Case Histories of Rheumatoid arthritis, Inflammation Reduction with some remarkable Cures

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Antibiotic and Nutritional Protocols

1.      The Road Back Case Histories  Dr. T.M. Brown’s legacy.

2.      Mycoplasma Experiments Public health gone wild.

3.      Reversal by Ketosis, Minocycline and Ascorbic Acid

4.      Alzheimer’s Mild Dementia Instant Reversal Ketosis diet + tropical oils

5.      Chlamydia Pneumonia Case histories (MS, FMS, arterial disease, UTIs, Dementia)

· Physicians' Page  Treatment and Resource Links

·       Combination Antibiotic Protocols  Details from many sources

·       Chlamydia Pneumonia Handbook  120 Pages of organized info

6.      Heart Disease Case History Linus Pauling’s analysis, functional chemistry.

7.      A Doctor Regrets not Using Vitamin C  (AA) as a nutritional medicine.

8.      Dr Klenner’s Ascorbic Acid (AA) Case Histories Links: Anti-biotic, -toxin, -viral.

9.      Other AA Case Histories  Including: Mercury poisoning chelation, Multiple Sclerosis and Swine Flu

10.  Liposomal AA with  up to 93% AA blood availability.

11.  Plaque and Biofilm  Antibiotic Resistance Serrapeptase and Xylitol Case Histories Links

12.  Serrapeptase Case Histories  On

13.   Oils Nutrition Update Surprise!  Saturated fats are antimicrobial foods, good for you.

14.   Marshall Protocol Multiple Antibiotics + Benicar Case Histories.

15.  Gut Health Case Histories Reboot the gut for better lower spine health.

16.  Successful Personal Case Histories  AA + Antibiotics Vs. Pains: Hip, Back, Shoulder, Plantar Fasciitis

17.  Helpful Over-the-Counter Remedies  Nutritionals, foods & minerals.

18.   Nutritional, Orthomolecular and Complementary Medicine Reference web links.


Adverse Case Histories:  New and old findings that reverse current medical dogma.

1.     Lecithin + probiotic Lactobacillus rhamnosus A probiotic worsens atherosclerotic plaques.

2.     Cancer Study Sabotaged by NCI Gonzalez’ Pancreatic Cancer patients counted as treated who could not eat or start the nutritional protocol.  Successful cancer nutrition cases described From Joe Mercola’s website.

3.     Under-Reported Statin Drug Adverse Reactions Statin drugs cause premature aging.

4.      Vaccine Case Histories of Harm  More public health iatrogenic blunders, still ongoing.

·       Vaccines + Infections Lead to Scurvy and Sudden Death Mass vaccine caused deaths in Australia and Africa; SIDS, SBS, Disabilities –Dr. Kalokerinos

·       Crucifixion of UK Vaccine Whistleblower  Pro vaccine administration blunders and Dr Andrew Wakefield gets a bum rap.

·       Medical Malpractice Leads to Scurvy: Baby Yurkos death; wrongful SBS prosecution. –Dr. Kalokerinos’ post mortem analysis of the case.

·       Autism-ASD Vaccine Court Cases No Justice for harmed families; Insurance fund is bankrupt.

Antibiotic Protocol And Nutritional Case Histories 

RA case histories for the antibiotic protocol (AP) in Rheumatoid Arthritis: The Infection Connection were not included. Many persons have asked where they are. 


The Road Back Case Histories

Histories of AP recovery from rheumatic illnesses using tetracycline are found in the book: The New Arthritis Breakthrough, by Henry Scammell (1998).  This book includes the complete text of the 1988 book: The Road Back by Dr. Thomas McPherson Brown and Henry Scammell. 


The AP tetracycline protocol now includes minocycline as well as doxycycline. See the Road Back Foundation website.  The Road Back Foundation (RBF) published a booklet from 1992 through 1997 called Interrupted Journeys. Five issues contained about ten stories of Dr Brown’s patients who were treated successfully to the point of remission. We have been indexing these stories so that they may be added to the RBF website.    This Road Back site is also a link to dedicated support group help. Katherine is now a Road Back Foundation director.


Mycoplasma Experiments Conducted At The Texas Department Of Corrections

Letter to Congress [To Jim Turner from Candace Brown, January 1999] with document research summaries showing links for Mycoplasmas and Parvovirus B19 with mysterious community illnesses in Texas and Gulf War Illness (GWI) infected military families.  Ref: Article provided by The Arthritis Trust of America, 7111 Sweetgum Road, Suite A,  Fairview, TN 37062-9384

Public health experiments on prisoners introduced a number of contagious persistent microbes which have since been linked causally with long term adverse personal, familial, and community maladies.  Considering that Thomas McPherson Brown in 1939 issued a paper  (Science #89) documenting proof that Koch’s postulates were met for Mycoplasma pneumonia (PPLOs) causing arthritic inflammation, these government-sponsored experiments were an abuse of the prisoners and of the public.  No one was held accountable for this criminal behavior.  There are other, continuing, examples of unethical government-sponsored medical research and iatrogenic mistakes in the vaccine programs, in the U.S. and in England.


Arthritis Bone and Joint Infection: Reversal by Ketosis, Minocycline and Ascorbic Acid

Ketosis plus vitamin C  (AA) is an adjuvant to the tetracycline antibiotic protocol. Combine Klenner's AA and Rheumatoid Arthritis: The Infection Connection, Appendix 2 tetracycline/minocycline protocol. Benign ketosis is induced by drastic reduction of carbohydrate intake to < 12 grams of carbohydrates per day. [See Dr. Atkins’ diet induction stage]

The liver shifts from fat storage mode to fat extraction mode and brown fats are catabolized to acetyl CoA to feed the Krebs (citric acid) cycle where ATP is made to feed energy to all the body cells. Body-cell sugar use shuts down. Hyperglycemic condition stops in ketosis mode. 

Microbes and viruses are sugar dependent, so are drastically starved. ROS of the sickness oxidizes the AA to the DHA form. Microbes, microbe-infected body and cancer cells need sugar and ingest oxidized Dehydro Ascorbic Acid (DHA) instead.  Inside the microbes and the infected cells the DHA oxidizes the cells' mitochondria and induces apoptosis (cell death).

AA levels of about 28 grams per day were used in one case history on our website in addition to the Appendix 2 tetracycline protocol to reverse (cure) a severe painful bone-joint resident infection of unknown origin in a period of 4 days. Eating honey-covered peanuts was enough to re-trigger the pain locus. The protocol was repeated successfully several times when relapse was induced by the sugar. The periods of remission extended and severity of relapse decreased with each repetition of the ketosis and the combined protocols.

Comment: Add the nutrition in the next case history to further improve the gut microbiome.


