How to Stop Pro Vaccine Tyranny that Dooms our Civilization.


Prediction of Social Catastrophe:

It is starting to be recognized that the UN’s WHO orchestrated Vaccine Zealots are increasingly causing great harm, to groups and to families, worldwide.  It is time for thoughtful intelligence to be applied to our own public health catastrophe, caused by vaccine toxic adjuvants. Unwise policies need to be reversed. Vaccinations: Too early, too many together, too many total have lead to cumulative adjuvant tissue toxicity. (Ref 17)  Chronic Subclinical Scurvy is a cofactor. (Refs 34, 49) Toxic metals in tissues include Iron, Aluminum, Copper, Mercury, Cadmium, Chromium.  Some are acquired from vaccines, some from cosmetics, some (iron, aluminum) from food additives.


The VAERS statistics are undercounting, broken. (Ref 33) The vaccine insurance is depleted, funds bankrupt. (Ref 22) Autism/ASD cases have risen to 5% in Scotland, for boys.  ADHD is at 13% for boys in U.S. (Ref 35) Vaccines are now scientifically linked to Autism. (Refs 5, 37, 38)


Vaccine court decisions denying all claims for Autism injuries Vs. Vaccines have been refuted by new scientific evidence proving how vaccines cause strokes and chronic mental disabilities.  (Ref 41) Wakefield was not wrong. The UK health agencies were found to have conflicts of interest and guilty of malpractice in UK courts. Wakefield’s paper however has not been restored and its attackers’ false claims have not been retracted.  Much science now links ROS and inflammation syndromes to ASD, including gut inflammation and measles live vaccine  virus neuro-tropisms. Mass media continues to spew propaganda and lies about vaccine safety and effectiveness.


Legal liability freedom for vaccine makers has led to federal false claims act abuses by vaccine makers promoted by collusive federal regulators.  (Ref 50)


Tyrannical mandatory vaccine laws now require the poisoning of our children in the name of hypothetical, utopian goals. The WHO is the source of these laws worldwide.  (Ref  51)


Unconstitutional vaccine mandate laws are both illegal and unwise that promote public health based on ignoring of relevant aspects of toxological science and aspects of the biochemistry of ascorbate. If disease is primarily caused by CSS syndrome, and vaccines increase toxin load, while depleting ascorbate, then treat the ascorbate deficiency and disease resistance will make vaccines and their toxins unnecessary. (Ref  Video 1) Axcorbate in tissues and blood, above certain levels are antiviral  (Ref 53)


Rising vaccine-caused, newly-created, “preexisting” chronic morbidities have bankrupted the public health insurance industry. 


Current vaccine programs call for vaccination of neonatal babies before their immune systems are mature and vaccination of pregnant women where toxic adjuvants turn activate inflammatory genes and deplete ascorbate, both of which have complex unknown harmful effects on ROS oxides and fetal development and persistent harmful gene activation. This also interacts with glyphosate gene activation disruption in body, gut, and fetus.


The cost transfer of exponentially-rising morbidities to the government threatens to bankrupt the US federal budget.


Only a few politicians understand that the business model for the health industry is fatally broken. Caused in part by increasing vaccine-induced, cumulative toxic aluminum poisoning of our tissues and organs.


Summary: Chronic Subclinical Scurvy rises because vitamin C intake is no longer sufficient to counter the toxin-loads from environmental factors plus cumulative vaccine-induced toxic tissue aluminum persistence.  (Refs 34, 36, 46)  The ascorbate RDA, set so many years ago is too small and a fixed, certain, one-size-fits-all amount is the wrong model for this essential molecule.


