Flu epidemic 2013:  Lessons from Medical History


1.                   Flu Epidemic 2013: Description

2.                   Healthcare Policy Negligence, Again?  Neglecting Nutrition

3.                   Dr Frederick Klenner (1971) “Washington Is Mistaken About AA RDA”

4.                   AA Under-Dosage Harm Is Occurring

5.                   Government Has Forgotten 1939 Nobel Prize Ascorbate/Scurvy/Med Science:

6.                   Why Are We So Afraid Of Influenza Epidemics?

7.                   1918 Flu Epidemic Mortality Factors

8.                   Dr Klenner’s Legacy Is Nearly Forgotten

9.                   Vitamin C Is An Antitoxin And Poison Antidote

10.               Conclusions

11.               Table 1: 1918 Flu Pandemic Mortality

12.               Dr Klenner’s Vitamin C Papers Compiled By Robert McCracken

13.               Additional Klenner References

14.               Our Experience And Qualifications

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Flu epidemic 2013:  Description

It appears that the flu vaccines this 2012-2013 year are only about 62% effective, in reducing or eliminating infection, about equivalent to past years vaccines.  Each year each virus mutates in an unexpected direction. The targeted vaccine strains are from past year pandemics and may not be enough like the strains that mutated in nature.  Strains are in these categories:  Subtypes A H1N1 swine, H3N2, or H5N1 avian, Subtype B;  A quadri-valent flu mist was recently approved.  Actual trivalent strains approved are:      A/California/7/2009 (H1N1)-like virus      A/Victoria/361/2011 (H3N2)-like virus      B/Wisconsin/1/2010-like virus. CDC Report


This year influenza is more “catching” than usual.  Lethality appears about average as a percentage of cases, compared to recent years.  Average Deaths per flu season for all of US as reported by the state health authorities in prior years is given by the CDC as about 24,000.


Flu shot campaign has failed to avoid an epidemic in US. Nearly every city is hit. All states are involved and organizations are reporting higher than average employee sickness rates as a percentage of total employees.


 Sub-type H3N2 predominates 27%;  B type  9% in frequency; H1N1(2009 pandemic) is rare. 36% of  subtypes tested in Minnesota are matches for the vaccine, leaving 64% new or not identified.


Older persons that have been vaccinated may have delayed (3-5 weeks) health problems and near fatal exacerbated COPD episodes, rapid onset scurvy and heart attacks.  These are the same things that the unvaccinated flu victim has.  The vaccine helps reduce the chance of an infection with its more severe consequences.


Vaccines are the primary defense against infection; Antivirals are secondary, post infection; Nutrition is a neglected defence.


Minnesota Health Department statistics:  Influenza A 27% (AH3 strain)  Influenza B 9%

First Week 401 hospitalized;  23 deaths;   5% mortality

Total         1121 hospitalized; 27 deaths;    3% mortality  Date January 12, 2013

Healthcare Policy Negligence, Again?  Neglecting NutrTion

The vulnerability of the public to influenza is a result of governmental policies understating the amounts of vitamin C  (ascorbic acid = AA) necessary for health. Optimal immune system effectiveness requires 100 times the RDA.  Some medical conditions AA therapeutic amounts are 40 times more than this. (4000 times larger than the RDA of 60 grams) A paper by Drs. Franco and Vojdani says at least 6 grams per day to restore immune health.  With diabetes and hyperglycemia need 10-15 grams as minimum due to sugar blocking AA.  Smokers, asthmatics, COPD sufferers, arthritics, fatigue related illnesses, chronic infections, all need much more AA than 6 grams per day.  Need increases with age. 


There is compelling evidence that the flu epidemic would not happen if vitamin C intake were in the range of tens of grams per day. This is the range of the amount that is made by those animals that make it. Humans, monkeys, fruit bats and guinea pigs have lost the gene that helps make vitamin C, so it is an essential food. 


If they changed their policies and our diets included much more vitamin C, a huge amount of mortality and morbidity (in the words of John Ely) would be eliminated and a flu vaccine would not be necessary.  In the mean-time it is up to individuals to disregard the government RDA disinformation and to provide the nutrition for themselves.