Alzheimer’s Disease Case History: Reversal by Ketosis diet and Coconut oil:

Alzheimer's Disease: What If There Was a Cure? [Paperback]  by Mary Newport, MD Book Description  October 7, 2011

“…Steve, first showed signs of Alzheimer's disease. [In 2000] After his deterioration accelerated in 2004, Dr. Newport began avidly researching ways to keep him functional for as long as possible.

“…she was thrilled to find new research showing that medium- chain fatty acids, which act like an alternative fuel in the insulin-deficient Alzheimer's brain, can sometimes reverse or at least stabilize the disease. When she gave Steve about 2 tablespoons of coconut oil (a source of these fats) at breakfast before a memory test that he had previously failed, Steve miraculously passed the test. Since then, Steve continues to maintain improvement while taking daily doses of coconut oil and MCT (medium-chain triglyceride) oil with meals.

“… readily available fatty acids in foods that may reverse the ravages of this dreaded disease. Changes in loved ones may take many forms, including improved memory, return of personality, resumption of activities and social interaction, and relief from certain physical symptoms.

“Because ketone esters, a synthesized form of these powerful fatty acids, work faster and more comprehensively than fatty acids in foods, Dr. Newport has become an ardent advocate for ketone ester research, with FDA approval her final goal.

“..this book that summarizes Dr. Newport's research and Steve's reprieve, the importance of medium-chain fatty acids, and how Alzheimer's patients can make the transition to a healthy diet rich in these vital fats.”


·       Lauric acid in coconut oil is antimicrobial systemically. It is antiviral in the gut. It is anti-arterial sclerosis too. Add CoQ10 to coconut oil. CoQ10 increases heart efficiency while coconut oil’s component, lauric acid, is converted in the gut to monolaurin that fights plaque bacteria and increases blood flow to the brain.

·       Red Palm oil or palm kernel oil is rich in alternate forms of Vitamins A (carotenoids) and E (many forms of tocopherols and tocotrienols). Vitamin A is antiviral. Multiple forms are bioactive. Single, refined forms are not completely nutritious.

·       Palmitic acid in palm and coconut oil is also found in butter. It is precursor for POPG a lung surfactant that reduces COPD microbes (both bacteria and virus) pathogenic actions. 

·       Caprylic acid provides exceptional suppression of yeast infections. It is found naturally in goats’ milk, butter and cheeses.

·       It is worth combining both this case history and the previous case history.

·       Reference: The Handbook for a related antibiotic and nutrition protocol.


Heart Disease Case History Is of Critical Medical Importance: 

A nutritional fix for sclerotic plaques in Heart Disease, Strokes, and possibly Alzheimer’s dementia: 

Linus Pauling: Heart disease reversal: AA, CoQ10, vitamins, and L-Lysine A well reasoned analysis of the biochemical factors in heart disease and atherosclerosis.  See also our analysis of Oils and Heart disease.


A Doctor Regrets not Using Vitamin C as a Nutritional Medicine

Natural and OrthoMolecular Medicine (Vitamin C Dynamic supplementation)

Dr. Andrew Saul’s website describes medical conditions and working techniques for natural treatment. [5-Star Website] Well worth exploring; or get one of his books.

Dr. Saul’s website is comprehensive, covering dietary methods to control symptoms.  He has the following Doctor quote:

“I had been a practicing pediatric gastroenterologist for 25 years. During that time I watched some really beautiful children and young men and women die under my care because I had nothing more to offer, and unfortunately what I had offered many times only made their lives more miserable. …After reading Doctor Yourself by Dr. Andrew Saul, I have become a very angry man. I've just realized that for 25 years I had been making my patients sick and big pharma rich. I've just realized that those chronic hepatitis patients that died waiting for a liver transplant could have been easily cured with vitamin C. I realize now that my toximolecular medical education only led me to do more harm than good. That is not a good feeling to have. I only wish that all my critically ill patients had read Dr. Saul's book and fired their doctor. Doctor Yourself in fact has inspired me to now open an exclusive orthomolecular medicine practice for children and adults of all ages, and copies of the book will be in the waiting room for all to read. In the names of all those I didn't help before, I hope this time to make a difference.”  ----(Edward Cichowicz, M.D.)

Some of Dr Klenner’s ascorbic acid (AA) Case Histories and Links are included below:

Dr. Frederick Klenner documented his use of AA as an antibiotic, antitoxin, and antiviral medicine, used at high dosage levels like a medicine, against infection caused toxins and oxidizing stress. Klenner understood AA pharmacokinetics: that AA is converted instantly to dehydroxy AA (DHA) when neutralizing a toxin or oxide molecule and that antioxidant AA needs to be replaced rapidly. The ratio of Antioxidant/Oxidant AA needs to be much larger than one. If AA/DHA < ~1 the patient is in grave condition.

1.     Klenner Case Histories of Ascorbic Acid Cures  (1971)

2.     Klenner Clinical Protocols, Conditions vs. Treatments  Lendon H Smith, MD (1988)

3.     Klenner Protocol Myasthenia Gravis and Multiple Sclerosis w/ Case Histories PDF from Townsend Letter.


Vitamin C dosage levels (Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics)  This series of notes contains our collected findings on the Web with analysis of AA pharmacokenetics rules to insure effective intake levels.  Basically consider AA to be a food that should be eaten with each meal at about 2-3 grams 3x per day to maintain health.  It will be metabolized within about 3 hours (x2-6) and/or stored away or gone from blood levels in 6 hours (x2-12). Illness causes oxide species that results in rapid depletion of AA from storage locations. 

When you eat AA, the amount that transfers to the blood is less than 20%. When you are not sick or afflicted by a toxin, more than 4 grams eaten within an hour’s time will transfer more AA to the blood. But a decreased percentage (<<20%) of the extra AA is transferred. To bypass this transfer inefficiency, IV and injection of sodium ascorbate was used to transfer enough AA to the blood to be medically effective.

Ketonic AA Antibiotic Protocol with Nutrition Factors The math and the factors.

Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid = AA) IV Protocols for Cancer   AA vs. tumor cells.

PubMed:  Ascorbic Acid: Anti-tumor, Anti-angiogenic, Pharmacokinetics  Some recent citation abstracts.

Actions of Ascorbic Acid  Summary of Dr. Poehlmann’s presentation on the benefits of Vitamin C.

Vitamin C Dosage  Physiology controls Vitamin C needs; references by Drs. Klenner, Cathcart, and Pauling.

Kidney Stones  Findings dispelling the myth of Vitamin C causing kidney stones.

Long term high AA dosage chelates metals: Copper, Zinc, and Magnesium.  Appropriate supplementation should be periodically provided.


