Vaccine-Based Autoimmune Tragedy

Are vaccine induced scurvy and unlimited, mandatory vaccinations about to cause a global medical pandemic of Non Communicable Diseases (NCDs)?   What if medical consensus is terribly wrong about vaccines?  What if they are cumulatively toxic to our organs and tissues?


Is it insane to doubt vaccine safety and to assume hypothetical vaccine benefits, to ignore the scientific evidence of  Autism causality and to promote unlimited mandatory contaminated live-virus and toxin-loaded vaccinations?  Are our WHO-driven national health policy makers ignorant, corrupt, incompetent, insane, sociopathic, or some of all of the above?  Are the well-promoted, EBM reports that “vaccines are safe” propaganda? Are there toxicology science reports refuting the propaganda ignored?  Book lists 18 Autism studies linked to vaccines.


Mandatory vaccinations for mythical future epidemics is causing aluminum accumulation in brain, kidneys and other organs and is (with CSS syndrome) killing and disabling multiple generations worldwide.


How to Mitigate the Vaccine NCD Catastrophe,  Conclusions:




How to protect yourself from the immediate effects of vaccinations:


Vaccines Alterantive Facts, News and Commentary

Zika Virus Overstated Threat?  By Dr Mercola. Zika Update: Other Factors Predominate.   


Zika and West Nile anti-virus  countermeasures:

Liposomal Vitamin C [L-AA] (or IV sodium ascorbate) For extreme cases (12 year chronic Lyme disease) IV-AA, 100 grams/80 Lb body weight sodium ascorbate per day, 5 or 6 days per week, for 4 weeks or until sudden remission of Lyme disease symptoms, followed by one additional week of treatment.  One gram of L-AA may equal 6 grams of IV ascorbate in sodium form solution. See Cathcart and Levy  12,000 pregnant Colombian women infected with Zika virus, No cases of microcephaly were reported in their babies as of May 2016.



Mexican Vaccine Tragedy Monday, May 11, 2015. by Mike Adams, The Health Ranger  52 children vaccinated with75% morbidity rate. 2 deaths, 37 hospitalized, 1 critical, 14 serious, 22 stable.

A repeat of the Australian and Ugandan vaccination tragedies.   2017 Tragedy.


Beware  Eye Degeneration: Failures in eye degeneration stem cell treatments:  


VaXXed : Go see the movie.  Dr.Wakefield’s compelling documentary shows that the CDC lied:  MMR vaccine data showing links to ASD were suppressed for policy reasons. Ref (39) for UK Vaccine related public health failure update.


The law exempting vaccine makers from product defect liability causing harm led to lie-based US vaccine court wrong decisions (combined MMR-Autism cases) and massive legal injustice against the ~13,000 Autism/ASD damaged child, losing families. Opt-out lawsuits based on MMR-caused brain damage succeeded (~$6 M to ~$20 M per claim) for a tiny fraction of the huge number of injured families. 


By 2017, worldwide, perhaps 20 million lives were destroyed, shortened, or disabled by dangerous-vaccine-caused encephalitis. Claims paid are a tiny fraction of the actual damages to individuals and families.  Open Letter to Carmen Paun on Wakefield in Trump-led government.  Trump Tweets on Vaccines     UK MMR Vaccine Safety Board Frauds  California, Italy, UK mandatory vaccination tyranny are  proposed or enacted in response to WHO set goals.  UK policy debate is underway, and lies about safety and effectiveness of vaccines continue.


Warning: Significantly increased incidence of Bells Palsy and other neural inflammation reactions after multiple-vaccine administration of Menactra or  Menveo  (Meningitis) vaccines along with other vaccines. (HPV, Gardasil; Influenza, Hepatitis B, DPT, and others) Ten week delay due to overlap of training periods of multiple vaccines.


Adjuvants are Toxins that cause persistent hyper allergic autoimmunity  and Non Communicable  Diseases, NCDs

Scurvy is the common link/mechanism for many  dystrophic maladies. Eating more vitamin C is both preventive and restorative for many NCDs. The RDA amounts are not enough for good health especially if you have a multiplicity of ascorbate deficits caused by chronic hyper immune activity, many toxins, or complexes of persistent  pathogenic infections.


