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Vitamin C IV-C, Autoimmune Research, and Liposomal Ascorbate Video Lectures

We have attended several postdoctoral medical conferences with speakers on infections, nutrition, inflammation, functional medicine and Lyme disease.  Many of these important lectures are now available online.  We will add to this catalog of lectures from time to time.  Dr Trevor Marshall has spoken worldwide on these subjects and has sponsored the Autoimmune Research Foundation conferences.  The Riordan clinics has used IV ascorbic acid to treat many cancers; their website is indexed below.


IV AA Biochemistry Functional Overview.

The keys to autoimmune disease and toxin poisoning treatments are control of inflammation (Olmesartin and antihistamines) and getting high enough vitamin C in the blood and tissues to supply needed electrons to vital chemical reaction pathways. Giving enough repeated-intake ascorbate in the blood can have sustained antibacterial, anti Cancer and antiviral effects. Olmesartin is key to the Trevor Marshall Protocols. Knowledge Base


Inflammation is a chemical oxide chain reaction, producing more toxins. Anaphylaxis and toxic shock (lethargy) diminish rapidly by sodium ascorbate infusions and IM injections. Oral ascorbic acid (AA), taken frequently in multi gram doses can break the inflammation oxide production chain.  So can IV/IM ascorbate (sodium ascorbate).


Ascorbic acid has a blood half-life of  ~½ hour: this means frequent (1 to 3 hour) oral replacement doses are needed in the presence of inflammation.  If oxide production is extreme, (as in Ebola and Marburg infections), tissue disintegration and bleeding occurs. Without AA IV the patient’s recovery chances are low.  Patient survival is correlated with high AA intake before infection, according to reports from doctors in Africa.


Ebola infection causes rapid onset scurvy. 

Cathcart Notes: “

1)… [D]isease symptom curves indicate very little effect on acute symptoms until doses of 80-90% of bowel tolerance are reached. Perhaps it is only near tolerance doses that the ascorbate is pushed into the primary sites of the disease.

2) Suppression of symptoms in some instances may not be total; but usually it is very significant and often the amelioration is complete and rapid. [with IV sodium ascorbate] 

3) Hepatitis may require 30 to 100 grams [per day of sodium ascorbate IV plus oral intake]. 

Experienced AA IV practitioners know this to a certainty.  Most doctors find this incredible, without having understood the highly reactive characteristics of the AA-DHA molecule’s dual state biochemistry and electron-donor reactions in detail. It is obvious that if tissue AA levels are below in vitro effective concentrations, that, in vivo, no effectiveness will likely occur.  The high levels of IV ascorbate concentrations have been proven to be safe and effective.  Dr Cathcart used “High” level, therapeutically effective, AA administration over 9000 times by 1981. Cautions exist relating to kidney dysfunctions, vitamin C tolerance, and possible scurvy due to too little vitamin C. http://www.doctoryourself.com/kidney2.html

Google [kidney infection treatment vitamin C]


Various reports have shown that the threshold dosages for effectiveness is highly variable.  It may be 1 gram per day, 3 grams, 6 grams, or 12 grams with divided doses for amounts over one gram per serving being more effective.  Aloe vera and other vegetable smoothies are reported to provide a way to increase gut to blood sodium ascorbate transfer effective percentage, perhaps increasing 15%  limit to over 45%.  See How Much Vitamin C for a more complete discussion.


AA oxidizes to Dehydroxy Ascorbic Acid (DHA), an oxide, which also plays a role in killing bacteria, viruses, cancer cells and microbe-invaded cells.  When AA blood concentration reaches a critically low level, histamine production rises exponentially. Histamine promotes oxides (ROS and NOS and Hydrogen peroxide) production. 


Antioxidants (including vitamins A, C and E) are highly reactive; antioxidants and nutrients are consumed by toxins and oxides and must be replaced, frequently in food.  Liposomal vitamin C and Glutathione increase the gut to blood transport effectiveness.  But they kill microbes and can produce a Jarisch Herxheimer (Herx) inflammation reaction. This calls for co administration of non Liposomal AA.  Glutathione is reported to assist mitochondrial recovery.  CoQ10 is also helpful to improve cellular energy release functions.


The Riordan Clinic  An impressive history of Research and Treatment Excellence.

Riordan Clinic: “As Hickey and co-workers pointed out, the short half-life of vitamin C during the rapid [vitamin C] excretion phase is sometimes ignored, particularly by the NIH's dose and [daily RDA] frequency of intake recommendation. Plasma levels above 70 pM [picoMoles] have a half-life of approximately 30 minutes, so large doses taken several hours apart  [3 hours = (½)6 = 1/64] should be considered independent, as should be their bioavailability. This cumulative pattern means that splitting a single large dose into several smaller ones, taken a few hours apart, increase the effective bioavailability of the large dose. This schedule-dependence phenomenon also needs to be taken into consideration for any further interpretation of ascorbate pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic results.”  See

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Dr Tom Levy has remarked that AA antitoxin electron donor effects undo tumor toxic anti cancer chemotherapy, so chemo IV administration needs to be alternated with AA infusions, with several hours of time elapsed, not concurrent with AA administration.  This may seem obvious, but is easy to ignore in practice, because it may require a 24/7 administration schedule over a treatment period of, perhaps, weeks.  IV AA converts to DHA which is toxic to tumor cells, promoting die-off.  

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Vitamin C Archive   SeaNet archive of Vitamin C research papers from 1930 through 1999.

Book: The Healing Factor by Irwin Stone



Conference Videos:


Dr Tomas Levy: Vitamin C anti toxin and electron donor effects.


Thomas Levy, MD: Vitamin C: Antidote to all known toxins. - even SNAKEBITE! VIRAL,  BACTERIAL


Dr. Thomas E. Levy: Optimization of Vitamin C Therapy.   - Liposomal Vitamin C and Antioxidant Therapy

Dr. Thomas Levy: Calcium, Vitamin C and Root Canals Journal of Lifestyle Medicine

Tom Levy MD - Healing Health Ailments and The Power of Vitamin C by Silicon Valley Health Institute
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Dr Levy’s Rules for Optimizing Vitamin C treatment: IV Dosage and frequency:



Dr Hunninghake interview.



Liposomal vs. Oxidized Vitamin C and DIY DHAA: The Amazing Green Smoothie

How to increase AA gut to blood transport. 

Aloe Vera smoothie reported to increase gut to blood AA transport  by factor of three.

Other  raw vegetables may be more palatable.



How to make Liposomal AA at home




How to make Sodium Ascorbate for IV use 

[Physicians Only: by Cathcart]

Sodium Ascorbate oxidizes on the shelf, Solution turns yellow. Solution should be fresh. 

FDA is concerned that IV-C solutions cannot be transported or stored for long periods after mixing without unacceptable degradation.

Cathcart made his own solution.  Clinics that do IV-C should do likewise (or buy from a trusted supplier) and have a track record of

at least hundreds of IV-C administrations using the proper balanced-electrolyte-component solutions. 

Several years of IV-C clinical administration experience should be proof enough of safety.




Dr Lida Mattman on Cell Wall Deficient nano bacteria.

Talk given at Trevor Marshall’s  2005 Autoimmunity Research Foundation Conference in Chicago,



The Exploding Autoimmune Epidemic - Dr. Tent

-              It's Not Autoimmune, you had Viruses:  SV-40 from Polio vaccines

-              15 times more cancer now than Polio incidence before.

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