Other AA Case Histories:  IV Mercury poisoning chelation, MS, IV AA, Xylitol, and Liposomal AA(scroll down)

IV Sodium Ascorbate Notes  Analytical notes from the Vitamin C Foundation, relating to case of mercury poisoning. Cathcart’s sodium ascorbate (SA) formulation is safer than ascorbic acid IV which scleroses the veins. It is also more effective and can be used at higher dosage levels. The SA solution’s pH of about 7.1 to 7.4 (neutral to slightly alkaline) is normal with Cathcart’s formula. PH should be tested and adjusted to near neutral pH range. Cathcart reports clear to faintly yellow SA solution color as normal. Dehydroxy ascorbic acid (DHA), the oxidized form, gives the yellow tint. If yellow to orange, the solution may not work well as a toxin neutralizer, but would be more potent as an invaded cell (cancer) killer.  IV amounts ranging from 25 grams to 150 grams have been used to achieve about 1 gram total dose per kilogram of body weight, administered from 3 to 6 hours. These amounts of SA solution are added to 250 ml to 500 ml of sterile water (not to Ringer’s solution or Ringer’s lactate) The administration rate is tapered down during the last 1/3 of the IV session to avoid/reduce Herxheimer reactions.  (1,000 mg of SA = 889 mg of ascorbic acid + 111 mg of sodium)

Cathcart’s Formulation. SA in solution is available from a compounding pharmacy with a doctor’s prescription. You should locate a physician familiar with IV sodium ascorbate formulation and administration. Commercial SA solutions are filtered to remove un-dissolved particles. Solutions should be stored under refrigeration and sealed to avoid exposure to air to prevent oxidation, and used within 2-3 days of mixing. Other notes.


Jeff Prickets Multiple Sclerosis Story using Klenner’s MS  Protocol  Clinical psychologist and homeopath’s own case history of MS diagnosis and successful treatments.  High mercury involvement caused a cascade of systemic immune and other MS-complex of nerve dysfunctions. Initial treatment was at Hope Clinic International in Mexico near Del Rio, Texas. 


First, slowly remove the mercury; then normalize (not suppress or stimulate) the immune system, repair the digestive system, heal the adrenal and endocrine systems.  This did facilitate nerve re-myelinating. MS symptom reversal in a significant degree was accomplished, but not to a full recovery. With attention to Klenner nutrition and diet with eliminating allergy/inflammation/symptom-provoking foods, further progress was accomplished. 


Research at the Townsend Letter archives uncovered the Klenner protocol of Thiamine and liver nutrition, high protein and other specific nutrition, like vitamin D and fish oils.  Additionally anti-fungal measures have proved helpful.


This means that ketosis diets, GI tract probiotics, and Xylitol instead of sugar may prove helpful in suppressing systemic yeasts and their toxins.  Higher AA intake as a toxin neutralizer should also prove helpful. 


1.     Research Direct-MS dot ORG

2.     Nutrition MS-Diet dot ORG

3.     Significant MS-related causal factor: Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency (CCSVI) controversy with research suppression by the drug lobby.


IV AA vs. Swine Flu w/ Leukemia Near death New Zealand farmer recovers. From Dr. Mercola’s website.  Dr. Thomas Levy reporting.  Liposomal AA used in follow up as IV AA is phased out during last stages of recovery.  Two hospitals and the supporting doctors resisted AA treatment massively, they expected the man to die without AA treatments and believed AA would not be effective. Family persistence, knowledgeable alternative-medicine doctors, advice from overseas, intelligent insistence and threat of lawsuit were needed to start lifesaving IV AA treatments.   In later stages of his recovery, Liposomal AA was taken orally. See next main section below.



Liposomal AA (L-AA) Aka Liposomal Vitamin-C

Oral, water-soluble antioxidant ascorbic acid (A-AA) has transmission-rate limits restricting the transfer speeds and reducing percentages of AA passing from gut to blood and from blood to brain, to other tissues and AA transfer into cells. The blood brain barrier (BBB) restricts the A-AA entering the brain and central nervous system (CNS).  Increased CNS A-AA concentration, if high enough, would protect against meningitis and in the brain would dissolve plaques and restrict their formation.  Oral A-AA gut-to-blood transfer efficiency is less than 20% and the percentage transferred decreases with doses higher than 1 gram.  This means that medically effective, germ-killing (antibiotic) blood levels of AA are never achieved through normal food nutrition. 

Intravenous infusion of sodium ascorbate (IV AA) does achieve these levels, but the effect lasts only a few hours after the IV. To get the most out of oral water-soluble A-AA it should be taken in doses every few hours, all day long.  Timed-release TR-AA is available but the TR-particles move past the best points of absorption and release much of the AA in the wrong part of the GI tract.  The TR-AA gut to blood transfer efficiency is much lower, and the speed of activation is extended. Its blood half-life is still the same as A-AA, ~ ½ hour.

What is needed is a way of packaging the AA so it will be preferentially transported from gut to blood, from blood to tissues, across the BBB, from blood to cells and to microbes’ and to host cells’ lipid envelopes where the AA can work more effectively. Lipid encapsulated L-AA can do this. Dr Levy reports that it is 8 to 10 times more effective on a gram molecular equivalent weight dosage than IV AA.

This improved L-AA pharmacokinetics is a remarkable breakthrough, enabling the delivery of more persistent antibacterial and antiviral AA blood dosages with a few grams of oral intake, several times per day. L-AA’s blood level persistence is not known, but may be much longer than for water-soluble forms of A-AA.

Liposomal (homogenized, phospholipid-coated) AA can be homogenized with an ultrasonic jewelry cleaning machine homogenizing produces a blend of water, L-AA, A-AA and lecithin. L-AA has exceptionally large gut uptake efficiency >70% to as high as 98% according to several sources.  Oral L-AA is more active than the usual AA IV formulation alone. It can substitute for IV AA, even in life-critical situations, when you need to achieve long-term high levels of blood AA needed to treat cancer and viral infections.  Its speed of action is not as fast as direct IV infusion.

Furthermore, by dosing L-AA together with A-AA every several hours the medically effective A-AA blood levels can be achieved 24/7, for a period of weeks or months. That is, for a time long enough to eliminate most viral infections, they are killed by the high AA concentrations and improved lipid cell membrane absorption.  In life-threatening emergency situations, immediate injected or blood push of IV sodium ascorbate AA is still needed and is reported by many clinicians to be immediately effective.

Dr. Thomas Levy recommends a combination of oral AA, IV sodium ascorbate, mineral ascorbates, oral L-AA, and ascorbyl palmitate.