Ascorbate is oxidized and converted to DHAA. The AA/DHAA ratio, Stone’s morbidity index, indicates poor localized tissue and organ health deterioration.  (Ref 31)


ROS and ascorbate depletion is the source of manifold pathologies and morbidities. (All? See Video 1) Episodes of hyper allergy flares are chain reactions of ROS overcoming mitochondrial ascorbate recycling capacity. Mitochondrial dysfunction is a factor. Ascorbate recycling failure.  Histamine and morbidities rise exponentially. Fenton ROS chain reaction due to Iron poisoning via diet supplements.  (Ref 29)


Mass vaccine deaths and SIDS from ASIA, (Ref  17), adjuvant persistent hyper allergies and latent chronic infections with endotoxins.  (Ref  20) Kalokerinos’ book Every Second Child


Mandatory vaccinations and catch up requirements based on WHO mandates have led to public health catastrophes world wide.  Mandated catch up vaccinations of sick adults on first day of hospital entry led to localized kidney failure event clusters.  See Dr Suzanne Humphries Video.  #11.


The US has the most vaccines in its planning and leads the world in nearly the highest infant mortalities, caused by vaccine induced ascorbate depletion.  (Ref 54)


Truth campaign against unwise California Tyranny, Mandatory Vaccine Law

Vaccines' toxic adjuvants, other impurities and contamination with allergens produce a cumulative, persistent toxin tissue loading. Vaccines train our bodies to have chronic autoimmune conditions. Vaccines persistent, cumulative toxins deplete protective vitamin C.  When toxins in tissues neutralize protective antioxidants in key locations in our bodies, then these sites suffer localized pathologies.


These accumulating aluminum (and other) tissue toxin loads (in heart, brain, pancreas, brain, kidneys, etc) have led to susceptibility to new diseases and to chronic localized hyper inflammation: Local tissue scurvy, AKA anascorbemia. Increasing morbidities and death rates for a wide spectrum of other maladies caused by localized toxins.  A wide range of inflammatory maladies like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s,  Diabetes, various fatigue syndromes, MS/CFIDS, asthma, hyper allergies, Obesity, all the “itis’es”, etc.  All due to cumulative tissue toxin poisoning from vaccines. (See videos 1, 2)


Reactive oxygen species (ROS) depletes antioxidants and turns down (slows the rate of)  all the electron-donor-based biochemical cycles and pathways.  Temporary remedy: Eat more vitamin C. Excess Iron in our diets is implicated in a ROS chain reaction, Fenton reaction. (Ref  29) Dr Levy’s book Primal Panacea  (Ref 15), free. Download.


This accumulating tissue toxin loading in turn has led to higher death rates from communicable diseases and conditions other than the intended hypothetical epidemic targets. Poor national infant and child mortality rankings are correlated with high use of vaccines. (Ref 54) Causation has been proven elsewhere. (Ref  5) Chronic Sub-clinical Scurvy syndrome is a factor predisposing to increased morbidity and mortality. (Refs 17, 34)


With low antioxidants, high oxides, allergic flares, or preexisting chronic infections, Vaccinations (especially multiple ones) have a history of causing mass deaths and with non-lethal outcomes, causing lifetime disabilities..


Heart attacks, Strokes, Kidney failures, SIDS, SBS.  Ref: Kalokerinos (10)  Autism/ADHD rates now are at 5% in Scotland and still rising. More vaccines are planned; Social catastrophe from continuing rise in ASD rates is now predicted in UK. WHO is driving nations to unwise mandatory vaccinations, despite the histories of mass deaths, Without protective ascorbate nutrition, vaccination can become a crime against Humanity.  Some doctors who understand the ignored science are threatening civil unrest unless the mandatory vaccine laws are declared unconstitutional and overturned. Dr. Bergman’s video,  (Video 15).


Overturn the mistakes: Vaccines Cause Autism:  Scientifically True but Legally False. The vaccine court decision of 2006 was a mistake.  Later science proves this.  (Ref 9)


There are many Doctors' Lectures on Utube on Vaccine Safety failures and ascorbate nutrition.

Utube has a video forum of authoritative alternate views that are different from the pro vaccine zealots who have not read deeply about the science aspects that are being ignored. Utube search terms vaccine and the following doctor names: Dr Tom Levy, Dr Andrew Saul, Dr Mercola, Dr Susanne Humphries (Nephrology), Dr Y. Schoenfeld, Dr John Bergman, Dr Abram Hoffer, Dr Robert Cathcart, Dr Wakefield, Dr Pompa, etc.


