Ongoing Research (2002 – Present)


1.             Diagnosis-Checker  Where to get a second opinion on the web.

2.             Dr Thomas McPherson Brown Arthritis Institute Conference May 1991

3.             Dr Garth Nicolson's Website and Papers Many important references.

4.             CCMRF 2005 PolyMicrobial Presentation Slides by KF Poehlmann

5.             Koch's Postulates:  Grounds for systemic denial of reality?

6.             Arguing From Minimized Statistics Leads to Problems and wrong conclusions

7.             Natural Antiviral Foods, Herbs, Oils  Where to look to find medicine in food.

8.             Clinic at WalMart: Low cost medical service and access to basic drugs.

9.             Nutrition, Orthomolecular and Alternative/Complementary Medicine Web links.

10.       Statins Interfere with Cholesterol Functions & CoQ10 Production Age speedup.

11.       Cancer vs. Microbes: Table with references to medical WikiPedia.

12.       Diseases/Conditions Vs. Microbes: Table with references to medical WikiPedia.

13.       Urinary Tract Infections: Mycoplasmas and Ureaplasmas & drug sensitivity.

14.       Why Doctors Might Not Use the Brown Antibiotic Protocol Many poor reasons.

15.       Ketonic AA Antibiotic Protocol with Nutrition Factors The math and the factors.

16.       Gut Bacteria and Health Countermeasures Reboot the gut with probiotics.

17.       Metallo Enzymes a Complex of Active Molecules Plus and minus roles.

18.       Gut Bacteria Metabolic Syndrome, Heart Disease and Lecithin Surprise!

19.       Vaccines + Mitochondrial Dysfunction Cause ASD & dysfunction of the Vaccine Court.

20.       Vaccines Cause Chronic Hyper Allergy A long-tail statistical certainty.

  Vaccines hyper-sensitize to disease agents Many examples in the literature.

  Vaccines hyper-sensitize to food proteins Antibodies target nerve sheaths.

  Proof: Macrophagic myofasciitis Lesions  Adjuvant at injection site persists.

  Cumulative Aluminum Persistent Toxicity Adjuvant-caused immune hyperactivity.

     Causality is denied as a mystery, focused studies un-funded and unread.

21.       Vaccines Vs. Scurvy Notes  Plus Kalokerinos related URLs.

22.       Heart Disease And Fat Nutrition Falsified theories cause harm.

23.       A Revolution in Our Understanding of Oils and Nutrition A sea change.

24.       Kefir and Related Probiotics Fermented milk microbes some helpful, others misunderstood.

25.       Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid = AA) IV Protocols for Cancer AA vs. tumor cells.

26.       PubMed:  Ascorbic Acid: Anti-tumor, Anti-angiogenic, Pharmacokinetics:

27.       Vitamin C PharmacoKinetics and PharmacoDynamics: How AA works.

28.       COPD, ASD, & Infections: Diet & Countermeasures.

29.       Mycoplasma Photomicrographs  Links to Pictures.

30.       CWD L-Forms History  Who found What. by Amy Proal Link to website.

31.       Lyme Disease Perspective Great overview by Dr Scott Taylor, DVM; & more.

32.       Lyme Disease Borrelia Burgdorferi Information and Pictures.

33.       A Remarkable Success: Reverse dementia by Ketosis diet and Coconut oil.

34.       Jenna’s Lyme Blog Articles

35.       Colorful Lyme Lecture by Alan McDonald, a pathologist. (2007)

36.       Marshall Protocol Inflammation in RA, Fibromyalgia, and Sarcoidosis. 

37.       Chlamydia pneumoniae Linked to Heart Disease, Stroke, and Alzheimer’s.

38.       Candida Yeast Infection  Aggravates Rheumatic Symptoms.

39.       Conditions Helped by Minocycline  List of conditions.

40.       Microbes Vs. Maladies Microbial co-factors of chronic illnesses:

41.       Remarkable Case Histories Infections, Inflammation, Recoveries.

42.       Vitamin C (AA) Relieves Coughing Fits. Whooping Coughs (1937)

43.       Free Health Articles  More Health Articles, Indexed       


Summaries of the Research Link Contents….


Diagnosis-Checker   (May 2012)

How can you find out if your Doctor’s diagnosis of your condition is right? 

What other possibilities are there? What if you think of another symptom?

How does this change the possible diagnosis?

Link to our short tutorial on how to get a second opinion for as many different times as you wish with conditions that you may change as you home in on your own symptom context.

We link to a remarkable free medical website with interactive tools to help discover causes for symptoms.

Our tutorial has a table of links to helpful parts of this amazing website.


Thomas McPherson Brown Arthritis Institute Conference, May 1991   (May 2012)

Future Link is to be on the Road Back Foundation Website to Conference Notes.