In the brain and in the circulatory system, AA dissolves plaques.  Parkinson’s tremors are suppressed by dopamine. Dopamine is made from phospholipid precursors that are found in lecithin.  L-AA facilitates the increased transport of AA past the blood brain barrier.  So both parts of L-AA are beneficial in the brain.

AA can fight infections and inflammation in the brain and lecithin may serve to facilitate dopamine production and provide partial symptomatic relief of Parkinson’s tremors. High intake of vitamin C slows the progress of both Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease symptoms. Intake of palm oils and coconut oil provide added antibacterial properties and can improve brain function.

Klenner’s papers document many remarkably successful instances of using high blood levels of A-AA as an antibiotic and as a broad spectrum antiviral.  Dr. Cathcart, orthomolecular physician, who treated several tens of thousands of patients with high levels of AA, gives us the Titrating to Bowel Tolerance paper that tabulates the amounts and frequencies of intake for AA alone based on sickness condition.

Dr. Thomas Levy and Dr. Andrew Saul on his website both recount successes using high blood levels of AA.  You should seek out physicians who are familiar with AA, its various forms, its use as a medicine, who know about its pharmacokinetics. See Reference 4 below.

This Video shows how to make Liposomal AA. This “permits Ascorbic intake greater than IV” via ingestion of a few teaspoonfuls of the cocktail.  See Dr Levy’s Book, Curing the Incurable.

As a nutrition enhancer, oral L-AA intake might replace IV AA (sodium ascorbate) for longer-term eradication of persistent chronic infections, the hangovers from acute microbial invasions.  You can do it yourself with commercial L-AA products.  Shelf life of packetized, sealed with CO2 to avoid oxidation, L-AA product is 6 months.

For homemade, use fresh Lecithin and after the ultrasound, store in refrigerator and use up within 4 days.  You blend the AA powder with water and Lecithin to make your own L-AA solution using an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner.  Avoid fruit juices and HFCS sweeteners to avoid the microbe-promoting sugars and the bacteria-energizing citric acid that are in the fruits like orange juice. Xylitol is a beneficial sweetener with plaque busting features that also has antifungal microbiome changing properties. Also see below:  The machine is available at Harbor Freight for about $75-90.


Making L-AA yourself: (Video) The end-product is L-AA ~70 %;  30%  of the AA remains dissolved in the water.

The following notes are not prescriptive; they are from the video to help you understand the details.


·       Blend  (60 seconds) 2 Level Tablespoons of AA powder 30 grams, 1 cup water (250 mg), (possible bicarbonate of soda to control acidity) and set aside.

·       Soak 6+½ level Tablespoons of Lecithin (90 ml) (non GMO powder) in 2 cups water (500 mg) for 3 hours, then blend for 30 seconds.

·       Add vitamin C previously blended, to the Lecithin; blend for 60 seconds.

·       Clean the machine’s cup with water and detergent. Make sure to rinse out thoroughly and dry with paper towel.

·       Put mixture in cleaned ultrasonic cleaner and turn it on and stir constantly for about 8 minutes well, exposing all of the mixture to the sound source. 

·       Store under refrigeration for up to 4 days and use it all up or throw it out.

·       Lasts 3-4 days at room temp.


Makes ~3 cups = 26 ounces of the mix. 

You get ~0.9 grams of AA encapsulated AA per ounce of the mix.  Small shot glass = 1 ounce.


Some rules of thumb: (from the video)

5-7 grams IV of conventional AA intake per ounce of the mix. 1T =3/8 of ounce 3T= 9/8 ounce.

6-8 grams of IV equivalent effective AA per gram of AA in the mix.


30 grams AA in 26 ounce L-AA solution delivers 1.2 grams AA /oz.

About .9 gram is L-AA (98% transfer efficiency) .3 gram is AA (20% transfer efficiency).

Effective combined transfer to blood is about .96 gram/oz of the mix. 

To get 8 grams to the blood need about 8 oz of the L-AA solution.

8 grams L-AA has an IV medical effectiveness equivalence of 48-64 grams of A-AA in sodium ascorbate form.


See Levy at Vitamin C Foundation Discussion.

Quote: Dr Thomas Levy:

Hello Owen, [Dr. Owen Fonorow, runs the Vitamin C Foundation website]

What I have said is that, for acute viral infections, I have repeatedly observed 5 grams of liposome-encapsulated vitamin C to have an equal or even better clinical impact than a 50-gram intravenous infusion. And I stand by that.

This does not definitively include any other conditions, although it may, as the liposome-encapsulated vitamin C often appears to perform as good as the IV-C in many different situations at a 1:10 ratio, in my clinical observations.

One of the main purposes of the LivOn lypo C was/is to offer many people a therapy with the clinical impact of a vitamin C infusion at vastly less expense and inconvenience. [~$1 per gram L-AA = 10 gram A-AA]

And while I feel LivOn's product achieves this role, I have also repeatedly asserted that people should utilize all forms of vitamin C available to them when they are significantly ill, including sodium ascorbate, ascorbyl palmitate, mineral ascorbates where appropriate, intravenous ascorbate, and liposome-encapsulated vitamin C.

Finally, your readers should realize that homemade lypo C is nothing more than homogenized vitamin C and lecithin, and there is [may be] no encapsulation present in those preparations.

They will still be of some clinical benefit, since both supplements separately are beneficial. But when a homemade brew fails in a clinical situation, it should not be concluded that a properly encapsulated and sized liposome preparation of vitamin C has failed.

Best regards,

Dr. Levy

End Quote.

Comment: Different ultrasound equipment may not work to the same degree of effectiveness to produce home made liposome homogenization in the most effective forms.  Lipospheric form from LivOn is subject to quality assurance procedures and methods. A few reviewers have noted that they had allergic reactions to LivOn’s formulation; but not to the L-AA that they made themselves with pure non-GMO lecithin, ascorbic acid and water.



IV Notes and Quantities:  See Dr. Thomas Levy’s book Curing the Incurable, Latest Edition, 2009.

100 grams AA IV per 12 hour day delivers 8 grams AA per hour.  AA blood half life is 30 minutes.


Serious toxin/venom/blood poisoning events may need very rapid AA input to the blood to forestall anaphylaxis shock.

>6 grams in a few minutes. Klenner reported near immediate response to toxin induced lethargy and cyanosis

with 3-5 grams AA infused by #20 needle into bloodstream.


Note: A-AA for IV and injection is sodium ascorbate.(SA)  1 gram of SA is 86% AA and 14% sodium.

See Cathcart’s recipe for sodium ascorbate. For Doctors Only.


Water-soluble A-AA ½ lifetime is 30 minutes in absence of ROS and toxins. 

AA depletion in toxins’ presence is immediate, as soon as the molecules collide the A-AA converts to oxidizing DHA via double oxidation. A-AA is white. DHA is pale yellow.