Utube  Synthetic Seminar on Ascorbate Related Nutrition

  1. Unified  Theory of Diseases     100% of maladies are caused by increased oxidative stress.
  2. Dr Levy Vitamin C vs All Toxins 
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  10. Nephrologist Dr Suzanne Humphries
  11. Dr Humphries Series Video WHO Caused Vaccination of Sick Adults cauyse kidney failures   Part VI nails the WHO which is driving the mass poisoning of humanity.
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  17. Dr Saul  HDVC  Therapy for Major Illnesses
  18. Dr Daniel Pompa, Vaccines Revealed  Mad Hatters Disease,  Detox from mercury poisoning from dental work and vaccines.
  19. Dr Jeffrey Smith Genetic Roulette Movie about dangers of Glyphosate.  Gut inflammation from GMO foods, leaky gut, Glyphosate.
  20. Dr Sherri Tenpenny  What the CDC Documents Show about Vaccines  CDC documents show vaccine propaganda hides risks and overstates effectiveness
  21. Dr Sherri Tenpenny Vaccine Mandates: Adults are Next.  History of Public Health, Who is developing the action plans, New vaccine plans. (Ref 64)
  22. Dr John Bergman How to Heal Leaky Gut Syndrome GM grain has insecticide (Bt) toxins, Corn, Wheat, fed to chickens, hogs, cattle passes from grain to meat to mother to fetus and stimulates transmissible gene modifications promoting  inflammation. PAGMF GLYP. (Ref 65)
  23. Dr John Bergman Solutions for Candida and other Fungal Infections  Baking Soda?  Candida is normal.
  24. Dr John Bergman Chronic Fatigue Syndrome First case in 1930s experiment with Polio vaccine using mouse brains. Mouse retrovirus adapted to humans. 
  25. Dr John Bargman Hidden Toxins in Food


Following the Utube videos are comments attached to the Videos. Read them to get a measure of the suffering of the injured families.  On the Utube sidebar, on screen right, there will be other relevant videos by the doctors listed above..


Make case for "Vaccines cause Autism"


Other Recommendations:

The work Frank Ruscetti and I did to find the epitope that the antibody recognizes in humans should have been completed. Currently 6% of the population carries an antibody that recognizes a gamma retrovirus envelope protein. Six percent is 20 million Americans!


The Environmental and Genetic Causes of Autism  (2016) James Lyons

Book describes18 Autism studies linked to vaccines. More than 2/3rds  are after 2006. Book


Detox Brain Aluminum Two Cases of Recovery  (See Ref 58, 59)

“….. Blank and Warren attempted to reduce their exposure to metals, especially aluminum and/or mercury, underwent chelation therapy and added minerals to their diet, especially in Blank’s case, magnesium. These protocols seem consistent with the hypothesis presented here, that Alzheimer’s disease is caused by aluminum and reflects its antagonistic relationships with zinc, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium. It would seem essential that the Alzheimer’s patient, in addition to avoiding contact with aluminum and other toxic metals, undergoes treatment to lower the body’s existing burden of these elements. To illustrate, clinical trials have shown that the chelating agent des-ferrioxamine can slow the progression of the disorder. This may be because, as Savory and coworkers have shown in rabbits, aluminum-induced neurofibrillary degeneration can be effectively reduced in as little as two days by intramuscular injections of desferrioxamine. An excellent oral chelation therapy designed to remove metals from the body has been described recently by Pouls.”  Book: by Lewis Blank, Alzheimer’s Challenged and Conquered?


“Campell has suggested that a daily supplement of 500 mg of calcium and a similar amount of magnesium can lower elevated hair aluminum back to normal in a year, while Bland recommended the daily use of 600 mg of calcium and 300 mg of magnesium to reduce body aluminum burden. Durach has argued that there are two types of magnesium deficit: magnesium deficiency and magnesium depletion. Magnesium deficiency, in his view, is due to insufficient magnesium intake and responds to simple supplementation. Magnesium depletion, in contrast, is the result of a dysregulation in the mechanisms responsible for magnesium metabolism. This second form of magnesium deficit can only be addressed by the correction of the responsible pathogenic dysregulation. However, since in Alzheimer’s the dysregulation is apparently due to excess exposure to aluminum which itself can be corrected by elevating magnesium intake, magnesium supplementation alone also may correct such dysregulation and with it the deficit. This appears to be what happened in the case of the “spontaneous regression” of Louis Blank’s Alzheimer’s disease when he both avoided aluminum and ate a high magnesium diet.”  Book: Beating Alzheimer’s: A Step Towards Unlocking the Mysteries of Brain Diseases, Tom Warren2