You personally can protect yourself and your family by keeping and taking Liposomal vitamin C.  It is therapeutic in doses of several grams per day and has no upper limit on the amount that you can take safely.  Reviewing the reviews of Liposomal AA on Amazon.com, where you can buy it, people are taking it at amounts 2-5 packets every 1 to 3 hours if they feel the onset of illness.  The next day they are usually well.


In cases where the sickness is already well established, both regular AA, taken frequently, and Liposomal AA can be taken at multi-gram doses of each formulation, every 1 to 3 hours.  Take more whenever you feel an increase in the feelings of sickness, or a coughing fit.  If normal AA upsets your stomach, Liposomal AA  will not do so.


Dr Frederick Klenner (1971) “WashingtoN IS Mistaken about AA RDA”

Dr Frederick Klenner of Reidsville, NC was a pioneer in using AA in high therapeutic doses to successfully fight viral diseases. He wrote extensively explaining his methods and his results.  He explains the problem with the government’s dietary RDA of vitamin C.

Flexible dosage standards explained as minimal standards 

…. it is no longer possible [correct or safe]  to accept a set numerical unit [RDA for Vitamin C] in terms of minimal daily requirements. This is true because of the simple fact that people are different and these same people experience different situations at various times.

With ascorbic acid, today’s adequate supply means little or nothing in terms of the [personal health crisis] needs for tomorrow.

Let us start thinking in terms of maximum requirements. [for vitamin C to maintain the healthiest immune system]

For too long a time we have under-supplied [vitamin C to] our children and ourselves by accepting through negative ignorance and acquiescence so-called standards. [We subject ourselves to vulnerability to acute disease and long term degenerative maladies]

[However, ] Based on scant data on mammalian synthesis, available for the rat, a 70-Kg. [145 pound] individual would produce 1.8 grams to 4.0 grams of ascorbic acid per day in the unstressed condition. Under stress, [sick] up to 15.2 grams. [would be made by the hypothetical 145 pound rat.]

Compare this to the 70 mg recommended for daily requirements without stress and 200 mg for the simple stress of the obstetrical patient, and you will recognize the disparity [about 45 times more] and understand why we [Dr. Klenner, Dr. Cathcart, Linus Pauling, Dr. Riordan, Dr. Kalokerinos, and many others] have been waging a …. war against the establishment in Washington for 23 years.

Comment: Advocacy for 23 years in 1971 means “since 1948”; now it has been 65 years since 1948; and NIH and the nutrition rules establishment are still ignoring the realities, even ignoring a petition of noted scientists and doctors to reconsider the science and revise the rules. Rats get sick too and 15 grams AA per 145 pounds body weight is known to be insufficient for many conditions, especially for the hemorrhagic fevers of Marburg and Ebola which so deplete the systemic stored AA that the tissues dissolve and bleeding is system-wide in the worst cases.  Perhaps the AA replacement requirement in such cases is of the order of 250 grams ascorbate per day. See Vitamin C Pharmacokinietics. 

Nonetheless there is no unsafe upper limit for AA.  The gut just gets loose, which flushes out endotoxin-releasing gut microbes.

Also see AA Ketonic Protocols for how to combine multi treatment factors to improve therapeutic outcomes.

AA Under-dosage Harm is Occurring

We [KF & KM Poehlmann] are aware of some doctors who use RDA, or the FDA recommendation to not exceed 2 grams per day, as a maximum daily amount of vitamin C, as if vitamin C in higher levels were toxic. It is not toxic; it is the opposite; it is toxin neutralizing,.  Limiting vitamin C intake does great harm to their patients in Rapid Induced Scurvy situations.  Limiting ascorbate input enables toxins to have their poisonous way with us. The result is an unlimited toxin chain reaction.


In cases of infections, toxins, allergens, venoms, etc, the maximum amount of vitamin C is not limited and very high levels are required to neutralize all the toxins in the inflammation cascade.  AA relieves pain, itching, coughing fits, blocks histamine release, and promotes healing by regenerating cartilage.  At very high levels (greater than 20-200 grams per day and in Liposomal form 3-15 grams per day, AA is a microbe killer, a virus killer and a cancer cell killer. 


The lecithin envelope delivers the AA payload to lipid coated microbe and cancer cells where the AA works to kill the infection and cells infected or gone-rogue. Lecithin envelope facilitates passage of the AA from gut to bloodstream, past the blood brain barrier and into the liver where the AA helps the liver to detoxify the blood. Liposomal AA has 5 times the gut to blood efficiency that water soluble AA has. And there is no loose gut action at high doses because over 95% of it is absorbed.