This immediate A-AA to DHA conversion is why Klenner had to keep pushing AA into heavy toxin load patients. It converted immediately, and A-AA did not show up in the urine until all the toxins had been neutralized.


L-AA Supplemental Nutrition Improvements: Enhanced Berry Smoothie.

Non-lecithin, essential and saturated fats have systemic antibacterial and antiviral properties. They dissolve the lipid coat of the microbes’ capsules. Palmitic Acid from butter blocks (via POPG) the microbe-to-immune-cell signaling that enhances the microbes’ replication tactics.  Thus, added antimicrobial nutritional lipid and vitamin ingredients could include: vitamins A, B, D & E, blended sunflower seeds (Sunflower seed nutrition). Anti inflammatory nutrition: coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, butter, and green tea extract, EGCG powder, and Omega-3 essential oils. Omega 6 oils are pro-inflammation, but this may be because they could be antimicrobial with a Herx-causing endotoxin release reaction.


Smoothie King’s IMMUNE antioxidant powder

An interesting nutritional powder product is Smoothie King’s IMMUNE containing: Vitamin C, Green tea extract, Echinacea, zinc gluconate, vitamin A, selenium amino acid chelate, available in 1 pound jars. If you are making the shake that emulsifies the AA/L-AA, you control the ingredients. 

You can experiment with the contents to suit your conditions. Try one likely immune enhancer at a time and observe the results. Amounts of these are small, a ¼ teaspoon or less per cup or equivalent to recommended daily intake dose as a food. 

Do not ultrasound-mix added ingredients with the ultrasound process material.

You can add the L-AA to the shake. We use 10 oz frozen berries or seedless orange slices added to plain/Greek yogurt (~2 cups), plus Xylitol or stevia for sweetness, Vanilla sugar free syrup/extract, and ice cubes (as needed) as a base. Then we add the nutritional ingredients, mentioned above.

Chocolate sugar free syrup flavoring (and/or instant coffee crystals) can also be used as a yogurt flavoring instead of the fruit.




With L-AA, the need for IV A-AA has been circumvented.  Transport to blood is said to be about 93-98% versus <20% absorption for water-soluble AA powder. The loose-gut issue at high intake levels does not happen with L-AA. Gut intake of AA to blood seems to be practically unlimited if L-AA is eaten several times per day.  IV simulating L-AA intake is being researched and evaluated in Dr Levy’s practice and reported on in discussion groups of the moderated Vitamin C foundation website.  Higher than IV A-AA effective blood levels are achieved with oral L-AA in large enough intake amounts. High AA blood levels can be achieved 24/7 without need for in hospital admission. But you really need to have involved medical supervision for serious illnesses cases. Orthomolecular nutrition-oriented specialists should be part of your team.


With higher AA blood levels, remarkable energy enhancing and autism mental symptom improvements are reported. Colds are stopped dead within a few hours.  1 gram of AA is in a teaspoon of L-AA.  The improvement in gut and cellular absorption gives a multiplier effect for L-AA over AA of about 5x to 10x, depending on the amount of dose.  So a high level of dosage of 2-4 teaspoons per day (of your made L-AA) is equivalent to AA of 14-48 grams AA per day.


Normal AA gut absorption depends on the A-AA depletion in the body. Highly depleted, and higher AA% is absorbed thru the gut.  Water-soluble A-AA gut to blood transfer normally changes from above 50% absorption below one gram to less than 20% absorption greater than ~3-4 grams per dose.  With L-AA more than 95% is absorbed, independent of level of intake.  So to get effective high AA blood levels, L-AA orally can be more effective as sodium ascorbate IV or shots.  This is confirmed by asthma, hay fever AA shot elimination needs with enough L-AA in one Amazon case history.


Liposomal-AA Reviews on Amazon  63 Reviews: 5-Star=39, 4-Star-13, 3-1Star=10.  Success/Fail ratio is 52/10.  Amazon case histories contain many remarkable successes.  Be sure to read the comments to the reviews.  The Amazon reviewers and writers to blogs at the Vitamin C Foundation in many similar cases report personal success in stopping colds and flu infections within a few hours to days using L-AA and frequent intake.  Dr. Owen Fonorow operates the well-organized and comprehensive Vitamin C foundation. He answers questions from his correspondents on his website.


Lipo AA dosage.  From user blog at Vitamin C Foundation:

“My only experience to date has been with my daughter who developed cold-like symptoms and 4 packets of Lypo Spheric Vitamin C within about 2-3 hours promptly resolved the infection in its initial stages.”


“Wow. That is an important observation. (I don't know if Dr. Levy is keeping track as Dr. Cathcart had done since the 1970s when he began to develop his Bowel Tolerance table, but such tables are generated based on clinical experience.)”

“Now we know that an adult can accomplish the same thing with 8,000 mg [AA] every 20 minutes (or 24,000 mg/hr) for 2 to 3 hours, so 48,000 to 72,000 mg [AA] in 3 hours. Lets calculate that based on body weight your daughter would have needed half that dosage, or 24,000 to 36,000 mg and we might estimate that [1 gram] Lypo-C was roughly equivalent to 36,000/4 or 9,000 mg of ordinary vitamin C, which is remarkably close to Dr. Levy's estimate of 1 Lypo gram = 7-10 grams regular vitamin C [AA powder].


L-AA adverse reactions

If you are allergic to ascorbic acid or vitamin C you may also be allergic to L-AA or  other forms of AA. Use commercial L-AA first to see if it works for you. One reviewer on Amazon reported allergic reactions to LivOn’s product but no reaction to the L-AA he made himself with the ultrasound mixing.

Start with low dosages and stop taking the mix if you have an unexpected adverse reaction.

Use regular AA every hour or as needed to reduce inflammation problems. Antihistamines may help.

Back off, wait until your immune flare is over, then slowly increase the L-AA dosage if you encounter adverse gut or liver or skin symptoms. 


Reported Reviews Adverse/Favorable Ratio: Probability <2/60.

Adverse L-AA effects (for some) may be a temporary Liver overload due to too high a dosage of lecithin: oily skin, rashes due to changes in skin’s microbiome.

A little extra virgin olive oil (antimicrobial), coconut oil (Lauric Acid) and/or butter (Palmitic Acid) to the mix in place of part of the Lecithin; this may fix gut/respiratory/skin microbiome problems. 

Warning About Kefir Bacteria and Lecithin

If you have a heart disease, arterial plaque problem or high blood pressure, avoid use of L-AA and Kefir together.  One of Kefir’s required probiotic bacteria, Lactobacillus rhamnosus, converts lecithin in the gut into a fishy smelling gas (TMA) easily absorbed by the blood.