  5. Stroke:
  6. Kidney: Dr Susanne Humphreys
  7. Dr Bergman on Vaccines:
  8. The-british-establishment-in-ethical-collapse-over-vaccine-damage  A thoughtful analysis of the  vaccine caused health catastrophe in UK.
  11. Truth About Vaccines First Video (2 Hours)
  12. Pro vaccine doctors have conflicts of interest Offit (US), Pollard (UK)
  13. Prediction of Social Catastrophe: The UK Establishment Ethical Collapse Over Vaccine Damage  Wakefield is not guilty, The UK Pro Vaccine Establishment is guilty of grave harms to patients. New statistics are showing ASD rates approaching 5% (from a prior ~2%) and a Population catastrophe (rise to 100%) from vaccines’ accumulated toxicity is predicted in a few years.  Vaccine program promoters have dual roles as public decision makers in both US and UK.  They have vaccine patent/development conflicts of interests.  [Offit in US and Pollard in UK] It is unclear if they have been profiting from the tragedy they so vigorously promoted.
  14. Dr Saul's Wife, Helen, describes how to save a child from Autism-causing brain trauma 
  15. Dr Tom Levy Site Books
  16. Dr Tom Levy Sites Index
  17. Dr Y. Schoenfeld  ASIA  Autoimmune Stimulated by Adjuvants.
  18. Prediction of Social Catastrophe: The UK Establishment Ethical Collapse Over Vaccine Damage
  19. Vaccines cause strokes in children and this results in ASD mental dysfunctions
  20. Kalokerinos References:
  21. Do Vaccines Cause Autism?  Proof
  22. The VAERS is broken, the Vaccine Court is unjust, and the Vaccine Insurance is bankrupt. 
  23. The law exempting vaccine makers from product liability and multiple acts of collusion between regulators and regulated has led to many false claims on public funds based on scientific frauds in vaccine promotions.
  24. Product testing and quality control lapses go uncorrected or are covered up.
  25. SV 40 vaccine contamination history:  Vaccine contamination with live virus vaccines has notoriously been contaminated with HIV, mycoplasmas and SVs. It appears impossible to test against contamination that contains contagious self replicating agents.
  27. Open letter to Carmen Paun How consensus is repeating old lies about Wakefield.
  28. Our website Vaccine Tragedy the Analysis and Conclusions
  29. Toxic Iron: (High ferritin) Fenton reaction ROS chain reaction.
  30. Toxins migrate by Microphages to brain. 
  31. Dr. Stone’s Morbidity Index is AA/DHAA  (27)
  32. Other Toxins: Mercury in tissues can cause autism.  Mercury is still found in some vaccines, leading to  cumulative and persistent tissue accumulations.
  33. VAERS Statistics Failures Post mortem tissue analysis has shown that vaccine toxicities lasting for months to years can cause deaths. VAERS has a very short time-window (days) for associating events with vaccinations. Liability concerns lead to under reporting of events by doctors. Since tissue toxins last for years, the accumulation is the cause, and the last vaccination is just the trigger.  Ascorbate depletion, AA/DHAA, should be measured, but it is not.  Ascorbate is protective and reverses adverse events when administered IV, IM, and orally with closely-repeated 1 gram doses.
  34. CSS Syndrome: Chronic Subclinical Scurvy.   Vaccinations plus CSS is a recipe for morbidity and mortality. Dietary and Medical negligence is the rule, not the exception. Black swan VAERS events are under reported because doctors do not believe they exist.
  35. ADHD is just Autism, lite.  Brain injuries from vaccines are now up to 13% among boys in US.
  36. Vaccine Aluminum Toxicity
  37. Overview of Vaccine Safety SNAFU. Almost-all-vaccines-contaminated-with-toxins-and-linked-to-side-effects
  38.  Vaccine-Autism Link
  39.  Has smallpox been eradicated?  A Thoughtful Study of the History.