It is long overdue for the stonewalling of requests to recognize AA’s nutritional therapeutic benefits in Washington to end. Washington officials have a sorry history of requiring tests of proof and denying funds to do the proof.  The margins for vitamins do not provide for a costly approval process that the bureaucrats require for drugs. AA is a food that is metabolized (oxidized) as it works against toxins.


 Thousands of papers have been written about vitamin C. Its functional characteristics are well documented. See the Chapters 37 & 38 Papers below for Landwehr’s account of the stonewalling and Robert Forman’s paper on Medical Resistance to Innovation. 


For AA in functional medicine, refer to Dr. Klenner’s Papers in the list below Chapters 4, 5, 6, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, & 22.  Significantly, much of the historical excellence in the practice of medicine is no longer taught, perhaps because it is not profitable for the practitioners.  The knowledge is not lost, now, thanks to the Internet, Dr Klenner’s orthomolecular successes and methods can be studied by anyone interested in better health for his family. 


Good health through good nutrition is an individual responsibility, but it does not help that the authorities are providing incorrect and misleading RDA guidance for AA and other nutrients, like tropical antiviral oils. They should be requiring junk food supplementation with AA, because to get enough AA one has to eat so many grams of carbohydrates that it makes all of us obese.

Government Has Forgotten 1939 Nobel Prize Ascorbate/Scurvy/Med Science:

Without a high enough intake of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) vital chemical functions are limited.  Dr. Klenner writes:  (Chapter 22)

Early specifications, action and dosages for administrations

To understand the chemical behavior of ascorbic acid in human pathology, one must go beyond its present academic status either as a factor essential for life or as a substance necessary to prevent scurvy. This knowledge is elementary.


Listen to what appeared in Food and Life Yearbook 1939, U.S. Department of Agriculture: “In fact even when there is not a single outward symptom of trouble, a person may be in a state of vitamin C deficiency more dangerous than scurvy itself.


When such a condition is not detected, and continues un-corrected, the teeth and bones will be damaged, and what may be even more serious, the blood stream is weakened to the point where it can no longer resist or fight infections not so easily cured as scurvy.” [like plaques]


It is true that without these infinitesimal amounts myriads of body processes would deteriorate and even come to a fatal halt.  Ascorbic acid has many important functions. [And in much higher daily AA dosages than the RDA, a new range of therapeutic effects starts to occur, if the systemic AA levels are maintained consistently at this high level]


It [AA] is a powerful oxidizer and when given in massive amounts; that is, 50 grams to 150 grams, [per day] intravenously, for certain pathological conditions, and “run in” as fast as 20 Gauge needle will allow, it acts as a “Flash Oxidizer,” often correcting the pathology within minutes. [Anaphylaxis recovery, carbon monoxide poisoning, smoke inhalation, venom poisoning, mushroom poisoning, etc]


Vitamin C in therapeutic doses is a powerful universal antidote for toxins, poisons, venoms, allergens, and the oxides that accompany chronic infections.  See Dr. Thomas Levy’s book,  Curing the Incurable, Chapter 3, excerpt here, from his website. See our related paper: How Vitamin C Works.


Why are we so afraid of Influenza Epidemics?

The book the “Great Influenza” by John M Barry tells “The Story of the Deadliest Pandemic in History”.  Barry’s book recounts the 1918-1920 epidemic, in the middle of a world war, describing its societal and historical context. (548 pages, 2004 & 2005, Penguin)  Well worth reading for a elaborate description of the many factors and events in the epidemic. 


The Flu was followed by pneumonia, as it often does.  High transmissibility combined with high mortalities to affect millions of victims.  Remarkable cases of sudden loss of vitality, unexpected collapse of active persons with death within 12 hours were reported. Rapid onset scurvy, or AA depletion (anascorbemia) to unsafe AA blood levels in the presence of latent systemic infections (endotoxins) can be one sure cause of sudden death. If  a flu illness lasted longer than a few days, a sizeable percentage (up to 36% in one place) developed various bacterial pneumonias and many 6-60% of these died of the complications. 


Many strange and desperate medical treatments were tried and failed. Klenner reported on folk medicine, using nutritional herbs that succeeded.


