Recombinant retroviruses contaminate vaccines and modify human/animal genomes



Viral modifications to human genome are introduced by recombinant retroviruses that may be contaminating all live vaccines.

Some killed virus vaccines may not be completely killed.  Adjuvants stimulate chronic inflammation by their tissue persistence, ASIA.


Medical history is replete with poorly publicized failures and tragedies that have not been analyzed and taught to doctors giving them a false sense of confidence in risky vaccine technology.  Contrary view: 2017 Update Paper calls XMRV  ME/CFS  link into question.  False positives vs.  retroviral capability to modify genomes.  100% vaccination provides a sure path to total deployment of latent, unknown retroviruses with unknown pathogenic payloads.  


Glyphosate also provides another threat to human and animal genomes.  Animal Genome Threats modify genomes in unknown ways. This science is out of control and modifying our reproductive integrity in unknown adverse ways through the food supply.


Vaccine recipes promote passing viruses and unknown contaminating retroviruses through a chain of growth stages in hopefully uncontaminated animal tissue cells.  Contamination is the rule, not the exception.


 The suspected recombinant nature of HIV retrovirus may possibly be confirmed by the reproducible production of a recombinant mouse leukemia retrovirus, XMRV related retrovirus family. 


ME/CFS/Fibromyalgia patients with disrupted immune systems and infected immune cells (B, T, macrophage & mast cells)  have been matched with a high percentage (>50% to >80%) positive tests for XMRV family retroviruses in the patients’ blood, for patients showing immune system dysfunction, mitochondrial dysfunction, high HHV family virus titers, and/or high cytokine activity. (Ref 1)


The ME/CFS epidemic, spread contagiously and passed to children via human genome pathways, is hypothetically traced to a recombinant retrovirus-contaminated experimental polio vaccine tested at Los Angeles County Hospital in 1934 that led to a lawsuit settlement. A nondisclosure agreement suppressed the facts.  Retroviruses are capable of recombinant propagation and of infecting  human and animal DNA with copies of themselves, so the infection can be passed to the infected animal offspring. Human US XMRV contagion is estimated to be about 6% or more, except among groups that have never been vaccinated.


Vaccine Safety is an Oxymoron

The false news is that vaccines are safe;  Many of our smarter scientists know how and why they are not.

However, the UN’s WHO-led vaccine lobby has suppressed the truth and promoted the lie.  ---Suzanne Humphries Refs

Shall the sins of the pro vaccine cult descend to the children of the innocent to the Nth generation?

Perversity of Unintended Consequences

The quest for 100% vaccinations has lead to the retroviral RNA contamination of the human genome and to known and unknown cascading morbid autoimmune defects, without limitations.  Mandated vaccinations promote a cumulative destruction of the integrity of human and animal genomes, passing the ME/CFS defects to the offspring. 


For over 75 years, ME/CFS has lacked an infection-linked cause. Now it is likely seen as a vaccine experiment run wild in 1934 that can be replicated at will.  Further vaccine safety mistakes are now revealed in a fundamentally flawed virus payload replication recipe, prone to animal retroviral contamination. And to occasional new recombinant RNA virus production.  Other vaccine production contamination mistakes have led to reported vaccine viral contamination episodes.  SV40 is one example.  GWI vaccine contamination. AIDS epidemic in US made worse by early Hepatitis B vaccine contamination with HIV-1.

Worldwide, a pro-vaccine, UN/WHO-promoted, public health collusion mandates 100% vaccination. This is a massive crime against humanity in the name of protection from hypothetical, (not real) future epidemics. The escalating morbidity cascade is crashing our (US) medical delivery systems by increased costs from a cascade of old and new autoimmune diseases. 

What we do not know (repressive scientific ignorance) can definitely hurt all of us.  Ignorance and denial of toxicology science applied to vaccine adjuvants leads to ASIA (adjuvant stimulated chronic inflammation) and worse. Numerous quality control lapses for vaccines have also been reported.   Contamination

Adjuvants, like aluminum in flu shots, are cumulatively toxic, they are moved by phagocytes past the blood brain barrier, and contaminate the brain, promoting tissue contamination, oxides, inflammation, causing Alzheimer's and Parkinson's symptoms by depleting antioxidants like vitamin C.  Flu shots every year for everyone are cumulatively poisoning our tissues and brains.  So are the 64+ vaccine doses by age 18 mandated for our children. More are planned, without limits. The justifications for new vaccines  are theoretical, the harms from ignored toxicology science are real.

