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Biased article.

The  problem is: what you believe to be true is in part false. You lack the doubt, necessary to start your analysis.

The lies are not obvious, except to persons of experience, logical thinkers and persons who have studied the topics in some practical depth. We have watched the failed attempts to assassinate Dr Wakefield's reputation with dismay and sadness.

You  lack scholarship. Repeating the flawed consensus as Science = Certainty = Truth.Vaccine Safety is an Oxymoron.


"The Exceptions Prove the Rule".  Prove here means to Test, not to Confirm. What can we learn from the exceptions?  From Wakefield?
From the follow on researchers that have confirmed many of his conclusions?

Certain MMR vaccines were and are unsafe  (for some) and live measles viruses cause neural inflammation. Chronic Subclinical Scurvy and low ascorbate in the body is a factor in deaths and disabilities after vaccination.

MMR strain measles gut chronic infections have been confirmed as possible.  ASD and gut inflammation can be related. Connect the dots. Gut microbiome is critical for health. Bad bugs in the gut, promoted by junk food diets make toxins that poison the body. They create vitamin dependencies on unusually high daily intake.

What can we learn from the Corrupt UK medical establishment (with its promotion of a dangerous vaccine) that has tried to discredit this honest, caring man?

What can we learn from the later UK court cases that have found malfeasance and malice among Wakefield's critics?  You repeat the old mostly refuted charges against Wakefield without an update disproving his critics. Your unfairness and, ignorance, comes across as malice. Poison vs Antidote: you chose the poison and ignored the antitoxin. Boo!

One test for dishonest media is the emphasis on arguments destroying the character of a person (Like Jefferson, the slave owner) and the near total failure in history texts to mention the many and most significant achievements of the person. I like to read about positive accomplishments. My heroes overcame their limitations and did magnificent good works worth celebrating.  I am offended by attacks on my heroes, and Wakefield is one of them.

The Autism ASD epidemic statistics (about 1 in 100) reveal that we have many things wrong in our medical consensus views.  We need to doubt to find the mistakes in medical dogma. Ignorance is no excuse for ignoramuses that ignore.  Stupid is as Stupid does.


Where are pro vaccine advocates wrong?  It is past the time to find this out.  Before IBM said THINK!  DeCarte said DOUBT!

Doubt the consensus: Where is Wakefield correct?  He is persistently trying to tell us in a critical manner what he thinks is wrong with our vaccines and to help the victims.  We met many of them at a showing of his movie. They are the families, injured by the consensus.


Where is Ignore-Science in the name of Science leading us into harmful actions?  How can we stop the harms?

What are the parts of Science being ignored or forgotten?  Start with a deep study of toxins and immunology, then study Kalokerinos’s insights.

How much of what we know are corrupted by selection bias, advertising and/or propaganda?


We have found a lot of medical ignore-ance by doctors in our over 15 years of reading and in our studies of alternative relevant material for our two books.

I have tried to link to source papers with reliable science that should be considered by medical scholars. On our website.  There is a long history of medical mistakes relating to vaccines.

The GWI  (Gulf War Illness) mystery is partly solved by looking at vaccine contamination, live microbes, adjuvant overload,  too many to fast, and rush to deploy unsafe and untested vaccines.  Garth Nicolson is a world-class expert, look him up. Read his book.

Bill Gates’ Foundation does good, but vaccines also do some harm, killing and disabling susceptible and chronically ill persons.  Vaccine mass deaths in Uganda.

Vaccine caused families wiped-out financially,  Medical insurance social costs for the disabled. Much overblown, pro-vaccine propaganda. Read Mercola on vaccine safety.

Vaccines and Mass Deaths and Disabilities
Kalokerinos linked endotoxins, chronic toxemia, vaccinations and a higher need for vitamin C as the cause of mass vaccine deaths, SIDS, SBS, and the death of Baby Yurkos.

HIV AIDS: A vaccine deployment with HIV contaminated vaccine was a major factor in the AIDS epidemic, Story suppressed?   The history remains on the Wayback Machine Archive.