  40. Vitamin C and the Kidney.  Vitamin C Foundation
  41. Book describes18 Autism studies linked to vaccines. More than 2/3rds  are after 2006. The Environmental and Genetic Causes of Autism  (2016) James Lyons.
  42. Dr Tom Levy on  Ascorbate Vs Vaccines countermeasures to avoid harm
  43. Dr Saul’s Wife, Helen, describes Severe vaccine reaction treated by vitamin C
  44. The UK Establishment Ethical Collapse Over Vaccine Damage  Wakefield is not guilty, The UK Pro Vaccine Establishment is guilty of grave harms to patients. New statistics are showing ASD rates approaching 5% (from a prior ~2%) and a Population catastrophe (rise to 100%) from vaccines’ cumulated toxicity is predicted in a few years.  Vaccine program promoters have dual roles as public decision makers in both US and UK.  They have vaccine patent/development conflicts of interests.  [Offit in US and Pollard in UK] It is unclear if they have been profiting from the tragedy they so vigorously promoted.
  45. Vaccine Court Book  Status of the Failures
  46. Vaccine Adjuvant Toxicity
  47. Mass deaths by Vaccine
  48. Kalokerinos Book Every Second Child  died of vaccine plus CSS syndrome.
  49. Vaccination Hidden Facts  Kalokerinos Forward to book
  50. Vaccine False Claims Act Violations
  51. Vaccine Mandates
  52. 85% of vitamin C is made in China  140,000 tons per year is size of market. Divided by Population of world.  Manufacturing capacity is theoretically unlimited. The L-isomer is the active form.
  53. Ascorbate is antiviral. If tissues preloaded with ascorbate, viral diseases do not have a chance to infect.
  55. Mercola on Iron and Ferritin reduction to control ROS levels
  56. 2004 Petition to US Government to Reevaluate Vitamin C RDA.
  57. Ascorbate in high dosages clears Alzheimer’s plaques
  58. Aluminum in Alzheimer’s plaques: toxicity causes dementia, High dose ascorbate  chelates and clears plaques
  59. Dr Daniel Pompa, Vaccines Revealed  Mad Hatters Disease,  Detox from mercury poisoning from dental work and vaccines.
  60. Movie Genetic Roulette by  Dr Jeffrey M Smith
  61. Dr Seneff Website  Glyphosate Research in Detail / Glyphosate allows aluminum to move around the body. This multiplies the toxic tissue spread of Aluminum to brain and kidneys.
  62. Glyphosate Correlation Studies   Nancy Swanson, et al.
  63. Dr Sherri Tenpenny  What the CDC Documents Show about Vaccines  CDC documents show vaccine propaganda hides risks.
  64. Vaccine Research Library  Blogs, Special Reports, News on Vaccine Dangers  Who What, When, Where, Why, How, Critical Related Science. Childhood Vaccines, Adjuvants, Chemicals, Excitants,  Funded by subscriptions, Free for 2 weeks, $99 for one year.  >8000 Links/Papers.
  65. Maternal and fetal exposure to pesticides associated to genetically modified foods in Eastern Townships of Quebec, Canada.
  66. Dr Judy Mikovitz  Interview with author of the book Plague. She discovered a not XMRV, but some other mouse MRV virus in samples from her cohort of patients with CFS.  Her theory that vaccine development with mouse brain tissue led to a human adapted MRV (still unknown) that may be associated with the CFS/Fibromyalgia epidemic. Thus an association of another unknown MRV virus contamination remains possible, even likely, but not conclusively proven.  Government collusion is protective of the myth of vaccine safety, so research funds may  denied by gatekeepers for the work to discover any MRV contamination in vaccines that matches the CFS patients blood samples. The research is highly skilled and few researchers hold all the necessary skills to find, isolate and replicate the infectious agent.  Also some strains may not be pathogenic.


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