Videos on Vaccines and their Effects

A fact-based rising groundswell by doctors against the vaccine mandates is to be found in lectures on Utube. Article

  Scroll down for an index to a Synthetic Seminar on the subject.

Retroviral XMRV Plague

Mother daughter propagation of ME/CFS-promoting, contaminated vaccine initiated, retroviral-caused, genome modifications are already with us.  I met such a mother two days ago.  Her life is malady plagued, so is her daughter's.

The 70+ year US occupation of Germany has introduced a slow passage of the 1934, Los Angeles County Hospital staff's ME/CFS stealth contagion of the XMRV-related retro-viral genome modification into the German population from the US military families. XMRV related virus is now growing naturally in the German population. So are the related DNA modifications to their genomes from the retrovirus.  References


About 6 to 8 percent of the US public is infected by the ME/CFS retrovirus (XMRV associated retrovirus). This is over 20 million persons (~2014). Autism rate (2016) is about 2 percent of the children, but Autism plus ADHD is much higher rate, comparable to the  ~8% retrovirus infection rate. Rising special-needs costs are consuming the budgets of school systems in the US, Scotland, and world wide. ADHD is Autism lite.

The probable and actual effects to the XMRV related viruses 6% to 8% epidemiological statistics are: (Plague)


Predictable Rise in Autoimmune Diseases in Late Life

For those infected with the XMRV associated retrovirus with subclinical symptoms, later-life ME/CFS/Fibromyalgia emergence and other neural inflammations (MS/IBS/ALS/etc) are another consequence. The XMRV like virus lives/replicates in T and B immune cells and cloaks itself in blood so it is nearly undetectable.  Except when stimulated by a vaccination or an adjuvant shot. 


Cumulative adjuvant tissue toxicity excites the infected immune system and the Retroviruses emerge to replicate.
Vaccinations stimulate the infected immune cells to replicate and the latent virus awakens to plaque the host and cause chronic disabilities. 


Vitamin C dependency (higher than normal needs) increases greatly.  High dosage ascorbate is an antiviral antibiotic. -- Klenner

Read Plague by Dr  Judy Mikovits.  Review  The book provides a unified explanation of how we became infected with a multitude of morbidities. 

This reference describes the mechanism of vaccine induced maladies

Viral modifications to human genome are introduced by recombinant retroviruses that are contaminating all live vaccines.


This is because multiple payload virus growth passes through mouse and other animal tissue and brain cells are used to grow the attenuated target virus used  in the vaccine production. Any intrinsic infections of the mouse cells are also replicated and end up in the vaccine payload.  How recombination of retroviruses works.

Some "killed" RNA viruses in vaccines are more resistant to sterilization methods and may survive, alive, in the vaccine payload.  Viruses and Virus Nucleic Acid Contaminate Many Vaccines  References


Could retroviral contamination be the cause of Gulf War Illness syndrome? If so the virus(es) are still unknown because they were so hard to detect. Perhaps modern analysis of frozen blood samples will find them

Retroviruses in blood are really hard to detect unless you are a highly skilled virologist, like Dr Mikovits.  But several papers have shown ~50% to over 80% associations with CFS patient blood and XMRV associated virus, when samples were selected based on immune system abnormalities. They also show the 6% to 8% XMRV-related virus strains in the controls that have latent infections but are asymptomatic.

Need for Intelligent Federal Action, not science suppression

Lets see if the CDC can shift mode here and start protecting the US citizens in time to prevent a total wipe out of our civilization by the escalating Autism epidemic. So far the US health administrators have been using 'studies designed to find nothing' to "prove" that the 'studies that found the virus' are mistaken. This is flawed logic.  Absence of evidence is evidence of incompetence. "Look away, nothing to see here" is not a viable medical policy in the face of an epidemic. 


