Scorpion Bite Treatment leads to $83,000 Hospital Overcharge

Low Cost Alternative: Vitamin C is Anti-Venom, a Universal Toxin/Poison Antidote, and an Anti-Viral Medicine. (Ref 2)


An Arizona Hospital overcharges woman over $83,000 for Mexican scorpion anti-venom injections. This is an outrageous example of ignorance-caused medical malpractice.  The malpractice is due to failure of the hospital staff to use the toxin-neutralizing very inexpensive molecule: Ascorbic Acid (so called Vitamin C).  The hospital staff was deficient in necessary training and appropriate medical scholarship.  Dr Thomas Levy, MD, JD (Ref 2) has a slide presentation on this issue and the patients’ and their families’ legal rights to medically appropriate, effective, cost efficient, non harmful medical care.   Dr John Ely, U of Washington Emeritus Medical Physicist and Biochemist, discusses causes-of and fixes-for medical malpractice causing medical treatment dysfunctions, high costs, unacceptably high mortality & morbidity now present in our modern (U.S.) medical delivery system.  (Refs 9-14)


Hospital treatment costs can be reduced and  patient care can be improved by treating with low cost ascorbic acid (AA) injections and infusions ---  actually sodium ascorbate dissolved in sterile water.  AA is a universal antidote and has been used for over 70 years as a toxin and poison antidote.  Humans lack the genes to make essential AA, so we must eat all the AA that we need. When we have a toxin, venom, or poison inside us we need to eat a lot of AA to neutralize it.  This is a fundamental fact of biochemical science.  All ER doctors should know this. Their teachers are at fault for not teaching it and insuring this bit of basic science is well known.  John Ely talks about unprofitable modalities of treatments not practiced that harm our medical system. See References below.


AA is a universal detoxifying agent, in injected and IV quantities of up to tens of grams of sodium ascorbate per hour.  Hundreds of thousands of persons have been treated over the many years throughout the world with sodium ascorbate.   AA has saved many lives when given quickly, appropriately and in unlimited quantities. (Note: AA in IV and injected form is sodium ascorbate.)


For infections (like Ebola, Marburg, West Nile, Hantavirus, Polio, etc) that generate large quantities of toxins, or for anaphylactic shock conditions, tens of grams of AA per hour may be infused directly into the bloodstream. Smaller AA amounts injected directly into the swollen lymph nodes, can reverse the local toxemia.  Sometimes the total daily-infused AA intake in the blood needs to be hundreds of grams.  See below AA Pharmacokinetics.


What we are fighting here is sudden Rapid Onset Scurvy—total exhaustion of systemic ascorbic acid, causing rapid organ and circulatory system tissue disintegration with hemorrhagic fevers, leading to death.  In the presence of chronic infections, gut dysfunctions and diarrhea, microbe-invaded-cells with mitochondrial dysfunctions and with Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS), vaccination will induce Rapid Onset Scurvy. Scurvy leads to inflammation cascading to death or sometimes to permanent neural and/or muscular inflammations and to lifetime disability.  Rapid Onset Scurvy causes SIDS (cot deaths),  SBS (misdiagnosis), toxic shock, anaphylactic shock, lethargy and sometimes cyanosis.  See Kalokerinos.   Archive.

"A ‘cold’, a viral infection, or anything that disturbs immune responses can result in subtle changes in the gram negative bacterial flora of the gut, stimulating them to produce endotoxin. This is absorbed into the blood stream, not adequately detoxified, and results in inflammatory responses in the mucous membrane linings of the middle ear............ that endotoxin is the initial cause of the inflammatory response in acute otitis media............ Dr Robert Reisinger in America had first alerted me to this group of substances and their relationship to SIDS......The reason why proper breast-feeding provides a known and large amount of protection against otitis media becomes obvious. Breast-feeding tends to prevent the overgrowth of abnormal forms of intestinal organisms that tend, under certain conditions, to produce endotoxin........Finally, there are two substances that are known to be effective as rapid detoxifiers of endotoxin - Vitamin C and erythromycin -they are both in ‘Archie’s triple injection’.  The relationship between SIDS, sudden unexplained shock, sudden unexplained unconsciousness, and otitis media is worthy of consideration. If endotoxin is the ‘cause’ of Otitis and also the ‘cause’ of SIDS, sudden unexplained unconsciousness and unexplained shock — as I now know (at least there is a association), then otitis media should be found in a significant number of SIDS cases. That this is so is clearly demonstrated in a number of reported studies." --- Dr Kalokerinos MD (p311 Medical Pioneer of the 20th Century)


AA’s restorative antitoxin effects were reported by Dr Klenner to be immediate.  It is a little known fact that lifesaving adrenaline injections’ main effect is the immediate release of ascorbic acid into the bloodstream from the adrenal glands.  Sodium ascorbate infusions/injections can provide much more restorative AA than adrenaline, when much more AA is needed in cases of anaphylaxis.  All the feelings of sicknesses we have are the result of Rapid Onset Scurvy, the low blood levels of AA. These illness feelings can be reversed simply by raising blood AA levels back to a healthy range where antioxidant AA predominates over oxidizing AA (DHA).  The AA/DHA ratio is an indicator of well-being.  10 to 1 is healthy; near 1 or less is grave.  Similarly restoring blood levels of CoQ10 can reverse some of the aspects of tiredness.


