Rogue Doctors The Government Gatekeepers Want you to Forget



Specialty and Life Accomplishments

Thomas McPherson Brown

Tetracycline plus anti-Inflammatories protocols for arthritis, autoimmune, rheumatics

Robert Cathcart III  

Vitamin C treatments and orthomolecular medicine, ~ 40,000 lifetime patient/conditions

Harold W Clark

Microbiologist and Immunologist colleague of Thomas M Brown

Antoine Bechamp

Theory of Microzymas possibly cyst forms of dormant microbes, studied ferments.

John Ely

Ubiquinol, Unprofitable Nutritional Modalities, AA nutrition,  Medical Forgetfulness

Mary Enig

Tropical oils have been mischaracterized; she sets the record straight.

Archie Kalokerinos 

Scurvy: AA dependency; Diagnosed mass vaccine-caused deaths; SIDS cause; SBS diagnosis.

Frederick Klenner

Bio; Vitamin C as a Medicine, Antibiotic, Antiviral cure, and Universal Anti-toxin

Thomas E. Levy

MD, JD. Author: Curing the Incurable Comprehensive vitamin C lore:

    >1,200 Orthomolecular and IV ascorbic acid cures.  Index to his online papers

Edwin Masters

LLMD, Documented new strains of Borrelia; Fought CDC Lyme disease malpractices

Stan Monteith

AIDS policies; Obituary, science/medical policy, functional medicine, Radio Liberty

Gaston Naessens

Revolutionary microscope and Lymph system purification Read the reviews.

Garth Nicholson

Molecular Medicine, Lipids, Gulf War Illness, Mycoplasmas and  Immunology

Linus Pauling 

Orthomolecular Medicine and AA protagonist; Two unassisted Nobel prizes

Matthias Rath

German Research Institute ahead of the rest, subject of repeated, failed suppression attempts.

Emanuel Revici

Nontoxic Cancer treatments;  Medical administrators crucified him.

Royal Raymond Rife

A peek thru a doorway into a neglected technology: Machine, Microscope, Microbe-realm

Dr  Andrew Saul 

Orthomolecular Medicine,  14 Books, Vitamin C the Real Story

Dr Ignaz Semmelweis

Doctor who told surgeons to wash their hands, died (Vienna, 1865) in asylum from a beating.

Irwin Stone

Vitamin  C Overview Book Author  The Healing Factor

Dr Andrew Wakefield

Falsely discredited by corrupt UK bad MMR vaccine promoters; Movie: Vaxxed

Dr Otto Warburg

Nobel Prize, Ketosis vs Cancer,  Alkaline PH stops growth of tumors


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