This conference On Antibiotic Treatment for Rheumatic Diseases brings together Drs. Brown, Clark, Mercola, Franco, Oliver (Lupus, Scleroderma), Whitman, Coker-Vann, Miller, Sinnott, Kadile, Bingam, Kaplan, and others. 

IV and Oral tetracycline protocols and cyclic dosing are discussed. Dysbiosis considerations with yeasts and C. difficile are also considered.  A panel discussion is reported among successful practitioners using the tetracycline protocols. 

Some comments on the media reports and the huge number of listeners’ calls swamping the media, not able to record or track the requests for further data at the time. 

Much is to be learned by reading this PDF scan of only part of the proceedings. (Courtesy of E.S.)  Similar conferences, with sessions on antibiotics vs. the microbes that cause rheumatic diseases, have been held by Dr Trevor Marshall and the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM).

Both the IFM and the Dr Marshall teams are slowly successful in promoting the increased knowledge of the functional mechanisms of Autoimmune reactions caused by cell invading microbes.

March 1939 NY Times Science Article announcing that Arthritis is caused by a microbe PPLO (Aka Eaton Agent, Aka Mycoplasma Pneumonia); citing Science-Vol89 -No2308-Mar24-1939.  Culture of the organism is very hard, due to the fastidious nature of the microbe. Mice given the PPLO show pneumonia and later show chronic arthritis. 

The original microbe came from a human case of rheumatic fever.  It was unclear at the time if the strep pneumonia L-form or M. pneumonia or both were the reported troublemakers.  Today the list of bad actors includes both and is now much larger. But many are, in certain stages, susceptible to tetracyclines in long term pulsed dosages, with probiotics to control dysbiosis.


Dr Garth Nicolson's Website and Papers  (April 2012)

Garth Nicolson (, South Laguna Beach, CA) has been working for many years with leading rheumatology doctors, immune & biochemical scientists around the world and especially in the U.S. to diagnose persistent chronic infections related to arthritis, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, gulf war illnesses, Lyme disease.

Mycoplasma, Chlamydia, Babesia, EhrlichiaKlebsiella,…and multiple persistent viruses: RSV, HHVs, Coxsackie, etc.  The persistent microbes that are involved are pleomorphic, with multiple stages/forms, multiple strains and they invade multiple-tissue-types and cell-types. (blood, immune, epithelial, etc, to slowly replicate as human and animal parasites)

Treatments to be effective must be long term, multi-antibiotic, multi-factored, multi-staged, multi-antibiotic combined with nutritional and mitochondria-energy enhancing supplements.

Dr Nicolson, Dr. Aristo Vojdani (ImmunoSciences Labs, Los Angeles) and Dr. A. Robert Franco (Arthritis Center of Riverside) have together co-authored a significant number of important papers relating immune and antibody testing, nutritional assays, as well as chronic infectious disease symptoms and treatment.


Disclaimer:  I am honored that Dr. Nicolson is both a contributor to and a reviewer of my two books. -KMP


CCMRF 2005 PolyMicrobial Presentation Slides by KF Poehlmann  Complete set of Slides at CCMRF2005.PDF (Feb 2012)

Bacterial Forms Span Huge Size Range

Chemical Recipes are Transmitted by Invader’s DNA/RNA

Recipe Transmission Effects

Harmful Synergism

Bacterial Cofactors:

Mycoplasma Vaccine Failure:  Hyper-Allergic State

Crohn’s Vs Jonne’s Disease in Cattle

Yersinia Pseudotuberculosis

Yersinia enterocolitica => systemic infiltration

Yersinia Entercolitica /IBD Testing, Tropisms

Leishmania Parasite, Southern Europe, Tropics, Sand Flies

CDC FAQs  .5 - 1.5 million new infected worldwide per year

Local skin lesions and systemic spread

Virus Cofactors:

Cytomegalovirus  (CMV)  HHV5

Human Herpes Virus (HHV6) a Double Stranded DNA Virus

Epstein Barr Virus (EBV= HHV4)

Coxsackie Virus, Treatment

Microbial control and suppression:

Why are we getting so fat? [Gut microbiome & high carb diet]

Diet can help control microbes

Antibiotic Protocols

Marshall Antibiotic Protocol

How HMOs Fail to Work


Koch's Postulates:  Do not let their simplicity restrict your thinking: (Oct 2011)

Dr Brown proved in 1939 using KPs that Mycoplasma pneumonia caused arthritis. And the NIH establishment chose to shun him and his ideas, like they did Pauling and Klenner.  A doctor would not listen to a patient and cited Koch’s postulates as the reason the patient was mistaken.  Actually, the patient, not the doctor, was more informed. 

