From the book’s jacket:

Conventional Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) treatments include toxic drugs that reduce painful symptoms but do not treat the root cause¾ bacterial infection. An immune system weakened by addictive drugs (such as antidepressants or anti-histamines), improper diet, stress, and multiple infections is unable to produce the quantity and quality of natural antibodies to stave off new attacks.

Infection by pathogenic microbes like mycoplasma has been proven to be the cause of many chronic illnesses, including RA. This book describes the steps necessary to:


·     Identify, attack, and remove the cause(s) of the infection(s);

·     Neutralize toxins and other harmful enzymes generated by pathogens;

·     Flush toxins and wastes from the body; and

·     Restore the body’s systems to normal, healthy function.


Until recently, testing methods to identify these microorganisms precisely and to prescribe effective treatments have not been available. Traditional treatments with immunosuppressing drugs often breed stronger, more resistant bacterial organisms, which mutate and grow, overwhelming the immune system’s resources. Undiagnosed food and chemical allergies can also amplify the severity of arthritis symptoms. 

In this book, both the lay reader and physician will find an effective course of treatment possibly leading to a cure for RA and other chronic illnesses with arthritis-like symptoms such as lupus, fibromyalgia, MS, scleroderma and many others.


In this book you will discover:

 » Actions of microorganisms that cause RA—mycoplasmas, mycobacteria,

    molds, spirochetes (e.g., Lyme), viruses, bacteria and their L-forms;

 » Their role in other chronic illnesses with arthritis-like symptoms;

 » Online authoritative medical information and support organizations;

 » Some of the best Internet sites to research health, drugs, nutrition supplements, tests, treatments, and disease-causing organisms;

 » What diagnostic tests are available and where to get them;

 » Low-dose, long-term antibiotic protocols for treatment of chronic infections;

 » Some useless and possibly dangerous treatments that should be avoided;

 » What new research has started to reveal about the field of molecular medicine.


And learn ways to:

 » Recognize and suppress pathogenic microorganisms;

 » Destroy or eliminate the toxins they produce;

 » Control the allergies that trigger RA reactions;

 » Strengthen the immune system using natural, non-toxic methods;

 » Locate a health care professional to work with you.



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