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Love: Leap of the Heart and a Sweet Tear 

by Bernadette Shih

 A Chinese-style narrative love poem set in the U.S.  Satori Press. 84 Pages, 8.5” x 5”, $ 9.95, Trade paper.


Love: Leap of the Heart and a Sweet Tear is the poetic journey of one woman’s spiritual struggle and the eventual triumph of love over passion and desire.


Steeped in Asian philosophy and traditions through birth, but totally immersed in the western way of life through education, the protagonist is able, however, to reconcile her conflicts.  In resolving her conflicts, Lena, the beautiful Chinese heroine, becomes aware of the two disparate sides of human thought and of the possibility of bringing together these divergent ideals into a synthesis that would lead her closer to a workable balance in her attitude toward life. 


         Thus, yearning for her young Caucasian lover, J.J., who represents the young, vibrant America, becomes her whole life. But loving her husband, Mark, who represents the age-old wisdom of China, is her whole existence.


Consequently, her adultery becomes a lyrical allegory of the human spirit and its final spiritual ascendance through the transcendence of her human frailty, which is not characteristically hers, but is characteristically universal to all.



Ling Ling: The Most Beautiful Giant Panda In The World

by Bernadette Shih 

An exquisitely illustrated children’s book. British Book Co., Inc. 47 Pages, 12” x 10”, $16.95, Hard cover.



Ling Ling is a young female panda who is proud of being “The Most Beautiful Giant Panda in the World’. As with many young ladies, she is not satisfied with her looks so one day she manages to hide the black patches around her eyes—with disastrous results. Her friends Owl, Firefly, Mouse, Frog, and Sloth want nothing to do with her. 


Everything turns out all right in the end and Ling Ling learns that she is loved not for her looks but for who she is. A lesson all children must learn one day.


(This book has been translated into several languages)




Good Friends! Diversity in America

by Bernadette Shih

A lavishly illustrated children’s book teaching the values of diversity. Phaelos. 84 Pages, $16.95, Hard cover.


Students at a coastal community look forward to Independence Day celebrations when an earthquake hits.  Faced with sudden danger of drowning, Johnny Lee and Tommy Smith set aside their cultural rivalry so that both might survive, as their classmates anxiously watch.


Bernadette Shih’s fictional story of cooperation and celebration is further enhanced by the addition of factual information. 


With Good Friends, Phaelos Books introduces the Knowledge Power Builder, wherein selected highlighted concepts mentioned in the story are explained in the back of the book. A great book for learning as well as for entertainment.







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