The liver then converts TMA gas to a plaque growth-enhancing nutrient (TMAO), leading to increased heart disease risk.  It is not known how L-AA works with this bacterium, or if the L. rhamnosus strain in Kefir is the rogue one, but it is possible that the L. rhamnosus behavior will be unchanged in the presence of the AA.  Your gut may not have this bad strain of bacteria as a colony but it is commonly found there. Details.

A-AA is known to help to heal and reduce plaques. Some of the adverse or no effect cases used too much sugar which blocks the AA actions and too little AA. Restrict sugar and HFCS (corn sweeteners) intake drastically, so the AA will work better.  See our AA Ketonic protocols web article. For heart, brain, arterial plaques see Pauling Angina Nutrition.


L-AA References:

1.      Nutrition Videos:  Vitamin C Foundation Videos  » L-AAVideo:  How to Make Liposomal Vitamin C     

2.      Our Nutrition Table of  Contents   »  AA Ketonic Protocols  »  AA Pharmacokinetics  »  How Vitamin C Works

3.     Dr. Klenner: Observations On the Dose and Administration of Ascorbic Acid When Employed Beyond the Range of a Vitamin in Human Pathology

4.      Dr Thomas E. Levy’s book: Curing the Incurable    Amazon’s Reviews      Book-Finder

5.      Vitamin C Second Opinion:  A Detailed, well-researched AA and L-AA properties and benefits by Krispin. (July2011)

6.      Lecithin and Gut Bacteria How gut bacteria may nourish arterial plaques and worsen heart disease.



Google [“vitamin C” OR Ascorbic AND “case history” condition] fill in word for condition, i.e., condition = “jaw infection”, “back pain”, etc.

Toothache/Abscess   Case history:  Clears up taking  regular AA every 2-3 hours, with Serrapeptase enzyme (SpE)

~30 grams AA per day over 14 hour period 7 grams per dose.  Food intake was near Ketonic (low sugar) levels.

Doses (AA grams):  SpE prior night, AA: 7g, 2hrs; 7g, 4hrs; 4g, 2hrs; 7g, 2hrs; 4g  from ~7am to ~10pm

Abscess broke and drained in evening of first day of high AA doses.  This confirms Cathcart’s recommendations.


Anti-Biofilm Case Histories:  Xylitol and Serrapeptase

When microbes colonize parts of the body, quite often a cyst, calcification, sclerotic lesion, fibroma, plaque, or other encapsulation barrier surrounding the colony is formed.  This is evidence of the stalemate between the immune system and the microbes.

Serrapeptase is an enzyme that dissolves dead tissue, scars, cysts, and the protective films around biofilm colonies.  It can also attack protein coats in membranes of certain microbes. Serrapeptase ends this toxic truce, allowing the immune system to work successfully to clean out the infection or abscess.


A further enhancement to this action is obtained by using sugar spoofing.  Xylitol with ketosis poisons the bacteria and yeast living on sugar. (Streptococcus mutans and S.pneumonia) and cause them to change their active metabolism through rapid evolution to use a different sugar like molecule (Xylitol) for energy. When they evolve to this survival form, they lose much of their ability to form protective plaques.  If the low sugar high Xylitol dietary regime is maintained consistently for a long enough period, the microbes that survive permanently retain the low virulence properties and a healthier persistent human microbiome is the result.  This was proven by several trials of Xylitol chewing gum and dental plaques. 


The plaque forming reluctance of the surviving bacteria persisted for years after the longest trials. Biofilms other than the oral plaques are reduced by consistent intake of Xylitol and a low sugar ketonic diet. Xylitol reduces bacterial adhesion in urinary and respiratory tract infections. It improves antibiotic effectiveness by increasing antibiotic penetration into the microbe colonies. It reverses the cavity forming in the teeth, improves calcium intake in the gut and promotes remineralization of teeth and bones.  It reduces symptoms of COPD, gum disease, earache, bronchitis, urinary tract inflammation, osteoporosis, and GERD.


Google [serrapeptase “case history” condition] fill in word for condition, i.e., condition = “jaw infection” has many case histories of patients.

See left sidebar titled Serrapeptase Testimonials and the dropdown menu that appears.

Condition list includes: A Practitioner’s Story, Acne Rosacea,  Adhesions,  Angina,  Animal Treatment, Arterial Disease,  Arthritis: Osteoarthritis,  Asthma,  Back Problems (Lower),  Back Problems (Neck),  Blood Pressure,  Blood Sugar Levels,  Breast Cysts,  Breast Engorgement,  Bronchiectasis,  Bursitis,  Catarrh,  Catarrhal Rhinopharyngitis,  Cerebral Palsy,  Chelation,  Cholesterol,  Chronic Ear Infections,  Colon Problems,  Coughs,  Crohn’s Disease,  Cysts,  Diabetes: Type II,  Emphysema,  Exercise Problems,  Fibrocystic Breast Disease,  Fibroids,  Fibromyalgia,  Fibrosis of the Lung,  Frozen Shoulder,  Fused Spine,   Gout,  Gum Disease, Headaches and Migraines, Hemmoroids,  Inflammation – General,  Inflammatory Bowel Disease,  Joints or muscles,  Knee Wear and Tear,  Leg Ulcers,  Lung – Asbestosis, Miners Lung disease, Lung: Bacteria,  Lung: Chronic Cough,  Lung: COPD,  Lyme Disease,  Mercury Poisoning,  Mortons Neuroma,  Multiple Sclerosis,  Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME),  Neuroma Fibroma,  Neuropathy,  Orchialgia, Pain – Not diagnosed,  Peyronies,  Plantar Fasciitis,  Polymyalgia Rheumatica,  Post Operative Trauma,  Retinal Hemorrhage,  Rheumatoid Arthritis,  Sarcoidosis,  Scars,  Scars & Lesions – Post operative,  Sciatica,  Scoliosis,  Shingles,  Sinusitis,  Sports Injuries,  Stress and Fatigue,  Stroke,  Swelling, Thrombosis, Tooth Ache,  Varicose Veins, and Thrombophlebitis,  Wegeners Granulomatosi.


Serrapeptase Information Overview of functional medicine, how serrapeptase works.

Serrapeptase Amazon case histories are found under reviews.  I found two adverse reactions in about 25 reviews; most were 4 or 5 star positive reviews, showing improvement and many with long-term years of use.


Adverse Serrapeptase reactions:  These adverse reactions were severe and frightening to the persons experiencing them, but they were examples of not using enough vitamin C  (AA) to handle the oxides and Herx reactions stimulated by the teardown of the microbe colonies.

