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Dr. Garth Nicholson

Info, infection & allergy testing 

The Road Back Foundation   (RBF)

Dr. Brown's protocol, support group info

Non-profit Foundation

Xlnt rheumatic disease info

Non-profit Foundation

List of practitioners, U.S. & abroad


Kenyan College, Ohio

Mycoplasma Bacteriology 

Immuno Laboratories, Inc, partner

Comprehensive food allergy testing

Jacqueline Marcell

Useful advice for caregivers of aged/disabled

Dr. Leslie Taylor

Herbal approach to mycoplasma infection      

Dr. Ari Vojdani

Info, multi-PCR infection testing lab 

Specialty Laboratories

Immune, allergy, disease, antibody testing 

Specialty Laboratories

How to Interpret Tests Handbooks (Excellent) 

Non-profit Foundation

Comprehensive, valuable arthritis info

Yahoo Health Group: mycoplasma-research     

Latest CFIDS research

Latest CFIDS research

National Library of Medicine

Search entry page for disease technical info

US Health & Human Services

Lookup page: Government health resources

Physicians Desk Reference

Search by: DrugName, Condition, Disease

Web MD Medical Info Publisher

Disease, Condition, Treatment, Resources

Sarcoidosis treatment

Trevor G Marshall, PhD

Research on sarcoidosis infection and antibiotic treatment 

Journal Independent Med Research

Quality medical research papers

Autoimmunity Research Foundation

General information on sarcoidosis 

Autoimmunity Research Foundation

Discussion of the Marshall Protocol

Non-profit, A. Hillebrand

Xlnt, useful advice to Fibromyalgia sufferers

Author: Russell Farris

Hyperglycemia, Diabetes 2, Cortisol

Author: Dr Andrew Saul 13+Books

Orthomolecular & Nutritional Medicine 

Comprehensive info on many types of arthritis

Comprehensive info on many types of arthritis; a mixed bag of useful sites and commercial products, papers and related topics.

Non-profit, J. Kepner

Advice and treatment for Chlamydia pneumonia sufferers 

Non-profit, A. Smith

Infection treatments and information. Wide variety of useful health topics; search window 

Non-profit, Richard Longland

Arthroplasty Patient Foundation

This site is owned and operated by the Arthroplasty Patient Foundation, devoted to help spine arthritis sufferers and those considering artificial disc replacement

Dr. Morgan Camp, M.D.

Outstanding California physician dealing with RA and other autoimmune illnesses with very good success. He uses nutritional therapies, food allergy treatment, hormonal therapies, naltrexone, antibiotics, and antifungals. Health_on_the_Shelf

Possibly Kevin Trudeau: Sells Natural Cures book

Natural Cures and Health Freedom Politics


 (RBF) This site was built and administered by Henry Scammell, co-author of The Road Back (1988) with Dr. Brown.

Mr. Scammell was the author of The New Arthritis Breakthrough (1998), which includes most of the book,

The Road Back, including numerous antibiotic protocol arthritis case histories. 

These case histories complement the research findings and treatment options documented in Dr. Poehlmann’s books.

Additional rheumatic case histories are found on the RBF website and in the literature published by the RBF.

Dr Brown’s anti-mycoplasma protocols have been administered with notable success to tens of thousands of patients by Dr Brown’s

Clinic in Arlington and by many other doctors who attended the past RBF seminars.


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