Ascorbic Acid vs Kidney Stones


n    Warning: “too much ascorbic acid causes stones”

–    this is a medical urban legend that is wrong!

–    see for the true story

n    Change diet to avoid kidney stones

–    increase magnesium, vitamin B-complex

–    reduce sodas and colas (high in phosphates)


Four Types of Kidney Stones

n    Four kinds of kidney stones

–    Calcium phosphate stones are dissolved by ascorbic acid in urine

–    Calcium oxalate stones are related to low magnesium and low B-complex (B1 and B6) vitamins in diet

•    higher ascorbate levels reduce stone formation

–    Magnesium Ammonium Phosphate stones are dissolved by ascorbic acid

–    Cystene stones (rare) are caused by a genetic defect, not ascorbic acid



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