Physicians/Resources Supporting Antibiotic Protocols & Nutritional Counseling:


Dr. A. Robert Franco, The Arthritis Center,

State-of-the-art equipment, onsite lab testing, X-ray, and analysis, onsite pharmacy.

Remarkable success with RA, Scleroderma, Fibromyalgia patients. One of the most knowledgeable microbe-treatment, scientist-MD in America.

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1125State Ave, Riverside, CA 92505.

Phone: 951.352.1700

Fax:  951.352.9117.


Dr. Julian Whitaker, Whitaker Wellness Institute,

Comprehensive health and wellness clinic, multi-factored diagnosis and treatments: Diet, nutrition, RA chronic infection treatments.

4321 Birch St. Newport Beach, CA 92660. Phone: 949-851-1550.


Dr. Gabe Mirkin, 

Mail: 1455 Brier Creek Circle, The Villages, Fl 32162. Website, Countless health articles, Blog.  Author of 16 health books.  Johns Hopkins professor, Specialties: Sports medicine, Immunoligy, Pediactrics.

Syndicated Radio: The Dr. Gabe Mirkin Show               Radio Web Archives  Wife, Diana, is a nutritionist and contributing author.


Dr. Joseph Mercola,

Dr Mercola is owner of the most-visited natural health website in the U.S.  His website is unrivaled in both breadth and depth of information on natural/complementary medicine, medical alternatives, diet/nutrition, infections, vaccine, drug and food dangers.

His website has a search window to help find a practitioner in your area. Dr. Mercola is the director of the Optimal Wellness Center, 1443 W. Schaumburg Road, Schaumburg (near Chicago), IL 60194. He is the chairman of the Family Medicine Department at St. Alexius Medical Center and the author of numerous health books including “The No-Grain Diet”.   847-985-1777.


Co-Cure ME/CFS & FM  CoOperative site: CFS/CFIDS/FM Patients

Indexed by State/Country

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Mycoplasma Registry Information about GWS, CFS, FM, LD & Autoimmune Diseases

Moderated info group. Requires sign up registry to enter.


Other practitioners and testing labs are found in Appendix IV of Rheumatoid Arthritis: The Infection Connection.

Referrals can also be obtained through the Road Back Foundation and The Arthritis Trust



Laboratories that can perform Microbe, Allergy & Antibody testing:

Institute for Molecular Medicine,  Immed.Org

Office of President, Dr Garth Nicholson, Phone: (949) 715 5978

31677 Virginia Way, PO Box 9355, So. Laguna Beach, CA 92652

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Immed.Org Immunology Department:

16371 N. Gothard Street H, Huntington Beach, CA. 92647

Phone: (714) 596 7821              

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·           GW Illness Research

·           Fatigue Illness Research

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ImmunoSciences Lab, Immunology, Ig Blood Testing, Antibodies, Nutrition Assays

822 S. Robertson Boulevard /Ste. 312, Los Angeles, CA 90035

Dr. Aristo Vojdani, principal who is coauthor with Dr A. Robert Franco of many significant articles about immunology and chronic infections.

E-mail: Phone: (310) 657-1077 Fax: (310) 657-1053

Toll Free: (800) 950-4686        

Does multi-PCR tests.

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Specialty Laboratories (Quest Diagnostics) Specialized medical and blood tests.

27027 Tourney Road, Valencia,  CA  91355.

(661) 799-6543  (800) 421-7110  Fax: (661) 799-6634


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Better Health USA  Tests for food allergies, yeast (Candida)

6801 Powerline Road, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33309

Toll free 888-446-6866  Email:


·                  Townsend Letter, Morton Walker DPM on Food Allergy: “Human Bloodprint”

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Quest Diagnostics Corp. Headqtrs  One Malcolm Avenue, Teterboro, NJ 07608

Phone: 201-393-5000  Toll free 800-222-0446

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·                  IgE test: allergens: weeds, trees, pollens, mold, food, animal dander

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Auto-Immunity Research Foundation: Marshall Protocol (MP) Resources

·           MP Events Timeline

·           Inflammation-related Knowledge DataBase for  the Marshall antibiotic protocol

·           Milestone AutoImmune Disease Paper: Sarcoidosis succumbs to antibiotics: Implications for autoimmune disease

By Marshall & Marshall:       (2004) Abstract

From time to time there have been reports of autoimmune disease succumbing to tetracycline antibiotics, but many have assumed this was due to coincidence, or to some ill-defined 'anti-inflammatory property' of the tetracyclines. But now the inflammation of sarcoidosis has succumbed to antibiotics in two independent studies. This review examines the cell wall deficient (antibiotic resistant) bacteria which have been found in tissue from patients with sarcoidosis. It examines how such bacteria can infect the phagocytes of the immune system, and how they may therefore be responsible for not only sarcoid inflammation, but also for other autoimmune disease. Proof positive of a bacterial pathogenesis for Sarcoidosis includes not only the demonstrated ability of these studies to put the disease into remission, but also the severity of Jarisch-Herxheimer shock resulting from endotoxin release as the microbes are killed. Studies delineating the hormone responsible for phagocyte differentiation in the Th1 immune response, 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D, are discussed, and its utility as a marker of Th1 immune inflammation is reviewed. Finally, data showing that the behavior of this hormone is also aberrant in rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus, and Parkinson's, raise the possibility that these diseases may also have a CWD bacterial pathogenesis.


Fibromyalgia Syndrome (FMS)/Sarcoidosis: 

·           Lyme Disease Case history and test profile

·           How Angiotensin II and 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D cause inflammation

·           Marshall Protocol Phase 1 Quick Info Chart

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