Nature gives us many counterexamples to Koch’s method of linking a single microbe to a disease or condition. There are many problems with Koch’s 19th century simple rules.  Many pathogenic microbes are persistent. The bacteria are polymorphic---changing their forms.  The invaders live part of their lives inside our cells. The target multiple cell-types include immune cells and epithelial cells everywhere in the body.

The invaded target cells make disrupting bioactive molecules and stop making others. To understand chronic disease we need to understand  each of the many immune-stimulation cofactors, not just one. We find multiple-microbe-complexes (biofilm & plaque colonies) associated with COPD, Rheumatoid Arthritis, IBS, CFIDS, Fibromyalgia, Heart/Artery Disease, Brain Plaques, Cancer, etc. 

Polymorphic microbe complexes require multiple antibiotic types plus other modes of medical attack.  Koch’s postulates represent a compelling intellectual simplicity: one bug = one disease = one medicine.  This kind of thinking is inadequate to characterize the complex natural world.



Arguing From Minimized Statistics Leads to Problems   (January 2012)

Arguing from a small number and extrapolating to a large set of different cases is problematic. We do it too often to our great collective harm.

In Logic, if you argue from the empty set you can prove anything.  Anything is true if it applies to nobody.  The politician that keeps none of his promises can logically promise the electors the world plus anything beyond their wildest dreams.

Invalid logic and minimized data is used to fool us that authorities and administrators are operating properly. Bad data plus bad statistics leads to bad management and bad medicine, with no corrective actions.

Our statistics are minimized by neglect, by fear-to-report, by losing the data, by prejudicial inhibitions, by event miss-categorization, by defining too restrictive criteria, and by using poor tests with many false negatives.

Omission is not the “whole truth”. Omission causes us to avoid facing the important issues and to fail to fund critic


Natural Antiviral Foods, Herbs, Oils  (Oct 2011)

There are few antiviral medicines. Many natural foods (rarely eaten), herbs, and oils have antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, and anti worm properties.  Here is a starter list for web searches into the properties of natural medicines obtained from plants.


Clinic at WalMart: Low Cost Medical and Drugs Access (January 2012)

WalMart is positioning a physician staff at its in-store “Clinic at WalMart” to permit walk in medical services, injections, and immediate access to their low cost ($4/30day $10/90day supply) formulary of ethical drugs. WalMart has the global reach to buy world wide, from low production cost sources, providing world class quality pharmaceuticals.  They operate a cash business, but also take insurance at their more than 140 clinics nationwide. They buy prepackaged drugs from Canada, India, and other centers of production excellence. This business model eliminates much of the overhead from pill counting, insurance, delayed billing and accounting.  Clinics are independently owned. Locations


Nutrition, Orthomolecular and Alternative/Complementary Medicine (February 2012)

·           Infection Connection Website Writings on Nutrition

·           National Library of Medicine Complementary Medicine

·           Linus Pauling Institute @ Oregon State University

·           Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine

·           Mary Enig’s Fats/Oils Papers: Google[enig coconut antiviral]

·           Klenner and Cathcart References

·           Gluten Syndrome Comprehensive Information


Statins Interfere with Cholesterol Functions and CoQ10 Production  (Nov 2011)

Statin drugs block manufacture of CoQ10, an essential nutrient.  Statins block cholesterol generation, cause muscle pain and atrophy, cause systemic cellular mitochondrial dysfunctions, and neuropathies.  If statins are taken, high levels of ascorbic acid (AA) and CoQ10 should also be taken.  There are many adverse symptoms of statin intake without adequate dietary supplementation.  Statins accelerate the deterioration we call ageing.

Statins are prescribed in the mistaken belief that cholesterol causes arterial plaques and heart disease. The synthesis of essential CoQ10 and Heme are also blocked.  Cholesterol starvation, low CoQ10 and Heme in the presence of oxidation-stress causes muscle and nerve atrophy by induced mitochondrial energy dysfunction, oxidized toxic cholesterol.

Cholesterol starvation, low CoQ10 and Heme in the presence of oxidation-stress causes muscle and nerve atrophy by induced mitochondrial energy dysfunction + oxidized toxic cholesterol. Cholesterol starvation causes the failure to regenerate nerve cells as they die off.   

Adverse drug reactions to statins are underreported, compared to the reports collected by websites that independently report harm to statin taking patients.

 This leads to wide spread iatrogenic harm, faster aging, loss of vitality, dementia, and earlier deaths from painful muscle and nerve degenerative wasting. Heart disease statistics are, however, slightly improved, because you die of other causes before your heart fails.


Cancer vs. Microbes: Table with References to Medical WikiPedia (Dec 2011)

Microbes are associated with many Cancers. SV-40 Simian Virus 40 was a contaminant in live Polio vaccine. It shows up in the table in many places as a Cancer-associated infection.  Other infections are also found to increase the probability of certain Cancers. This table has links to the medical articles in WikiPedia to make it easy to look up the supporting data.


