule to a toxic oxidizing AA molecule form.  Oxidizing toxins of every form will all oxidize AA. 

Many of the body’s chemical pathways use antioxidant AA (A-AA) in some essential way to facilitate the reactions of life. When A-AA is converted to oxidizing form, Dehydroxy AA (DHA), the antioxidant using reactions are blocked, the reactions stop, many essential chemical pathways shut down, death is sudden. 

This is how SIDS works. Cathcart calls it anascorbemia. It may be anaphylaxis, because supplying a few replacement grams of A-AA by injection will reverse anaphylaxis.

When AA is oxidized it instantly loses two hydrogen atoms and changes shape, making it useless in its normal reactions.

The oxide form contributes to the intensity of other coincident oxide/destructive processes. In some cases this can be beneficial as in killing cancer cells, but the toxic residues of cell death require more antioxidant AA to restore the AA/DHA balance. In most cases this added AA is not supplied by conventional treatment protocols. The oxides cascade, histamine is generated, and a destructive chemical chain reaction loop results.


AA to DHA Ratio, a Key Indicator of Wellness

The ratio of A-AA to DHA concentrations is an indicator of vital health. We can feel the ratio both systemically and locally.  We can self medicate by replacing A-AA. When the ratio, AA/DHA, is several times greater than one, we feel well and are pain, itch, irritation, and allergy free.

When AA/DHA is near and trending towards 1, we feel sick; The lower the ratio, the sicker we feel.  Below a critical level of A-AA blood concentration, histamine is generated and rises exponentially as A-AA levels decrease and DHA levels increase. 

At the lowest ratio levels, below 1, we are lethargic and cyanotic. I believe anaphylaxis is caused by critically low A-AA levels. Shock is reversible by adrenaline injection which releases stored A-AA in significant amounts from the adrenal glands, depleting the reserves leading (without AA re-supply) to later or chronic adrenal dysfunctions. Anaphylaxis, cyanosis and lethargy have been rapidly reversed by IV injected-AA (sodium ascorbate solution) 6-12 grams AA, according to body weight. Glutathione has also been restorative in a similar manner by converting DHA back into A-AA, the active form, so essential to our vital processes.


AA is Anti Stress and Anti Toxin, Universally. Ref-5

Stress, shock, toxins, inflammation, pain and muscle aches are coincident with rapidly depleting A-AA, converting the anti-oxidant AA form to DHA.  Frequent A-AA intake at modest amounts for a metabolized food, acts as a powerful pain reliever, inflammation reducer, histamine release inhibitor, toxin neutralizer, and cold/asthma symptom reducer.  With intake in amounts of several grams at a time, the results are observed starting within a few minutes.  1000 gram capsules of AA powder work well to restore the AA/DHA ratio to a more normal healthy range.  In critical cases, IV injection is called for.

With the acute symptoms of toxemia, chronic disease, acute viral infections, shock and allergic distress, much more than the recommended daily allowance (RDA) of A-AA must be eaten frequently to restore normal AA/DHA balance. 

To be effective a few grams of AA should be eaten frequently, every 1-3 hours.  Since sugar blocks the action and cellular uptake of A-AA, vitamin C is more effective when taken between meals and in the absence of sugar containing fluids. 

With severe distress and pain, 3 grams oral intake every ½ hour was reported by Dr Cathcart to work well to relieve the pain of corneal surgery.

The intense pain of acute plantar fasciitis has responded to 3g every 2 hours for a 120 pound person with toxins from Cipro attacking a bladder infection. Pain was completely relieved overnight after taking 3 grams every 2 hours from 4 pm to 10 pm.


Liposomal AA, A New Form of Oral Vitamin C

Homogenized, lecithin-coated A-AA, Liposomal vitamin C, is more effective than plain water-soluble AA powder.  Its gut to blood transport efficiency is 5 times greater, near 95%. Google [Amazon Liposomal Vitamin C]  Liposomal AA (L-AA) permits much higher AA blood levels without the gut distress of high intake levels of water soluble AA.  See Reviews.

L-AA facilitates delivery of AA to the liver, to the brain and to lipid coated cells including microbes, viruses, cancer cells, and other invaded body cells. Improved delivery of AA by L-AA may produce increased cell death of microbes and invaded cells and increase toxin loads while killing the invading microbes. Co-administering both AA lipid and water-soluble forms improves effectiveness of L-AA and other therapies by reducing the Jarish Herxheimer reaction severity.