I was searching for a Pareto chart of Autism/ASD factors and could not find any analysis.

Hey, CDC, wake up and do your job!


Else vaccine 100% mandates plus problem vaccines will continue to cause cumulative harm to the human genome in the name of hypothetical future benefits. Not a good trade at all!

What to Do?  [About COPD, Autism, Prostate Cancer, ME/CFS, Alzheimer’s/Parkinson’s, Opioid Addiction, Diabetes/Obesity, etc]

1.         Stop all/problematic live virus vaccines as a matter of public safety. It is impossible to test for unknown retroviral contamination. Safety science must be improved and applied before vaccines can become safe. 

2.         Eliminate obsolete and ineffective vaccines from the schedule. 

3.         Stop all early vaccination where the immune system has not developed sufficiently.

4.         Use vaccines only to protect against real public health emergencies, not to possibly protect against hypothetical threats.

5.         Reduce vaccine lobby funding greatly to force prioritization to most cost effective and least dangerous vaccines.

6.         Sterilize the blood supply if this is practical, else develop an XMRV test to identify contaminated blood and carriers of the Virus

7.         Develop and apply anti retroviral therapies to preserve the health of those infected with the XMRV retrovirus. Look at HIV therapies that may apply to the XMRV family of viruses. Do not vaccinate persons who are sick or have retroviral infections of the immune cells. 

8.         Start (Fund) an institute for the study and identification of all retroviruses: Human and Animal, Complete the sequencing of their RNA and identify these sequences in the host animal. Identify the pathogenic sequences and taxonomy.  Apply this knowledge to develop tests for Epidemiology, so the threat to the genome can be controlled.

9.         Test everyone for XMRV related and other retroviruses in human blood, tissues, and tumors.

10.   Test everyone for immune dysfunctions and mitochondrial dysfunctions markers prior to vaccinations. Set guidelines for safe and unsafe based on these test results. One test might be a PET scan for localized low AA/DHAA values, Stone’s morbidity index as it applies to vital organs, Heart, Brain, Kidneys, Liver, lungs, ears, pancreas, etc.

11.   Do not vaccinate these persons/families testing positive for retroviruses that suppress immune cells. This will avoid vaccine/adjuvant-stimulated disabilities.  XMRV family retroviruses have emerged as a significant factor in mitochondrial dysfunction (MD) for immune B, T, and Mast cells.  In other reports MD plus vaccination increases the odds of severe neuro- and other systemic/organ tissue inflammation, histamine flares, ROS/NOS oxides, ascorbate depletion, and organ failures for kidneys, heart, liver, gut, etc.

12.   Add high dosage vitamin C to the vaccination protocol to minimize the odds of SIDS/SBS/anaphylaxis and other reactions.. Use high dosage sodium ascorbate IV in case of severe vaccine reactions.  See Dr Tom Levy’s Primal Panacea for details.  Apply the new ascorbate based ER sepsis protocol to vaccine reactions. 

13.   Change the vaccine making recipes to make it certain that uninfected cells are used to grow viruses for vaccines. If adequate proof of cell purity from retroviruses, mycoplasma, and other microbes cannot be tested, then do not deploy that vaccine until proof from live contamination is within the state of the art. Recent (Oct 2017) testing of research and developmental immortal cell lines has shown many mistakes in identification and contamination with many live viruses including MLRVs and XMRV family viruses. This has serious and multifold unknown consequences in invalidating research and calls many vaccine production recipes’ safety into question. XMRV family viruses is a notorious contaminant of virology labs, having an aerosol propagation mode. This makes testing all vaccines for XMRV contamination a priority quality/safety issue for all vaccines.

14.   Repeal the 100% vaccination mandates.

15.   Curb the WHO and its dangerous policies. Too much misplaced trust in vaccine safety and purity. 

16.   Stop requiring vaccinations catch up in hospitals as condition for payment of other services by public funded insurance. Vaccinating the sick causes kidney failure for some unknown reason. Dr Suzanne Humphries

17.   Reeducate Bill Gates on vaccine tragedies in medical history so he realizes the potential for harm of unbridled vaccine deployment in a world of unidentified viruses in animal culture tissues. His pro vaccine support of mass vaccinations has done both good and harm. He needs to learn more about the dark side of vaccine failures. So he can maximize the good and minimize the multiple harms.