Toxins detoxified by AA include: all snake venoms, insect venoms, spider bites, caterpillar stings, scorpion, bee and wasp stings, jellyfish stings, carbon monoxide poisoning, barbiturate poisoning, alcohols poisoning, cyanosis, ricin (castor bean) toxin, mold toxins, mushroom poisoning toxins, bacteria generated toxins like anthrax, tetanus, botulism, diphtheria, etc. (Ref 2)   AA in high blood levels also reduces inflammation, itching and pain.  It speeds healing from surgery, sunburn, frostbite, sunstroke, burns, broken bones, sprains and wound infections.


In cases of infection by bacteria or viral infections both appropriate antibiotics and also AA should be used. The antibiotics kill the microbes, leading to a toxin inflammation flare, sometimes with great pain.  AA is needed in much greater quantities to handle the scurvy and the toxins made by the microbes as well as those toxins made by destroying the microbes.


Since one cannot overdose on AA, the ER doctors should “err” on pushing as much sodium ascorbate IV as possible as quickly as possible to reduce inflammation.  They can test for active AA in the urine.  If the patient is still fighting the microbes or the toxins there will be no urine antioxidant AA, just the oxidizing form dehydroxy AA (DHA).  When the tide has turned, active AA starts showing up in the urine. By this time most symptoms and fever are abated.  Then the dosage or frequency of the IV AA push can be reduced.  Sometimes, as with insect bites, the scurvy reactions are severe, the shock is immediate and lethargy or cyanosis may present.  A few grams of injected AA have produced an immediate reduction of toxic shock and lethargy symptoms.  Oral intake of AA is also helpful, along with and between IV AA infusions.


See AA Pharmacokinetics

Oral AA transfer from gut to blood is limited to only a few ingested grams per hour.  Less than 20% of the oral intake AA passes into the blood. This is a really tiny amount and not enough to raise the blood AA level to effective concentrations, especially if there are reactive oxides in the system.  The AA blood half lifetime is ½ hour.  Active AA really vanishes quickly when you are sick or under stress.  This means that in 2 hours the AA level will fall to 1/16th  of the starting level.  AA6hrs = 2-12, unless new AA intake is repeatedly supplied.


For serious illnesses see How Much AA.  Frequent small dosages of oral AA in amounts proportional to body weight  (~3 mg/50 kg every hour or two) are much better than one/two much larger doses per day.  Frequent intake still gets only a tiny fraction of the gut AA into the blood. And it rapidly depletes.  So IV and injections work better and produce faster antitoxin results than oral AA intake.  Repeated, several grams every 1 to 2 hours, a 3 gram dosage of AA has “cured” cases of plantar fasciitis, shoulder bursitis, hip-inflammation pains induced by reactions to Cipro. Recovery was to a state of near zero pain within about 16-32 hours. (Family experiences)


Fat Nano-Encapsulated AA

A new form of oral intake AA is Liposomal AA (L-AA). L-AA is AA coated by a nano-layer of lecithin formed by ultrasonic homogenization. Its gut to blood transfer efficiency is 98% and there is no limit to the amount of L-AA that can be given at a time. Much more than 1 gram of AA per hour can be transferred from gut to blood.  L-AA can encounter microbes directly where the lipids interact with the lipid microbe envelopes. L-AA can have the lecithin removed from the AA in the liver, releasing the AA in the water soluble form.  The loose gut syndrome that Cathcart reports for plain water-soluble oral AA does not happen with L-AA.  See the video which shows how you can make it yourself inexpensively.


L-AA provides such high blood AA levels that it can act as an antiviral antibiotic and as an anti-cancer chemo drug, which is well tolerated.  L-AA capsules and other forms is available on Amazon . See user written personal  Reviews. Vitamin C Foundation’s user comments and other L-AA user blog case histories report, again and again, that a few grams of L-AA taken every hour can increase blood AA to such a high level that it will stop viral infections, colds, Flu, and childhood illnesses progression.  This happens within a few hours and if L-AA is consistently taken each hour for several days the disease does not relapse on stopping the high level of L-AA intake.  This confirms the reports of Doctors Levy, Klenner, Cathcart, Kalokerinos, Riordan (IV-AA) and Saul. (Ref 1)  L-AA transfers nearly 5 times more AA into the blood than normal oral AA.



·            Beware vaccination of sickly children with low blood AA: Rapid Onset Scurvy can kill them or cause lifetime disabilities (Kalokerinos)

·            Take AA daily. (with some L-AA to insure higher AA blood levels)  ~1-2 grams AA at each meal. More and more frequently if sick.

·            If sick, switch to all L-AA supplementation and treat gut and ear infections aggressively with erythromycin.  -- Kalakerinos

·            Take some coconut/palm oil containing lauric and palmitic acids because they are essential systemic antiviral saturated fats.

·            Supplement with natural complex forms of vitamins A and E from fish sources and or gently processed tropical oils.

·            Reboot the gut with probiotic cultures, lactic acid producing plain (unflavored) yogurt and/or buttermilk.

·            Reduce sugars, refined carbs and HFCS drinks to very low levels. See (Ref 14)



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