1.     The Amazon one star review (nevergiveuphope) is worth reading, showing strong adverse interactions and persistent allergy stimulation from the strong Herx reactions, over many trials. Condition is thought to be CFS/Fibromyalgia, possibly related to Lyme disease. Even tiny amounts of serrapeptase stimulated strong Herx.  No concurrent taking of AA and no ketosis was reported.  So anti-Herx meds like Benicar and/or AA were indicated, but not reported as taken by this user.  Cessation of enzyme use, stopping teardown and use of AA to stimulate healing is necessary.  In case of joint arthritis, AA and pectin can help in the rebuilding.  Eating apples daily has produced positive healing.

2.     Amazon 4-star review adverse case history is summarized:  “After about a week of taking it I sprained my ankle and took some aspirin. By that evening I was coughing up blood-tinged mucus. This went on for a week after I stopped it (SpE). I was terrified but hoped it was from too many blood thinners. I also was taking omega-3 daily. I wasn't hurting anywhere and not coughing hard but by evening every day I would see blood. Whatever it did I still can't eat garlic or anything too spicy or it comes back. This is now over 2 weeks. I used to eat garlic every day before taking this with no problem at all. I do not have stomach or any other issues that would cause this. I know with all the blood thinners I was taking it was too much (SpE). I didn't realize that at the time. I didn't even know that omegas thinned the blood and I usually don't take aspirin. I was really scared by this. There should be a specific warning on the bottle about all other blood thinners. I went through a week of horrible worry. I stopped taking it but my husband is still on it and doing well.”

3.     “Serrapeptase enzyme (SpE) worked wonders on [2.’s] husband's arthritis in hands. It reduced the pain and swelling…. Too high an SpE dose gives him the runs.”  Note: This would have been the time to try antibiotics: minocycline or ampicillin or other med for ostiomyelitis infections, along with AA.

4.     Personal note (KFP) arthritis in hands for over 15 years.  Took 1x 120000 unit high potency capsules 6 hours apart, 2nd  of these at bedtime (2 am).  10 hours later after no food started to feel moderate itch in every finger 1st joint arthritic nodule area in both hands. Took 6 grams AA and itching became not noticeable. I also have some mild ear and cervical spine sensations of infection or swelling.  At same time of finger itching, I noticed the sinus and ear fluids getting thinner and starting to flow, sneezing, sensation of altitude pressure in both ears. Slight Eustachian (ear drain) tube loosening. No pain. No spine range of motion improvement yet, one day after starting SpE. Usual baseline AA intake is about 7 to 12 grams per day depending on condition. Antibiotics Penicillin VK 500 mg 2x/d; not effective before the SpE. Will increase AA to 4 grams/dose; 4x/day every 4 hours. Recommended starting SpE is 120000 units 3x per day with > 2 hours before and after food for 1 week.


Oils Nutrition Update:

Natural Tropical Oils (NTOs) are good for us.

In the battle between health advertisers and domestic agriculture advertisers we have lost our understanding of the true benefits/harms of fats.  Saturated fats have been unjustifiably indicted as harmful based on statistical correlations.  The positive hormone feedstock and antimicrobial properties have not been considered.  The linear, 2xN carbon chain, saturated fats are used in essential molecular pathways and all may have antimicrobial virtues.  See the above link to read about many of them.


Heart Disease And Fat Nutrition Falsified theories cause harm; our analysis in Ongoing Research.

Heart and arterial diseases are a major ‘cause of death’ factor.  Since medicine uses a descriptive language, there is a tendency to attribute the described anomalies as causal factors.  In fact they may be or they may just be symptomatic of a hidden cause or active agent.  Plaques accompany heart disease. Are they a cause or a symptom?

The cause of Heart Disease is microbial,, Bb, and others.  We are playing worthless HDL/LDL statistical games at great expense and human cost. That approach is truly a mirage created to sell statins.

Statins are proving to be harmful and life shortening. Essential HEME and CoQ10 production of the mevalonate pathway in the liver is blocked. Essential dietary fats starvation and cholesterol starvation can be pathogenic in the face of chronic infections, ROS and scurvy. 

AA deficiency is endemic and is highly dynamic. We need to change direction on heart disease treatment. Suppress and control the bugs.

Start eating vitamin C as an essential food that is metabolized and needs replacement at every meal.  We should eat more tropical, saturated oils, especially essential Lauric and Palmitic acids, which are “good-cholesterol” and hormone precursors as well as potent systemic essential antimicrobial foods. 

We need to stop taking statins which block our making of CoQ10, HEME, cholesterol and other essential metabolic molecules. If we persist in prescribing statins, we need to prescribe high levels of CoQ10 daily. We also should take more CoQ10 when we have low-energy symptoms (fatigue), mitochondrial dysfunction, or get older than age 40.


A Revolution in Our Understanding of Oils and Nutrition A sea change; our Ongoing Research.

Elimination of essential tropical oil precursors in our diet is contributing to gut, blood, lymph and respiratory dysbiosis.  Lauric acid (LA) in coconut oil converts to monolaurin (ML) in the gut. ML dissolves microbe’s lipid coatings and interferes with their ability to bind to target cells.

A palm oil derivative, Palmitoyl-oleoyl-phosphatidyl-glycerol (POPG), a phospholipid surfactant, is normally found in the lungs. It plays a complex beneficial role in binding to respiratory synclinal virus (RSV), to Mycoplasma pneumoniae, and likely to other COPD bacterial components. The Palmitic acid in butter is a precursor molecule.

Microbes inactivated by saturated-fat, Lauric and Palmitic acids, diet lipids include a wide range of viruses, bacteria, yeasts, and protozoa. Microbe resistance depends on eating them.



Olive Leaf Extract

Olive leaf extract (OLE) and extra virgin olive oil are broad spectrum antimicrobial.  When we were patients of Dr. A. Robert Franco, he included OLE in his nutritive protocol  Here  is an example of how it works.


Topical Oils Case Histories:  Emu Oil: (Similar to DMSO is a transport medium)

Emu Oil, is high in oleic acid. Acts as a transport mechanism for medications into the body from the skin. It unclogs pores and is not irritating. It is anti-inflammatory and bacteria & fungus suppressing. It is used as a massage oil that transports to inside joints where it’s bacteriostatic and antifungal effects can kill off  joint and back microbial colonies.  It reduces inflammatory pain, swelling and stiffness in joints, and reduces pain of injuries and strains. It is stable, does not spoil and does not support microbe growth on the shelf.


Case Histories at

These case histories show emu oil is effective in reducing toe nail fungus, diabetic arthritis pain relief, sore & cracking skin, heals fungal-produced skin dryness, heals even severe diaper rash, normalizes chapped and scaling skin, eczema, improves psoriasis. Relieves minor back pain, bulging disks, tendonitis, and carpal-tunnel pain.



