Old & New Science Supporting Oregon's Covid Grand Jury


Evidence: Covid, Vaccines via ADE, +Scurvy, Making some things worse. [Many Refs]


Post Moderna vaccine blood cell view showing abnormalities.


Dr-Scott-Atlas Interview Video Transcript: On-Vaccine-mandates-for-children, Natural-immunity-and-Florida's-Covid-19-surge.

We need people to step forward and think critically and make rational, safe advisements to people in this country. Because as I say, “the trust has been damaged.”

  Book: "A Plague Upon Our House" 

Dr Atlas settles many Covid & Vaccine issues, wisely.


Video:  'Highly Effective": Then and Now


Vaccines are making some things worse.

Does High% of Vaccination, ADE, increase susceptibility for herd/child, mass/individual  to virus? 

[Israel, UK, Singapore have a similar Vaccine & Cases Surge

[Covid Vaccine deaths are now conflated with Covid Virus Deaths.]

[China Prepares for a new Surge]


Surges are not-supposed-to-happen:-U.S.-state,-VT,-with-highest-vaxx-rate-sees-record-surge-in-Covid-cases

[something wrong with Jabs? [Not a vaccine?  (1)   = Not  causing immunity, causing cases-worsification & increasing risk.]


Older [MMR, & Polio] Vaccines caused SIDS sudden deaths.  So do Covid vaccines, w/worse morbidity than MMR vaccine.

Kalokerinos (Australia, -1981) Proved vaccines & depleted ascorbate, Were causing ~50% sudden child deaths.  (Refs: 6, 48)

Vaccinations will, predictably, make children and others more susceptible to diseases via ADE mechanisms. [All scorbutic animals]

Proven historically for Coronaviruses. Happening in high% vaccinated nations.  Plus: VAERS is under-reporting some types of deaths and disablement by up to ~100 times.  If Child-vaccines fade in 4 months, better they catch low-risk covid. Vaccines may make them suffer more from wild virus, by inducing rapid onset scurvy, as early SARS coronavirus vaccines did with ferrets all of which died.

Children (4&5Y.old) Mistaken Covid not Flu-shot: Heart injury symptoms for both.  Other possible injuries undiagnosed.


[Dr Tom Levy: Urgent need to high-dose-supplement Vitamin C in days surrounding any vaccination.]


All primates have GULA gene defect, making AA = vitamin C an essential vitamin. Endotoxin and mitochondrial disease are co-factors.  --Kalokerinos



How Oxides Cause Pathologies:

   [Covid Virus]              +        [Immune System]     ----> [Oxides]    }  Together, Each enables the Other...by depleting [AA]

   [ Covid-Vaccine]         +       [Immune System]     ----> [Oxides]    }  Together, Each enables the Other...by depleting [AA]

   [ Flu-Vaccine]            +        [Immune System]     ----> [Oxides]    }  Together, Each enables the Other...by depleting [AA]


  [Vaccines & Adjuvants] + [Immune system]   ----> [Autoimmune Diseases] + [Allergies] ----> [Oxides]   }  --- ASIA

  [Live Vaccines]        ---->  [Chronic Infections]   +   [Immune System]  ---->  [Localized Oxides] ----> [Organ  Diseases]

  [Disease Microbes] ---->  [Organ Colonization]  +  [Immune System]  ---->  [Localized Oxides]  ----> [Organ Diseases]


  [Vitamins & Lipids] + [Oxides]  ---> [Toxins]  --->  Depleted Vitamins.   }  Need to take extra....when sick and older.


   [AA]  + [Toxins]  --->  [DHAA]      } Mitochondrial Dysfunction & Statins block AA recycling.   CoQ10 helps restore....

   [AA] + [Oxides]  --->  [DHAA]      } AA is converted, oxidized, to form DHAA,  Dehydro Ascorbic Acid.



  [DHAA] + [Energy=ATP] + [CoQ10]    ---[Krebs Cycle]--->   [AA]

  [DHAA[  + [Statins or MD] +[ATP]     ---[Krebs Failure]--->   [DHAA]    } MD= Mitochondrial Dysfunction/Disease.


Oral  AA Intake Gut to Blood:    AA Pharmacokinetics  } IV AA is needed for some conditions, Oral AA G2B fails.

    AA effectiveness vs IV  = 5%    }      AA is Ascorbic Acid =  essential Vitamin C.

L-AA effectiveness vs IV = 95%    }  L-AA is Liposomal Vitamin C.


Stone's Morbidity Index: SMI.

Stone linked depleted Vitamin C (DHAA): 'SMI' = [AA]/[DHAA] <<1.  

  SMI <<1  ==Causes==>  Shock, Lowered-immunity, Allergies, Hives, Increased Morbidity, Bleeding, Anaphylaxis, Death. (7) 

  Low/No  [AA] in Blood   ==Causes==>   Exponential rise in histamine and increased AA depletion. Tissue-AA  ----> Blood...

