rheumatoid Arthritis: The infection Connection


This website is intentionally controversial because it discusses past and ongoing failures of our medical delivery systems. Medical treatment doctrines are based in part on falsified (i.e., disproved) medical theories. Adherence by practitioners to false ideas leads to treatment failures and to wasteful expense.

This website is based on credible (often compelling) published medical knowledge.We have tried to thoughtfully echo opinions expressed by knowledgeable, motivated, intelligent skepticsaround the world to conventional medical doctrine, in the interest ofbuilding a new, more correct paradigm.

The material included here was selected based on topical relevance, logical consistency, factual bases, functional medical science, sourcesí credibility, i.e., our and the source authorsí judgments of the scientific integrity and authoritativeness of the other referenced, underlying sources.

We have disregarded the ad hominem, rhetorical attacks on the sources made by self-appointed defenders of the prevailing falsified doctrines and the medical status quo.Often, multiple sources were found that confirm the facts, views, methods, and scientific validity of the information, theories, perspectives, opinions and information expressed herein.


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