Believing the Official Recommended Daily Amount (RDA)for Vitamin C and taking too little can harm your health.

The RDA is not a maximum, it is a minimum and was set years before the current vaccination bubble led to mass vaccine induced deaths in Australia and Uganda, to pandemics of SBS, SIDS, to the GWI vaccine tragedy, toSchoenfeldís  ASIA , and to the mass progressive toxification of our brains and kidney tissues with aluminum adjuvants, leading tobrain scurvy a major factor in our Opioid, Alzheimerís, Parkinsonís, stroke and heart attack pandemics.All have a tissue scurvy component combined with delayed vaccination pathologies.


We now have a myriad of toxin-relatedNon Communicable Diseases, NCDsSee Bergman Video.


How to protect yourself from the immediate effects of vaccinations:


Vaccine Adjuvants (including aluminum) are supposed to be excreted. Some adjuvants actually bind to tissues and stick around, having enduring toxic effects, depleting vitamin C, converting it to its oxide, and causing tissue scurvy. Retention times are far longer (months to years) than admitted.Persistent inflammatory vaccine actions train us to allergic reactions to chronic infections, to our microbiome, to our foods, to our own cells, and to chronic and subsequent invading microbes.


The ascorbate balance of our brains and other tissues is disrupted, leading to mitochondrial dysfunctions, disrupting a myriad of othermolecular pathways and cycles,. These disruptions and dysfunctions are caused by low concentrations of antioxidant vitamin C which normally supplies electrons enabling hundreds of different, vital biochemical reactions. Our ignorance of all the details is huge because of the complexities.


The ratio of the concentrations ofascorbic acid (AA) and its oxide, dehydroxy ascorbic acid (DHAA) is a critical morbidity and mortality index.AA/DHAA is an index of local tissue and blood depletion of vitamin C and its high value is a predictorof health, of recovery and(if near 1) of death. Stoneís Morbidity Index


Overlapping vaccinations' periods of toxic aluminum retention create localized, cumulative, toxic-tissue-saturation in organs --- kidney, heart, circulatory system, spleen,liver,brain, etc --- raising the needed-Vitamin-Cís-RDA intake by factors of thousands times the official RDA.The higher needs call for a transfer of vitamin C from gut to blood higher than the gut-to-blood transfer ratios can provide. [<15% for oral ascorbate]


Getting enough ascorbate from gut to blood becomes a challenge.†† Susceptibilities to toxins, allergens and to infections are multiplied by tissue scurvy. Chronic Sub clinical Scurvy (CSS) syndrome exists in parts or most of our bodies.Your physiology becomes chronically hyper allergic after a series of vaccinations or we have too many vaccinations at one time with too many toxic adjuvants that deplete blood ascorbate during the training weeks after the vaccination.This is the period when the mass vaccination deaths occurred.Helen Saulís reference (above) gives an example of ascorbate induced recovery of an adverse vaccine reaction that might have led to permanentASDdisability by brain capillary blockage micro strokes.


Only after levels of low blood ascorbate happen, will the toxins start to kill you at a most serious rate.So if you increase your intake and get the blood ascorbate levels back to normal, you may recover some of the lost vitality.


Perhaps 15 to 30 percent of the general population has critically low blood ascorbate levels when tested.But most (>60%) of sick people admitted to hospital have low or critically low ascorbate at admission.Insurance guidelines and state mandatory vaccination laws are now requiring that on the first day of admission, all your vaccinations must be caught up, with one combined dose of toxic adjuvants, or they will not pay for any of your hospital stay.(Suzanne Humphries, Nephrologist) This vaccination plus CSS often leads to kidney failures, or brain strokes from capillary blockages, hours after the vaccination, which are not counted as a VAERS incident.


This vaccinate mandate law will lead to a huge increase in death rates and is a crime against humanity.The ever increasing vaccination of our children and now of the adult population is creating a cumulative CSS syndrome preexisting conditions that have made the health insurance industry non profitable. Single payer will bankrupt the government, unless the vaccinations are stopped and the vitamin C RDA is increased greatly.


Dr Levy discusses how vitamin C is a toxin antidote, and how all toxins deplete your vitamin C, in its antioxidant form.


Daily vitamin C supplementsare needed to precharge tissues, and to maintain good health.

The official RDA is too low; after you have been vaccinated your needed RDA increases, and increases with each new vaccination.


The following discussion is not adjusted for the current enlarged vaccine schedule (64+) vaccines to year 18. Still higher amounts may be needed in the future until our medical delivery system crashes by an epidemic of hyper allergic consequences.


A much higher (than the60-100 milligram per day vita-C RDA)Vitamin C RDA for optimum health is as follows:


For healthy adults,the following RDA amounts are recommended:


There is no unsafe ascorbate too-high intake level.Cathcart Titration


Unsafe levels are found when not enough ascorbate is eaten, and oxides and toxins deplete the antioxidant vitamin C.


When AA/DHAA goes critical, AA blood half lifetime is about 1/hour.Histamine levels and pathologies rise exponentially, and multiple symptoms of vital processes start to shut down. Heart attacks, strokes, and kidney failures occur, and blood in micro capillaries turns to sludge. The brain is starved for oxygen. Shock and anaphylaxis occur.IV sodium ascorbate ~12 grams brings rapid temporary recovery until the ascorbate is all oxidized, then you need more.


These high daily vita-C amounts (above) are rumored to maintain a lifetime, high invulnerability to infections from communicable diseases like colds, Flu, and other maladies.Some families, using these amounts, report they do not have to take any antibiotics because they never get sick.


At high blood levels AA becomes an antibiotic. See Klenner references, below.


Dr Klenner recommended, for pregnant patients, where antibiotics would be prescribed, and safety is a concern,Take vitamin Cinstead.


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