Adjuvants in vaccines unavoidably lead to training autoimmune inflammation  (ASIA, Schoenfeld); to persistent aluminum loaded macrophages translating aluminum toxins to brain, to kidney and to other organs (MMF); to stronger allergic reactions; to allergies to chronic infections and to normal microbiome microbes; and to new allergies to food molecules that pass into blood via leaky gut membranes.  When severa; vaccines are administered together, all adjuvant toxicities are added, the ascorbate depletion is maximized and the probability of pathologic vaccine reactions is increased.  Other pathology amplifier-factors are:  CSS syndromes, chronic HHV infections, COPD pathologies, endotoxins from biofilms, UTIs, and ear/sinus/tonsil/adenoid infections.  Frequently heart attacks or micro capillary strokes occur in brain, heart, and/or kidney. Irreversible brain, heart, and  kidney  blood flow blockages permanently block oxygen to the tissues.


Meningitis vaccines are now becoming mandatory, making risk of autoimmune reactions harm a more probable adverse outcome. No assumption of liability by the states mandating the harmful vaccinations has been legislated. VAERS under reporting of incidents is notorious. This is medical and scientific insanity, derived from lack of scholarship and corrupted EBM, a feed back loop of ignorance.


Cumulative toxins from adjuvants and flu shots leads to more and more chronic inflammation and oxides.  The later vaccines with CSS syndrome increase the risk of heart attacks, strokes and kidney failures, within weeks to months after vaccination, during the training period of the vaccines. Déjà vu  Kalokerinos.


Total damages is, perhaps, 1014 dollars.

Who bears this cost?


 Institutional Failures

 Costly conflict of interest between regulators, government, health insurers  and victims’ families, caused by mistakes and ignored science. ASD incidence is now 1 in 50., and is still increasing.  The MMR and other vaccines harming continues worldwide.  A consensus of denial is massively promoted by the media led by the pro-vaccine conspiracy of health agencies, WHO and vaccine makers. Bill Gates. Proof: See   Age of Autism Website   


Regulatory changes can reverse this tragic trend: Vaccine maker liability, Fix bad vaccine safety testing, No vaccine clusters,  No early vaccinations, Delay (several years) schedule, Don’t vaccinate sick children, Vitamin C supplements, Real ascorbate Needs, Fix VAERS/VICP.  Dr John Ely on medical delivery problems and fixes.


Other measures to improve vaccination safety: Eliminate problem adjuvants (like squalene) that cause persistent autoimmune inflammation. Rate-limit aluminum toxicity dosages. Limit total vaccinations (cumulative adjuvant poisoning) per year. Test-for and eliminate chronic (ear/gut/biofilm) infections before vaccination. They generate endotoxins that create ascorbate high-intake dependency, a cause of vaccine adverse reactions.  Test  [AA]/[DHAA] ratio before vaccinations, delay if in danger range.


Require government(s) to pay for lifetime universal major-medical disability/liability insurance [>$25 million per family per child] whenever it makes opt-out for vaccinations illegal.  See: MMR Meningitis links  Vaccine Mass Deaths  Kalokerinos  GWI & ASD: Clustered Vaccines or Not  California SB277 is unwise. 


Bad Vaccines in the Past:  We ignore the lessons they teach, our methods need fixing. Hypothetical benefits and ignoring failures  by health decision makers. Bad policies promote mass toxification.



In one case a Gulf War Illness patient X was injected with an experimental oil-adjuvant (squalene adjuvant) placebo vaccine without the vaccine’s payload. He came down with GWI symptoms. The vaccine maker used the adjuvant “placebo” so he could say his vaccine had “comparable” adverse statistics to the placebo. The placebo itself was highly problematic.  Could GWI  be due to routine use of  bad experimental vaccines with dangerous adjuvants, contaminents?  Some military vaccines were experimental, not safety tested. Controls for comparing new vaccines for problems are other vaccines with problems, not the unvaccinated. Toxic design of validation experiments continue without censure of the sloppy science.


Something is Terribly Wrong: Consensus of cluelessness. (idiopathic causes of NCDs) and opposition to searching out and recognizing truth:

Within 48 hours after immunizations to diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis; Haemophilus influenzas B; measles, mumps and rubella; polio; and varicella (Varivax), the patient developed a fever to 38.9°C, inconsolable crying, irritability and lethargy and refused to walk.  Reference     Vaccine Antidote


Google [squalene adjuvant side effects].  ASIA Autoimmune Syndrome Induced by Adjuvants: Aluminum adjuvant-induced autoimmunity, a survey article with multiple referenced links. 