Diseases/Conditions Vs. Microbes: Table with References to Medical WikiPedia  (Dec 2011)

Chronic infections by Viruses, Bacteria, and some fungus/yeasts are linked to specific diseases and conditions. The members of the Hepatitis and Herpes virus groups are multiply associated elements. Another repeated co-infections are in the insect borne Borrelia species. Others are RSV, EBV, CMV, VZV, Mycoplasmas and the ubiquitous Chlamydia pneumonia. This table has links to the medical articles in WikiPedia to make it easy to look up the supporting data.


Urinary Tract Infections: Mycoplasmas and Ureaplasmas (December 2011)

From the Road Back Foundation Website Antibiotic Protocols

The names of the Mycoplasmas found in UTIs and other body locations as colonies.  The table shows the number of strains of each mycoplasma their antibiotic susceptibilities and resistance-to antibiotics.


Why Doctors Might Not Use the Brown Antibiotic Protocol  (Jan 2012) 

For various reasons doctors may prefer to use only anti-inflammatory treatments without the antimicrobial antibiotics.  This sets up the patient’s microbiome on the track for an earlier, painful death. This page contains the reasons why.


 Ketonic AA Antibiotic Protocol with Nutrition Factors  (Jan 2012)

Ketosis plus vitamin C  (AA) is an adjuvant to the Tetracycline-antibiotic protocol. Combine Klenner's AA and Rheumatoid Arthritis The Infection Connection, Appendix 2: Tetracycline/Minocycline Protocol.  Benign ketosis is induced by drastic reduction of carbohydrate intake to ~ 15 grams of carbohydrates per day. [See Dr. Atkins’ diet induction stage]

The liver shifts from fat storage mode to fat extraction mode and brown fats are catabolized to acetyl CoA to feed the Krebs (citric acid) cycle where ATP is made to feed energy to all the body cells. Body-cell sugar use shuts down. Hypo-glycemic condition stops in ketosis mode.  HDL/LDL lipid levels normalize.

Microbes and viruses are sugar dependent, so are drastically starved. ROS of the chronic infection oxidizes the AA to the Dehydro AA (oxidizing) form.  Microbes, microbe-infected body and cancer cells all need sugar but their cells ingest oxidized Dehydro Ascorbic Acid (DHA) in place of sugar.  Inside the microbes and the infected cells the DHA oxidizes the cells' mitochondria and induces apoptosis (cell death). Full Details:


Gut Bacteria and Health Countermeasures (Nov 2011)

Microbes in the gut work to make food more useful.  Bad microbe strains can lead to dysbiosis. Antibiotics make the gut unbalanced.  Here is a list of problem microbes along with pointers to ways you can easily reboot your gut flora and maintain a healthy balance. 


Metallo Enzymes a Complex of Active Molecules (Jan 2012)

Antibiotics and Zinc supplements have complex roles in antimicrobial defenses.  Knowing what and how enzymes containing certain metal atoms function to perfect and control our immune system is a fertile field of investigation at this time.  Here is an overview with some practical surprises using nutritional quick fixes.


Gut Bacteria Metabolic Syndrome, Heart Disease and Lecithin (Dec 2011)

A Common bacteria (L. rhamnosus, found in probiotic Kefir) in mice with guts repopulated with human microflora makes fishy smelling gas, TMA, that the liver converts to TMAO and HDL cholesterol. Atherosclerotic plaques grow faster. Change gut flora with antibiotics and the TMA production stops. High levels of lecithin as a brain supplement are to be avoided. Gut microflora genetics appear to be at the root of metabolic syndrome and obesity. Kefir & Lecithin are a recipe for heart disease.


Vaccines + Mitochondrial Dysfunction Cause ASD & Dysfunction of the Vaccine Court (VC) (Nov 2011)

HHS has admitted liability for ASD symptoms and harm in the Hanna Poling case. Vaccines plus genetic mitochondrial dysfunction (MD) causes ASD disabilities. MD is ubiquitous:  Statins cause MD.  Scurvy causes MD.  Malnutrition plus persistent microbial chronic infections cause MD.  Fibromyalgia is systemic MD. We all harbor systemic infections where cell invading microbes cause MD.

Vaccine court rules exclude vaccine-caused, slow-to-emerge ASD cases.  Related disability cases will be settled with awards.  The average claim is ~ $ 1 Million. Family lifetime cost ~ $3 million. SSI is liable. The autism incidence rate is ~ 1/100, and still getting worse.

If every ASD diagnosis led to a VC MMR claim, the paid in premium for a ~$1 Million claim would be $225.  If the fund were to break even, the claims rate should be less than ~3/106.  If the number of outstanding ASD claims were 10,000, total current claims would be ~$10 billion. 