Following the 1918 epidemic Klenner developed therapeutic protocols using vitamin C (ascorbic acid = AA) at more than 45 times RDA intake. He found it therapeutic as an antitoxin, an antibiotic and an antiviral; working better at higher and higher doses for the most pathological conditions, with dose related effectiveness.


These therapies were dramatically successful against measles, polio, mumps, whooping cough, and many (most?) other infectious diseases that release exotoxins. His surprising results were presented as papers and at conventions and they were massively ignored/suppressed by American collegial medicine.


Rivals who did not follow his methods and did not understand AA’s pharmacokinetics constructed tests that ignored the ½ hour half lifetime of AA in the blood. They then claimed AA a low daily dose (near RDA) to be useless as therapy. It was; but higher levels worked.  So why do we stick with a failed RDA level of daily input for over 60 years?  Hidden agendas and prejudiced research-gatekeepers are more plausible than plain mental stupor in the minds of the controlling bureaucrats.


Now Liposomal AA’s (L-AA) newfound effectiveness can reduce the morbidity and mortality of Flu and its complications. Now some vaccines administration can be safer with coincident AA administration; and other vaccines are no longer necessary.  IV administration for non-emergency recovery therapy can be replaced by oral-intake L-AA. But we need to educate the nutritionists and the medical professionals about the most effective dosage -range and frequency-of-intake for therapeutic ascorbic acid.  The needed AA hourly intake level is unlimited, but it depends on how sick the patient is at each time. 


Washington, the NIH and the FDA need to get out of the way and retire from blocking and stonewalling AA’s use to protect their drug industry friends.


We also need to do more complete studies of vaccine risks and to improve vaccine safety testing and certification processes that are broken in some cases. We need to fix the broken problem reporting system to insure that the vaccines no longer create long-term hyper-allergic immune system pathologies.  As a palliative measure, AA needs always to be administered before, coincident-with and several weeks after vaccines to insure that latent endotoxin-generating chronic infections plus vaccine administration does not cause sudden onset scurvy, toxemia cascades, SIDS/SBS or sudden deaths in the elderly due to exacerbations of chronic illnesses like COPD and congestive heart conditions.


1918 Flu Epidemic Mortality Factors

Will history repeat these high influenza death counts and destroy civilization?  Is the best answer more inflammation-causing vaccines or is it more use of more-effective, inflammation-reducing, antioxidant ascorbate nutrition?


In 1918, non-tropical locations, colder climates, and winter months guaranteed population collocation in buildings, rooms and enclosures, maximizing influenza and pneumonia contagion.  Trench warfare in winter magnified stress on the soldiers.  Agriculture was disrupted by the war, leading to malnutrition.  Where villagers were isolated, needed medical aid was not forthcoming, the whole villages died, both in the far north and in Africa, partly due to malnutrition. 


People living in tropical locations have more AA-containing fruits in their diets.  Death rates were significantly higher where (native) populations had lower vitamin C in their diets. These same native populations have proven historically to be susceptible to sudden onset scurvy after mass vaccinations. This led to mass deaths in Australia and later in Uganda.  Cause: low AA intake and gut-bacteria-produced endotoxins.  Malnutrition-related influenza mortality differences in 1918-20 are suggested by the geographic distribution of deaths.  Population demographics (natives vs. Europeans) had divergent death rates, suggesting nutrition-related protective factors that can be explained by differences in ascorbate nutrition.


Most often pneumonia (pneumococcus or other bacterial pneumonias) would flare as a result of the flu virus disabling the immune system. The disease toxins and immune system produced oxides deplete the AA leading to sudden onset scurvy. The  AA/DHA ratio drops to be less than one.  A death spiral ensues with cascading toxemia if AA is not massively supplemented and if the immune cascade is not suppressed with ARBs or other methods.  Supplemental CoQ10 is helpful to improve heart muscle cells’ vitality and this plus the added AA increases oxygen flow.


For many years it was thought that a bacteria, bacillus influenza, was the cause of the flu infection.  Now, the virology of influenza is fairly well understood.  Influenza virus strains mutate each year.    Guesses made by the public health authorities decide the most likely strains to target for the newest Flu vaccines. Sometimes they pick to reduce the danger for the most harmful strains, but other not-targeted strains emerge with unexpected virulence and the new vaccines have less effect on them than would be hoped.