Marshall Protocol Multi Antibiotic Protocol Case Histories:

Marshall Protocol Multiple sequenced antibiotics and control of immune herx flare using Benicar to fight persistent infections causing inflammation in RA, Fibromyalgia, Sarcoidosis and other rheumatic illnesses.

State of the Art Multiple-Antibiotic Protocols vs. Multiple Microbes


Marshall Protocol Learning Website 


Gut Health Case Histories:

Fermenting Cabbage to Sauerkraut to Cure Gut Dysbiosis and Lactose Intolerance. Contains a recipe.  May be helpful for Crohn’s disease, gut dysbiosis, and lower back pain and ankylosing Spondylosis.


Our Own Case Histories:

Since 2001, we have collected a few notable reader and personal case histories with positive outcomes resulting from applying the antibiotic, ascorbic, orthomolecular, and dietary methods in Rheumatoid Arthritis: The Infection Connection.  We personally used the tetracycline based AP protocol (tetracyclines or minocycline) in combination with anti inflammatory, over-the-counter drugs, high levels of vitamin C (AA), and antihistamines.


Successful Personal Case Histories:  Antibiotics and AA rapidly eliminating pains.


Helpful Over The Counter Remedies:



Bone Spurs/Joint Calcification:

Bone spurs can cause pain as they continue to develop.   A veterinary source gives calcium fluoride to horses to regress and control joint spurs.  This seems to work for people too.  Calcium fluoride homeopathic for bone spurs  Hylands Calcaria Fluorica (Calcium Fluoride) 6x: 2/100kg body-wt/day; personal experience.

Adverse Case Histories: Not every case history has a favorable outcome.

Lecithin + probiotic Lactobacillus rhamnosus strain causes atherosclerotic plaques

Lecithin Warning: Too much Lecithin.  A Common  gut bacteria (L. rhamnosus) in mice with guts repopulated with human microflora makes fishy smelling gas, TMA, that the liver converts to TMAO and HDL cholesterol. Atherosclerotic plaques grow faster. Nature Abstract. Changing gut flora with antibiotics and the TMA production stops.  Lecithin has choline which is a neural nutrient. In normal dietary concentrations, the TMA generation effect is moderate. High levels of Lecithin as a supplement are to be avoided. This is a surprising new result.

A more complete discussion and supporting references is found here.



Statin Drug Adverse Reactions Case Histories: Lasting Harm and Accelerated Aging

Despite all the planted, questionable statistics and propaganda on the web, statins do not really work very well to stop heart attacks. They can lower cholesterol to dangerous levels, cause oxidizing stress, deplete natural anti-oxidants, poison cholesterol, disrupt mitochondrial processes, mutate cell DNA, poison neurons, induce ALS, cause neuropathy, cause myopathy = muscle pain & atrophy, increase fatigue and exercise pain….   The list goes on and on.  Nutritional countermeasures are to take increased AA and CoQ10, Lysine, Proline, krill oil and to reduce refined carbohydrates.  An alternative drug Lovaza (EPA & DHA ethyl esters of Omega-3 oils)  sometimes restores mental acuity & speed. Lovaza lowers very high triglycerides (fats) in blood. Our description of statins’ harmful “features” is here.  A well-written analysis of 351 cases of statin-caused pathologies is Adverse Events of Statins - An Informal Internet-based Study.  Other statin drug reaction case histories are found at



Vaccine Case Histories of Harm:


Medical malpractice leading to scurvy and infant death followed by wrongful SBS prosecution

Dr.Kalokerinos: BabyYurkos Postmortem: Vaccine --> Scurvy --> Inflammation --> Death


Autism-ASD Vaccine Court Cases:

The most problematical vaccines can be determined using US Vaccine Court of Claims public records.

The top 4 in claims are: 

MMR, DPT (whole cell pertussis and acellular pertussis), Influenza (Trivalent), Hepatitis B

MMR is most associated with ASD.  Details are provided at the following links

Vaccines cause persistent hyper-allergy, in a few cases.

Vaccines Vs. Scurvy Notes  Plus Kalokerinos related URLs.


Vaccines + Infections Lead to Scurvy and Sudden Death  (SIDS, SBS & Disabilities)

Web links to Vaccines Adverse Case Histories and analysis

US Vaccine Court Relative Vaccine Statistics (PDF)

US Vaccine Court Claims Summary  (PDF)



Dr Andrew Wakefield, UK Vaccine Whistleblower,

Crucified by a Corrupt Medical System.


·        Sociopaths are in control of UK medicine delivery. True/False?

·        UK vaccine proponents chose dangerous vaccine strain(s).  True/False?

·        UK vaccine proponents arranged for government to assume liability in case of harm. True/False?

·        UK Vaccine program administrators have made major mistakes in delivery programs. True/False?

·        UK Vaccine program administrators have true conflicts of interests. True/False?

·        US & UK Vaccine health officials have aggressive agenda to advertise “ASD is not caused by vaccines.” True/False?

·        Wakefield is an honest man, wrongly persecuted by the UK medical sociopaths. True/False?


Wakefield’s Interview Transcript on Why & How He Was "Discredited".


“So during this process I was approached by some lawyers who were acting on behalf of these children, investigating the parental claim that their child had regressed, disappeared, become autistic after a vaccine.  


“And they said to me, ‘would you help us?  You have an interest in Crohn's disease and measles virus, measles vaccine.  We are now seeing these new children, what do you think, can you help us in this process?’  


“And I thought about it long and hard, and I decided that I would, and I later wrote to my colleagues explaining my reason for doing so,  and my feeling was this, it was very straightforward.  


“Vaccination is designed for the greater good, to protect the majority and it does so at the expense of a minority. And that minority of children are those that are damaged by the vaccine. We don't know the size of the number because it has never been investigated properly.


“But nonetheless, even if you accept that is a permissible ethical approach, that we can protect the majority at the expense of the minority, then that minority are a group of children who have paid the price for protecting the rest of society.


“And therefore society has an absolute moral and ethical obligation to care for those children for the rest of their lives, period.


“That is it, there is no escaping that moral imperative, and yet to acknowledge those children in a public health setting is to raise doubts about the safety of vaccines and therefore it is much better to put them in a corner and forget about them, to pretend they simply don't exist.


“That is what had happened to these children.  


“The studies that had been designed to look at safety had been designed in such a way as they would never capture these children.


“Nor did anyone want to capture them,


“Nor was anyone interested in the parents story when they said my child has regressed after a vaccine.  


“They were just put in a corner, told it couldn't happen and never investigated,


“And that was absolutely unacceptable.”


The complete interview is well worth reading to decide if we are well served by the Vaccine Lobby and our HHS officials.


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