  Low/No  [AA] in Tissue  ==Causes==>   Disintegration, bleeding, organ failures ...


Adding lots of [AA] tips back SMI =  [AA]/[DHAA] >>1, Thus, restoring health, enabling healing...

This really works, starting as quickly as 15 minutes.


With lots of oxides [AA] half lifetime = ~ 1/2 hour.

Oxides can deplete ascorbate 50% in 1/2 hour, leaving you fully depleted in 6 hours [1/64th of normal without supplementation.]

[AA] burn rate may be 3 grams/day to > 100 grams/day for some conditions. 

---Cathcart         ---How Much AA Revised

Disease or                 GRAMS ASCORBIC ACID    NUMBER OF DOSES      
CONDITION                  PER 24 HOURS           PER 24 HOURS 

Normal                       4 -  15              4 -  6 
Mild cold                   30 -  60              6 - 10 
Severe cold                 60 - 100+             8 - 15 
Influenza                  100 - 150              8 - 20 
ECHO, coxsackievirus       100 - 150              8 - 20 
Mononucleosis              150 - 200+            12 - 25 
Viral pneumonia            100 - 200+            12 - 25  Most Like Covid-19
Hay fever, asthma           15 -  50              4 -  8 
Environmental and                                        
 food allergy              0.5 -  50              4 -  8 
Burn, injury, surgery       25 - 150+             6 - 20 
Anxiety, exercise and                                    
 other mild stresses        15 -  25              4 -  6 
Cancer                      15 - 100              4 - 15 
Ankylosing spondylitis      15 - 100              4 - 15 
Reiter's syndrome           15 -  60              4 - 10 
Acute anterior uveitis      30 - 100              4 - 15 
Rheumatoid arthritis        15 - 100              4 - 15 
Bacterial infections        30 - 200+            10 - 25 
Infectious hepatitis        30 - 100              6 - 15 
Candidiasis                 15 - 200+             6 - 25 


These Worsen SMI:  Oxides, Repeated Vaccines, Boosters, Prior Covid/Vaccine organ damage, Diabetes, Cancer, Obesity, Smoking & Asthma & COPD, Alcohol excess, Cannabis/Cocaine/Opioids, Toxins, Co-Infection-morbidity, FLU-shots'-Adjuvants, Allergies & Hives, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Histamine, Spike-protein endothelial & heart disease, Herbicides, Other vaccines, Etc...

   .... all deplete AA and worsen 'SMI' <<1.    All (above) are co-factors, combining & increasing autoimmune conditions along with vaccine-caused death risk, and worsening Covid virus' ADE ===>  Susceptibility to reinfection & Different new infections & Chronic infection reactivation.


FLCCC Covid Protocols are therapies that  contain lots of vitamin C Parts of them reduce oxides production, making AA last longer

Parts of them also protect against vaccine injury, allergies and death.  Levy: Vitamin C's Protection With Vaccinations


FLCCC protocols' Cortical steroids reduce oxides. Vitamin D down-regulates cytokine cascades, Thiamine, Antihistamines reduce oxides, Zinc & Quercetin reduce oxides and viral replication All elements used together, They reduce oxides, delaying/reducing vitamin C depletion. Oral supplementation with vitamin C starts working in 15 minutes; you can feel when you need more.


FLCCC uses Ivermectin to avoid hospitalizations: Video Proving Ivermectin can stop all covid deaths.


Does Vaccine-mandate policy: 300+% jabs [W/boosters], Failing-vaccines & Toxic, pathogenic spike-protein make sense? The cases-surges correlating with repeated, high% vaccinations falsify the theory of vaccine-produced herd immunity.


Susceptibility & Spread increases with more vaccinations. The already-safe ages do not need protecting. Vaccines cause unexpected, tragic disabilities and deaths, injuring many, not-counted by VAERS and because of CDC's failures, politicization, & partial incompetence. Oregon Lawsuit Quote:

"Vaccine “breakthrough” cases, synonymous with vaccine failure, demonstrate that the primary method for protecting public health, while helpful to many, is not effective for all. We recognize the growing number of prominent virologists, epidemiologists and medical professionals who are very troubled by the scientific phenomenon of variant resistance to vaccination. Experts around the world are sounding the alarm about serious long-term problems stemming from the current public health mass vaccination strategy."


The surges prove the vaccines are failing for some, and killing the susceptible: causing extra deaths. 


Long-term Systematic Federal Health Agency Malfeasance      [Systemic 72 year failure, Lack of scholarship?]

Politicians mandate increased deaths, ignoring science and media suppresses relevant science & facts.  Especially about how vitamin C protects against diseases and toxic vaccines.