18.   Revise the vitamin C (AA-Ascorbic Acid) RDA amount to make AA’s RDA condition-dependent.  Provide more AA in junk food to compensate for many deficits based on condition and lifestyle:  Chronic diseases, Toxins, Smoking, Alcohol intake, Drug addiction, Age, Hyperglycemia and diabetes, etc, all conditions contribute to an AA deficit and to antioxidant depletion.  AA deficits require a higher intake for normal health of tissues and organs. Stone’s morbidity ratio, AA/DHAA, should be much greater than one in blood and tissues.  Blood AA for a 100 kg stressed rat is about 15 grams per day.  Gut to blood transfer effectiveness is less than 10%.

19.   Remove/repeal vaccine-maker immunity from liability for all products that cause massive harms to the public. There is fraud in the pro vaccine promotional propaganda.

20.   Prosecute False Claims Act violations and conspirators who have deprived the public of their lives and health, based on lies about vaccine safety and effectiveness.

21.   Seek judicial decisions to makes the mandatory vaccination laws all unconstitutional. Real harms vs. hypothetical benefits. Is injustice and unconstitutional tyranny.

22.   Publish a medical history timeline of all vaccine failures, bad vaccine lots, and mass tragedies known to medical historians. Make all doctors read this as a part of their study of the Pro vaccine medical cult, under the topic of “Madness of Crowds” and mistakes of the group-think medical consensus. Reference:  SV40-Cancer, Uganda mass vaccine deaths, Australian mass vaccine deaths, GWI,  HIV contamination of vaccines, XMRV & ME/CFS & Mitochondrial dysfunction of Immune Cells.

23.    HIV in Hepatitis vaccine for gays, ME/CFS analysis, Vaccine failures, Autism Pareto chart analysis, GWI tragedy from contaminations.

24.   Remove public health officials nationally and at the UN that have promoted unsafe vaccines worldwide. Identify pro vaccine anti-safety ideologists in the sciences and remove them from posts of influence. Stop claiming no evidence by cherry picking and removing positive studies and emphasizing invalid or worthless studies that prove or disprove nothing. Remove pro vaccine propaganda from the health education information and news services.

25.   Promote the related sciences contributing to vaccine safety on a priority basis. Fund studies of toxicology and its implications. Accurately measure the cumulative tissue and organ loads of persistent adjuvants and the rates of depletion of the inflammation promoting adjuvants and additives.  Make PET scan technology available to clinical practices for measuring the morbidity ratio AA/DHAA. This permits locating organs that have ongoing inflammation and ascorbate antioxidant depletion, producing pathogenic effects.

26.   Do a realistic benefit/harm analysis on the Flu vaccines and end or restrict the programs that are unjustified when the lies and distortions are removed from the analysis. Flu death statistics appear overstated, Ascorbate is a cure, Flu vaccine adjuvants are cumulatively toxic, Adjuvants promote chronic inflammation leading to early dementia and neural inflammatory disabilities.

27.   Recognize that the government vaccine mandates are unconstitutional, counterproductive, and liable to do great harm. The dark side costs are not affordable, and the benefits of vaccines for all are overstated and hypothetical.

28.   Fix the bankrupt vaccine insurance fund so it can truly compensate the victims of dangerous vaccine events.  Compensate the victims of vaccine tragedies from public funds for the massive harms done to the families of CFS/ME and Autism and other vaccine caused mandated vaccines. VAERS statistics are  biased by too strict exclusionary rules, gross undercounting by orders of magnitude and unfair evidence exclusionary rules. The vaccine court is bankrupt based on charging too little for each dose and too high cost of the tragedies associated with problem vaccines.


Karl Poehlmann  October 24, 2017
Copyright 2017 by KF ^ KM Poehlmann, All Rights Reserved.



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See the many additional references at the end of this URL:


Autism Pareto chart analysis

Although this is CDC’s area of responsibility, It appears that this analysis has never been performed, or if performed it has not been published.  This indicates a gross dereliction of duty by the agency.