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How Vaccines Work With Infections

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Immune Functions and Inflammation

A Family Case History of Flu Vaccine with Chronic Infections

  The First Major Incident: AA Depletion (again)

  The Second Major Incident: AA Depletion and a Heart Attack

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Faster Die-off of the Elderly and Infirm?

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Gambino’s fatal Flu vaccine heart attack experience raises a profound question of our vaccine safety methodology.  It takes ~6 weeks (or more) to develop immunity in a flu shot. Is it correct to exclude fatal exacerbations of existing chronic infection conditions like heart disease and COPD as vaccine-linked if they appear during the same ~6 week immune system training period. I think not. If immune system is trained for long-term sensitivity, the mistuning may be life-long. The causality is clear, and the vaccine did it and it upsets the cause of death statistics in perverse ways. 


Of course vaccines with immune response adjuvants should not be administered to chronically sick people. This is a rule that is too often ignored.


How Vaccines Work

During the immune system training period of the vaccine, the adjuvant is active, the immune system is excited, immune cells are being trained to recognize: vaccine (payload) components, vaccine contaminants, chronic/latent infections, allergens, exotoxins, endotoxins, environmental toxins, food molecules…. whatever is foreign and possibly also certain self- molecules. The adjutants train the immune system to recognize the targets, to signal and to activate killer, phagocytes to attack targets and the mast cells to make peroxides and other cell toxic molecules.


Tests of injection sites in France have shown that aluminum adjuvants can stay in the arm muscle for years. As long as the adjuvant is in your system you may keep training your immune system for new microbial challenges.


How Vaccines Work With Infections

If you have an unstoppable chronic infection, you can train the immune system to inflame in its presence, but the immune system may not be able to overcome the infection. This leaves the vaccinated host in a state of unending war and inflammation.  The vaccine promoters’ self-interest lies with denying any fault with the vaccine.  As will be seen later, they have managed the statistics to avoid blame and we do not even recognize that there is a problem.


Except now we have an Autism and Autism Spectrum Disability epidemic of long-term development disorders. The probability of the disorder was less than 1/4000 but it is now larger than 1/100, with no known way to stop the multiple-caused trend, and it is getting worse.

Vitamin C Can Help Protect You

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid = AA), in small amounts, can quell the inflammation, but it gets used up in the process. If you fail to replace it, repeatedly, then the inflammation resumes. You now have a vitamin C dependency that normal RDA amounts cannot satisfy, and the dietary authorities take no notice of the fact that the RDA is not “one size fits all”. So the medical authorities also ignore your and others’ special-needs; everyone must look out for themselves and there is little normal way to get help.  The more vaccinations during a lifetime the more the immune system is hyped. There is no reset button.


One answer is to kill all the bad microbes, but this is impossible in chronic infection cases.  However, AA in much higher microbe killing doses, in therapeutic formulations and with appropriate dispensation protocols, can do this in more cases than are recognized by medical authorities.


See AA pharmacokinetics.  See Klenner.  See Levy.


Immune Functions and Inflammation

An elevation of immune functions produces more killed-cells and endotoxins released when microbes die.  Free blood AA is oxidized to DHA (DehydroAscorbic Acid); loss of 2 electrons and 2 hydrogen atoms causes a molecule shape shift, making the AA (now oxidizing DHA) bioactive in quite different ways. When AA blood levels fall to critical levels, histamine generation will increase exponentially as AA levels fall; toxemia levels from the chronic latent infection conditions will rise; all these will further deplete the ascorbate levels in the blood and in the storage tissues. Rapid onset scurvy (anascorbemia) is the result.


The ratio of the concentration of AA to the concentration of DHA, the  AA/DHA ratio, is a vital indicator of health. When AA/DHA >> 1 you are healthy; when AA/DHA<1 you are critically ill. The ratio can become tipped rapidly and can be restored to a healthy range by AA intake and sodium ascorbate injections., leading to rapid symptom reversals.


Symptoms are COPD exacerbation, shortness of breath, rapid pulse, sometimes lethargy, sometimes anaphylaxis. Klenner reports ~5 to10 grams of sodium ascorbate solution injected can reverse the symptoms in a few minutes.  We have found a few grams of water soluble ascorbic acid can have a similar effect over a period of 30 minutes or more.  Ascorbic acid rapidly reverses rapid onset scurvy.  Anascorbemia.  ARBs, angiotensin release blockers, will block the inflammation cascade and antihistamines block some of the other histamine effects.       


Adjuvants in the vaccine train immune cells to react to chronic infection microbes (and the vaccine payload) in hyper-inflammatory ways. Persistent adjuvants with chronic infections create persistent inflammation conditions. This hyper inflammation accelerates the AA depletion and creates a high level AA intake dependency.  Normal AA in diet is inadequate.  AA depletion accelerates if large and frequent new AA is not eaten. The patient becomes hyper allergic with redness, pains, itches, coughing fits and other signs of  inflammation in muscle, respiratory, joint, urinary, and circulatory tissues, wherever the chronic infection has located.