Table 1, below, gives some of the influenza mortality information from the text of the book, “The Great Influenza” A more complete analysis see Flu Mortality Factors.


Barry’s book makes no mention of nutritional factors, vitamins, vitamin C or scurvy. This is a major omission in view of  Dr Klenner’s experience, findings and papers. The vitamin C therapeutic range is for intake amounts far above those regarded as nutritional.  See above and below.


Dr Klenner’s Legacy is nearly forgotten  See His Papers

Dr. Fredrick Klenner  used vitamin C to fight a wide ranges of viruses recounts his family’s survival of the pandemic. He credits vitamin C from herbal teas, from acerola and boneset that are rich in ascorbic acid and taste terrible.  When your neighbors are dying, you will drink the medicine that you believe will help your survival.  His family survived. One cup of boneset tea may contain 10 grams of ascorbic acid.


Folklore of past civilizations report that for every disease afflicting man there is an herb or its equivalent that will effect a cure. In Puerto Rico the story has long been told “that to have the health tree Acerola in one’s back yard would keep colds out of the front door.” The ascorbic acid content of this cherry-like fruit is thirty times that found in oranges.

In Pennsylvania, U.S.A., it was, and for many still is, Boneset, scientifically called Eupatorium perfoliatum.  Although it is now rarely prescribed by physicians, Boneset was the most commonly used medicinal plant of eastern United States. Most farmsteads had a bundle of dried Boneset in the attic or woodshed from which a most bitter tea would be meted out to the unfortunate victim of a cold or fever. Having lived in that section of the country we qualified many times for this particular drink. The Flu of 1918 stands out very forcefully in that the Klenners survived when scores about us were dying.

Although bitter it was curative and most of the time the cure was overnight. Several years ago my curiosity led me to assay this “herbal medicine” and to my surprise and delight I found that we had been taking from ten to thirty grams of natural vitamin C at one time.

Even then it [dosage] was given by body weight. Children one cupful; adults two to three cupfuls. Cups those days held eight ounces.

Twentieth century man seemingly forgets that his ancestors made crude drugs from various plants and roots, and that these decoctions, infusions, juices, powders, pills and ointments served his purpose. Elegant pharmacy has only made the forms and shapes more acceptable.


Comment: A government-controlled drug industry has made natural antiviral remedies less available, more expensive and less effective in some cases, than nutritionally derived supplemental foods that have antiviral properties, but do not have an advertising sponsor.


Vitamin C is an Antitoxin and Poison Antidote:

Ascorbic acid is a powerful reducing agent. Its neutralizing action on certain toxins, exotoxins, virus infections, endotoxins and histamine is in direct proportion to the amount of the lethal factor involved and the amount of ascorbic acid given. At times it is necessary to use ascorbic acid intramuscularly. From Chapter 22. by Dr Klenner.


AA is consumed in the process, converted to the oxidized/oxidizing form Dehydroxyascorbic acid (DHA), instantly, in amounts comparable to the amount of toxins to be neutralized. More AA must be supplied to keep the ratio of AA/DHA in the favorable, therapeutic range.  To fail to replace the consumed AA is to leave some toxins remaining, un-neutralized, to work their havoc on the patient.



During Flu Season the proper intake amounts of AA need to be increased, from a healthy person’s 6 grams per day to a crisis dosage, to boost therapeutic AA blood levels. That is, taking vitamin C more frequently (every 1 to 4 hours) hours, in an amount proportional to one’s weight.  A 100kg person would take a dosage of 5-6 grams of AA whenever he feels sick, or feels the sickness increase. A person of lesser weight would take proportionally less.  This is the water-soluble ascorbic acid, powdered AA in capsules.  If feelings of illness, coughing, irritation, pain, redness, itching, etc. increase this indicates AA depletion. Take another dose.  Decrease the intake period as needed, if condition worsens.  Avoid sugars they block the AA benefits; AA taken between meals is more effective than with meals.  Take AA at bedtime and on awakening.  Take it during the night to avoid depletion.  See How Much Vitamin C.  Add sodium ascorbate in-solution to inhaler sprays to speed recovery from bronchitis and pneumonia.