Legislation now exists to raid the VC compensation fund “surplus” to offset budget shortfalls, and pay for new program commitments. Denying justice by the government that pretends to care for the public, the government steals their compensation, based on legal pretexts and a rigged system.

The discussion at the above link shows functionally just how vaccines can and do cause the vaccine associated injuries that we see in practice.


Vaccines Cause Chronic HyperAllergy  (April 2012)

Medical literature documents at least three causes of hyperallergic or anaphylactic reactions stimulated by vaccination.  Normal conditioning of the immune system is based on eating or inhaling foreign proteins and other allergen molecules.  Injection bypasses the chemical learning that takes place normally for foods or airborne substances. 

·           Vaccines hyper-sensitize to disease agents. This limitation is well known to experts, but the seriousness and dangers are not communicated to the public, are covered up by authorities, or are subject to disinformation publicity. A conference was held in 1974 to discuss this emerging problem. Most of the participants are now retired and the legacy of past knowledge of vaccination dangers known in the prior decades are buried in medical archives, unread and unheeded.  The danger is to a no longer small fraction of those vaccinated.

·           Vaccines hyper-sensitize to food proteins This stellar reference describes how an epidemic of anaphylactic food sensitivities has resulted from vaccinations.  One cause of ASD symptomology is from this mechanism. 

·           Vaccine adjuvants are poisons that stay around at the injection site and cause functional muscular dystrophy. Treatment might be chelation and massage to remove the toxic residues in the injection site muscles. The proof: Macrophagic myofasciitis Lesions  Long-term persistence of vaccine-derived aluminum hydroxide in muscles at injection sites.

·           Cumulative Aluminum Toxicity in Pediatric and Military Vaccines This reference is an analysis of the toxicity of aluminum oxide adjuvants in vaccines.  Both the cumulative toxicity and the persistence of the adjuvant in injection site muscles has been underestimated. Use of aluminum deodorants may add to the cumulative dose.

·           Evidence from an increasing number immunology experts prove that vaccine caused immune hyperactivity becomes chronic. Causality is denied as a mystery by the controlling authorities, The causes are obviously related to the vaccines which are designed to stimulate immune reactivity. It would be embarrassing to do a thorough safety reassessment, so years pass by without one.


Vaccines Vs. Scurvy Notes:  Kalokerinos related URLS (Dec 2011)

These notes are for the serious student who wishes to explore the global knowledge and opinion about Vaccines, Nutrition, and Scurvy. has a body of vaccine related inputs from patients and doctors around the world.  Archie Kalokerinos first described the mass deaths in Australia of scorbic natives soon after vaccination. He continued to point out that Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS) are caused by sudden onset scurvy and associated shock.   Quotations from Dr Kalokerinos on Vaccines vs Scurvy as a cause of SIDS.

The global health machine has and continues to suppress the knowledge of vaccines harms in the presence of scurvy. The result is that later in Africa, the whole pattern of vaccine caused deaths repeated. 

In the developed world, where vaccines are being used more and more, ASD prevalence has increased from ~1/104 to ~1/102.

The danger of childhood illnesses is overstated. The anti-viral properties of vitamins A and C as well as the saturated, palm-derived oils, Lauric and Palmitic acids is not well appreciated.

With proper nutrition, much of the need for antiviral vaccines would not exist. Without the same nutrition, the vaccines themselves are causing harm.


Heart Disease And Fat Nutrition: (Nov 2001)

The cause of Heart Disease is microbial,, Bb, and others.  We are playing worthless HDL/LDL statistical games at great expense and human cost. That approach is truly a mirage created to sell statins.

Statins are proving to be harmful and life shortening. Essential HEME and CoQ10 production of the mevalonate pathway in the liver is blocked. Essential dietary fats starvation and cholesterol starvation can be pathogenic in the face of chronic infections, ROS and scurvy. 

AA deficiency is endemic and is highly dynamic. We need to change direction on heart disease treatment. Suppress and control the bugs.

Start eating vitamin C as an essential food that is metabolized and needs replacement at every meal.  We should eat more tropical, saturated oils, especially essential Lauric and Palmitic acids, which are “good-cholesterol” and hormone precursors as well as potent systemic essential antimicrobial foods. 

We need to stop taking statins which block our making of CoQ10, HEME, cholesterol and other essential metabolic molecules. If we persist in prescribing statins, we need to prescribe high levels of CoQ10 daily. We also should take more CoQ10 when we have low-energy symptoms (fatigue), mitochondrial dysfunction, or get older than age 40.



A Revolution in Our Understanding of Oils and Nutrition:   (Nov 2011)

Elimination of essential tropical oil precursors in our diet is contributing to gut, blood, lymph and respiratory dysbiosis.  Lauric acid (LA) in coconut oil converts to monolaurin (ML) in the gut. ML dissolves microbe’s lipid coatings and interferes with their ability to bind to target cells.