A Family Case History of Flu Vaccine with Chronic Infections

We have personally seen this happen to a 135 pound 91 year old female family member with COPD and chronic UTIs.


A few weeks after the 2013 flu shot, systemic (all over muscle) pains, feelings of sickness, and severe plantar fasciitis pain flares were observed as separate episodes.  Pain meds did not work.  All of these symptoms greatly diminished and all pain ended, eliminated in less than 6 hours, when 2 grams of AA were consumed every 2-3 hours. 


Then without effective antibiotics for a chronic UTI and a plugged urethra (bladder retention), inflammation flared systemically. Cipro was prescribed for the UTI without ARBs. This induced toxemia and more pains and discomforts, again controlled by a higher frequency of AA intake.


But the high level of AA was not consistently maintained on a regular 24-hour basis. There were times with no AA intake for many sleeping hours.


The half lifetime for blood AA is given in a PubMed article as ˝ hour.  This rule of thumb is used below as a way to estimate possible rates and amounts of AA depletion or conversion to DHA. See AA Pharmacokinetics

The First Major Incident: AA Depletion (again)

Forgetting to take AA at bedtime (9 pm) and arising (7am) was a 10-hour period of no AA intake. A mild COPD exacerbation without accompanying heart distress but with multiple whole body pains judged severe was induced by AA levels dropping by factor of [ ˝]20 = 0.000001. A visit to the hospital ER and IV Cipro (no ARBs) for the UTI accompanied by AA as needed to control overall pain and sickness-feeling left the patient feeling well by 5 PM and she was released to return home.  By evening, she was feeling very well and energetic, after about 16 grams of AA intake that day. CoQ10 intake was 30 mg per day.


The Second Major Incident: AA Depletion and a Heart Attack

Again, forgetting to take AA at bedtime (9 pm) and arising (7am) was a 10 hour period of no AA intake. A severe COPD exacerbation occurred with accompanying congestive heart pains, (fibrillation) and breathing distress. Hypothetical AA levels would have  dropped by factor of [ ˝]20 = 0.000001. 

3 grams of AA were administered with 50 mg CoQ10. 911 was called. ˝ hour after the first AA was given a slight improvement in condition was observed.  In-hospital treatment included IV Cipro, other IV antibiotics, ARB cytokine cascade blockers,  and oxygen. 


The family made sure she ate vitamin C: 2-3 grams whenever she felt bad or had a coughing fit. The AA helped quell urge to cough within ˝ hour each time.  Estimated daily AA intake was about 16-24 grams AA per day while on the IV antibiotic to control resulting toxemia from microbial die off.   See Dr Thomas Levy’s book, Curing the Incurable, Chapter 3. for  AA as a universal  antitoxin.


She was in hospital for 6 days.  On release her oxygen was borderline ~86%  She was weak, needed oxygen, and had low energy. Bladder still distended, persistent difficulty passing urine. No urethra scopy performed in hospital.


She was instructed to take vitamin C, 2 grams at bedtime and when arising and any time at night she had to urinate.  CoQ10, 100 mg per day improved energy levels considerably. AA, 2 grams more than 6 times per day.  After 1 week no need for daily oxygen, only at night.  Daytime O2 level had risen to 96%.  For several days was able to walk unassisted with walker for about ˝ mile each day on level surface with no oxygen. On return home O2 level was 97%.  Feeling very energetic; enough to do housework and floor mopping.



Flu shot with chronic infections (COPD and UTI) caused vitamin C dependency of over 10 grams per day needed to control an increasing inflammation state, followed 3 weeks later, by two major bouts of inflammation exacerbations, COPD respiratory flare and heart inflammation with heart lung congestion (COPD exacerbation) and also from the toxins of the UTI antibiotic microbe die off.  (same tissue sensitivities heart circulatory tract cells and urinary tract epithelium) 


Flu-shot related COPD  exacerbations plus UTI toxemia on antibiotic treatment without ARBs,  increased AA intake needs and induced AA depletion; the  antioxidant AA blood levels would descend to levels of anascorbemia. In presence of toxins, AA converts to DHA. 


Recovery of vitality was rapid if enough AA was eaten every few hours.


This could have been the Gambino case, where flu shot caused heart attack and death. Without AA supplementation the heart failure would have been fatal.  The AA and CoQ10 plus the ARBs helped reduce the heart damage.  The Cipro and other antibiotics temporarily stopped the UTI.  The COPD is still there and it flares if AA dosage or frequency is interrupted.  Chronic coughs go away1/2 hour after several grams of AA are eaten.



Vaccine Epidemiological Methodology Issues:

It appears that the epidemiological statistics and failure reporting of vaccine-related adverse reports is being mis-managed.  Statistics events are edited out by time-coincidence rules to minimize vaccine adverse-incident linkages.  .See  


By restricting the vaccine-related adverse-event window to 3-4 days, the vaccine is wrongly excluded as a cause of later vaccine caused sensitivities and adverse events. Vaccines have repeatedly been seen to train immune system for weeks, to months, and sometimes longer.


