Mushroom Poisoning (2012)

In November, 2012 at least 4 deaths were reported in Loomis, California from mushroom poisoning where so called Amanita Death Cap mushrooms were mistaken from similar looking safe mushrooms.  Effective medical treatment was not provided to the victims, because the medical treatment training in the US for mushroom poisoning recommends against vitamin C aka. ascorbic acid (AA) as “unproven” and of no value.  This doctrine is wrong and ignores AA pharmacokinetics as used as a  universal toxin neutralizer. Keeping in mind AA’s blood half lifetime of ½ hour; dosage high dosage repetitions of every 2=4 hours are indicated.


Toxin studies “disproving” AA’s effectiveness used such a low dose and infrequently administered amounts of AA as to be pharmacokinetically invalid.  The problem with AA emergency use for toxin and poisoning is using too low and too infrequent dosages, if AA is used at all. AA as an antidote needs to be used molecule for molecule to neutralize the toxins and to neutralize the resulting cascade of additional harmful molecules generated by the toxin’s actions. 


Also, AA in both gut and blood needs to be consistently maintained at high levels.  To get high enough AA in the blood, sodium ascorbate infusions or oral Liposomal AA needs to be administered, periodically.


Amanita mushrooms are highly toxic. Wikipedia in its discussion says there is no [USA] known antidote.  This is incorrect. The “cure” is known outside the US, in at least France and South Africa.  AA’s mycotoxin-neutralizing is discussed in Dr Levy’s book, see below.  IV and injected sodium ascorbate >3 grams per day (or more frequently) plus other supportive medicines have been used successfully to completely neutralize the fatal nerve and liver toxins in ingesting of up to 70 grams of the Amanita phalloides mushroom. See A Cure for Mushroom Poisoning by M.D. Laing, University of Natal, Pietermaritzburg, South Africa; South Africa Mediese Tydsdrif, April 14, 1984, p. 590. 


The amounts of AA used by Laing should be considered minimum amounts, in view of the pharmacokinetics of AA.


More than 50 grams/day of sodium ascorbate can be administered safely. Sodium ascorbate can be injected IV or in muscles in cases of recurring toxin symptoms, distress, or of anaphylaxis. See: How Much Vitamin C.  The reported AA cure takes 3 days. 


Without proper immediate treatment for Amanita ingestion, death occurs in 3-5 days with liver, nerve and kidney poisoning from the complex of multiple mycotoxins. Total blood replacement may also be useful. If enough injected/IV sodium ascorbate, Liposomal AA and/or water-soluble ascorbic acid capsules are given in doses at least every 2-4 hours. As soon as symptoms start, with persistent AA intake, distress will be rapidly eased and recovery should be certain.  Oral AA of 3-6 grams every few hours, supplementing the IV injected sodium ascorbate, should be ingested to block toxins in the gut.


Dr. Thomas Levy’s book Curing the Incurable, in Chapter 3 contains many toxin neutralization details. Dr. Frederick Klenner wrote of many case histories of toxin neutralization using injections and IV sodium ascorbate for patients in many kinds of grave conditions.  For more complete discussion of AA and references see How AA Works.


Active (antioxidant) AA can neutralize all of each toxin, poison and allergen only if it is given repeatedly in enough quantities and for a long enough time.  Seldom does this happen because AA’s pharmacokinetics (1/2 hour blood half lifetime) is not widely and deeply understood. Systemic AA can rapidly convert to the oxidizing form Dehydroxy AA. If this happens, many life-essential chemical pathways shut down and ‘rapid onset scurvy’ or anaphylaxis may result. 


Orthomolecular medicine doctors do have this AA knowledge. The Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine has many articles relating to AA as a life-restoring chemical. See Dr. Cathcart’s website and also the Vitamin C Foundation website. Detoxifying the Liver, The Townsend Letter.  See Vitamin C: The Facts, The Fiction and The Law. By Dr Thomas Levy, M.D, J.D.


Copyright November 2012, by KF and KM Poehlmann, All rights reserved.