A palm oil derivative, Palmitoyl-oleoyl-phosphatidyl-glycerol (POPG), a phospholipid surfactant, is normally found in the lungs. It plays a complex beneficial role in binding to respiratory synclinal virus (RSV), to Mycoplasma pneumoniae, and likely to other COPD bacterial components. The Palmitic acid in butter is a precursor molecule.

Microbes inactivated by saturated-fat, Lauric and Palmitic acids, diet lipids include a wide range of viruses, bacteria, yeasts, and protozoa. Microbe resistance depends on eating them.

A huge worldwide body of reports on the use of vitamin C (ascorbic acid = AA) is accessible on the internet.  Accounting for its pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, and safety, it can now be used dependably as a drug in appropriate concentrations, orally, by injection or by IV.  Dr. Klenner reports on using oral AA to stop the measles virus, and to kill it with higher sustained oral inputs. (See below: AA Kinetics…)


Kefir and Related Probiotics:  (Nov 2011)

Buttermilk, yogurt, doogh, and Kefir are natural fermentations of milk’s lactic acid.  Kefir is a standard commercial product that is usually flavored.  Kefir is consumed to provide fresh probiotic cultures for re-populating the gut microflora. This article lists the various bacteria and one yeast culture that have been found to exclude pathogenic bacteria.  Beneficial microflora strains are defined with their benefits.


Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) IV Treatment Protocols for Cancer  (Oct 2011)

Tumors consume large amounts of Ascorbic Acid (AA). They deplete the AA supply for the rest of the body, causing scurvy-related illnesses, leading to death. The amount of AA needed in case of cancer and infection can be huge, in the range of tens to hundreds of grams per day.  Supplying large amounts (1gram-AA/Kg of body weight) by IV can exceed the tumor-cell killing level of AA in the blood. AA in these high concentrations is not harmful to normal cells. The AA in the oxygen starved cancer cell converts to an oxidizing form (dehydroascorbic acid) that kills the cell.  IV AA is an antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, antitoxin, antishock, and antagonist to immune-cell-invading pleomorphic microbes. For the serious student: listed AA-associated URLs point to a large number of serious articles about AA, its history, its chemistry, its biological activity, and its successful use as an alternative therapy. Serrapeptase proteolytic enzyme can attack the tumor protective sheath allowing meds and immune system to attack and dissolve the tumor. Matthias Rath protocol helps stop the spreading of the tumors.


PubMed:  Ascorbic Acid: Anti-Tumor, Anti-Angiogenic, PharmacoKinetics:  (Nov 2011)

Dosage from  Three abstracts establishing that:

·                          AA anti-tumor properties are from oxidizing-form of AA, not anti-oxide form.  Hydrogen peroxide = H202 mechanism.

·                          AA anti-angiogenic action is via H2O2 mechanism.  Angiogenic means stimulating growth of new blood vessels.

·           The ½ hour AA blood concentration half-life needs to be taken account in dosage and AA administration.

·           One-shot, low-dose experiments prove only that absence of AA is not a remedy.  ½ hour half-life.

·           Disregard of the very short AA half-life invalidates all experiments showing “no AA effects on diseases.”

·           Where AA blood concentration was unmonitored, AA may be presumed to be essentially absent.

·           Using proper pharmacokinetics, high enough AA dosages (by IV) will have predictable positive effects in vitro.

·           Klenner and Cathcart’s methods are in accord with current AA pharmacokinetics knowledge.

·           Klenner and Cathcart’s reports have been validated by reports from around the world, where they were consistent with their methods and AA pharmacokinetics as now known.

·           We need to properly perform AA clinical studies with AA blood levels above those proven effective in vitro.

·           In animal experiments, if AA is used as a treatment, AA blood concentration must be maintained and or measured, not discontinued in the middle of the trial.



Vitamin C PharmacoKinetics and PharmacoDynamics:  (Nov 2011)

Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) is an essential wonder-food.  It protects us from stress, from microbes, and can be rapidly depleted when we are sick. It is water-soluble; its blood half-life was measured at ½ hour.

·           How AA really works and How to make it work dependably

·           How much and how often vs. medical conditions

·           RDA for AA is incorrect on many official websites

·           NIH AA mistakes and stonewalling over corrections

·           Petition in 2004 requesting RDA re-evaluation based on science

·           Seven years of additional stonewalling over AA corrections

·           Food is an inadequate source of AA: too much sugar in fruits

·           FDA war against natural supplement makers stifles commerce

·           Here is what AA means to you, so you can improve your health.