A susceptible minority can respond allergically to vaccine molecule targets, making them hyper allergic to reinfection.  In the past such vaccines have been judged to dangerous to deploy.  Now by editing the statistics, we can and do approve dangerous vaccines.  The same adverse-event-time-window exclusion rules have been used in court to disprove valid death and autism claims. Vaccines can also induce hyper allergies to chronic infections and molecule shapes that are normal, auto-allergies


Vaccinations change the death statistics causes from flu to heart disease.  Vaccination reduces the flu deaths but it does so by increasing the number of earlier heart disease deaths.  After more and more cumulative vaccinations, for those with poorly controlled chronic infections, death comes from inflammation cascades.  As AA depletes, or is converted by oxides to DHA, COPD exacerbations occur and risk of death rises. 


For well persons, flu infections responses  after vaccination are expected to be more moderate.  For chronically sick persons, especially those with multiple issues (COPD and UTIs and Heart Disease),  Flu vaccinations will  train some persons to have severe inflammatory episodes.  Flu death statistics look better for the herd with the vaccine. Overall Flu-linked death rates are decreased.  Heart attack and other anascorbemia-related


Faster Die-off of the Elderly and Infirm?

Net result is a slightly faster die off of the (older/child/weak)  chronically-infected population and those with latent endotoxin loads.  Causes of this die- off are sudden deaths: heart attacks, more COPD exacerbations, SIDS, SBS, etc, caused by ascorbic acid depletion or rapid onset scurvy. 


Australian Dr Archie Kalokerinos’s  book Every Second Child  showed death rate from  anascorbemia after vaccinations was 50%  in ~3 weeks.


Our family case history is Kalokerinos’ experience all over again, except for an older person.  Kalokerinos recommended AA supplementation at higher than RDA amounts and the vaccine mass deaths stopped.  Years later, in Uganda, the WHO vaccination programs were plagued by mass deaths. Kalokerinos’s 1974 book was long forgotten.


The warnings on not giving vaccines to sick children should be extended to the aged, infirm, COPD, heart conditions, UTI infections, gut dysbiosis/inflammation etc. 

When patients are actively sick: Do not vaccinate them;  do not vaccinate them repeatedly; do not vaccinate them several at one time. Vaccinate them and you make them more and more ascorbate dependent and you may increase their death rate overall. If they had an adverse result to a prior similar vaccine do not repeat the vaccine. 


If COPD exacerbation, toxemia and/or inflammation flare give appropriate antibiotics ARBs and lots of frequent AA.

(~3grams per 130 # Body weight) frequently = every 1-3 hours, at bedtime, middle of night, at arising.  Between meals works better than with sugar containing meals.  ARBs should be prescribed for COPD episodes, and also antihistamines.


Liposomal Vitamin C  (L-AA)L-AA is emulsified vitamin C encapsulated in lecithin, which is a phospholipid precursor to choline.  Its transport and pharmacokinetics are improved over the water-soluble forms of AA. 

Kalokerinos’s Lesson:

If vitamin C nutrition is inadequate, or a dependency exists, vaccines are very unsafe for a few.  Sick persons with gut, respiratory, heart/circulatory, urinary, ear or other chronic infections should not be vaccinated; this is the standard of good practice (for children) that is too often ignored by oblivious clinicians. It should apply to all, including the elderly. 


Many of the 50% mass vaccine deaths in Australia,  reported in Every Second Child were young adults.

Kalokerinos’s Warning:

If you do not do an orthomolecular nutrition work up and an AA blood level assessment  before vaccinations, then administer some vitamin C.   Several grams several hours apart before the vaccination.

 Vitamin C, in therapeutic doses, should be administered before, during and for several weeks after vaccinations to improve the success and reduce the risks of the vaccination-induced inflammation.  If adverse reactions to the vaccination, consider using AA in the levels covered in Cathcart’s table. See How Much Vitamin C


Kalokerinos’ lesson and his warning are too frequently ignored.


Malpractice?; lawsuit!?


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Inflammation, chronic infections, nutrition and immunity are topics we have researched broadly in our studies of worldwide medical knowledge, documented on the Internet and in the historical archives of medicine.  We have spent over ten calendar years reading about these inter-related subjects, attending postgraduate medical conferences. We have read countless medical texts, abstracts, papers, online in the National Library of Medicine and contained at various authoritative medical, nutritional and biological websites. The mass of the available information worldwide is tremendous. Search engines can reach much of it, so it can be correlated productively.



Nothing herein or referenced herein should be considered prescriptive for any medical condition.  This information is for study and education purposes only.  The readers are advised to find and consult well-educated, trained and licensed medical and nutritional practitioners who shall evaluate the many circumstances and conditions of each of their patients and will devise appropriate treatments and nutritional plans for them.  It is recognized that each person has the right and duty to be well informed about the best foods, nutrition and medical practices available that will promote their own good health.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author(s) and the sources cited and there are many divergences of opinions on many topics. The readers must resolve the conflicts, in their own minds, after careful consideration of all the details and after any further necessary research and study.


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