Invalid arguing from minimized statistics causes huge social costs.     ArgueFromNull.htm

Arguing from a small number and extrapolating to a large set of different cases is problematic.  In Logic, if you argue from the empty set you can prove anything.  Anything is true if it applies to nobody.  Since all men have two arms, the set of five-armed men is empty, but it is not a falsity. Then five-armed men should get free Obamacare is not logically troublesome because there are none in the set and the costs are low.

How does this apply to managed medicine that uses managed statistics?

Drugs and Managed Statistics:

Much mass application of blockbuster drugs is to control artificial, molecular risk-factors. The ‘worth’ of controlling biochemical body processes is based on limited-study weak correlations of molecular concentrations to disease outcome statistics. In heart disease, artificially abstract categories of High/Low density lipid molecules are associated with plaque conditions that coincidently correlate with suspected pathologic abnormalities in a few favored studies. Other studies exist that show opposite, negative correlations.  This is true for “HDL/LDL” ratios that are supposed to relate to heart disease risk factors. So meta studies can stack the deck and produce false conclusions.

The mevalonate pathway, the essential pathway making cholesterol, Heme, and CoQ10 is disrupted in managing these lipid concentration measurements and that really do not cause a condition or invoke a functional cure. The pathway blockage does have serious degenerative functional side effects: cholesterol and CoQ10 starvation; nerve and muscle nutrition is adversely interfered-with.

This leads to blocking cellular replacement for both nerves and muscles. It ends with loss of vigor, degeneration of vital functions, enfeeblement, and premature deaths by causes other than heart disease. More alternate-cause deaths reduce heart-disease-deaths as a fraction of total deaths. Statistics perversely prove the ‘value’ of the protocol; older people have shorter lives and the SSI need for funds are reduced accordingly.  Functionally, both with and without CoQ10 supplementation, statins are a slow poison, with financial benefits to the government.

Our medical statistics are managed by omission, by neglect, by fear to report, by losing conflicting data, by prejudiced (Doctor) reporter inhibitions, by event miss-categorization, by defining too-restrictive criteria, and by trusting poor tests with many false negatives. Omission or outcome-driven data renaming (re-categorization) is suppression of the whole truth. A half truth makes a complete lie.

Family Bankruptcy Extrapolated to Bankrupting the Medical System?

Consider the small number of cases of bankruptcy of families faced with huge medical charges based on overstated provider organization overhead-costs built into their prices.  High prices encourage insurance enrollment. 

To save a small number of enrollees from bankruptcy due to overcharging by providers, universal high overhead medical coverage is proposed with forced enrollment by everyone. Mass money flows are subject to miss management and administrative corruption. 

Patient nonpayments are the providers’ accounts-receivable shortfall. Better for the overcharging provider to forgive the overcharges. Better still are: no insurance, discounted cash payments, and reduced overhead charge components. The Wal-Mart model.

Instead, universal enrollment with preexisting conditions is proposed. This bails out the providers, who can still sue the patients and still bankrupt them.  The tail wags the dog, and activates new claim categories. Administration overhead costs go up and up.

VAERS Insurance Bankruptcy Management:

Universal medical coverage will now include the huge iatrogenic damages of vaccines’ and drugs’ adverse events. This bails out the VAERS insurance fund that would be bankrupted by Autism claims, if the claimants were not denied justice.

Successful vaccine disabilities claims are adjudicated at ~$1 million; and lifetime Autism costs are ~$3 million. Families with serious costs get 1/3 of their costs if the claim succeeded.

HHS by vigorous adversarial legal actions, made the autism-related claim success-percentage very close to 0%. Now, for over 5000 claimants, there is no justice in the VAERS system, but the harm to families can continue because the vaccine manufacturers and the administrators can claim “not a problem”.

The falsified “vaccines are not a cause” propaganda still continues.

Adverse Event Reporting Systems and Disease Reporting Systems Undercount Real Cases:

The problem lies in the failure of our adverse event reporting systems. Bad drugs and vaccines cause huge social costs, early deaths and epidemic-sized iatrogenic complications that have no “known” cause.  Administrators love this because it means business as usual.  The various numbers of adverse events are understated. By denying the real linkages no one is to blame. But all who miss-manage the statistics are guilty, along with those who set it up that way.


The adverse event reporting systems are broken/corrupted in at least the following ways:

Other websites collect harm case history data for iatrogenic Autism and Statin harm that belie the low official statistics.

Extrapolating from corrupted data of too-low official case-numbers implies no significant social costs exist and health agencies need not do anything. This is the opposite of the truth.


We must fix the business-as-usual, politically correct, corrupt data in our management systems; but this would make the costs visible and payable. We have no money for this. 

Possible Actions to Improve the System:

If we change the meaning of Autism to exclude some cases of harm, we minimize the statistics but maximize the harm and the total social costs. We save short-term services dollars, by denying VAERS claims of the injured, and shift the medical costs to the universal medical insurance or to the vaccine-injured families.

Alternatively, take the harmful drugs and bad vaccines off the market. Then the “not harm” that has “no cause” will stop. The drug company profits and sales would drop and the iatrogenic harm would be reduced.

We should stop “approving” vaccines on a too-short time schedule with minimal or no safety consideration.

We vaccinate children too early and too much. Unproven vaccines are administered to infants with immature immune and nervous systems, for dubious future societal benefits. Mitochondrial dysfunctions caused by latent infections’ ROS can lower ascorbic acid to scurvy levels where SIDS is no longer improbable.

Change Nutritional Guidelines for Vitamin C:

Ascorbic acid should be administered routinely before vaccinations and added to junk food. 

Improve Vaccine Safety and Reduce Adjuvant Poisoning:

The elimination-rate assumptions for Aluminum-oxide adjuvants are now proven to be incorrect. Too many concurrent or closely scheduled vaccines can lead to adjuvant poisoning. Pediatric and Military vaccination programs have many examples of iatrogenic episodes. Aluminum adjuvant persistence at injection sites leads to long-term, vaccine-linked, hyper allergic reactions: to food, to chronic infections or to neural cells whose shapes mimic foreign shapes in the vaccine or related to microbes causing a latent chronic infection.  Massage combined with chelation and high Ascorbic Acid  intake can reduce or eliminate the toxic aluminum adjuvant concentrations.


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