AA is an Antibiotic in High Blood Concentrations

Dr. Frederick Klenner reported IV sodium ascorbate to be curative for most viral infections.

Dr. Thomas Levy reports that in his practice, used against microbes (viruses) with a lipid coating, that oral L-AA is eight to ten times more effective than water-soluble IV sodium ascorbate, comparing on equivalent gram molecular AA dosages. 

So oral L-AA provides a convenient way to achieve highly-effective blood AA levels. Several forms of oral A-AA (L-AA, A-AA powder in capsules, ascorbyl palmitate, etc) can all be used together for improved results. See: How Vitamin C works; Liposomal vitamin C; and Vitamin C Pharmacokinetics. Homogenized AA and coconut or palm oil might also work like ascorbyl palmitate or L-AA. See how to make L-AA.


How Much AA? Patient’s Illness Determines AA Amounts, Frequencies.

High blood sugar, aka hyperglycemia, and diabetes block the AA cellular uptake for both A-AA and DHA.  This shifts the healthy person’s needed baseline A-AA intake amount to above 6 grams per day. Other acute and chronic infections shift the daily need and AA dependency further upwards in accord with Cathcart’s table, which applies to water soluble A-AA. The gut to blood transfer percentage is limited to less than about ~10%.  Larger dosages of water soluble AA have a reduced transfer efficiency, but some of the added AA is still transferred.

To achieve antimicrobial and antibiotic blood concentrations, IV sodium ascorbate is more effective and combined with oral intake.  L-AA avoids the gut to blood transfer limitations, allowing IV effectiveness with an oral dosage method. Users of L-AA report killing incident colds/flu with several grams of L-AA during the first day of onset.  See the reviews on


Relief of Pain: Family and Other AA Case Histories

We have several personal and family case histories where AA powder intake at 2-3 grams per 130 pounds body weight taken every 2 hours during waking hours has eliminated or greatly reduced pain of sprains, shoulder bursitis pain, broken bones pain, plantar fasciitis pain, acute sickness associated severe muscle aches and discomfort.

 NSAID and narcotic pain medicines were ineffective and they became unnecessary once enough A-AA was active in the body.  Relief was obtained within 15 minutes to hours to days as long as the A-AA/DHA ratio was high from frequent A-AA replacement.  Every 2 hour supplemental A-AA held the pains and discomforts at bay.


A visiting relative reported a painful sinus headache inflammation attack oncoming.  These attacks typically lasted for several days.  Immediate intake of 5 grams A-AA in powder capsule form caused the attack to fade away within the next 3 hours. Two hours later more A-AA was taken, and full recovery was reported the next morning.


An elderly family member at various times suffered from, muscle pain in shoulders, plantar fasciitis coincident with Cipro intake for bladder infections and severe muscle pains associated with recurring bladder infections. In each case the background intake level of A-AA of 4-5 grams (split, taken with meals) was insufficient to affect the inflammation-caused discomforts.  Doubling the A-AA intake by taking 2-3 grams more several times between meals had the immediate effect of relieving the pains and muscle discomfort within ~2 hours. Oral administration of 2 grams powder A-AA in capsules, coincident with hospital IV Cipro was followed by an immediate (after 15 minutes) cessation of muscle pain and discomfort. Discomfort and pain recurred after 3 hours and was immediately relieved by additional 2 grams of oral A-AA. The AA intake also immediately relieved coughing fits and respiratory irritation related to her COPD.


My own successful long-term relief of stenosis-related back pain inflammation included

·           High levels (~12 grams/100KgBW/day) of  AA, split 3x per day,

·           Chiropractic massage to break up calcifications,

·           Calcium fluoride intake to stop bone spur formation, and

·           After 2 weeks, start tetracycline antibiotic to suppress inflammation-causing bacterial infection.

Pain did not resolve until the antibiotic was added to the treatment.  After starting the antibiotic, pain was gone in two days.  Two separated instances: one lower back, another upper back.  


In another personal case, lower back pain resolved with rebooting the gut microflora using cleanout followed by daily intake of yogurt/buttermilk cultured fermented shredded cabbage. AA intake was ~6 grams per day, 2x per day divided dose.