COPD, ASD, & Infections: Diet Countermeasures  (Oct 2011)

Outdated diet propaganda contributes to our malnutrition. Tropical oils and vitamin C can suppress/kill viral/microbial gut and respiratory infections.  MMR live mumps virus can colonize the gut. Coconut and palm oils dissolve lipid viral coatings and block viral actions. Vitamin C in high persistent levels acts as an antibiotic. ASD may have a MMR live vaccine measles gut chronic infection component. COPD has RSV, Mycoplasma pneumonia, Chlamydia pneumonia, and other viral/bacterial components. Diet changes may improve your immunity and suppress the infections.

A table of antibiotics targeting COPD bacteria. Pneumonic bacteria—Mycoplasma Pneumonia, Streptococcus Pneumonia, Chlamydia pneumonia, and many more start their invasion in as a respiratory infection and then move to infect epithelial cells and other cells in the Respiratory and Intestinal tracts and other parts of the body.  When they invade synovial epithelial cells they cause arthritis, atherosclerosis, IBS, UTIs, and heart disease.


Link to: Mycoplasma Photomicrographs  From  (2009)

Mycoplasma strains seen using darkfield microscopy (1000x).


Link to: CWD L-Forms History A stellar web article…at

A History of Cell Wall Deficient Bacteria: A Selection of Researchers Who Have Worked with the L-form  Author: Amy Proal


Lyme Disease Perspective (February 2012)

See: A Plague of Ignorance Regarding the Ignorance of a Plague©  2004, Dr Scott Taylor, DVM

Lyme Disease (LD) is caused by a spirochete similar to syphilis. Both cause dementia. Syphilis is a STD that is effectively treated. Lyme’s Bb spirochete is very persistent, inconclusively treated, and under reported. Tick borne microbes are the proximate cause of large percentage of dementia found in the elderly.  A lot of the huge societal and medical costs of caring for our demented family members could be reduced if effective LD treatments were universally applied at an early enough age to matter.  See references in next section, for technical details about Lyme Disease. Archive of Articles on Bb’s

Persistence, Symptoms,  Seronegativity, Cystic forms, Spirochetes as of Sept 2003 with updates to 2010.

Persistence File:  73 peer-reviewed studies showing that Lyme disease can persist or relapse despite antibiotic therapy.

Symptoms:  Lyme disease is a total body with extensive local symptoms, 50+ pages of  indexed abstracts.

Symptoms Supplement:  Abstracts on tick bites, co-infections, and the immune response

Seronegativity:  17 pages of abstracts LD and other spirochetal infections tests are often falsely negative.

Cystic Form of Bb: An Introduction:  Antibiotics cause generation of cystic coccoid forms. The cystic forms can regenerate spirochetes. 17 Pages.

 Cystic Form of Bb & Other Spirochetes: Advanced: 30 pages, The ability of Bb and other spirochetes to exist in coccoid forms provides a cogent explanation for phenomenon such as latency, persistent infection, and seronegativity. Pictures.

Cystic Forms of Spirochetes: A Complete Bibliography, 1905-Present:  53 pages: Bibliography of over 260 studies with information/observations on round forms of spirochetes (including 63 studies pertaining to Lyme disease), dating from the early 1900's to the Nov 2010.


Link to: Lyme Disease Borrelia Burgdorferi Information and Pictures (2011)

60,000 understated estimated infections per year. Testing and treatment is largely ineffective, leading to spirochete caused dementia similar to syphilis in millions of persons.  Mosquitos have caused a bird imported rise in B.b microbiome infections in ticks from 4% to 40% in a period of only 10 years. Nationwide this is a huge health problem increasing costs for Medicare in the later years of life.

@   Chronic Lyme Disease is caused by extreme microbial persistence. Our testing and treating methodology is so incomplete that we do not know enough to scope, much less to solve the problem. It is the Uni-dimensional blind men viewing the multi-dimensional elephant all over again, except the discourse has been far from collegial between those who have to treat and the scientists.

“B. burgdorferi has been shown to invade a variety of cells, including endothelium, fibroblasts, lymphocytes, macrophages, keratinocytes, and synovium. By 'hiding' inside these cells, B. burgdorferi is able to evade the immune system and is protected to varying degrees against antibiotics, allowing the infection to persist in a chronic state.”


A Remarkable Success: Reversal by Ketosis diet and Coconut oil:

Book: Alzheimer's Disease:What If There Was a Cure?

by Mary Newport, MD  Website: Alzheimer’s Disease Case History

See Ketonic Protocols    

See Tropic Oils vs. Microbes


Lyme Update: Endowment 4 Med Research 2006   From PDF: 

Lyme causes symptoms misdiagnosed as:

ADD/ADhD, Autism, Juvenile Arthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Reactive Arthritis, Infectious Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Fibromyalgia, Raynaud's Syndrome, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Interstitial Cystis, Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease, Fifth Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, scleroderma, lupus, early ALS, early Alzheimer’s, crohn's disease, ménières syndrome, sjogren's syndrome, irritable bowel syndrome, colitis, prostatitis, psychiatric disorders, bipolar, depression, encephalitis, sleep disorders, thyroid disease to mention a few of 350 diseases that could possibly be Lyme.

