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Two American nutritionist doctors combine forces with a top Chinese government scientist to bring the results of a massive Chinese data base of nutritional/diet regional differences and disease epidemical statistics to the western world.  US/Chinese cooperation has produced functional-nutrition recommendations derived from Chinese diet-disease correlations.

These recommendations have led to new diet formulations at variance with the US Department of Agriculture food propaganda. Selective diet changes can successfully regress diseases caused by poor nutrition. Emphasizing plant derived foods over animal source foods leads to health improvements.  The result is the formulation of a healing diet, healing recipes and food preparation methods based on fresh vegetable components. 

The movie tells the story of these somewhat out of  official US government favor, but nutritionally successful diet components. The movie also tells of nutrition study funds denial and of collaboration between food industry and government to promote unhealthful diets and formulations.

Chinese demographic studies of exceptionally low epidemiological disease rates correlate strongly with Chinese rural diets that are high in fresh vegetables. These statistics have identified mal-nutritional dietary factors for cancer, diabetes, heart disease, rheumatic illness, etc. 

The mal-nutritional foods are just those products traditionally promoted by the collaboration of the agricultural producers, the US Agriculture Department and the US Health and Human Services school lunch programs. They feature tasty, manufactured artificial foods that belong to emphasized and promoted “food groups”. The results of the emphasis on animal based foods are epidemics of diabetes, hypoglycemia, obesity, heart disease, arterial plaques, endothelial inflammations from infections, cancer, and elevated disease test risk factors.  These diet caused maladies result in a huge percentage ~70% of health maintenance medical, insurance, and lost-time labor costs.

It turns out that western diets are dangerously  too low in vegetable-based components and too high in food products derived from milk, too high in some fats and too high in animal based proteins. 

Visit the above website for a description of the vegetable based diet and its components. 

The movie describes how ~15 of about 24 persons in a dietary-intervention study turned their near-death, poor-nutrition-caused health catastrophes into a return to good health and a record of long term survival.


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