Lyme Disease Perspective

Over sixty years ago, the STD, syphilis, was well understood. A spirochete infection caused dementia and early death. Penicillin provided a way to stop the cell wall form and this was thought to be a conclusive cure.  Malaria was known and yellow fever, and the cell invading features of  some microbes was understood. 

Ascorbic acid (AA) and high levels of vitamin C as a treatment for viral infections and as a microbial toxin antidote was published knowledge.  Antibiotics were just penicillin and sulfa drugs.  Antiviral antibiotics were not invented yet. 

The age of vaccines was about to emerge as the polio epidemics of the 1916 were about to be repeated in 1956.  Rocky mountain spotted fever killed one of my cousins doing research.  But although Lyme disease was endemic, it was undiagnosed until it was recognized in 1975. 

Vaccines were the promoted mode to save us from the microbes, and still are.  Vitamin C and how well it works was not promoted. It was a vitamin and effective at one daily level in tiny amounts.  At a much higher level of intake it is an antiviral, and an intracellular microbe killer. Under stress, its half lifetime is 30 minutes.  Its need is extremely dynamic by a factor above MDA of  at least 100, and to 1000 in some infections. See its Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics

Its pharmacokinetics was known by a few, and misunderstood by consensus medicine.  Incompetently crafted studies were done again and again at levels too low to account for the rapid depletion, under ROS stress, after intake.  AA levels existent in the test methods were not measured, just assumed. Conclusions were necessarily wrong; they attributed no beneficial effects to presence of AA when no AA was present.

Studies based on AA’s true characteristics were denied funds, actively ignored, or purposefully misinterpreted. They still are, because vitamin C threatens the big drug companies’ business model. 

Vaccines became big business. Over the many years, harmful vaccine related blunders occurred on mass scales.  GWI, SIV, HIV, mycoplasma contamination, Autism, SIDS, SBS, mass vaccine deaths with scurvy in Australia and Africa. HiB vaccine was administered too early with undeveloped immune systems, etc.  Live MMR and Polio vaccines causing pathogenic viral vaccine strain infections.

Lyme is caused by the Borrelia burgdorferi spirochete, and it works in the same way as syphilis, but it has strains that more slowly destroy the brain. 

The multiple Bb strains, and the testing incompetence, with high criteria and low matches with some strains leads to so many false negatives that recognition and treatment is denied to all but the most severely afflicted. 

Doctors making clear how Lyme causes dementia have been persecuted.  Chronic Lyme Disease is “controversial.”  One influential critic that claimed “CLD does not exist” was labeled a sociopath by an authoritative Lyme support blogger.

Effective treatment of LD is quite hard because of the many microbial forms and stages in the life cycle of the Bb bacteria in the human and animal hosts. Doctors who treat effectively, using antibiotics over the long time necessary, have been persecuted by colleagues and by the insurance authorities.  Laws have had to be passed to protect them.

The tick microbiome has been cataloged and it includes a lot of other persistent, pathogenic microbes that I have not mentioned. Lyme pathogenicity is really polymicrobial. Polymicrobial treatments are complicated. Most doctors are relatively unskilled in this arena.

Lyme is a disease of rural population.  Mosquitoes and birds provide mobility of the Bb microbes’ strains across national boundaries. Different continents have different strains, but bird migration provides some strain mixing across vast distances.  The sub strain mix is quite dynamic as measured by a 15year study of Bb tick microbiomes on a northeast coastal island.

Infection by Bb is typically attributed to ticks and mites. But it is clear that mosquitoes are a significant factor with bites in the ears of hairy animals. The Bb Lonestarei strain is reported to be mosquito spread to humans in the south US.  The main animal reservoirs are mammals and birds living in rural areas.  Metropolitan populations have much less chance of meeting ticks, mites, and mosquitoes. Fleas and flies are other likely vectors. 

I heard Lyda Mattman say that the Bb can be cultured from blood taken from ears of persons testing negative for the usual western blot tests. Proving the ear affinity, and the relatively uselessness of the conventional tests.  I also heard her complain that authorities forbade her, from assisting practitioners in diagnosing Bb infections. Proving that they care more for rules than for providing effective diagnosis and treatment.

CDC probably has statistics on cumulative Lyme infection % demographics, but it appears to be hiding them in their files.  They are not on the web. The yearly reported incidence data is found, but it is under reported by an unknown factor due to poor tests with too high criteria and many false negatives.  If the factor is X 10, then the cumulative Bb exposure over 60 years is huge and commensurate with the large numbers of  Alzheimer’s dementia cases, correcting for residence factors: rural/metropolitan.  Post mortems of Alzheimer’s brains show a very high % of Bb infections. See

Health Care Cost Implications:

With Obamacare, the government is now a gatekeeper controlling expenditures of tax and insurance money for health treatments for more than the elderly.  There is an inherent conflict of interest.

There is a lack of trust in the integrity of the administrators, and of the HHS rule makers.  Congress has already reallocated major Medicare funds from services for the elderly to pay for new, younger enrollees. Obamacare is an under funded mandate.

The primary conflict of interest is the SSI funding shortfall.  Over the years the government has spent the surplus SSI funds in the trust fund.  They lack the means to pay back all that money.  So they have a financial interest in making lives shorter near end-of-life for SSI beneficiaries. 

Through funded abortions and birth control they are restricting population increase, depleting the pool of future wage earners who will pay the SSI taxes. This makes the SSI dollar shortfall worse, and is bad financial policy.

Now HHS controls the medical care.  They have the means to deny services that would sustain longer or even the same lifetimes.  So there is even more lack of trust in the government to respect the rights of the elderly. 

I doubt that much official support to improve the effectiveness of Lyme disease and dementia cures.  An effective long term mixed antibiotics protocol is proposed. It would target different CWD L-form and intracellular stages of various chronic microbes:  HHVs, Bb & Borrelia sp.,,, mycoplasmas, RSV,  etc.,  combined with other antibiotic adjuvant factors:  Tropic oils, Olive extracts, Ketonic diet (low sugar & carbohydrates), high levels of vitamin C and of vitamin A, with other nutrients and antimicrobial foods. See Ketonic protocol.

It has been separately estimated that high daily levels of intake of vitamin C can extend productive lifetime by at least 7 years. Think of how this will extend the cost of the SSI program.  Now you can see why people are sensitive about threats to restrict the availability of vitamin C as an over the counter supplement. 

Practitioners who use vitamin C as a clinical medicine are being restricted by new rules. 

Literally billions of dollars are at stake.  Also at stake are “the lives, liberty and pursuit of happiness” of our older citizens.  The present government is untrue to their oath to preserve the Constitution.

In God we trust. In congress we trust less than 10%.


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