Special offer for Libraries

It has been our experience that circulation demand will often call for multiple copies.

If you represent a major library system with five or more branches, we offer to send you one free introductory copy of Rheumatoid Arthritis: The Infection Connection for evaluation, believing that you will recommend future purchase for other branches. All you need prepay is shipping and handling ($5 total). Orders must include:  Library System name, branch count, Acquisition Librarian contact name, Email address, Ship-to address, and pre-payment check for $5. Email privacy promised; no spam/ads.


Send orders on library letterhead and payment to:

 Library System Special Order

 Satori Press

 PO Box 7009

 Torrance, CA 90504

Please send email inquiries to: Orders@RA-Infection-Connection.com

Because of the added costs of handling P.O.s and of invoicing, we must charge the regular price for books sold with delayed payments.

Please order usual quantities of books from Baker & Taylor.


Special offer for Arthritis Support Groups

If you are an active member of an arthritis support group, and believe that antibiotic protocols will be helpful to your group members, we can offer immediate shipment for quantity prepaid orders of Rheumatoid Arthritis: The Infection Connection at a discount. Your group may wish to use the book to raise funds. Please identify your group and location and email your requirements to: Orders@RA-Infection-Connection.com


Special offer for Doctors, Clinics

Several clinics (especially sports clinics) and therapy centers have placed volume orders at discount.

We have special pricing for case lot sales direct to Doctors or to Clinics.

Please send email inquiries to: Orders@RA-Infection-Connection.com 


Depending on schedule and location, Dr Poehlmann may be available to lecture as a part of an organized conference or educational activity.


Bookstore and quantity discounts are available on request.

Email:  Orders@RA-Infection-Connection.com

However, customary discounts are also available to the trade.

You may also order usual quantities via Baker & Taylor.


Reduced price for seconds (Web Special)

A limited number of imperfect or scuffed copies of Rheumatoid Arthritis: The Infection Connection are available for $10 per copy. The imperfections are very slight, including cover crease, minor shelf wear, or tilted binding, depending on the particular book. These blemishes are cosmetic only. The book’s contents are complete and in perfect condition.

Use the order page and write “SECONDS” next to the price line, and enter $10 instead of $14.95. Same shipping costs apply. Multiple copies can be ordered at this price, subject to availability. Each book is stamped “Imperfect, Not for Resale”.


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