International Lyme and Associated Diseases (ILADS) Conference

 October 2013, San Diego

Both Karl and Dr. Katherine attended this conference. 


A set of very detailed notes was produced by another Attendee,    About Him


BHG’s blog, his notes, his articles and his website comprise a valuable collection of Lyme-associated disease information.  In one  authoritative place you can learn about symptoms, functional medicine, nutritional recipes and antibiotic treatments for insect-borne parasite caused autoimmune diseases.  This writer has attended an impressive number of high-level medical conferences relating to autoimmune diseases. He translated what he learned into careful notes and useful links. He then published this information via his website.  His marvelous website deserves your financial support.


He recommended Horowitz'  book:    Why Can't I Get Better?: Solving the Mystery of Lyme and Chronic Disease


ILADS Notes by Better Health Guy.

Notes ILADS 2013  Lecture Titles are:

·            Samuel M. Shor, MD: Hyperbolic Oxygen Therapy in the Management of Lyme Disease

·            Amiram Katz, MD : IVIG Treatment for Autoimmune Issues in Lyme Disease

·            Dan Kinderlehrer, MD: Endocrine Disorders in Lyme Disease Complex

·            Benjamin Asher, MD: Ear, Nose, and Throat Manifestations of Lyme Disease

·            Andreas M Kogelnik, MD:  Clinical Research Networks: A Needed Paradigm for Understanding Chronic Diseases

·            Neil Nathan, MD:  Evaluation and Treatment of Viral Infections, Parasites, and Chlamydia Pneumoniae

·            Kristine Gedroic, MD:  Utilizing Herbs and Homeopathics in Management of Tick-Borne Diseases Excelent Content

·            Charles V. Burton, MD: A Neurosurgeon's View of Ethics in the Treatment of Tick-Borne Disease

·            Christine Green, MD: Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and Other Rickettsial Infections".

·            Joe Brewer, MD  Mycotoxins and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

·            Natalie A. Cherry, PhD:  Key Findings from the NCSU Bartonella Research Program

·            Todd C. Thoring, ND and Steve J. Harris, MD:  Optimizing Patient Outcome: Diagnostics and Integrative Treatment". 

·            Norton L. Fishman, MD: Biofilms and Coagulopathies

Notes ILADS 2014

Notes ILADS 2012


Index and Links-to Better Health Guy’s  Collected Articles:  (Newest first)

Welcome to BetterHealthGuy Blogs

  1. Why Can't I Get Better? Solving The Mystery of Lyme and Chronic Disease 
  2. Summit: Chlorine Dioxide and CBD
  3. Cavitation Journey
  4. Miso and Cilantro Soup for Detoxification
  5. 8th International Alternative Medicine Conference
  6. Simon Who? Yes, That's Right. Simon Yu MD
  7. Integrative Lyme Solutions Conference
  8. Stephen Buhner Conference Notes
  9. Guest Blogger: Lyme Crept Slowly....
  10. Insights From The Journey of a Lifetime
  11. Lyme Recovery 2013
  12. Conquering Incurable Diseases Conference 2013
  13. ILADS 2012 - Boston Conference Takeaways
  14. Dr. Corson Speaks at Physician's Round Table 2013
  15. Dr. Omar Amin's Parasite Testing and Natural Treatment
  16. Sinus Health and Cleansing
  17. Double Header Streaming Weekend - ILADS and Autism Online Events
  18. Klinghardt Lyme Cocktail
  19. EMF/EMR Testing
  20. Autonomic Response Testing with Dr. Klinghardt
  21. Dr. Klinghardt Speaks Out on EMFs/EMR
  22. Treatment for Mold Illness and Its Application for Lyme Disease
  23. Biontology and the CHIREN
  24. MAF 878 - Immune Support in a Probiotic?
  25. Physician's Round Table 2012
  26. Methylation
  27. My Lyme Guide
  28. Conference
  29. Hopkinton Drug
  30. Biomedical Tips and Tricks with Amy Derksen ND
  31. BioResource 2012 Conference
  32. Advanced Lab Borrelia Culture: A Game Changer
  33. Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt on
  34. Energy Healing Practitioner
  35. Biotoxin Illness Conference 2011
  36. GcMAF Log
  37. New Borrelia Culture Test Available
  38. GcMAF
  39. CCSVI Summit Notes
  40. Dental Health - My Program
  41. Regenerative Cryotherapy
  42. A Deep Look Beyond Lyme
  43. Dr. Stephen Fry on FL1953
  44. BioResource 2011 Conference
  45. Roads Less Traveled
  46. Panama Stem Cell Therapy
  47. Making a Liposomal Compound
  48. EMFs
  49. In Short Order: Greg Lee
  50. Essential Oils
  51. Surviving Mold
  52. Recipes for Repair
  53. Several Updated Articles from Dr. Klinghardt
  54. ILADS 2010 Conference Takeaways
  55. Emerging Tests for TBIs
  56. Buhner Protocol Options
  57. Beyond Balance
  58. Spiro Stat Technologies - A New Option for Testing
  59. Tick Repellent
  60. "Lyme Tea" Made Easy
  61. Lyme Induced Autism Videos
  62. Parasite Cleanse
  63. Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker Video on Lyme
  64. Barlow Herbals and Parasites
  65. Why Lyme Treatments Fail - Part 1
  66. 2010 LIA Conference Takeaways
  67. Noni Leather and New Superfoods
  68. The Lyme Diet
  69. Medsonix Update
  71. Wilson's Temperature Syndrome
  72. Medsonix Here I Come...
  73. Don't Forget Infections in the Mouth
  74. KPU Talk at LymeLighters
  75. iinnLight: Advanced Light Therapy
  76. Second Free Babesia Textbook
  77. An Update on My KPU Treatment
  78. Lymelighters Support Group Meeting- November 24, 2009
  79. LIA Foundation Interview By Dana from
  80. Dr. Randy Baker Talk
  81. Klinghardt Conference: Lyme and Other Chronic Infections
  82. Free Babesia Textbook
  83. Advanced Topics in Tick-Borne Illnesses
  84. Cowden on NutraMedix
  85. Lymelighters Support Group Meeting- Sept 23, 2009
  86. To Care or Not to Care?
  87. Germany Blogs - Bionic 880
  88. Medsonix Therapy System Video
  89. LIA Foundation: From Roadblocks to Recovery 2009


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