How Vaccines and Mitochondrial Dysfunction may cause harm.      VaccinesPlusMD.htm

Vaccines + Mitochondrial Dysfunction (MD) + Scurvy è Neuropathy, ASD, Ageing.

All the causal conditions and processes are outlined for a conceptual proof that Vaccines + Pre-existing-conditions cause disabilities and neuropathy associated with the Autism Spectrum Disorders called ASD.


This argument might be used in the vaccine court show causality.


Who bears the responsibility for the various causes of the harm?

·           The CDC for not considering the demographic statistics of scurvy from chronic infections?
·           The CDC for not considering that scurvy and vaccinations can kill and disable?
·           The government for not up-scaling vitamin C (AA) nutritional requirements?


The causality is based on medical facts, confirmable by published reports.

The child’s neural system fails to mature normally, even in the presence of antioxidants and other therapeutic nutrition.


Vaccine claim rate costs versus ASD incident rate:


Detail Process Description:

Mitochondrial dysfunction (MD) as a cause


Legal admission of the scientific facts

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) concluded that the family of Hannah Poling of Athens, GA is entitled to compensation from the federal vaccine injury fund. The head of the agency testified to this before Congress.


MD incidence: A mistake by HHS

Statins cause MD:


·                          If we wanted to save the government SSI money, we couldn’t find a better way to speed up the ageing of our elder citizens.  Statins speed up ageing via the MD and oxidizing the DNA of their cells.

·                          But if they age quicker, they have much higher medical expenses and government has offsetting higher end of life costs.


Statins in the body a molecular-biochemistry summary:


Antioxidant molecules protect the mitochondria from oxidation.


The Action of Statins:

·           Muscle pathology: muscle pain, destruction, enfeebling.

·           Nerve pathology: nerve pains, and slow loss of brain functions

·           Fatigue and depression; reducing cellular energy, heart action, blood flow. 


Lipitor patent implies co-administration of nutritional supplementation of  CoQ10.

The Lipitor drug patent recommended dietary supplementation with “ubiquinol” to make up for the CoQ10 deficit that was caused by the enzyme blocking.  This was to prevent (muscle deterioration) myopathy.  We now know that neuropathy is also a consequence if CoQ10 levels drop too low. 


Do the prescribing doctors follow the patent recommendation and supplement with CoQ10?

No they are not told to do so.


But even if you fix the CoQ10 deficiency, you still have a shortage of Heme-A and that shortage causes mitochondrial dysfunction, DNA mutations and who knows what other dysfunctions.  And then there are the other molecules not made. And their deficiency dysfunctions.


There are also the real effects of cholesterol starvation on brain function and regeneration. Even if the oxidation stress was not present.


Statins Conclusion:


So what else causes mitochondrial oxidation and dysfunction?    SCURVY.

For many years, and world wide, the answer has been well known.  Scurvy causes MD.  Scurvy has been ignored.  We assume we all do not have scurvy because we set the MRD too low.

We did not consider the pharmacokenetics; AA lifetime =1/2 hour.  Under suitable stress that is all the time we need to shift from borderline-low to exponential increases in histamine and runaway oxidation stress mode. 

Allergic persons are borderline; so are those with chronic infections.  MRD is too low for them.


What else does scurvy cause?


Scurvy causes sudden infant deaths



What is scurvy?


What causes the scurvy state? 

But to get that much we must use IV infusions.


Pharmacokenetics of Vitamin C:

The pharmacokenetics of a drug or molecule measures the lifetime of the molecule in our bodies. 


How long does AA last?


The Scurvy State:


Standard Vaccine Practices that might help outcomes:


Is our current medical system dysfunctional? 

Only a tiny bit; but multiply by 280 million, and you will get a fair number of failures.

·           Low AA levels, oxidation stress & MD plus vaccines can induce a scurvy cascade leading to death or disablement.

·           MD and vaccines/infections and scurvy oxidation stress oxidize cholesterols into neurotoxins.

·           Polio may work this way; caused by a virus; Klenner used AA,  to cure polio for many patients.


Vaccine fund is not workable for ASD so why do we keep vaccinating with high-risk vaccines?


We can do and need to do better than what we are doing now.


These changes would save huge medical system future costs:

A lot of social and medical costs & misery could be saved: 

AA is a necessary food; eat 3 grams AA 3 times per day.

And a lot of people did it.

(Strong antiviral AIDS/COPD microbe killing properties)

Early Clinical Usage of Vitamin C.  –Klenner.

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