Liposomal Vitamin C (L-AA):

A new form of AA is available that has improved effectiveness.  Taking L-AA every 2 hours is  at least 5 times more effective than the water soluble form of AA.  See Liposomal AA.  L-AA is available on Amazon. Users report that L-AA in 2 to 5 packet amounts every 2-6 hours has eliminated colds and flu overnight. See reviews on Amazon.com for L-AA.  L-AA also helps for chronic infections, fatigue, fibromyalgia, COPD etc.


Influenza is catching, and a person is contagious (shedding viruses) a few days before symptoms become apparent.  For this reason, during Flu season, it is wise to take higher AA doses and with greater frequencies.  If all persons in a group were taking therapeutic dosages of vitamin C during the epidemic onset, this should make a significant reduction in the rate of contagion and probability of spread.


Table 1 1918 Flu Pandemic Mortality  (From text data in The Great Influenza by  John M Barry )



Stage of


Cases as %

of Population

Lethality %  Factors

Average Flu Case Lethality


Infected Population

Recent Epidemics .4%  = 4/1000

San Antonio




US Army First 5 Cantonments



x 20% Pneumonia x 37%  P. Mortality

Camp Sherman



x 36% Pneumonia x 61% P. Mortality

Last 5 Camps, Average

 3 wks Later


x 7% Pneumonia x 18% P. Mortality

Ships Quarantined, Australia 1919




Cape Town, So Africa

1st 4 wks


4% Total Pop: 2.7%Blacks, .8%Whites





Mexico, Chiapas



10% of Population

Coal Miners



6% Total Population Class

Industrial Workers



3.6% Total Population Class




27% All hospitalized




10% Flu Victims



Up to 100%

8% Europeans; Whole villages died



Near 100%

33% of Total population died



Near 100%

60% to 100% Whole villages died


Dr Klenner’s vitamin C papers compiled by Robert McCracken

 Buy the Book


Title: Injectable Vitamin C: Effective Treatment for Viral and Other Disease



The Book’s PDF is on the Web:

Contents:  Click below to view each of the individual papers

Front Matter

Ch. 1 - The Discovery of Vitamin C, Albert Szent-Gyorgi, M.D., Ph.D., 1893-1986, A. Hoffer 

Ch. 2 - Inactivation of Poliomyelitis Virus in Vitro by Crystalline Vitamin C, Claus W. Jungeblut 

Ch. 3 - Inhibitive Effect of Vitamin C on Toxin Production by C. diphtheria, J. Kligler 

Ch. 4 - Virus Pneumonia and Its Treatment with Vitamin C, Fred R. Klenner 

Ch. 5 - The Treatment of Poliomyelitis and Other Virus Diseases with Vitamin C, Fred R. Klenner 

Ch. 6 - Massive Doses of Vitamin C and the Virus Diseases, F. R. Klenner 

Ch. 7 - Vitamin C in the Prophylaxis and Therapy of Infectious Diseases, W. J. McCormick

Ch. 8 - Ascorbic Acid as a Chemotherapeutic Agent, W. J. McCormick

Ch. 9 - The Vitamin and Massage Treatment for Acute Poliomyelitis, Fred R. Klenner

Ch. 10 - The Use of Vitamin C as an Antibiotic, Fred R. Klenner 

Ch. 11 - The Treatment of Trichinosis with Massive Doses of Vitamin C and Para-Aminobenzoic Acid, Fred R. Klenner

Ch. 12 - Recent Discoveries in the Treatment of Lockjaw with Vitamin C and Tolserol, Fred R. Klenner

Ch. 13 - Treatment of Hepatitis with Infusions of Ascorbic Acid: Comparison with Other Therapies, H. Baur and H. Staub 

Ch. 14 - An ‘Insidious’ Virus, Fred R. Klenner

Ch. 15 - The Black Widow Spider: Case History, Fred R. Klenner

Ch. 16 - The Clinical Evaluation and Treatment of a Deadly Syndrome Caused by an Insidious Virus, Frederick R. Klenner 

Ch. 17 - The Role of Ascorbic Acid in Therapeutics, Fred R. Klenner

Ch. 18 - Virus Encephalitis as a Sequela of the Pneumonias, Frederick R. Klenner 

Ch. 19 - Acute Hepatitis Treated with High Doses of Vitamin C: Report of a Case, H. B. Calleja and R. H. Brooks