My sudden-onset long-term, crippling and painful hip inflammations were a side effect of a bladder infection treated by Cipro antibiotic.  I was not taking much AA at the time.  After a few months of incessant pain,  I increased my AA intake to 7 grams per day and within 2 days one hip was painless. The other hip was still ~30% painful.  A few months later I increased my AA intake to 12 grams per day and the pain vanished within 2 days. After a few months I reduced my AA level to 7 grams per day and the pain did not return.


My own experience with AA and colds is that symptomatic relief with 3-6 grams intake per 100kg body weight starts about ½ hour after intake and may last for 1 to 3 hours.  When symptoms start to return, or just before, take another dose.  This insures that there is always active, antioxidant AA in your body.  Liposomal AA is reported to be effective in stopping colds within 6-8 hours. See the reviews on


Cases in Medical History


 Dr Klenner reported that the herb Boneset,  eupatorium perfoliatum,  contains high amounts of AA and was widely used in the US, as a medicinal tea, in colonial times up to the early 20th century.  It was a common remedy for injuries, to promote healing.  It still works, partly because of the high AA levels induced.

Dr. Thomas Levy (Denver) successfully treated a persistent, disabling FLU infection with IV sodium Ascorbate. Case History is here. He has some critical things to say about the electron interchanges that are the difference between live cells and dead cells.  Oxides remove the free electrons in live cells. Vitamin C, an antioxidant, if given rapidly and in enough amounts, can restore the cells to life. It can rapidly reverse the lethargy, mitochondrial dysfunctions, and anaphylaxis.

Dr Cathcart recommends even higher AA dosages than Klenner used against measles to the point that the gut becomes loose, and then back off the dose until gut discomfort goes away.  The resulting gut cleanout is beneficial to eliminate toxins and toxin producing microflora. Further gut cleaning via vinegar  and water intake can sterilize the flushing gut after food poisoning. Vinegar, acetic acid, is a 2xN Carbon chain saturated fatty acid where N=1.

 Dr. Klenner reported success with 2-3 hour intake frequency of several grams of AA per ~75 pounds body weight, round-the-clock, for about 5 days, as a medicine to cure measles in his young daughters. 

Persistent, round-the-clock AA intake is necessary to insure pharmacologically effective blood AA concentration is maintained.  Remember: the ½ hour AA blood half-life. AA is rapidly depleted with pain, stress, inflammation, (endo-) toxins, vaccine-induced toxic shock, sunburn, and allergic flares.  Liposomal AA and water soluble AA, taken together, are recommended to achieve high medically effective AA levels in pathological cases, where AA can act as an antiviral medicine and an antibiotic. -Klenner.

AA is a rapid and powerful toxin neutralizer. It is consumed, molecule for molecule in the process. So it acts like a metabolized food.  Larger than vitamin amounts must be eaten.

A doctor rapidly injects tens of grams of sodium Ascorbate in a properly formulated solution directly into the bloodstream or via IV therapy.  Dr Klenner reports reversal of anaphylaxis within a few minutes in several cases in this way. 

Adrenaline injections work because they force the adrenal glands to release antioxidant AA into the blood. But there is only about 5 grams of AA stored there. If you need more AA, you must get it by injection and or ingestion or you may die.

How much AA you need depends on the quantity of toxins, toxin producing microbes, and toxin killed dying cells which release secondary toxins. Frequent AA follow up supplementation is always necessary.  You cannot overdose on AA.  Hundreds of grams per hour or per day of IV sodium ascorbate are therapeutic for severe cases, such as the hemorrhagic fever diseases.


Vitamin C: The Ultimate Antidote  Chapter 3  See Levy: Curing the Incurable  This chapter of Dr Thomas Levy’s book’s chapter was on the web. Now you may have to buy the book. Chapter 3 is a comprehensive summary of AA’s actions as a toxin neutralizer and poison antidote.  AA is remarkably broad spectrum.  It works near instantly, reversing the affects of toxins that are produced by plants, insects, jellyfish, snakes, bacteria, mushrooms, molds, etc.  It reverses carbon monoxide poisoning, heatstroke, and toxic shock.  It reverses anaphylaxis. It chelates harmful heavy metals.  It relieves sunburn pain and promotes healing from frostbite.  Our own web and other medical history research confirm Levy’s sources. Dr. Levy’s practice and his cures achieved also confirm his writings. As do the writings and experiences of Cathcart, Klenner, Riordan, Saul, Ely, and Kalokerinos.

Also see, Dr Saul’s Orthomolecular related website.  Dr Riordan’s Cancer Protocol PDF


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