The failure of our VAERS statistics to count many deaths and injuries is, by design and miss-application: assertively hiding aspects of the "vaccines" failures-to-protect.(2)  Reporting actively blocked, Requirements to report massively disregarded, everywhere. 5x to 100x times more morbidity and mortality confirmed by CMS data base data.  (Refs: 18 &19)



Some FDA/CDC/NIAID/NIH "scientists" politicize, ignore, delete, discount & suppress egregious VAERS data.

   Also  funding Illegal/Unethical Biowarfare research.


Calling a mRNA spike-toxin-replicator a "vaccine" does not magically create the ability to confer lasting immunity, except in the mind.  Only a few past vaccines could do this, based on viral characteristics; and never for a fast-mutating Corona virus.


Politician & Media-promoted, political thinking is fixated on doubling down, on repeatedly more of a failed vaccine methodology: On mandates that are worsening our medical care, our schools, our first responders, our military, & our economy.

  by firing those concerned about the failed vaccines, or by doing harm [job-loss, death or disablement] to them if administered.


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Stone's Conclusion:  Stone: Sudden Death A Look Back from Ascorbate’s 50th Anniversary

Sudden and unexpected death has been a characteristic pathognomonic symptom of scurvy known for centuries. The Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, [SIDS] whose only symptom is the sudden and unexpected death of the apparently healthy victim, has been shown to be due to infantile scurvy. [Sudden scurvy death applies to all ages.]


Because of the genetic origin of scurvy and the inadequate correction of this human birth defect, among large sectors of our population, it is postulated and evidence is presented, that other forms of sudden and unexpected death, which massacre millions yearly, are manifestations of the long-term insults of the chronic sub-clinical scurvy afflicting all these victims.


These include the sudden death caused by heart attacks, strokes, the traumatic and hemorrhagic shock in accident victims, the surgical shock which finishes off the patient on the operating table, anaphylactic shock reactions, the rapidly fatal acute leukemias, fatal exposure to ionizing radiation, fatal rejection of transplanted organs, “Legionnaire’s Disease,” and the new “Mystery Death” in which apparently healthy, 15 to 30-year-olds, suddenly and unexpectedly drop dead.


It is suggested that the full correction of the human birth defect for GULO, by simply taking the required mega-daily doses of ascorbate, would act as a prophylactic to reduce or eliminate this slaughter. [India]


It is also suggested that the well-funded health agencies immediately start a program of long overdue clinical studies of this death-defying treatment. [> 40 years stonewalled]

My,  KF Poehlmann's, Conclusions: 

Evidence enough of Vaccines' dangers: STOP Mandating medical and economic harm.

Vaccines kill more than they save. Disable many more than they kill.

First: Do No Harm.  [First, don't harm Economy; 2nd, don't harm People]

Mandates are unconscionable, unconstitutional, illegal, an act of tyranny by the idiocracy.


Deaths Cancel SSI & Medicare Future Obligations?

$210T Future SSI/Medicare future Federal obligations.

With budgets in Trillions, Lives matter little.

With debts unsustainable, elder lives are an in-affordable expense.

Medical decisions are made by planners and administrators, to maximize medical corporate money flows.

This needs to be corrected to improve patient outcomes, not profits..

Vaccine Morbidity and Covid Infection Morbidity are multiply congruent. The HAT+ subset of the I-MASK+ protocol therapies includes lots of  IV AA which counters the oxides and the virus.


About Authors:  Karl (Researcher, Website) and Dr Katherine M Poehlmann, PhD., MBA. (Book Author) 

Retired TRW Aerospace Engineers. PhD in Complementary Medicine; KFP: Physics, Mathematics, Computer science.

More than 20 years Medical History Research. 2 Books on Infection, Inflammation, Autoimmunity & Nutrition     Amazon



This Material is intentionally controversial because it discusses past and ongoing failures of our medical delivery systems. Medical treatment doctrines are based in part on falsified (i.e., disproved) medical theories. Adherence by practitioners to false ideas leads to treatment failures and to wasteful expense.T


The provider<-->government health policies have been tuned to maximize profitable cash flows, promoting novel, untested, often harmful drugs  while suppressing safe off patent, low cost therapies.

This material is based on credible (often compelling) published medical knowledge.  We have tried to thoughtfully echo opinions expressed by knowledgeable, motivated, intelligent skeptics  around the world to conventional medical doctrine, in the interest of  building a new, more correct paradigm. 

The material included here was selected based on topical relevance, logical consistency, factual bases, functional medical science, sources’ credibility, i.e., our and the source authors’ judgments of the scientific integrity and authoritativeness of the other referenced, underlying sources.

We have disregarded the ad hominem, rhetorical attacks on the sources made by self-appointed defenders of the prevailing falsified doctrines and the medical status quo.  Often, multiple sources were found that confirm the facts, views, methods, and scientific validity of the information, theories, perspectives, opinions and information expressed herein.