Wyeth memo (1979) recommends randomizing DPT vaccine lots’ distribution to minimize the chance of a “bad lot” causing a cluster tragedy with all adverse events in one location. The VAERS reporting system’s intrinsic reporting failures will hide the pattern of harm to the CDC and the public from “hot-lots” of vaccine that cause clusters of adverse reactions. 


VAERS undercounts because of doctor neglect and associates fear of legal liability.  Time window of vaccine deaths was weeks to months longer than allowed by Vaccine court to prove causality.  Presumption is correlations are coincidences.  Autopsies and biopsies show aluminum in tissues of brain, kidneys, and vaccine-sites tissues years after vaccinations.  This causes local tissue scurvy where AA/DHAA is critically low.


One of HPV’s lead scientists warns of adverse high-risk/low-benefit ratio for HPV vaccines, 44 reported deaths and 15,000 VAERS reported incidents with anti cancer “benefits” still unproven, in a paper delivered at the 4th International Conference on Vaccination at Reston, Virginia. HPV warnings.  Google[site: vaccines], Mercola HPV Update.


Vaccine adjuvants (aluminum) are now proven toxic  (Dr S. Humphries, Nephrologist) but are still assumed safe in vaccines. 


Dr. Mercola’s article. De Niro’s New Documentary Neural inflammation, gene shifts to permanent inflammatory modes, autism neural inflammation vaccine adjuvant links, MS after vaccinations in Japan.  Improper, toxic placebos used in all vaccine evaluations: corrupt approval methods, bad science, and unscientific regulatory malpractice. 


See Nephrologist   Dr Susanne Humphries video that explains how UN vaccine policy of mandatory vaccination of sick persons (VOSP) leads to kidney failures.  Her message is important and compelling.  Now tier down to California mandatory vaccinations  and VOSP.  We are all allergic to vaccines and cannot refuse to be injected with the persistent toxins. To err is human and we are making a super human effort to maximize the errors. Mandated enforcement of ignorance based policies cause iatrogenic harm pandemic NCDs.


If adjuvant safety were properly evaluated and applied, all vaccines would be unsafe.  Benefits/Risk ratios are assumptions top to bottom. Real costs (x) Assumed Risks gives an assumed result. If VAERS undercounting by factors of 100 to 1000 then real risks could be 1000 times more than what is currently assumed. 


This can explain Autism rates of 1 in 50, if vaccines brain damage is cumulative and progressive.  With CSS syndrome it appears to be 50% of death with one vaccination without adequate dietary ascorbate. There are plans to double the vaccine schedule.


Today what would scurvy state be  [AA/DHAA] with 64+ vaccines and local aluminum bound to tissues from each prior shot.  Or after 60 years of flu shots with aluminum adjuvants on top of other vaccines in lifetime?  What would doubling the vaccine schedule do if we have passed the ascorbate gut-to-blood daily transfer limits?  


It seems clear that the ancient vitamin C RDA of about 60 to ~100 milligrams per day is totally inadequate.  Diabetes and smoking each have a 6 grams per day ascorbate deficit. See Cathcart’s table of diseases vs ascorbate bowel tolerances. (5)


Many decades of failure to fund tests for safety of (known to be unsafe) aluminum adjuvants suggest regulatory incompetence or collusion. Rejection of Pauling’s proposal and the Kalokerinos 2004 petition suggest regulatory bias and collusion.  Governments’ promotion of vaccines, ignoring the toxological sciences appears criminal, sociopathic.  One report concludes, aluminum adjuvants are unsafe, but they work to stimulate the immune system, so research into toxicity should be suppressed.  Vaccine Adjuvant Toxicity


Regulators fail to distinguish between false assumptions of safety and continued lack of proper testing which would prove adjuvants’ dangers.  Failure to consider related toxicological science’s body of knowledge about injected adjuvants.  Recent animal experiments with guinea pigs reconfirm aluminum causes immune hyperactivity and persistent neural dysfunctions. Dr. Mercola’s update on MMR vaccine’s failures.  Live polio vaccines’ dangers.  Our Anti-Vaccine Links, Discussion and References.  Google [Vaccines peripheral neuropathy]



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