·           Colorful Lyme Lecture by Alan McDonald, a pathologist, 2007

·           A life cycle for Borrelia spirochetes.htm

·           Lyme spirochetes Pictures linking syphilis and Lyme spirochete CWD L-forms

·           LYME DISEASE (Borreliosis) A Plague of Ignorance Regarding the Ignorance of a Plague©  2004, Dr Scott Taylor, DVM

·           Tick Microbiome Only a small geographic sample Other complicating co-infections include HSV-2 and HHV-6 see

·  Jenna’s Lyme Blog Articles 

·           New Treatment for Lingering Neuropathic Pain



Inflammation in RA, Fibromyalgia, and Sarcoidosis   Marshall Protocol (2006)

           Latent intracellular macrophage colonies have been shown to be an important causal factor in several chronic autoimmune disorders. Macrophages normally eat invaders and allergenic proteins.  Some microbes invade and colonize macrophages, taking over their DNA, using the cells to make toxins, allergens and enzymes, upsetting the body’s molecular equilibriums. This imbalance leads to autoimmune conditions such as RA, Fibromyalgia, and Sarcoidosis. The Marshall Protocol is a successful approach to treatment of Scarcoidosis, which resembles Fibromyalgia.


Chlamydia pneumoniae Linked to Heart Disease, Stroke, and Alzheimer’s

           Persistent and slow-growing C. pneumoniae ( infections lead to a variety of circulation-related disorders. Symptoms do not appear for years, while the infection deposits arterial plaques that lead to heart attacks and strokes. Autopsies of heart attack victims showed 60% were infected with previously undetected C. pneumoniae.


How Yeast Infection Aggravates Rheumatic Symptoms

           Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, hypothyroidism and other ailments characterized by inflammation, joint pain, and chronic fatigue are made worse by an overgrowth of Candida albicans. Fortunately, the Candida organism can be reduced and controlled, largely through dietary adjustments.


Microbes Vs. Maladies

           Many parasitic microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, yeasts, fungal forms, L-forms, Mycoplasma, etc.) are able to invade and colonize host cells, disrupting cell chemistry without killing the host cell. This article presents a table of microbial co-factors and their role in well-known medical conditions.


Conditions Helped by Minocycline

           A list of conditions benefiting from antibiotic (Minocycline, etc) protocols.


Vitamin C, (AA), Relieves Coughing Fits; Whooping Cough recovery speeded. (1937)

Personal experience has proved repeatedly that a few grams of AA will relieve coughing urgency within a few minutes. Where continued coughing causes a chain reaction of irritation, stimulated by environmental causes, the AA works to relieve the itch that stimulates the cough.  The “cure” is temporary, more AA is needed to continue the relief. Eventually the high need for AA diminishes.

A GreenMedInfo paper by Dr. S. Humphries cites AA as a treatment for Pertussis (Whooping Cough). AA, in high enough multi gram dosages, is an effective acute neutralizer of all the bacterial toxins generated by the infections that the DPT vaccine protects against.  With AA so effective against the bacteria (in 1-3 hour, repeated, several-gram oral AA dosages), one questions the medical industry’s overstated need for the whooping cough (pertussis) vaccine, which actually doesn’t work very well.

Liposomal AA is even more effective against acute bacterial and viral invasions of the respiratory tract. See Amazon reviews.

The  Original Omerod Canadian Paper showed low dosages of AA worked to speed up recovery from whooping cough. The AA intake was orders of magnitude too little to effect a rapid cure. But benefits from low AA dosages were remarkable. 1937 Ormerod Follow-up Paper confirms that tiny amounts of AA helps to temporarily relieve symptoms. It did not go far enough; continued, much larger amounts of AA would have shown even greater benefits. It has taken 66 years for the pharmacokinetics of AA to be understood.  AA acts as an antitoxin, as a broad-spectrum antibiotic and as an antiviral medicine.

Vitamin C’s effectiveness is still “controversial” because its effectiveness and safety threaten so many other toxic patented medicines that sustain the “ethical” drug industry. 

Nonetheless, AA is very useful as complementary medicine to neutralize life-threatening endotoxins released by dieing bacteria killed by antibiotics.

How much Vitamin C. AA in large amounts, continuously administered, also provides toxin-neutralizing relief from adverse drug reactions, from anaphylaxis-like toxic shock symptoms, from snake and insect venoms, from jellyfish stings, from plant poisons and from allergic reactions of every kind. See Dr. Thomas Levy’s book Curing the Incurable.




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