California Hantavirus EpidemicSeptember 1, 2012

No Official Treatment vs. Vitamin C Cure


Cases of possible (~1700) Hantavirus exposures have been reported in Yosemite National Park around cabins.Mortality with definite infection and inadequate treatment could be as high as 50%, but mortality can be much lower if enough IV vitamin C is used as a Rapid Onset Scurvy treatment and ascorbic acid pharmacokinetics rules are followed correctly by the medical teams.


Hantavirus infection exhibits like a cold or as influenza, which worsens into pneumonia-like respiratory inflammation.Called Hantavirus Respiratory (or Pulmonary) Syndrome. (HRS/HPS), it also can cause a hemorrhagic fever (systemic bleeding) and kidney inflammation.It also can attack heart and lungs together. FAQ


Systemic bleeding is a prime symptom of scurvy. If Rapid Onset Scurvy (See Kalokerinos) is causing most of the pathology.This is easily treated in an emergency room (ER) environment with IV sodium ascorbate.See Klenner's Case Histories.


Conventional treatment is intensive care with supplementary oxygen.Emergency vitamin C (ascorbic acid =AA) in hospital treatment protocols is not described on the Web.


CDC says there is no treatment for HRS, which in its later most serious stages has all the symptoms of Rapid Onset Scurvy.Too many modern doctors do not recognize scurvy the fundamental cause of many of the symptoms of most illnesses. Instead they consider each illness as a separate condition even though the illnesses have the same pathologies.We need to get wiser CDC doctors assigned to both the Hantavirus and the West Nile Virus epidemic cases.The Internet is replete with years of medical papers documenting how sodium ascorbate IV can kill viruses like Hantavirus.


AA also protects against the toxins, oxides, inflammatory symptoms, and pathologies of respiratory and hemorrhagic fevers. But enough AA needs to be in the blood, continuously, during the critical phases.If AA in the blood is made high during early stages, the later stage pathologies may never even develop.This is reported in many recent case histories relating to a new form of oral intake AA called Liposomal-AA. L-AA has greatly improved gut-to-blood transfer efficiency (~98%). Frequent doses of L-AA can produce AA blood levels equal to or greater than AA injections, and even IV administration.


Dr Frederick Klenner (North Carolina) used pharmacokinetic rules and appropriate doses of vitamin C (Oral, IV and injections) for over forty years of family practice, from the mid-1940s to 1984. He wrote dozens of medical papers on the subject.A complete list of them is in the Clinical Guide to the Use of Vitamin C, edited by Lendon H. Smith, M.D., (1988). The Seanet Vitamin C online archive contains the text of Dr Smithís book. Dr Smith has condensed much of Dr Klennerís practical experiences and methods using AA in all of its forms against viruses and diseases into one source.


Since hemorrhagic fever can sometimes exhibit with HRS, this indicates severe Rapid Onset Scurvy.Established treatments for scurvy involve (actually small) amounts of blood sodium ascorbate IV.Up to the range of 250 grams per day may be necessary.This is~10 grams per hour per 100 Kg body weight.250/100000=.25% of body weight; a 250 gram steak is a normal meal for a 200 pound person.


The oxides and toxins in the scurvy state metabolize (oxidize) the AA instantly when the molecules come together. So the AA acts like an essential food, not a vitamin in such cases.


HRS survival odds (variously estimated at ~ 50-70%) will prove to be directly related to the amount of in-the-blood, active AA concentration, which should be monitored each hour. The AA/DHA ratio (Antioxidant to Oxidant ratio, AOR) is an important indicator of patient status.10 to 1 indicates very good health; < 1 indicates very grave condition.During the IV push, little active AA will be found in the urine, but dehydroxy AA (DHA), the oxidized form of AA, may be found.DHA in the urine shows the infection-produced toxins and oxides are rapidly oxidizing the AA.When the patient is over the critical point, active AA starts to appear in the urine. See Smith on Klenners MethodsKlennerís Tests during IV administration


The AA IV should be supplemented with oral AA intake of at least 6 grams every hour.Liposomal AA is the oral form of choice since it is not subject to the gut-to-blood transfer limits of normal oral AA.Less than 20% of oral intake gets to blood.98% of the AA in L-AA gets through to the blood and the lecithin coating of the L-AA facilitates AA transfer to the viral lipid capsule where the AA can work better to kill the virus. See L-AAreviews case histories on


L-AA increases the intake of lecithin. Lecithin in the gut in the presence of a probiotic microbe in Kefir (Rhamnosus) can accelerate the growths of arterial plaques by making a rotten fish smelling gas in the gut. The gas is converted in the liver into the molecule TMAO, which feeds arterial plaques.See our warning on how Kefir probioticís harmful processing of lecithin.If you have an arterial plaque condition you should change your sugar intake to use Xylitol instead. Avoid eating Kefir until a safe Rhamnosus strain is identified and Kefir is reformulated.


If you are healthy and AA works for you, you can avoid routine intake of lecithin based L-AA; use it only when you get sick; use frequent normal USP AA in a daily dosage of 6-12 grams, split into fractions and taken every 2 hours. If you have a heart condition, see Dr Linus Paulingís AA plus Lysine protocol for heart disease.


I feel that failure to do AA IV as described above in the presence of toxic shock, of lethargy, of grave respiratory symptoms or of Rapid Onset Scurvy as evidenced by hemorrhagic symptoms is medical malpractice. In the event of death and failure to administer AA: Lawsuit!With HRS, as also in the cases of West Nile Disease, no deaths should result if the Rapid Onset Scurvy is properly treated using enough oral AA and IV sodium ascorbate.As soon as enough AA is in the blood, pathologic symptoms should start getting better. This has been the experience of Doctors Klenner, Cathcart, Kalokerinos, Levy, Saul, and other orthomolecular medicine practitioners worldwide.Their successes are widely forgotten and not taught in med school. There is evidence that knowledge of these doctors methods and successes has been actively suppressed.See Linus Paulingís letter to the National Cancer Institute. (1977)After $ billions, still no AA studies. Update, 2012: the stall goes on.


For less severe HRS cases, nutritional supplementation can be beneficial. More nutritional info is found here.But AA should be administered with pharmacokinetic rules consistent with maintaining high enough measured blood AA levels to kill the viruses. Where this was not done and West Nile survivors had persistent viral infections, Dr. Thomas Levy later administered IV AA at high enough levels and killed the persistent West Nile Virus.See West Nile Disease Levy Cures.


See Dr Thomas Levyís book Curing the Incurable for a thorough treatment of the properties of ascorbic acid as a medicine and as an antitoxin antidote for a wide range of bacteria, viruses, diseases, allergies, allergens, toxins and poisons.It contains the best tactical AA medical treatment advice in one source that I have ever read.See Dr. Andrew Saulís website and his many books: .



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