Ch. 20 - Massive Doses of Vitamin C in the Treatment of Viral Diseases, Wilson L. Dalton

Ch. 21 - Efficacy of Vitamin C in Counteracting Tetanus Toxin Toxicity, P. K. Dey

Ch. 22 - Observations on the Dose and Administration of Ascorbic Acid When Employed Beyond the Range of a Vitamin in Human Pathology, Frederick R. Klenner

Klenner Quote from Chapter 22

“To appreciate the antagonistic properties of vitamin C against the virus organism and the chemical ferments of exotoxin-producing microörganisms, one must forget its present academic status as a factor essential for life. [This thinking limits the range of doses, too low dose limits/eliminates the effectiveness of the therapy.]

“…. Vitamin C … is important, not only as a detoxifying agent, as a catalyst aiding cellular respiration by acting as a hydrogen transport, as a catalyst in the assimilation of iron, and as a conservator of collagen fibers and bundles in tissues of mesenchymal origin; but, also, because of its function as a reducing agent or the precursor of such a substance.

“In this latter capacity it fulfills the requirements of an antibiotic. A striking phenomenon of vitamin C is the similarity of response, whether to correct [repair] pathologic processes due to a deficiency of this compound, acting as a vitamin; or to destroy the ferments of microörganisms, acting as an antibiotic.

Ch. 23 - Prevention of Rabies by Vitamin C, S. Banic

Ch. 24 - Venomous Bites and Vitamin C Status, Phyllis Cilento, Archie Kalokerinos, Ian Dettman and Glen Dettman

Ch. 25 - Vitamin C Utilization Status in Chronic Alcoholic Patients after Short-Term Intravenous Therapy, Sisir K. Majumdar, Shanta Patel, G. K. Shaw, P. O’Gorman and Allan D. Thomson

Ch. 26 - The Dangers of Calcium and Safety of Sodium Ascorbate, Archie Kalokerinos, Ian Dettman, and Glen Dettman

Ch. 27 - Ascorbate — The Proof of the Pudding!, Archie Kalokerinos, Ian Dettman, and Glen Dettman

Ch. 28 - A Cure for Mushroom Poisoning, M.D. Laing

Ch. 29 - Effect of Ascorbic Acid in the Treatment of Tetanus, K. Jahan, K. Ahmad and M.A. Ali

Ch. 30 - Rapid Recovery from Ecstasy Intoxication, C.E. Beyers 

Ch. 31 - Therapeutic Efficacy of High-Dose Vitamin C on Acute Pancreatitis and its Potential Mechanisms, Wei Dong Du, et al.

Ch. 32 - Intraveneous Ascorbic Acid as a Treatment for Severe Jellyfish Stings, Selva Kumar, Jorge R. Miranda-Massari, Michael A. González, Hugh D. Riordan

Ch. 33 - Vitamin C Pharmacokinetics: Implications for Oral and Intravenous Use, Sebastian J. Padayatty, He Sun, Yaohui Wang, Hugh D. Riordan, Stephen M. Hewitt, Arie Katz, Robert A. Wesley and Mark Levine

Ch. 34 - Vitamin C as an Ergogenic Aid, Michael J. González, Jorge R. Miranda, and Hugh D. Riordan

Ch. 35 - Antioxidant Vitamin C Improves Endothelial Function in Obstructive Sleep Apnea, Mathias Grebe, Hans Joachim Eisele, Norbert Weissmann, Christian Schaefer, Harald Tillmanns, Werner Seeger, and Richard Schulz

Ch. 36 - Treatment of Postherpetic Neuralgia with Intravenous Administration of Vitamin C, Jen-Yin Chen, et al.

Ch. 37 - The Origin of the 42-Year Stonewall of Vitamin C, Robert Landwehr

Ch. 38 - Medical Resistance to Innovation, Robert Forman


Book Review, by Dr. Abram Hoffer



Additional Klenner References

Hidden in Plain Sight: The Pioneering Work of Frederick Robert Klenner, M.D. by Andrew Saul, MD, Journal of Orthomolecular Med, 2007. Vol 22, No 1, pp 31-38.

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6.         Response of peripheral and central nerve pathology to mega-doses of the vitamin B complex and other metabolites. By Frederick Klenner, MD,  Journal of Applied Nutrition, pp16-40.



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