Speculation:  HIV intersect Smallpox.  They control each other.  Cure Smallpox, HIV surges, especially with the needle reuse that was rampant during the smallpox mass vaccinations. I saw the movie, before it was suppressed.

Mandatory vaccines should carry a huge major medical insurance guarantee for the families coerced into harming their genetically susceptible, immune deficient, or chronically ill children.  Familial vulnerabilities are known to the adults, but not to the politicians who want to charge gene-deficient parents with child abuse for protecting their children from toxic vaccines.  The promote a false upper limit to vitamin C intake when large amounts of that vitamin could mitigate the vaccine caused harms.  More and more vaccine jabs will cause a upsurge in Non Communicable Diseases and patholigies.

Perverse Public Policy

Informed consent is tragically ignored and vaccination of sick children occurs.  Infant mortality national statistics improve if vaccines are delayed and spaced out more.  CDC fails to process its stats on vaccine failures. VAERS data is under reporting by tens to hundreds in many cases it is  not quantifiable and case-selection rules are biased against reporting of delayed reactions and deaths.  Scientists in denial.

The vaccine insurance program is bankrupt if the real claims were recognized and paid, so the vaccine court case fix was justice corrupted.  Dangers and funding mismatch.  Why are the vaccine makers having the government and the victims pay the cost of their harms?

Vaccine failures are the real, sad story.  The Lie: Vaccines are not as safe as they need to be, they fail to work, and they cause chronic hyper inflammation, allergies to ourselves and to otherwise benign chronic microbes.  More vaccines also cause more “unrelated” health  problems.  Correlation is not causality, except when functional medicine is ignored.  Science ignored.

Some Vaccines are not safe (for a subset of the population) and /or may do huge harm when sub clinically sick children are vaccinated, in the absence of higher than usual intake of vitamin C.

One perverse aspect of truth is that by killing off the susceptible, survivors may have better medical history statistics, "proving" the "value" of the vaccine.  Flu vaccine effectiveness is often less than 50%, Wrong strains,  We, personally, had a bad Flu shot reaction.  Zostervax may cause corneal opacity (Dystrophy) in some, leading to blindness, possibly in my own case?

Reverse some of your article's conclusions, and you are closer to the truth.  Deeper reading will disclose which.  Search our website to find leads to alternative medical science, ignored.  Read John Ely’s wisdom, now dark, using our links to the Wayback archive.


Trump is correct in being concerned about vaccine safety. 
There are significant gaps in our application of the known science by  incompetent, lazy human scientists. Vaccine Science is complex, and there are gaps in our understanding.  Imperfect knowledge leads to incompetent administration.


Example: CO2, the basis of plant life, is an environmental “poison”; Extreme conclusion: Save the Planet, So "We must abolish all carbon based life-forms."  (Joke)

Too many bureaucrats  have been gate-keeping publications and awarding research grants only to proposals supporting their agendas and to their  cronies.


Vaccine-promoting propagandists have a well funded campaign to deny harms, overstate effectiveness and promote their products, acts which are doing harm to many persons and families.  There is a network of crony scientists with a toxic agenda, promoting the ignoring of some aspects of vaccine safety.  The government has legally absolved them from claims.  RICO act conspiracy or unintended consequences? 

New Leadership: Trump should be also replacing and retiring bad leaders to straighten out the corrupt crony science in NIH, FDA and CDC.  Better, smarter, thoughtful, agenda-free scientists are needed to lead the agencies.  Doubters, then thinkers all. Mensch with good, kind hearts.

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How to Think

It is not just "Cogito Ergo Sum".  Doubt First!

What is the purpose of Descartes method of doubt?

Descartes's method. René Descartes, the originator of Cartesian doubt, put all beliefs, ideas, thoughts, and matter in doubt. He showed that his grounds, or reasoning, for any knowledge could just as well be false. Sensory experience, the primary mode of knowledge, is often erroneous and therefore must be doubted.


“If I didn’t believe it,  I wouldn’t have seen it.”   --Yogi. Berra


Best wishes for your spectacular improvement


Karl Poehlmann
February 2017